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Do we having a running game yet?

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A former running back from U of Florida can probably recruit a running back from Florida. Ya think?

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I'm finally getting excited for a REAL "It's football time in Tennessee."

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Don't let this guy get away. Joe Montana, Doug Flutie, Conridge Hollaway, Johnny "Football". This "short guy" has got to turn out better than Bray, because I bet he is a team leader...not a whiner.

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Most of these are good ideas but John...



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All of these guys knew what they were getting into with the fan base at UT. If they thought they were going to be one-year wonders, they would have held on to to their current jobs (with the exception of the Auburn coach). I like what I have seen and read about Jones and his staff. We just need to stay positive and support the coaches and players.

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If they all decide to leave, good luck to them. When a door closes, another opens. This could help U.T. gain some unexpected commitments. G.B.O.!!!

I think you are dead on. Some of the hottest recruits may have been a little put off by the presence of those guys. Now they can see an opening if they have talent. GBO.


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I agree with everything you said, but just one little criticism. Sometimes one little conjunction can make a big difference.

"...didn't figure it could hurt to see if he could shoot the moon."

...didn't figure it could hurt to see if he could shoot FOR the moon.

See the difference? Of course, maybe he was just shooting the moon. Since Peyton did it, it's kind of a tradition I guess. haha

FOR is a preposition, not a conjunction. What year did you graduate from bama?

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Miles said Chavis "would be a very good head coach" and that Tn. should pursue him. wtf? Smells fishy. I think Miles knows how to play the media.

The last time an SEC coach (Saban) recommended a head coach for us, it didn't turn out too well.

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Still just a rumor...but interesting.

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I've watched you post all fit the definition of a bitter mean old man...

I'm older than this Walt character and I agree that he is a bitter old man.
UT '69

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Hooray. It's basketball time in Tennessee. I'm sick of our football coaching staff.

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I think we've become a basketball school (ala Kentucky) and that's fine with me, although I love the football team. They just need better coaching...defense.

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I agree with most of you that Dooley should get a lot of credit for righting the ship. However, I believe Dooley is not the man to take the program to the next level. I believe THAT man is Jon Gruden. Losing Derrick Henry to Alabama presents a view into the future.

Unlike a couple of years ago, now Gruden is looking at a very different situation… he's got reasonable pipeline of talent and new facilities with which to help him recruit. He's got a professional as an AD. He's got something to sell to 18 year-olds.

My logic with Tennessee has always been this… Tennessee is like Notre Dame. Neither school has a solid base of in-state talent from which to recruit. In fact, the contiguous states have so much competition that it forces them to have to recruit nationally. In Notre Dame's case, they have an exclusive contract with NBC to highlight all their games… they get HUGE brand exposure and brand lift because of this national exposure. has a "Notre Dame Central" microsite.

So Tennessee has to recruit nationally, but doesn't have the brand exposure or brand cache that a Notre Dame has… that's two strikes.

The reason I've been a big proponent of bringing in Gruden at whatever cost is that his personal brand, to some extent, levels the playing field. Like none other, he has done a great job the last few years becoming a bit of an icon… his QB Camp TV show, always on MNF, always commenting on something. If he came to Tennessee, every kid in America has seen him on TV personally coaching up every QB in the draft running one on one drills, watching film, critiquing, etc. He's telling 1st round draft picks on national TV what THEY need to do to make it in the NFL. He can tell kids on the recruiting trail that "Hey, I've won a Super Bowl"… not even Saban can make that statement. .. "Jimmy Recruit, would you like to try on my Super Bowl ring?".

If they had to pay Gruden a few million more than Dooley who cares? It'll pay for itself in increased ticket sales, merchandise, Bowl appearances, donor excitement, and Big Booster contributions. The payback is all but certain.

I think he would give a HUGE boost to recruiting. HUGE. Gruden would have provided a much greater probability of landing Derrick Henry.

I like Dooley personally. He just doesn't have the brand cache to draw in a stable of 5-star recruits on a consistent basis…. and as we saw in the Florida game, raw talent trumps play calling or gimmicks.

I like Dooley, but you are on point with Gruden. He could take UT football to the thin air where Dooley has never been.

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"Against Georgia, UT linebacker A.J. Johnson scored his third touchdown this season out of the Wildcat package while running backs Marlin Lane and Devrin Young have yet to score a rushing touchdown."

Wildcat package- give me a break. The way we lined that formation up, it's the singlewing like Johnny Majors ran out of in the mid-1950's. Johnson even wears Johnny's #45. The play Johnson ran is the classic singlewing off tackle play. If Johnson can throw a decent pass let him fling one. Johnny Majors would be proud!

I'm old enough to have watched Johnny Majors run the single wing. Tough guy and successful.

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Bray should stop holding the ball like a loaf of bread.

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I stopped reading this post after the first sentence...too loud!

I liked it. I have partial hearing loss.

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I hope we have a smash mouth defense and offense in Athens because that is what is going to take. Plus no mistakes and no turnovers. Fight till the end. Tall order.

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We have a good man for a coach (although maybe is beaten in recruiting and on filed adjustments) but he still needs the support of the UT fans. I want this man to be given a chance to see what his recruits can do. If we don't improve next year. Get a coach who is up for the SEC level.

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The Knoxville News Sentinel provides this site free of charge for comment on the content of articles ..not on the writer.

The comment is the writer.

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The Vols are about to enter a gauntlet of ranked SEC teams which they have historically competed with equally and even dominated over the years. But, this is the new SEC, in which even the Fulmer teams of the 90's would have problems winning consistently. Add in all the problems the Vols have had, and you've got a mess.

In order for UT to get back to the relevance they enjoyed in the SEC in the 90's, it's going to take more than Top 20 recruiting classes every year. That won't even get you past fifth in the East. It's going to take Top 5 classes for 3-4 years just to catch up with Alabama, Georgia, Florida, South Carolina, and even Vanderbilt. And then, you've got LSU, Auburn, and Arkansas in the West to consider - not to mention A&M.

Compounding the problem is the uncertainty surrounding Dooley. I still believe he's the right choice, because he's making improvements, he's got a good eye for talent, and he needs another year with his own players and a stable coaching staff. He's building the program the right way, with the right players. And, if I'm wrong - then someone please tell me, who do you think UT can hire that will do a better job and will come?

A voice of reason...finally.

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I watched the Georgia-Vandy game and hate to say it but I don't believe the Vols stand a snowballs chance in hell. Not with this coaching staff.

I've been a fan since Glenn Glass used to run through defenses like a was mad as he77, but I have to agree with you. Does this coaching staff meet SEC requirements?

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That dirty Will Muschamp might smell defeat and order a Code Red on Dan's knees, Watch out.

Very good point. Muskchump is that type of coach.

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(This comment was removed by the site staff.)

(This comment was removed by the site staff.)

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WHO, pray tell, paid for this trip? And what value does it have for the sport or the University? Looks more like a paid vacation for some already-pampered boys. Watch out - dooley will be next. However, with his lofty vision, he probably will want transportation on the first flight of the new super-supersonic plane!

Stuff it.

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Somebody (maybe his parents?)needs to put a boot up this kid's xxx.

Written on David Climer: Tennessee Vols can't afford Tyler Bray's antics:

Somebody (maybe his parents?)needs to put a boot up this kid's zzz.

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Bray is turning into an embarrassing brat. He better make amends on the field.

Written on Mark Wiedmer: Tyler Bray mess troubling for Vols:

Now we have a spoiled brat similar to the idiot that played for SC for four years. Can't we recruit a young man instead of a little boy?

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Coach Martin: the epitomy of class and integrity.

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I cancelled my subscription to KNS as a result of John Adams' disdain for Tennessee. And, he is a poor writer.

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I will put $10,000 against your comment that we do better than 6-6. Show this web site your rocks (ha) big mouth. VFL.

I need the money..I'm a retired school teacher.

UT '69

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When Eric gets his chance to return the favor to Johnson, it will be straight up and in his face. Johnson, he may sound nice, but he is an animal of a hitter. Good luck.

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My VOLS are coming back with a full head of steam. I haven't seen that since 1967 and 1998. VFL.

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Oh yeah...Adams is one sick son-of-a-#itch.

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(This comment was removed by the site staff.)

Coach Jimmy Johnson had a "hair obsession" and he didn't do too badly in his career.

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You are proably the most aggroant, dumb butt piece of so called humanity that I have ever encounterd in my 76 years on this planet. I would bet your mommy hates you. It is impossibe to regulate igronance so from this day forward I will simply ignor your igronance.

Sir, I agree with you 100%. I'm just a 65 year-old UT grad who loves the Vols. My respects too my elder friend. VFL.

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I haven't read all of the posts, but let me be the first (?) to say T.O. CLONE?

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Coach Martin respects them,and his players respect him. That is the nucleus of a winning team. BTW,Pat looked great tonight and om top of her game.

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I'm so proud of Coach Martin, the other coaches and all of the players for what they accomplished this year. Any VFL who isn't is an azzhat. I hope that stops the "bargin basement coach" phooey. Go Vols!

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(This comment was removed by the site staff.)

I expect the Gators to go one and done. I hope.

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It will be a travesty if Coach Martin doesn't get coach of the year.

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I would rather see Payton on the sidelines with a clip board with the starting quarterback than seeing him in a wheel chair. And even if that happened, he would be the best quarterback coach there is. Be great if he could give Bray some lessons on being a team player.

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Coach Martin may not have the sideline antics of BP (a great coach), but if you watch him talking with his players during a time-out, there is NO question of his intensity. And EVERY player's eyes are on him. Suit him up against Vandy and watch what happens (I wish.). He will have the Vols ready for the next two games. I hate Vandy in basketball and LSU in football...heII, I hate them both.

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Ballers, go in there with a chip on your collective shoulders. GBO!

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Peyton should put his health and family first. He already has more money than his children and grandchildren can spend. Seeing a great athlete like him getting seriously injured would hurt the sport of football. Come to UT. He's smart enough to coach ANY position. (Can you tell I'm a fan?)

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Keep fresh legs on Jenkins and try to wear him down; break his concentration and comfort zone. If the VOL defense plays the way Coach Martin wants, we win. GBO!