John Adams: UT, Florida quarterback drama comes early this week

John Adams
Miami defensive back Ladarius Gunter (37) sacks Florida quarterback Jeff Driskel (6) during the second half of an NCAA football game, Saturday, Sept. 7, 2013, in Miami Gardens, Fla. Miami won 21-16. (AP Photo/Alan Diaz)

Photo by Alan Diaz, AP2013

Miami defensive back Ladarius Gunter (37) sacks Florida quarterback Jeff Driskel (6) during the second half of an NCAA football game, Saturday, Sept. 7, 2013, in Miami Gardens, Fla. Miami won 21-16. (AP Photo/Alan Diaz)

You usually have to wait until game day to have quarterback drama in the Tennessee-Florida rivalry. This week is an exception.

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Comments » 4

johnlg00 writes:

Despite all the angst about Worley's play, I still believe that he should get the start Saturday. If he is ineffective, then go with Peterman. The Swamp is just NOT a good place for one of the freshmen to get his FIRST college playing time, whether he starts or not. Oh, I might be OK if one of them comes in to mop up in a Vol blowout, but I think we all know that is unlikely to happen.

The bye week following the Saturday game is the perfect time to conduct a bottom-up review of what the team needs to try to do the rest of the way and who they need to play where to get it done. Doing anything drastically different NOW would just look like panic, and CBJ just can't afford to give that appearance. However, I agree with some posters on other threads that if changes are made, they might not ought to be limited to the QB position. It's hard to fix everything wrong with the team all at once, but maybe it is better to try a BIG dose of change all at once while there is an opportunity to get it straight before plunging back into conference play.

bUTch__please writes:

My point of contention with this entire conversation since about 6 pm last Saturday is there seems to be a broad-based ASSUMPTION that the coaches, after spring practice, summer workouts and fall camp are ignoring anyone on the bench in favor of a less productive player playing on gameday.

I like the way Ferguson looks behind center. But he ain't playing because the coaches feel he isn't ready. My vote don't count. Wobbles is barely effective, but he's barely effective with a 60% completion ratio and a 141 qb rating. Peterman is at 50% with a 71% rating. Not like he's making that big of a case.

Pray tell folks, who do the coaches pull of the bench to play wide-out? Slot? They started the season with 9, now down to 8, only had 6 last week. You've got Dallas, who has been bounced around between offense and defense for 4 years, is your only Senior. Devrin was showing up, but he's on the bench. Besides Croom, who's left that isn't a freshman or walk-on? Who knows the play book and can run a route well enough for Woobles to trust he'll be there. Every time. Who are the coaches holding out?

Who are they holding out in the backfield? Neal gets snaps and doesn't go wild. Lane gets snaps and doesn't go wild. Hill may be a player, but we've just seen him in garbage time. Who can say if he's any good in pass protect? Or struggling in the playbook? Tell me...who's the guy?

If your secondary is down to Freshmen and walk-ons, who goes in next?? Remember, no matter how good that commitment is, he's still in high school and the 2A frowns upon non-enrolled student athletes.

Our vaulted offensive line is all Senior, next level bodies and prospects, and these cats are still trying to deprogram 3 years of losing with their, what?, third or fourth position coach? Who's on the bench that's bigger, stronger or smarter?

This team is the team we have. The coaches have worked for 9 months now attempting to put the best 22 players on the field and have the next 16 ready. Will replacing a timid but careful QB with a inexperienced QB make this whole shebang any different?

My contention is 98% of this teams growth is in the 6 inches between their ears....and Coach Jones knows it.

psychovol2 writes:

I respectfully disagree with the first two posts. I also don't think Worley will be the starter; not for long anyway. I can see a scenario where Peterman starts and we have a package for Dobbs. The latter brings a lot to the table and I do believe he's the QB of the future. The Vols have started freshmen before and just because they're freshmen doesn't mean the sky's falling. I was at the open practice and Dobbs hit a bomb and juked some folks out of their shorts. Additionally, Ferguson has been said to have the it factor. Redshirt one freshmen and play the other. We'll need the experience at the position next year. And next year, the QB better be able to run for their life.

johnlg00 writes:

Toothsome food for thought in both Butch's and Psycho's posts. While I think Psycho's comments may point to the Vol future, Butch has pretty well summed up the reality of their present.

As Butch put it, correctly in my opinion, the IMMEDIATE future of the program depends on the players overcoming the feeling of futility they experienced over the last however many years they have been in the program. If they go into games doubting themselves, their teammates, and their coaches, they just can't play up to the best that is in them. If they see the staff flailing around excessively to fix problems that may look worse than they really are in the glaring light Oregon shone on them last week, it could introduce another element of uncertainty that will bode ill for their chances at Florida.

From our limited vantage point as fans, we can't know what the team's real feelings are about who should play where and when. Therefore, we can't predict what effect wholesale changes might have on a team that has craved stability and the feeling that there is a firm hand on the tiller. Again, as Butch said, there just aren't all that many options to fix the worst of the problems, of which QB play is only one.

The old story of the unsung extra stepping out from the chorus into the starring role to rave reviews is a compelling one largely because it is rare. It is something of a cliche because it DOES occasionally happen. However, IMHO, the future of the program will be best served by a steady evolution of the team's mindset and ability rather than by going all-in on a long shot.

Whatever decision CBJ and staff make, it is up to us as fans to support him. He knows we expect success but he has to hope we know it isn't going to get done overnight. Change for the sake of change is probably not the best way to get where we all want the program to go.

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