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Poll: Poll: Will Jadeveon Clowney win the Heisman Trophy this season?

Response Percent Votes
80% 253
19% 63
total votes: 316

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mikethehistorystudent writes:

He's a great athlete, but he's on defense. Also, he peaked last year and I don't see a repeat performance out of him. He's very good, but our O'line can disrupt him enough to give our QB a chance.

One another note, who's our starting QB this year? Has CBJ decided yet?

BluezVol writes:

He was only affective one play last year vs. UT. In that play however he caused a sack and fumble which turned into a game-winning TD.

chattabluetick writes:

Only if he starts returning punts like Charles Woodson for touchdowns. Maybe add a few returned fumbles and interceptions for scores and play defense like last year and he has a chance. Still be slim chance as it will probably find its way into the hands of a QB, RB, or a receiver.

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