[LIVE UPDATES] Vols vs. Texas A&M

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moorevols55#1417579 writes:

Tennessee has been very very lazy many times in this game, on both ends of the court. It's costing them big time. I still feel like Tennessee has top 20 talent, but they play like a top 150 team.

OrangePride writes:

Sluggish and out shot, out hustled and totally blah. Someone let me know where this team's shooting goes on these days. I just don't see how this team plans to get on the dance floor. Another sad outing against a bad basketball ball team. Course they will now have beaten us twice.....so what's that tell you about us?

OrangePride writes:

So belay my last. They found some O with under a minute. Annnnnnnnd Martin calls time out to negate the winning basket. I will just not say anything....I'm sure others will say plenty. Unbelievable!!!!!

raisin_caine writes:

Incredible game is not over, but Martin need to be taught how to coach

moorevols55#1417579 writes:

Tennessee should be up 10 or 15 against his horrible A&M team. Just a horrible effort and now they are 12 of 20 from the line. Just not a good team. Not an NCAA Tournament team for sure. They have the talent, they just don't play like it.

moorevols55#1417579 writes:

Even in OT this team just plays stupid and sloppy. To watch Tennessee continually play like this against much lesser opponents is very hard to do. This should be win #21 at worst. Instead they are doing their best to give this one away, just like so many others.

moorevols55#1417579 writes:

Another day, another loss. Tennessee should have beat a team as bad as A&M by double digits, going away. But, instead, they will look at the NIT again.

magicbyswh#221420 writes:

NIT Bound. How can this much talent lose to Texas
A&M I dont care if Cuonzo wins 20 games if they don't win the SEC and get in the NCAA he needs to go. 3 years in a row to the NIT and they can't even win NIT games. PITIFUL

jandjhome#228397 writes:

This should seal his fate.

bohica-figmo writes:

Cuozo Martin is the Derek Dooley of basketball. We should fire him an rehire Bruce Pearl whose "show cause" penalty expires soon!

Chris_L75 writes:

People like to say no one will want the job if we fire a coach with an overall winning record. But what if the bosses put together a highlight reel to show potential candidates - a tape filled with all the fundamental breakdowns, missed assignments, squandered possessions, uncertainty on offense - all the things that have made this team so uniquely and profoundly excruciating to endure. Could they possibly deny the gap between potential and results? Could any coach out there, who values playing the game the right way, really fault us for having all we can stand?

The timeout situation will be examined to death, so I'll leave that alone. I just wonder how the first 38 minutes of a game like this can go by with zero urgency, when all the quotes leading up to it were about redemption and learning from the first game.

What a mess. What an awful, painful shame.

ut_man1#1427524 writes:

Thank goodness basketball season will end soon! Just a lazy team with a lazy coach!

smithm#1382509 writes:

This team has no Hart..Time out.. I heard the circus in town but the clowns will be delay flying back in from Texas AM. I thought I saw Dooley helping Cuonzooooooooooooooo

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