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Poll: Which celebrity head coach has the advantage in the Orange and White game?

Response Percent Votes
C. Neither
47% 1343
B. Jimmy Hyams
37% 1056
A. John Adams
14% 413
total votes: 2812

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ThugTillIDie writes:

Meyer, Saban, Spurrier, Richt, Chizek, The Hat

paradisetaxi writes:

put your money where your TYPE is ... i love it !

keepitreal4vols writes:

A step in the right direction Dooley but I'm still PO'd on your lack of access to new coaches. I'm saving my $5 for another day.

Muscle_Shoals_Vol writes:

Remember guys, the playbook is 2 inches thick. Do you think that CDD is going to let them do anything to damage the Spring the guys have had? This is strictly publicity and nothing else. These guys might get to sit in on some meetings and make suggestions to the game plans but they will not be involved in the real play by play schemes of the game. It's all for show....

rusty_shackleford writes:

Battle of the Bitter Hacks!

steamboatticket#484773 writes:

All the John Adams critics will have another think coming when his team lays some wood on Hyams' guys. The man knows defense!

KevDVol writes:

The pen may be mightier than the sword but linebacker pursuit that continues out of bounds "accidentally" can severely cripple your penmanship. Keep your heads on a swivel boys. You both may get much more access than you bargained for.

scott_m99 writes:

Since when are these guys celebrities?

ncvol17 writes:

is this gimmick needed? what does it add to the last we'll see till fall?

smokies_old_soul writes:

this is ludicrous.

whay are we making a mockery of the one of the proudest football programs in the south ??

Georgia_Dave writes:

Well, Georgia Dave is a comin' to the O&W game, but this scares me to death. Should I just stay in GA?

irishman writes:

whose idea was this? BAD IDEA. Adams is a joke as a journalist and as football columnist. Let's get back to the basics...

cumberlandVOL writes:

it's supposed to fun, guys, lighten up. remember, this is a team made up of 18-22 year olds. it doesn't have to be all serious all the time. I applaud this effort by CDD. it's little strange to me, but i'm open to having fun. at least every once in awhile.

smkymtnhiker writes:

Lighten up...geesh!!! Things will get serious enough in the Fall with a team that has no depth and a long recruiting road ahead. We will feel the sting soon enough of how bad the last coach left this program. Let's relax and enjoy this upcoming spring game. GBO

DannyVol writes:

in response to MerlOT_GoVols:

(This comment was removed by the site staff.)

Exactly. This is a very bad joke. After the years we have had recently, it should be all business, all the time. Adams should not be anywhere near our players. In my opinion, his 'coaching' the team on Saturday is like finding the most redneck, vile UT hater in the state of Alabama and letting them be a 'celebrity' coach.

mrvol2u writes:

Get a life people. I think it is a great idea. I was listening to player interviews and they were stoked about the game.

It could be worse, Paul Spinlessandnoballs is coaching the A game in Ala.. I believe Forrest Gump is on the other sideline.

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