Poll Results

Poll: What is the biggest challenge Tennessee faces Saturday against Auburn?

Response Percent Votes
Stopping Auburn's run game, which is 6th in the nation
55% 513
Bouncing back from two defeats by a combined 76-13 score
15% 140
Converting third downs after going 5-for-25 the past two games
10% 94
Starting a true freshman at quarterback
7% 70
Facing a third consecutive top-10 team
6% 59
5% 54
total votes: 930

Comments » 3

WaitUntilNextYear writes:

Finding 80,000 fans that care enough to show up.

VolFolks writes:

All of the above plus creating/executing an offensive scheme that can score some points. I don't understand why we didn't use the screen pass against the Mizz. defensive rush, since South Carolina did so with much success.

psychovol2 writes:

I picked other because there wasn't an option for eliminating mistakes like 6 false starts from the O-line. Tiny had two that I counted and if he's not embarrassed after guaranteeing a win I'm embarrassed for him.

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