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BigOrangeFreak writes:

Shame on y'all that said 0-4.

You've obviously not been watching this team lately.

jmaples54 writes:

i know who 3 of the 7 are: se7en, whine will be so fine, and unprofessionally handicapped.

jamgod writes:

Yeah, who cares what those idiots think....just trouble making jerks.....wouldn't mind others on the site if they wer not just plain annoying individuals who enjoy rubbing people the wrong way. Pathetic people really.

gogovols2002#222335 writes:

2-2 is my guess

JimmyJoe writes:

If they beat UGA... They go 4-0

bobe4544 writes:

Got to wait two more years to see what Martin can do coaching. Playing mostly with Pearl's players right now. And I told everyone this team had talent that Pearl left.

tobytyler writes:

I voted 3-1,just because the odds say we can't win 10 straight. I think if we beat ga though, we will win 10 straight.

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