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Written on Mike Strange: Sutton not first UT true freshman put on a hot corner:

Agree wildmed and I believe we need to do a good job of playing team defense. I surely hope to see some solid tackling from our d this season. It has definitely been awhile since we have seen that. Of course Eric Berry was an exception.

Written on How will the Vols fare against Austin Peay?:

I expect we will score big in the 40s 50s, maybe even 60s. The key will be how little our defense gives up. I hope they hang tough. The sad part is if we go out from the get go and destroy them, there will be less quality playing time for our first and second teams. I am unsure ALL qbs play but who knows? Let's get Sat. here quickly.

Written on No suspense about starting QB, but Vols have decisions to make after Justin Worley:

I am just ready for it to be here. My best case scenario would be Justin Worley as the man and Peterman behind him ready to go. That could cause the scenario of the two Freshmen getting to redshirt and be there for a number of years to come. But most of all, I want a qb who can run the new offense. Glad it is almost here. Let's be real though, even with WKU having Petrino, we will not know a whole lot about this team until the Oregon game. Meanwhile, I hope a lot of people get a lot of playing experience. We will need that come SEC time.

Written on Vols aiming to have nation's top offensive line:

I hope they are and the rbs exploit those big openings for big gains and tds. We will need them. Go Vols!

Written on Tennessee's 'mock game' Friday will cover several scenarios :

It will be a struggle for sure after the first two games. That is why it is a toss up on whether to have a tough opponent or two cupcakes. Granted, A. P. might be a cupcake but not a really soft one and with the Petri-man at WKU, they cannot be taken for granted. Three qbs should be enough but with all having some question marks it is precarious. I am just ready to get it going. We will know soon into the season who the real qb will be. All I hear now is the offense needs true leadership. I am hoping they will have it.

Written on Butch Jones to pick QB early next week:

I have no expertise on who the UT starting qb should be on Aug. 31. All I know is I am ready for it to get going. In my unexpert opinion, I will say I believe there will be more than one qb used this season. I only hope we can find one who is highly effective against a brutal schedule. GO VOLS!

Written on In wake of Manziel saga, UT rewrites autograph policy:

I get all the flap over this and try to see both sides. What gets me is players having to deal with all the distractions and junk blown out of proportion, ie JohnnyFBCashSignMe/PayMe etc. There is no easy answer on the pay/play/generate money for the schools issue. But if that occurs, amateur collegiate football will be dead. Our info-fetish in today's world dictates all the publicity of the negativism for someone like Manziel. That in turn fuels the varied responses such as this kneejerk reaction at the University of Tennessee. That is sad and ruins it for many but likely will be more the rule than exception in days ahead. I am glad to be named among the unautograph crowd who just like to see the guys play football.

Written on Vols RB Lane trying to capitalize on second chance:

We Hope Lane is hungry, has learned his lesson and will get out there and get the job done along with Neal. If both stay healthy and run with purpose, it should be exciting. Tom Smith may be in the mix also but Lane and Neal need to be DUH MEN! You have this 2nd shot young man, make the most of it. GO VOLS!

Written on Antonio Barton officially on campus, enrolled at UT:

Welcome to Rocky Top Antonio. We look forward to what you bring and give you full fan support. That Western School is behind you now. Go BIG ORANGE!

Written on John Adams: Offensive line could take Vols for better ride:

I am glad to be getting good ink on our offensive line. And while I am an UnAdamsite, we really do not have anyone who Has Proven they are break out. As was stated previously, it would be great to have Neal do it. He is due and I believe capable. Yet we do not really know. So at least we can be excited at the offensive line we have and hope the coaching will make a better difference than what we have been seeing in the past few years. It's almost Football Time in Tennessee...fanbase, are WE READY FOR BUTCHBALL?

Written on Observations: No clear No. 1 at running back for Vols:

It would be nice to have "that" rb this year but looks like we don't. With the O line projected to be good, maybe the committee can get the job done. It just seems a little weird to me that Neal is not lighting it up with Lane having his whatever holdups. Anyway, the season is almost upon us ready or not rbs, qbs and all others. GO VOLS!

Written on David Climer: Vanderbilt's James Franklin has no playbook for this:

Poor little Coach Jimmy Jumper Franklin, this goes with the territory when you coach college football. As for his body of work, yes he has done a great job at Vanderbilt, but...whom have they beaten? It looks as if they are now beating teams they should have been beating. So let's see his body of work moving forward, facing these type of distractions. Then we will know if he is ready to coach big boy ball. If they don't keep winning, the Vandwagon of fans may just suggest he go jump in the lake somewhere quickly.

Written on Poll results: Over three-fourths at least OK with Vols' gray jerseys:

The uniforms Do Not make the players. Therefore, we should not worry about the uniforms but rather the hearts of the players representing the University of Tennessee. I guess all the flap; back and forth, like/hate etc. just underscores how easily our info-freaked society becomes over matters that really do not matter that much. I Challenge all the real Haters of the Gray, to stay home, not watch, be uninvolved or...hush up and support the team. I respect and understand both perspectives yet wonder how many of those unwanting change have changed a whole lot of other things in their lives the past say 5,10, or 20 years. You survived and we will survive this deal. That's All!

Written on Butch Jones says UT offense still needs to find 'playmakers' :

in response to JonGrudensAgent:

Close call between Kiffin and Jones in the modern era. Neither have/had an established QB and holes across the roster on defense.

Dooley had plenty to work with, he just couldn't manage the talent and keep them on the field.

McDonald and Dickey were before my time but Majors took over in a dark time as well.

I am not sure I can concur on your "Dooley had plenty to work with" statement. As I recall, he did not even have a full roster not to mention the lack of qb and depth at key positions. Now don't get me wrong, he did little with a lot later on but when he began the pickin's were really slim. I am not so sure anyone else would have done very well under the circumstances in which he arrived. But...let's move on we are in a new era and it begins real soon. Granted, this first season will be tough but let's try to be patient and see what these coaches and players can do over time.

Written on Texas A&M's Manziel followed by trouble:

in response to BIVOLAR_BEARE:

JF is just a spoiled brat that happens to be a great athlete. You didn't see Peyton Manning, Tim tebow, RG III, Geno Smith etc get into trouble like this idiot. Heck, Joe Montana will be looked upon as a Saint after this brat is through playing. The funny thing is, I don't see him playing QB in the NFL. Good luck breaking into an NFL lineup with no self discipline to contain yourself.

I have to completely agree on the NFL QB negative BB but I feel sure someone will give him a shot no matter how the autographgate thing plays out.

Written on Texas A&M's Manziel followed by trouble:

There really is little excuse for the excesses he has done. Yeah I get the he's just a kid etc. junk but some of it he had to know was over the edge. If and it is a big IF, he received money, there will be a price to pay. I say we find out who the real Johnny Football is when they suit up for real and play, IF he gets to play. For most, all the off season junk is too distracting and leads to problems. We wait and see. I do hope the kid can get his head on straight. But guess what, he will be scrutinized by the Pro teams after all of this. It's a wild wild wild world when you hit the big time. Can JohnnyFB handle it?

Written on Before arrest, Aaron Hernandez had brushes with violence at Florida:

I am just so glad no one put Meyers on here for Urban Meyer. Aw shucks, I just did. It will all come out in the end but you chuckers keep on wasting time and posts. You must have some sad sad sad lives.

Written on Poll: Which position on Tennessee's offense are you most concerned about next season?:

Even a good running game will not assure the QB can get the ball to receivers. The QB distributing it to where it should go is the key for 2013. Unless we come up with a guy, Worley, Peterman or one of the newbies who can do that, we have a good running game that gets stifled. The QB being settled and sure is, in my opinion the key for the offense. The defense? Well, there are a lot of "we just don't know" issues involved. In any event, the time is growing shorter to when we will know what the Vols have and that is exciting even with a number of uncertainties.

Written on Govols247: Vols land 2015 Fla. linebacker :

I can hear the pads a'popping already and hope nothing changes in this young man's mind by 2015. I hope we get to see him knocking some heads on Rocky Top.
PS I hope he is more Alvin Harper type on character and more T. Henry on knocking people around.

Written on What does Vegas say about Vols in 2013? :

Either way, win or lose, I am looking forward to it and I have BETter uses of my money than throwing it away on sports wagering. I am believing we see a much better coached and disciplined team. There are too many it factors to know how many wins they get. I am also believing they will win the games they are expected to win. Who knows, when they have been underdogs in the past, we have seen some really good outcomes. No matter what Vegas or anyone else says, the Games still have to be played.

Written on 3 Vols named preseason All-Americans:

This is good to see. With all the "we don't know how this year will go" feelings, it is nice to know a few Vol players from last year are expected to be impact players. There is a lot we really don't know about this coming season but I believe one thing is certain, they will all be a better coached bunch of players. That excites me and I can hardly wait for Aug. 31st GO BIG ORANGE! Let The BUTCHTIMES Roll!

Written on Former UT grad assistant Marc Gesualdo backs Julie Hermann, calls accusations 'a glorified witch hunt':

Please, Please, Please; someone tell me how we can this woman's picture off of Vol websites. We Don't Care, she's not in Knoxville anymore. Did I say Please?

Written on Rutgers stands by new AD despite abuse allegations while at Tennessee:

Bobby Knight was Intense, abusive? You be the judge. If the letter was written, either she is lying or the university did not tell her about it. Smells fishy but hey, it's Rutgers U. They are all about the "stuff" in their athletic department. The Herm...ought to fit right in there. If she lied, they should can her. Who can prove it? Will the ones claiming she used the w word sign an affidavit to that effect? It's just a media blown story. We'll see what Governor Chrispy says about it.(Joking about his name)

Written on Govols247: Tennessee Vols' Butch Jones talks 'brick by brick' origin:

I say sit back and watch the wall go up. It will take some time surely, but this is a far different beginning than the previous two. All naysayers may have your day, ie we are not in the SEC championship game this year or struggle a lot. If I was a betting person, I'd say years 2 and 3 will show marked improvement and a rise in the brick wall. But I have to admit, I am no expert, nor am I an Orange Glasses kinda guy. I just love the University of Tennessee Volunteers and will be for them whatever comes unlike the sunny-ones who hail the wins and bail on the losses. GO BIG ORANGE!

Written on Butch Jones stays on go in rebuilding Vols:

I'm liking what I'm seeing. I am a realist and know it will take time unlike many of the Negativites who float out from under rocks and from in basements. What he has accomplished so far against a lot of odds is commendable. As for his pay, GET A LIFE SNOOPY-Complainer! It's what college head football coaches make these days. If he falls on his face for say, three consecutive years, he goes elsewhere. But for now, no nega-commentary from anyone will tone down my excitement and hope for the improvement to be seen, I believe, beginning this fall.

Written on Former Tennessee cornerback Daniel Gray to transfer to Utah State:

I think Daniel may be entering a Gray area in regards to his shot at the NFL. But I wish him well. The Vols will be fine...well I hope they will in the defensive secondary.

Written on Auburn AD vows program will bounce back :

All is fine on the plains. It's on with life, onward and upward. I find it interesting that the current head coach was there when some of the recently questionable things took place. But the internal investigation the word of Sergeant Schultz on Hogan's Heroes..."NUUUUTHING!" It'll be interesting.

Written on Jonathan Crompton signs with Edmonton Eskimos:

I am truly happy that Jon Crompton is getting the opportunity to possibly start as qb in professional football. So what if it's Canada? A lot of good players do well there. And who knows, he may like it or work his way back toward the NFL. Best to him as he makes this effort and thanks for the lumps he took and all he gave for the Volunteers.

Written on Tennessee will honor Pat Summitt with statue:

Very Very Very fitting for one who has done more than can be described for so many and especially the Lady Volunteers of Tennessee. I am glad to see this happening. No matter where it ends up, it will honor one of the greatest Tennesseans ever. I am totally Good with That!

Written on Lane Kiffin, USC strive for drama-free 2013:

X This article and all future ones on this subject; not pertinent to UT Volunteer fans.

Written on Tyler Bray has moved beyond 'stupid mistakes' at Tennessee:

One more thing, I am not convinced he HAS MOVED beyond the stupid mistakes but am believing he IS MOVING beyond them. I sincerely wish him well.

Written on Tyler Bray has moved beyond 'stupid mistakes' at Tennessee:

in response to lemme_axya_this:

I didn't realize he threw for 400 hundred yards 400 times. That's got to impress. We've heard him say he's matured before. If he hasn't seen the light yet, he'd better hurry. He doesn't appear to be girle enough to take Jesse Palmer or David Pollacks job at ESPN.

400 yards 400 times? I couldn't stop laughing, Haha! In all seriousness, IF and I say IF Tyler had led the Vols to a few SEC wins or Big wins in his career, the other things would have not been as glaring. As for all you who say, "he's just a 20 year old, why when I was 20, I...." Well so was Peyton Manning and many others who buckled down, worked and disciplined themselves to become great players. Had TB shown That type resolve, he would have been drafted. He didn't and he wasn't. Game over but...he now has a chance to pick it up and go. I like to see him admitting he can learn a lot from Alex Smith even if Alex is not in the top shelf of elites. He is a seasoned veteran. Go Tyler, show some mettle. Even ones of us who disliked your antics are pulling for you.

Written on Butch Jones selling Tennessee's brand:

No DeltaCharlie3, we had no choice with the two former coaches. But you keep on being Mr. Negamania. It seems to please you. Meanwhile, we celebrate a high energy, people person who intends to make the Volunteer football team better. If I was a betting person, I'd lay odds he will be better than 15-21 after his third season. I might even wager he will have 15 wins by the end of his second...Nah you just keep the hits coming pal.

Written on SEC's Mike Slive says new name for football playoff was built on simplicity:

OK the name thing is a joke but it's not as big a joke as the BCS has been. At least there will be somewhat of a playoff which has been needed for a long time. The bowls sold out with the alliance thing as someone previously posted. They have run their course. Now hopefully we can approach a time when the NCAA Division 1A can have the championship won on the field. This simple approach does not go far enough but is at least a beginning. All the bowl-lovers can enjoy the jokeful games which will continue as long as money can be made.

Written on Mike Strange: Bray became the NFL draft's real "Mr. Irrelevant":

OK, the verdict is in. Tyler Bray was not drafted. Surprising to some this is, for others it was expected. I was not very surprised. To see the drama surrounding it all is pretty ridiculous. The young man will have his chance to prove he belongs on a roster. It is obvious what he has to prove does not involve his arm. He has proven what he can do with that. It is in his head. We can go on and on about what he did not have at UT. But that is fruitless because nothing about that will change. Comparisons with other former qbs is not helpful either. I say let's wish him well, watch to see what happens and move on with life. It's a new day in Big Orange Country and I for one am more interested in that than in what will happen for former players not drafted by the NFL. Go give it your best Tyler Man.

Written on RB Marlin Lane 'absolutely' on track for return to Vols, Butch Jones says:

PLEASE, PLEASE, STOP FEEDING THE TROLLS! We have a fall season of Volunteer football to get ready for. Hopefully Lane gets it together and gets back in step. If not, there is Hill and we will be fine. Now can we please move on?

Written on Grilled by Jon Gruden, UT's Tyler Bray says he needs to improve preparation in NFL:

I wish him only the best and I did not like his antics nor attitude. The thing is, the pro scouts paid a lot closer attention to details than most of us on here. They know what they think Tyler Bray can be. As for the apologists saying, "it wasn't his fault;" ie UT losing. Well some of it was on him when the team was in position late in a few games to win and he did not come through. He had numerous chances to step up and show his mettle. In the really big games, that did not happen. Yes the defense was beyond horrible but there were times he was the non-difference which led to defeats. He has an opportunity to make it in the NFL. I am not convinced he will ever be a truly great NFL qb but I am certainly no expert. Go Tyler, make the most of it. Thanks for being a Volunteer in hard times.

Written on Mike Strange: Lane Kiffin's Tennessee recruiting haul not reflected in draft:

Y A W N! If any of you care about this, that's cool. I do not. It's time to get in a better Lane and leave the past as the past. But then, if the Knoxville media did that, it'd be Strange!

Written on After enduring doubters, Cordarrelle Patterson hopes to celebrate with 1st round NFL draft selection:

He definitely lit up Rocky Top last year but the NFL is a whole new level. I do believe he makes a splash there. It just may take some time. I also hope he goes early. Best to you CP, work hard and show what you can do.

Written on Jacobs: Auburn review finds no evidence of fraud:

Like when did an internal review, unless it was obvious they were up to something, come up with anything other than, "We did nothing?"(Sargeant Schultz from Hogan's Heroes) It is a conflict when the media chew on any bite to try and find things wrong with a program. But anyone who looks at how things transpired in the Newton matter and beyond, can sense something was awry. I do not know what it was but does anyone know if this is the last word on all of it?

Written on Marlon Walls says hospital visit with Katelyn Norman changed his life :

That is a great story and it is refreshing to see young men so deeply touched by one who fought in good ways for every day she had to live. God bless Katelyn's family and the changed man that is Marlon Walls.

Written on Phillip Fulmer helps restart football at East Tennessee State:

Good for Coach Fulmer, Great for ETSU!

Written on Butch Jones says of event countering Nick Saban: 'I'll do anything in Tennessee':

The fact that so much is being made of this is over the edge. It is a free country. I find it hard to see why Alabama's head coach would want to come to a small Tennessee town and speak. It would be great to get on with life and let these type issues go. I honestly believe the state of Tennessee will survive Coach Saban coming to speak in Athens. I don't like him. I don't like the fact he is coming. So, there is a host of other things I dislike but the world will not end because of that. The ridiculous media hype and attention causes people to waste time and attention on things like this. GOOD GRIEF!

Written on Season ends for Vols in NIT opener, 75-67:

I yawn when I read some of the ridiculous comments on here. But it's the microwave, fastfood, twitter-me-now what have you done for me in the last breath age. This was a horrible loss. The team and coaches should be embarrassed but it is not the totality of what this season has meant. The team began by losing a key player for the season and sure looked the part of a down and outer. They then came back and made a run in the end and almost made the Idolatrized experience that is the NCAA tournament. Then they laid an egg at home in the NIT. Bad, painful, sad and borderline pathetc? Yes it is. But it is not the end of the world. It is not grounds for the Pathethic Pearl memorabilia. If you miss him, go jump on the wagon he will be pulling somewhere else perhaps next year. So this season is done and ended badly. Life has not ended nor has Cuonzo Martin's era as UT's Mens head bb coach.

Written on Back for pro day, 'humbled' Da'Rick Rogers says he wants to rebuild bridge to UT:

OK I do not wish ill things for Mr. Rogers. But he burned the bridge. It is sheer class for him to even be allowed there for pro day. As for the person who posted he/she thinks weed should not be illegal, well it is and will be in Tennessee for awhile. Da'Rick chose weed over what the Vols could do for him. That's on him. So if he falls way down in the draft, that's on him. It does appear the drop in division of college play has at least for now adjusted his attitude. That is a good thing.

Written on Riyahd Jones' long journey to SEC has unlikely ending at Tennessee:

I hope we see R. Jones beastily on the field this fall. The defensive secondary needs the leadership and example. The long journey ends on Rocky Top. Go Jones, Go Big Orange!

Written on Poll: Did Tennessee deserve to make the NCAA tournament?:

No but as is so vividly portrayed on here, so should not a bunch of other teams. As with so much in sports, it's political and at a beauty pageant one usually goes with what he/she thinks makes makes them look good. The way this ended up more who is in than who's out Does Not make the committee look good. GO VOLS win the NIT and ignore the people who obviously think it is meaningless. Some true fans do not feel that way. Please do not lay another egg.

Written on Tennessee opens spring football with rapid adjustment to Butch Jones' style:

Sounds like they are off to a good start. I love all the enthusiasm and energy being invoked. That will be needed every game day. Oh yeah and it does not hurt having former players and coaches being present. So I am excited moving forward. GO BIG ORANGE!

Written on Mike Strange: Justin Worley hopes to capitalize on head start:

OKAY, DEEP DEEP BREATH Vols fans. Tyler Bray is gone as are two oustanding receivers and the former coaches. Let's let them go. Now to task at hand, I am no prognosticator but it appears the Vols might just need the experience Worley has early on at least. We can make many projections but only practice and live time together will tell the story. It is a luxury to have 5 qbs in the stable. But let us not forget, there are other questionable issues in other areas. I was pleased Friday, while riding down from Knoxville to hear of the depth and really good players the Vols have. I know, the defense was horrendous last year. That's gone. What I had let pass my thinking were all the really good receivers we picked up in the 2012 class. Granted, their playing time is limited but they have talent. Now final question, can this staff coach? I hope so and believe it is possible. GO VOLS!