Lane Kiffin sings 'Sweet Home Alabama' with 5-star recruit's mom

Lane Kiffin sang 'Sweet Home Alabama' with a 5-star recruit's mother this weekend.

Photo by BamaOnline

Lane Kiffin sang 'Sweet Home Alabama' with a 5-star recruit's mother this weekend.

There are some things that you don’t expect to hear in your lifetime if you are a sports fan and right up there at the top would be former Tennessee head coach Lane Kiffin singing 'Sweet Home Alabama'.

Since his arrival as Crimson Tide offensive coordinator, many of the questions surrounding Kiffin is how he would impact Alabama’s efforts on the recruiting trail. On Saturday, the polarizing Kiffin wasted no time infusing his personality into the Tide program, and according to one highly ranked prospect’s mom, Kiffin drew 5-star reviews from her first meeting with him.

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Comments » 11

Tao_of_Tennessee writes:

Plastic man has already studied up on Lynyrd Skynyrd. May he soon be a Free Bird again because I can't stand That Smell.

gc_scvol writes:

Who gives a big harry rats arse? I find him to be a Simple Man, and believe I could out run him if he would Gimme Three Steps.

snowpeapod#263184 writes:

Whoever the person responsible for putting this article on this web site should be fired. In case the knucklehead doesn't know by now that 99% of the people who log on to this site could care less what LK does and only want to see him mentioned is when Alabama fires him to keep from getting put on probation.

murrayvol writes:

KNS, you cannot be serious.

wigmeister writes:

I cannot believe this story was ever posted. What a waste of time. Who really cares!

Slats writes:

If that song comes in parts ole lane brain can leave my part out!

Cannot wait until he gets AloBama on the NCAA's to do list!

TommyJack writes:

I wish there were more Lane Kiffins.

bricker865#1439238 writes:

From Harvey Updyke: 'Oak Tree you're in my way'...

lonesome_dove writes:

now that we have established exactly WHAT you are Mr. Kiffin, the only thing left to negotiate is the price $$$$$$.

ThirdCreek writes:

He is one phone call away from bolting for a head coach position somewhere and dumping 'Bama. He and Rick Petrino are both ethically challenged.

Kiffin is so shallow that it is pathetic-really, singing "Sweet Home Alabama?" So insincere.

Tao_of_Tennessee writes:

in response to bricker865#1439238:

From Harvey Updyke: 'Oak Tree you're in my way'...

You nailed it bricker...that is why tree killers down there.

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