Vols game against Western Kentucky to air on MyVLT

MyVLT logo.

MyVLT logo.

Tennessee’s game against Western Kentucky on Saturday will be broadcast locally on MyVLT, a sister channel of WVLT.

WVLT holds rights for SEC Network games, but the U.S. Open tennis tournament will send college football to MyVLT.

The Vols and Hilltoppers kick off at 12:21 p.m. Coverage will start at noon on MyVLT.

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cochise writes:

Does Uverse carry MyvlT?

TNlogfire writes:

Hey...I gave cable up 6 years ago....over-the-air is the way to go...stop feeding the Comcast rip-off machine...

crob7x writes:

in response to cochise:

Does Uverse carry MyvlT?

ORboy writes:

There would be much more interest in watching UT than tennis. I'd imagine CBS wouldn't let them move tennis to MyVLT.

johnlg00 writes:

in response to ORboy:

There would be much more interest in watching UT than tennis. I'd imagine CBS wouldn't let them move tennis to MyVLT.

You're probably right that CBS wouldn't allow a switch of the US Open to MyVLT, but you might be surprised at how popular tennis is in K'ville. If you go down to Tyson Park almost any weekend, you might be amazed at how many people are playing and watching. I know I have been. I don't know how it is these days, but when I lived in K'ville, you almost couldn't drive through Tyson Park for all the tennis players and fans. I'm sure there are other venues these days in Deep West Knox County that are just as busy.

johnlg00 writes:

in response to crob7x:

Sorry. You're S.O.L.


What really makes it bad, especially for people like me who live outside the state, is that even when games are carried online on ESPN3, they are often blacked out for hundreds of miles around if the game is on almost any other outlet. For example, if a game is on ESPNU, which only a tiny fraction of all cable subscribers get--can't say how it is with satellite--it won't be shown on ESPN3 in your area. I do get ESPNU, but if for example there is a game on at the same time as something that my wife likes to watch, I can't go in the computer room and watch it on ESPN3. Luckily, she knows how much I love the Vols and will let me watch them any time they are on, but it takes away my chance to make brownie points with her!

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