Poll Results

Poll: How will the Vols fare against Austin Peay?

Response Percent Votes
Vols win by 20 or more points
69% 1252
Vols win by 15-19 points
16% 298
Vols win by 10-14 points
8% 157
Vols lose
2% 45
Vols win by 5 to 9 points
1% 34
Vols win by 1 to 4 points
0% 11
total votes: 1797

Comments » 7

AWOLVol writes:

If we don't win by at at least least 21, we may not have much fun this season after all. No disrespect to the Govs, but we should handle them pretty easily.

Supersayin1 writes:

Final score 63-10! Vols could put 70+ on them but by 4th QTR Jones will have put all QB's in the game, basically taking his foot off the gas. GO VOLS!

Voltransplant writes:

APSU may have a good BB program, but not much of a football program. Vols win big 57-3

123forVOLS writes:

I expect we will score big in the 40s 50s, maybe even 60s. The key will be how little our defense gives up. I hope they hang tough. The sad part is if we go out from the get go and destroy them, there will be less quality playing time for our first and second teams. I am unsure ALL qbs play but who knows? Let's get Sat. here quickly.

TheSpudVol writes:

12 people are stoned.

Ironcity writes:

The only thing I got out of this poll was what percent of trolls will respond to a KNS poll? So far it looks like 2-3%

Henley-Street-Bridge writes:

In order to hold the crowd's attention, the defense should go into the John Chavez "Mustang Defense" in the 1st qtr to allow the other team to run up and down the field with abandonment, then stage a 4th quarter rally behind the tattooed arm of true freshman Riley Ferguson for the win by a field goal.

Is Coach Butch going to be allowed to use his microphone during the game? ;)


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