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J. Miles Cary

Title: Photographer
Contact: 865-342-6438 | Send J. Miles an email

About J. Miles Cary


Originally from: Chester County, Pa.

How long at the News Sentinel and in Knoxville: Joined the News Sentinel April 11, 1979

Favorite type of camera: A Nikon.

Favorite time/location: Early morning or late afternoon.

Hobbies: Cooking and family activities.

Most memorable shot/photo assignment: Every assignment is always the most important assignment that I am going to shoot for the News Sentinel. The NEXT assignment is always going to be the best or greatest assignment. The NEXT assignment is the assignment where you can shoot a Pultizer Prize winning Photo.

J. Miles Cary

Position History

  • Photographer
    07/26/2007 - current

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