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Hopefully the Florida game is a typo and not really 11:00 pm. I can't see the old geezers that sit down low staying up that late.

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6'9" 250. 3-4* sounds very good to me. He's ranked as high as Maymon was I think by the time Maymon got to UT.( I'm not sure what he was ranked out of HS) Turpin(?) is higher than Ndiaye for sure...higher than Kenny Hall or as high as Wayne Chism? I don't remember for sure. But I think this is potentially a very good recruit. Makenjuola wasn't ranked at all as far as I know and he gave us some very good minutes at times. We should have some good players to surround these future bigs. It's likely we'll still have Hubbs and maybe Stokes too. We can hope(except that if we still have Stokes it would mean he didn't have a great year this next fall and winter)!

Maymon was a top 40 player in the Rivals top 150, this guy barely squeezed in at #147.

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The difference between Pearl's classes and Martins's was not the number of 5 star players but the rest of the class. CBP consistently recruited top 50 players while CCM can't.

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Enjoy basketball season this year because Pearl's boys all graduate and Martin's 2 and 3 star players take over. The 2014 class is a major disappointment. The top player is #96 according to Rivals, meanwhile schools like South Carolina, Arkansas, Alabama,Missouri, and LSU are pulling in better recruits than UT. With UT's facilities, fan base, and recent success under Pearl, a 3 star player should never be on the radar. This will be the last year the UK and Florida games will be worth watching, just like football under Dooley.

The foolish optimism for Martin on this site is laughable. Martin can't get into the tournament with a roster of 4 and 5 star players but will somehow mold a group of ETSU type players into an SEC Championship team.

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Tennessee was #15 on the list of college merchandise sold last year, this will help. The players and students will love it, and it is only an "alternate" to be used 1-2 times per year. The old farts that like 4 hour baseball games with no instant replay are the same ones who gripe about changing uniforms. Looks great to me and I can't wait to see them on the field.

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After reading some of these comments some of you are really clueless. UK and Cal have nothing to do with the schedule. Each year you play your rival team (Vandy) twice, there will be 4 other teams you play twice and this will change every season. The teams UT played twice last year (like Ole Miss, Bama)will only be on the schedule once this season.

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A shame for season ticket holders. UT should be the rival game with a home and away each year with UK. Look at the history there, Florida has only been respectful since Donovan came to town, they were a SEC doormat before. The powers that be are more concerned with TV ratings than tradition and rivalry.

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According to ESPN, Kentucky won't be playing in Knoxville this season. Way to stay on top of things KNS.

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This is nice but we will have 11 guards/small forwards and 1 big man in 2014 and the big is Pops Ndjaie who probably won't be good enough to see the floor. Cofer is 6'8" but seems to thin too play the PF.UT needs size and since Nichols got away Martin deosn't seem to have any backup plan.

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It will be hard to make the tournament with this schedule. Citadel, Upstate, Morehead, Tenn Tech and State will destroy the SOS. Martin is clueless, UT should never schedule a D2 team outside of the preseason.

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KNS needs some new sources. Obviously not academics if he is eligible to play immediately at GA Tech. If I were the Golden family KNS would not be getting a statement at all. Get your story straight before you drag someones name through the mud, plagiarism is a big deal, much less repeated plagiarism.

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He is a stop gap when no one else wanted the job. Just like dooley never won anything more than moderate success at a small school. He is the only coach in the sec never to make the NCAA dance at some point in their career. I hope he proves me wrong this year. His teams have a tendency to do enough to make you think progress is being made then fold when it counts. I know he had inherited a bad deal, and he has faced injuries. Sounds a lot like dooley's time here.
If he does not put a product on the floor that either performs or is exciting enough to put butts in the seats you can not afford to keep him around. At the end of the day that is what it is about. At least if it does not work out we should be able to land a proven coach that has won championships in line with a butch jones type resume.

Don't agree with your comment on no one else wanting the job. I do agree UT should not even consider a coach that has never reached the NCAA Tournament or a football coach with a losing record (kiffin,Dooley)

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I think this is great news for Coach Martin. Something tells me that Coach Martin is going to advance this team pretty deap in the Big Dance and wouldn't be surprised if we don't find outselves in the final 8. In my opinion, I think Coach Martin's salary increase is much overdue. If I remember correctly, when Coach Martin was brought to Tennessee he was operating under something called a Memorandum of Understanding for a little over a year. I don't know about anyone else but there is no way I could go 3 months, much less a year wthout being paid by my employer. Not only should we all be fortunate that Coach Martin's wife makes enough for them to be able to take the year hit without pay, but even more fortunate that he didn't get fed up and leave for another program that could pay him. Anyway, congratulations Coach Martin and best of luck this winter. Can't wait to see how far you can take our ball team! Go Vooooools!!!

I hope this is written in sarcasm. Advancing deep in the tournament? Based on what, two NIT appearances with losses to MTSU and Mercer? No need to pay CCM more or give him more money, no other top programs have come calling. Advance deep in the postseason this year or go back to the Bush leagues where you came from. Its amazing how UT basketball people are content with mediocrity.

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UT had UNC beat in that Sweet 16 game, blowing a big 2nd half lead. How Buzz went 15-16 with the talent that Green had left him was amazing, a sure sign of things that were to come

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No question about Pearl's coaching ability; but, sooner or later someone has to ask ... "How many times can a good coach stumble and fall and still find someone who is willing to give him another chance." Pearl has two strikes against him. Will he get another chance? Probably, but maybe not at D-1.

As the article states there are 346 D1 jobs available, Pearl is a program builder and will find a D1 job easlily. Shay, Jones, and Forbes are decent hard working assistants but they are a dime a dozen. Pearl has won everywhere and will be hired by at the least a mid-major and at best a BCS conference school.

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Hope he gets back, Ole Miss will be down this year and UT will be up. Like him or not, he makes things interesting in a very dull SEC.

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And this is UT news . . . . how?

Maybe go west and do some digging, get some names on the Vandy scandy? There's a lot more to this than what's been released (late on a Friday afternoon).

He's from Knoxville and playing in PRTL and not exactly a lot to report in July. If you aren't interested don't read it, I found it interesting and looking forward to watching the young man compete tonight.

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Its tough not to see CBP coaching UT anymore. It will be tougher when he is coaching somewhere else and UT has totally fallen off the college basketball radar. UT may make a run at the tournament this year, but after that CCM's 2 and 3 star guys take over and it is back into the abyss.

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Congrats on another 3 star player. This guy is to help replace Maymon and Stokes and weighs 205. Way to aim high Martin.

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The team will play different without Trae. Antonio has a different handle. He is very accurate with the 3 ball and plays strong D, which Trae was clueless about. Expect Antonio to be a better coordinator of the offense as compared to athlete trying to force the action. They will also be working Thompson into the mix. By mid-February they should be working together as a team very well.

With Maymon back, Hubbs coming in, and McRae and Stokes coming back, scoring will not be an issue. Golden's lack of defense was a problem for 3 years, Pearl hardly played him his Freshman year and he was put on the bench for part of last season. He may have averaged 13 ppg but he was responsible for giving up 20+ on the defensive side.

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Defense and three point shooting, two things UT has needed badly for years. An upgrade from Golden for sure.

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Agree 100%. The only reason anyone paid any attention to Ole miss this year was Henderson. The games I enjoy most are against UK (Cal) and Vandy (Stallings) because their coaches are such jackarses.

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This guy couldn't average numbers like you mention if he played 40 minutes per game.

He has 1 year to play. He must learn a new system and wasn't much of a player when playing for a weak Memphis team.There is a reason he left Memphis and it likely was not for the reasons stated in the article.

Really dude? Maybe you missed the part where Memphis humiliated UT at TBA this year. Barton is solid and his numbers went down because Jackson is a stud. A definite upgrade from chubby little Golden who couldn't guard guys from the SoCon or A-Sun. I've been skeptical of Martin but you couldn't have gotten anyone better this time of year.

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He plays good defense, UT hasn't had a PG that could guard anyone in awhile. Awesome pickup, strange to see a Memphis regular starting at UT. I'll bet lil' Josh isn't too happy about this.

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Heck Jordie you may have to play the point this year. Either McRae, a walk-on, or a Freshman will.

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I am a Tennessee Alumnus (and so was my wife, God Rest Her Soul)and a lifelong Tennessee Fan. Only in the last 3-4 years have excuses and what I consider made up reasons for a Player, Coach, or Staff person being let go started coming from the Hill. I don't know what the trouble is over there but they better get it straightened out fast. If Trae Golden had violated Student Academic or Honor codes rules it stands to reason that under NCAA rules that he would not be eligible at another school. There is one sure thing that has existed throughout the history of man, Truth is the best policy. I would suggest the UT Athletic Dept. start using it a little more. This past year has seen dubious personnel actions, Several Equal Employment Opportunity Complaints, withdrawn Scholarships, and Signing more Basketball Players than the NCAA permits and then asking proven players to leave. Say what you want about Bruce Pearl and Phil Fulmer, and it may have been happening, but it wasn't advertised so High School Players considering Tennessee didn't know if they would be allowed to come and play or not. Something has to be done and it needs to be done fast.


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If someone had reported that I had flunked out of school and hadn't I would come out and totally rebuff that statement instead of giving a lukewarm "oh no he's fine on that" kind of answer. If he did flunk out, he's not transferring anywhere. He would probably have to go the JUCO route and then transfer. He wouldn't have the grades to transfer directly to a D1 school.

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Who cares what Tobias Harris said.......he really isn't a Vol is he?

Actually Tobias is great for the program and a true Vol. It shows you can go to UT one year and go to the pros. A good selling point to recruits. Needless to say UT doesn't have to worry about that anymore.

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If another NIT season is what it takes to get rid of this clown then so be it. If you follow college basketball at all you know that the point guard is the most important spot on the floor. As Golden went last year so did UT. This is a disaster, Martin is in over his head. I'll bet the Landry family is having a good laugh right about now.

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Kind of poetic justice after how Martin did Landry. BRING BACK BRUCE.

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Don't know why people bash this league. No summer games feature much defense and if these guys aren't playing in PRTL they are playing pick up games. It's great if you have kids, it is the only place where they can get autographs and interact with the players.

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Demontre Edwards or Landry will be out. Landry's dad says he hasn't spoken to Martin about not coming to UT so doubt it is him. I would be very surprised if it were Reese, he had a few decent moments last season and has good size and is only a freshman.

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Don't know why there would be a press conference unless he is going. Surprised that he has taken this long. Quinn states he is projected to be drafted, perhaps this is true but there is no guaranteed money unless you are drafted in the 1st round.

This would be a disaster for UT, I expect the downward spiral to occur when all of Pearl's recruits graduate after next year. If Stokes is gone it will happen next year. UT would lose Hall, Yemi, and Stokes in the post. Who knows how Maymon will play with what may still be a bum knee. The Pops kid you koolaid drinkers are so high on may be UT's top post player. What a laugh.

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Lets see: Leaves a $87,000 job for I assume less money job. Leaves the SEC for Division II. "wants" to join Buzz's staff again. Wasn't hired by coach Martin....Yep, he was fired.

You may want to put a couple of thoughts together before posting. Fancher was promoted by Martin so it is unlikely he was fired. UNC-Wilmington is a D1 school in the Colonial Athletic conference, in the same division as George Mason who is a few years removed from a Final Four.

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Yemi was not a servicable back up. Martin basically said its was time to move on. Tough for Yemi but he can actually get in a league that he really should have been in initially. Good luck Yemi welcome Pops

Yemi had his moments, I was disappointed that he never developed the way he should. I do think if he played for a smaller school like ETSU he could play 35 mpg and put up some decent numbers, can't really say the same about Pops.

Yemi was a difference maker at times, in the Xavier game Stokes couldn't play any defense and Yemi came in and prevented any points in the post and offensive rebounds and UT pulled away to win. When Stokes improved in January, Yemi's role diminished.

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None of us has even seen Ndiaye... but you "know" enough to "doubt" his ability to see the floor. You're wasting your skills: get yourself a D-1 head coaching job!

The kid averaged 2 pts and 3 reb at a community college! You don't have to be John Wooden to figure out he can't play.

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Bad news here, UT lost Hall to graduation and who knows about Stokes. Yemi was serviceable backup, I doubt this pops kid is coordinated enough to see the floor against D1 competition.

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After next season, Pops will be our only post player. Another stellar recruiting job by Martin. Next year may be ok but after that it will look like the Wade Houston era, without Allan.

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So after next year our lone returning big man will be the Juco from Senegal who averaged 2 points at a Community College. Those of you sold on Cuonzo need to reconsider.

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All of you clammoring for Bruce Pearl's triumphant return should consider a few things about Bruce.

Yes, he injected a much needed dose of enthusiam and swagger to the downtrodden B-ball program. But the Bruce Pearl we hired was not the same Bruce Pearl that we fired. We hired an enthusiastic coach who ran a clean program and was a family man. We fired a coach who lied to the NCAA and also conspired to have his coaches and recruits lie. In the K-NS, Bruce called his new wife Brandy "the love of my life"...while all of his children, from his previous (barely cold) marriage, still lived in Knoxville. There was an arrogance and an ego that the "fired Bruce" probably should have reigned in.

In the NCAA, Pearl went 1 game farther than Jerry Green. And, then he killed what he built. Cuonzo exceeded expectations in his first year and I expect him to turn the corner next season. Get over Bruce...he has reached his expiration date at UTK.

Bruce did get out of control and let success get to his head but that happens to most people who find this type of success. Bruce is a smart guy and I am sure he is aware of his shortcomings.

I think the 3 year ban is a reality check and he will be back better than ever. Unfortunately it will never be at UT. After next season the future looks dismal for UT. Even when CBP was knee deep in an NCAA mess he still got UT in the tournament. Pearl had the ability to recruit 4-5 star recruits on a consistent basis and you don't stay bad long when you do that.

I do think the marriage comment was unnecessary, how many people on this board have been divorced and remarried?

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This guy and Landry both averaged under 3 ppg this year. They should fit right in this system that often produces 35-40 points per game.

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I have had enough Gruden the last few weeks to do me a lifetime. Glad he's still on the airwaves and not at UT. No one seems to remember he was run out of town on his last job.

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Not sure there is anyone on the roster I would trade for this guy. I would even take Edwards and Chievous over a guy 6'10" that can only get 3.5 rpg at a Community College. I know the kid was hurt but he's probably 6 inches taller than the other teams center, 6-8 rebounds should fall in his lap. This could lead to bad news. Maybe someone transferring or a recruit that can't make the grades, hopefully it doesn't mean Stokes is leaving.

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Really not a lot of suspense here but glad Jordan is staying. It's great to see such a good kid find success. We stay after most home games and Jordan is always out signing autographs and talking to all of the kids while many of the players stay in the dressing room.

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No harm in getting an unbiased analysis of where NBA teams think you are. Pretty sure these guys will learn they won't be drafted but if both have good seasons next year they can be selected in the 2014 draft.

The problem is some of these kids come from poor families that need the money, they may not make the NBA but both could easily play in Europe and make big money doing so. I just don't see McRae ever being an NBA player, he is too streaky and has problems scoring on tall guards like he will see every night in the NBA.

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Having attended many games at Lindsey Nelson while in grad school, I truly say, UT has the worse fans in the SEC. Glad they got beat as bad as they did today. Hate USC missed the record of 24 hits against UT in a game.

Trolling another teams college baseball board, makes the UK hoops fans that come on here look classy. Congratulations.

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Glad I'm not the only one who thought the officiating was terrible. Mulkey goes insane and doesn't get a T. Good riddance, 63 other coaches will have their teams eliminated as well, all the rest will act with class. Loved the trash talking by the UL girls.

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We've played Kentucky over 200 times in the course of 100 years and never beaten them by 30 points. How can it not be Kentucky regardless of how bad they are?

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What's your theory on how and why he got Hubbs to sign? I'm interested to know?

Even those who support CCM can't use recruiting as an argument for a pay raise. Hubbs is solid, the #17 player in next years class, but when Pearl was here he got 3-4 of these per year. UT's recruiting is in the bottom half of the SEC for next year, teams like LSU and Arkansas are out recruiting us. For every Hubbs you get 4-5 two and three star players who can't play (Washpun, Edwards, Chievous).

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CCM hired March 2011--effectively after the recruiting season of 2011. NCAA violations and penalties loomed large thru early Spring 2012--effectively after the recruiting season of 2012. Nevertheless, CCM signed Stokes late in 2011, has recruited 5-star Hubbs, 2 well-thought of 3-star recruits and, most recently, got a commitment from Darius Thompson, an in-state player considered to be 4th best combo guard in country. Current recruiting class ranked 23rd nationally and will probably be ranked higher with Thompson coming on board. Lost probably best player in Maymon for the entire 2012-2013 season. Still finished 2nd in SEC in 2012 and 5th in SEC in 2013. I think you guys, whoever you are, might want to cut CCM some slack. Give the man a raise (not an extension) that would bring him up a few notches relative to other SEC coaches and see how we do with his recruits for a couple of years. And lastly, take the time to read what his current players have to say about what they think of CCM--I don't think there are many coaches that have the respect of their players that CCM does.

Do the words NIT mean anything to you. Making the NCAA's should be the benchmark, without that Martin has no leverage. IS there some threat that Martin will be snatched by a rival school for a pay raise? I think not. I thought UT was broke, no way it can cut employees and then reward a coach for not making the tournament.