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Written on John Adams: Butch Jones hasn't had enough time to change UT's losing ways:

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Don't you idiots take at least one day off? You must have UT on your brain 24 X 7. How do you keep all those grill orders straight at the Waffle House?

You didn't know he was demoted to mopping the floors?

Written on Meyer was a part of SEC's title run, now wants to end it:

He left the lizards to have more quality family time. How's that family time working out for you now since you took the helm at OSU?

Written on Vols say that first year of camp under Butch Jones marked by 'energy':

I think the difference this year and last year is like the difference between daylight and dark.

Written on Vols' Randolph ready to return from torn ACL:

If we are a little weak at the corners, our safety spots are going to have to be outstanding. No more 70 yard TDs!

Written on Tennessee's 'mock game' Friday will cover several scenarios :

The "mock" drills will soon now be the real thing. It's been a long time coming. As for the trolls, they would stump Sigmund Freud.

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Next they'll be giving them away with the purchase of 4 Krystals. I thought Butchie Boy was the savior? Why no confidence? It's okay though, think of how nice all that Dawg red will look against the backdrop of East Tuckysee fall colors - as the Dawgs "Roar For Four" over the Big Gray!

I am wondering if you would have the gonads to call him "Butchie Boy" to his face.

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Let's hope the offensive live can help us with some ball control and use up some clock. Last night on MNF John Gruden had a segment talking about Oregon. They run a play every 15 seconds. Unblievalble. We better be able to move the ball or our defense will be in for a long night.

Written on John Adams: Offensive line could take Vols for better ride:

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Ok. I looked it up and it appears Austin Peay did win a conference title (OVC) ONCE in 1978 so they must have had a winning season that year.

I apologize for disparaging the fine folks over at Austin Peay.

I've never liked these kind of "games". Play a quality team, challenge our guys, and take your chances on the scoreboard. There is no glory in beating up on a glorified high school team.

Written on Butch Jones says UT offense still needs to find 'playmakers' :

Find the playmakes quick Coach, starting hopefully with the QB. The time is NOW, the season is here. Good luck!

Written on Texas A&M's Manziel followed by trouble:

He can learn a playbook, but not the team rules!Expect more problems down the road.

Written on In UT's open practice at Neyland, Butch Jones says fans will get sneak peek at 2013 team:

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(This comment was removed by the site staff.)

Have you ever thought about going to play in the traffic or taking an extended vacation to Antartica? Good grief are we sick of your associates, neighbors,and fellow employees are also. Your CONSTANT NEGATIVITY IS TO BE PITIED.

Written on Vols new alternative football uniform adds a 'smokey' shade of gray:

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Exactly when did The Univ. of Tennessee's colors cease to exclusively be Orange & White & by whose authority?

Now, instead of Go Big Orange, is it Go Big Gray?

Written on Vols new alternative football uniform adds a 'smokey' shade of gray:

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Tennessee's school colors are Orange & White!

Amen and again I say Amen.

Written on What do you think about the Vols' gray uniform?:

O & W....both now and forever. Tweek those two colors anyway you want in schemes, but make it O&W.

Written on Britton Colquitt passes brother as NFL's top-paid punter:

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Both of my two young sons will be enrolled in punting school right away.

And my granddaughter....

Written on Former Vandy football players indicted for rape:

There is stupid and then there is STUPID.

Written on Wigged-out Eli and Peyton rapping on new TV ad:

There is renewed hope within me to be sucessful in the music industry. I can see my name already in lights.

Written on Draft losses force Vols to rely on young receivers:

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Your passing game is going to be your undoing this year. Teams will overload the box and choke your offense. Your defense has a long way to go to be anywhere close to decent. People who think this is a bowl team really don't understand football.

Vince Lombary's voice speaks out from the grave.

I can relax now, knowing how the season is going to go.

Written on John Adams: Reserved optimism for Tennessee to break bowl streak :

Hundreds of newspapers in the USA, and JA has to write for KNS.

Written on Dontavis Sapp has newfound confidence under Butch Jones and his staff:

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Sapp may one day say "I played on one of the best LB trio in UT history" AJ, Curt, and Sapp!!

Am I the only old guy still around that remembers Jackie Walker, HackSaw Reynolds and Steve Kiner? Ah, sweet memories. These guys can make some more.

Written on John Adams: Quarterback play may break Tennessee's SEC tossups:

JA, are you beginning to get the big picture? Probably not, unfortunately!

Written on Chiefs envision Eric Berry as pass rushing and defending threat:

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I am surprised Berry hasn't been cut

Your shoe size is obviously a larger number than your IQ. You really are to be pitied.

Written on Vols on their toes after Butch Jones throws camp a curveball:

Can't wait to see North in action.

Written on Kevin Sumlin won't speculate on Johnny Manziel's status:

He apparently has an ego the size of Texas. He also seems to think he is the center of the universe. Hope I am wrong, but I think this kid is headed for problems.

Written on John Adams: Quarterback play may break Tennessee's SEC tossups:

John, my goodness, the Vols fans didn't realize we had 3 consecutive losing seasons. Where have we all been? We would have sworn we won the last 2 NC. Great info my man. Thanks so much. Keep the news coming. Amazing!

Written on Jacob Carter asked to lead group of receivers he's behind in Tennessee's depth chart:

If I were a betting man, I'd bet the farm that Coach G. got Rajon's attention. Focus Rajon...focus.

Written on Vols' secondary using criticism as motivation:

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We said the same things with a great DC in Chavis. Whenever the Mustang package was used with 3rd and 15 or more - "third and Chavis" was chanted. So why did the same things happen?

I will answer my own and possibly your question. We have 4-3 players that have been taught and drilled in its methods/schemes since high school. In both the 3-4 last season and 3-3 Mustang of Chavis they were using the wrong athletes that had not been trained well in 3 man D-line defenses. Those are read/think/react defenses that require a lot of communication and understanding. As a result they both failed.

As an old fullback, I will have to plead my ignorance about defense. But I would have thought that all defensive schemes required "read/think/react....and some commmunication and understanding. I guess I am never to old to learn. Go Vols.

Written on LSU RB Hill reinstated to team:

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Now Les Miles has a tough decision to make. Suspend Hill for the 1st half of the UAB game or the first half of the Kent State game....decisions, decisions.......

Miles can reduce his stress level by going ahead and making the decision to suspend him for the first quarter for each of those 2 games. Problem solved!

Written on Tennessee defensive leaders who missed spring with injuries making an impact in camp:

Can't wait to see how much improvement the defense will make this year!

Written on ESPN: NCAA investigating Manziel over autographs:

If the investigation shows that he did sign articles, it is a continuation of the same old song, "I am a superhero and therefore above the law". Wouldn't be the first athelete to try to ignore the rules....and he wouldn't be the last.

Written on ESPN: NCAA investigating Manziel over autographs:

I'm no geologist, but I was told at an early age, that the only purpose Ala and Miss served, was to keep Tn from sliding into the Gulf of Mexico. I have not been able to confirm that.

Written on John Adams: Western Kentucky would be worst loss for the Vols :

JA would have a stroke if he had to write one postive article about the VOLS. Wonder if a dark cloud follows him into the KNS office when he arrives?

Written on Raijon Neal says running back battle is 'wide open':

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He was moved to WR, I thought.

Missed that...thanks.

Written on Raijon Neal says running back battle is 'wide open':

I noticed D. Young was down on the depth chart. I am curious how they will use his speed this year. Hopefully, it is more than just running back KO and punts. I love speed. It kills.

Written on Mike Bajakian: Speed fine, execution 'wasn't as good' for UT quarterbacks:

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Every time i hear the words execution (involving offensive fb plays). I immediately chuckle at my reflections to coach John McKay of the Tampa Bay Bucs. When asked about his team's execution: He replied: "I'm all for it".

I didn't know that. Now that was funny.

Written on Daniel McCullers enters first practice with new weight of high expectations:

Imagine being a SEC running back, getting the handoff and running to the hole and THERE YOU MEET BIG MCCULLERS. My response would be, "Hey let's throw it from now on or run it to the other side."

Written on New UT tight end Woody Quinn ready to transition from volleyball:

At 6'6 I think I could hit a target that big. Throw it up and let him go up and get it.

Written on John Adams: Reasons why you might be more optimistic about UT football:

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Everyone is optimistic about UT Football.

After all UT is everyone's cupcake game.

Just Saying

On the idiot scale of 1-10, you register at least
a 14. Was your brain deprived of oxygen at birth?

Written on John Adams: Butch Jones' recruiting proves that UT tradition still matters:

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I have watched SEC football for decades. Did this "tradition" happen in the 1800's?

"Decades" huh? Good luck this year passing 8th grade. 8 in a row is enough.Sure hope it doesn't take that long to pass the 9th.

Written on John Adams: Butch Jones' recruiting proves that UT tradition still matters:

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Got to meet former bulldog David Pollack saturday in Chattanooga, and he said Butch Jones is going to be a superstar in the S.E.C. I think he is right!!

I like that. My enthusiasm just went up another notch.

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Tennessee and all other major college teams should play 4 tough out of conference games.

Agreed! Who wants to see any SEC team play a glorified high school team. Play the tough ones, and take your chances on the scoreboard.

Written on Florida removes references to Hernandez:

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If he was still a Gator he would have to sit out the first two games of the season.

You are probably wrong....I think it would only be one.

Written on After defensive tackle, which position is UT's biggest area of need in recruiting?:

Put talented big meat up front, and some good things can happen.

Written on Butch Jones goal is simple: Rebuild the Vols:

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In 3-4 years Butch will have UT back at 7-5 where they belong.

I see your crystal ball is working cystal clear again. Would you go ahead a pick a few stocks that will make me rich?

Written on Florida's Morrison arrested and suspended:

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Morrison couldn't be reached for comment. The jailer reported he was in his cell licking his pecans at the moment.

BB...thanks a lot for that one. Laughed so hard I think I gave myself a hernia. I'm sending the surgery bill.

Written on Tennessee football players will report Aug. 1, begin practice on Aug. 2:

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Lots of feel good articles will follow and Big Orange Kool-aide will flow freely. Reality will not set in until mid September though.

I see a historically bad season ahead for the Voles:

08/31/2013 Austin Peay UT 32 AP 3
09/07/2013 Western Kentucky UT 31 WK 17
09/14/2013 at Oregon UT 13 OR 41
09/21/2013 at Florida UT 14 FL 27
09/28/2013 South Alabama UT 42 SA 14
10/05/2013 Georgia UT 24 GA 42
10/12/2013 Open date ---
10/19/2013 South Carolina UT 21 SC 24
10/26/2013 at Alabama UT 10 UA 35
11/02/2013 at Missouri UT 27 UM 28
11/09/2013 Auburn UT 22 AU 24
11/16/2013 Open date ---
11/23/2013 Vanderbilt UT 17 VU 27
11/30/2013 at Kentucky UT 28 UK 17

So that you don't have to write them down, I've done it for you. 4 - 8

If my crystal ball was this clear and accurate, I'd be on the next plane to Vegas.

Written on Florida's Morrison arrested and suspended:

You guys cracked me up! LMBO! My wife just looks at me with that puzzled look on her face.

Written on SEC coaches weigh talent vs. potential for trouble:

in response to SevenT:

Tennessee is horrible so they tend to take marginal players with questionable pasts because they can't attract anyone else.

like Duh-Rick Rodgers

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Doesn't your team have its own site? The Constitution grants freeddom of speech, but I and many more Vol fans just wish you would exercise that right somewhere else.