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making it to the sweet sixteen by defeating an overseeded UMass team and Mercer isn't the great accomplishment it's made out to be. Don't get me wrong, seeding was bad this tournament, one of the worst jobs ever. Iowa was his best win and they're average, but as a whole the tournament run wasn't a great coaching job so much as it was a fortunate set of circumstances.

Iowa was not close to the best win. You must have not watched the games. They played a good second half against Iowa, better against Mass,(+19) and the best win was against Mercer (+20). Maybe you will get your wish and we get a new coach. Hope it is someone with integrity to go along with coaching ability. As for now, I'm tired of your responding to your uninformed, misinformed, misguided comments.

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I understand it perfectly. Martin won with Pearl's guy, all of whom will be gone next year, and when we don't make the tournament people will want more time for him to bring "his players" into the program despite the fact he's had three years to do so. They cite Martin's running of a "clean program" despite the fact Yemi was basically shown the door for sexual assault. Martin's stock has peaked, he's benefited from someone else's handiwork, and will hopefully (for the sake of OUR program) ride it to a job he thinks is better. Marquette may regret the decision once Williams players leave and they're stuck with a bunch of mediocre basketball players.

Difficult question---how many teams made the sweet sixteen? You prove his point about your lack of knowledge on the sport with each successive comment.

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You likewise ignore that Hart "backed into" the selection of Butch, after several high profile, public searches and offers to others failed. I fully support Butch and believe that he has what it takes to bring Tennessee football back to prominence. I would feel more confident about Hart's ability if he had made Butch his first choice rather than a last minute choice after chasing rainbows. Butch's track record certainly merited priority consideration.

Last-minute choice? He was next in line after Charlie Strong. Coaching hires often end up with the 2nd, 3rd, and even 4th choices. The fact remains that he was high on his list and he closed the deal.

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I'm sorry, but you seem to be trying to have it both ways. You criticize Martin for his coaching, recruiting, personality, or whatever despite his winning percentage and clean program administration and then want to call him a turncoat because he might be listening to another program that really wants him--allegedly. As far as anybody knows, Hart hasn't made him any kind of offer, which in itself is kind of self-defeating since he said in the preseason, in so many words, that Martin had to make the NCAAs to save his job, which he did to almost universal praise outside a vocal segment of the "fan base".

So now you want him to continue to hang on by a thread while the bar gets raised again? It is one thing to gripe about Martin's recruiting, but how do you expect him to recruit when there is uncertainty every year whether or not he will be back? Remember, not everybody can virtually guarantee an early entry into the NBA the way Calapari can at UK. Martin is selling the university, the value of a college degree, the importance of maturing into a responsible man. One would THINK that is what universities are FOR. Those are not values that can be taught or responsibly offered to a recruit if there is no likelihood that the coach will be there to complete that process. And the 3d-highest career winning percentage can't reasonably be called "not winning".

If recruiting is down for this upcoming season, how is it going to be any better for subsequent seasons if everybody is trying to run Martin out of town? I am coming around to the conclusion that Martin might be better off leaving rather than having to put up with this schizo fan base. I am not AT ALL sure that UT will be better off, though. I rather suspect the opposite.

Astute commentary, those who criticize our basketball coach for any and every reason they can imagine might consider reading this for a more thoughtful perspective.

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Richardson is the Devin Downey of UT. . .in a bad SEC he's above average, but never going lead your team to victory. Martin's underachieved during the regular season for the past three years, and rode a favorable (read: Lucky) NCAA tournament draw to the Sweet Sixteen. Now hopefully he leaves so that he won't completely destroy our program back to early to mid 90's levels.

??? Richardson DID lead the Vols to a few victories. Familiar pattern here that I have heard before. When someone does not like a coach, their same excuse is that they were lucky, never giving any credit to what they accomplished.

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If there is any "silver lining" in this current UT fiasco in the making, it is the harsh reality that Martin's departure would force Dave Hart to come out of his undisclosed location and become accountable. He needs to be careful what he wishes for. Given the current state of UT athletics, the task of finding a quality coach could become Hart's ultimate Waterloo. It is no secret that within the world of collegiate athletics, UT is not viewed favorably -- general absence of administrative support, serious questions about the competence of Hart and others around him, fragile fan base suffering from too many years of mediocrity. Recent coach searches have produced far too many rainbow chases and rejections. Stated simply, the top tier coaches want no part of UT. All of this is to say that when Hart takes the hot seat of leading a search, the odds are that he will come up short. Then, perhaps UT will get wise, fire Hart, and put somebody in place who has respect and demonstrated ability to lead what once was a top tier athletics program. We have first class facilities, strong financial support, and a once proud fan base. Leadership and respect are the only missing ingredients.

While true that Hart has been criticized and controversial (similar to Dickey in just by being an alum of a rival) and will be subject to more scrutiny if he has to hire a new coach, you ignore that he hired our current football coach.

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He's had three years, recruting isn't going to suffer for three years. He showed up and started handing out scholarships to one star prospects instead of saving those for better players. . .he told Kevin Ware his services weren't needed, then gave a scholarship to Wes Washpun. . .he is winning off the backs of players he did not recruit and if you think we're going to be good next year, especially if Stokes leaves, you're kidding yourself. Pearl did not leave the cupboard bare for Martin, there was plenty of talent there as is evidenced by this season, but Martin has done NOTHING to improve upon it, recruiting a bunch of players that nobody else wanted until this past season when he signed Hubbs. If Allen Houston taught us anything, one talented player isn't going to give you a winning season. Martin's a better coach than say, Buzz Peterson, but Peterson had better staff who recruited well. The next coach (and we can only hope we have a new one soon) will have to rebuild from the pile of rubble that Martin has left our program in and it'll take time. Hiring an unqualified coach like Cuonzo has set our basketball program back several years and killed the momentum that Pearl built. Whomever let Mike Hamilton hire this basketball coach need to be fired if he already hasn't. Larry Brown would have taken the job if we'd offered it to him.

Too many inaccurate comments not to respond. First of all, you claimed a few days ago that Richardson was not a good player. To repeat, he made the all-sec defensive team and then he continued to improve. He raised his game in the tournament and played the best of anyone on the team. Your claim that Martin did not improve the talent is absurd. McRae, Maymon, and Stokes have all developed into better players under Martin, not Pearl. A decent foundation is present for whomever is our coach next year.

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I wish I could have seen Neyland's teams in action, especially the ones Hank played on. I have read and heard that they knew how to play defense.

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Whatever happens will no doubt be because of Pearl's players, who will all be gone after next year, and then we'll see how Martin has really been "rebuilding" after three years on the job. When we're in NO tournament next year because none of Martin's players can play, and we finally fire him, maybe Bruce will be available, but if he's not get ready for some bad basketball for many years to come.

Coach Martin recruited Jarnell Stokes and Josh Richardson. Stokes is first team all-sec along with Jordan McRae. Richardson made the all-sec defensive team. Stokes is also one of only four players in the country to average a double-digit double-double. (points and rebounds).

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One of the most accurate shooters ever. He more than anyone else helped keep UT basketball in the spotlight in the years after Ernie and Bernie.

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All the coaches deserve a sincere thank you for their efforts on the recruiting trail, especially Coach Thigpen. I hope they are justly rewarded for their hard work.

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We seem to always lose in Nashville now to the delight of Vanderbilt who now owns the state according to their "T" shirts.
Why are we giving up a home game in 14,? is it because Neyland will only have about 70,000 fans in the house and the Vols will make more money in Nashville?

Good attempt at taking stupidity to the next level.

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It depends on who the opponent is and if we get at least 7 games in Neyland.

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There does not seem to be the attention to detail on the little things that separate the best teams from the average ones. We will be mired in mediocrity unless or until this team decides to have the sense of urgency to bring full effort and intensity and play smarter from here on out.

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John, many UT fans including myself take issue with your belief that Franklin could kick us around some more if he had remained at his former job. My guess is that our new coach will be the one kicking rear-ends in the near future. Perhaps your name will be on the list of those deserving of one, especially if the content and tone of your columns does not show improvement.

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Good column John. Off the beaten path, but relevant and insightful. Consider more like this and less of the satire.

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Adams is usually a competent, knowledgeable writer, but has a propensity for over-baked sarcasm. He needs to rein in the overrated tendency to be needlessly clever and cute.

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Much improvement is necessary if this team is to be invited to the big dance. Teams on the bubble are judged on these games. Since the SEC seems to get fewer teams in, we need two quality conference road wins to make up for this one. Except for a couple of quick rests, maybe better to just play Stokes until he fouls out. He is missing too much time at critical times.

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A likely 5 and 7 record at best will not evoke a positive standing ovation next year even with a club of optimists.
Dave Hart doesn't have a clue about managing a winning athletic program. Hamilton destroyed athletics and almost bankrupted the programs with his incompetence, while Hart has allowed losing to be commonplace on campus. Every sport is getting worse every year with many of them in shambles with coaches and athletes. Hopefully, men's and woman's basketball can earn national rankings and success this year.
The fan has been left behind by the arrogance on Lake Loudon Boulevard. The SEC network, escalating prices for donations, tickets, parking and concessions along with continued losing at home will exacerbate empty seats and indifference to Tennessee Athletics. This is an unsustainable business plan.

You are correct in your observation of the escalating cost of attending games. That started long before Hart got here. However, your criticism of his ability to run an athletic department is off the mark. Check the won-lost record of FSU athletics while he was there.

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UT should take responsibility first, the SEC fans who claim superiority after that. Then Kirk should add as a sidenote that we might have been closer to where we are accustomed to being and made the game more competitive if not for the fact that we have had 4 coaches in the last 6 years.

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Suspected by jealous fans don't count.

I believe the suspicions of those in the media who wrote in their columns about suspected allegations might count as well as a bunch of nonpartisan basketball fans who kept up with it back when it was a bigger story.

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I have always found it amazing how you people bash Cal, who has never been suspected, accused, or convicted of breaking a single rule. Yet you can't wait to have an admitted, convicted, and sentenced cheater and liar back as a coach. Priceless

Accused or convicted, no. Suspected, what planet were you on?

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I thought John was in football mode with the opener just days away. Stories about Pearl might get more attention down the road. Maybe he has run out of angles in which he can criticize Fulmer.

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John, while your article is partly accurate concerning the latter part of his tenure, it should also be enough to rid your system of your latent animosity toward Fulmer. Let it go, five years have passed. Especially with Coach Jones here, move on and look ahead.

I hope that some day in the near future Vol fans will put down their grudges, quit taking sides, and learn to put it in perspective and just begin to appreciate the big contributions of Majors, Fulmer, Hamilton, Pearl, and any others that receive a steady dose of criticism. Maybe even Majors and Fulmer could become civil with each other. They were the only coaches we had for 32 years. These feuds that go on for years might be fun for some, including those who like gossip and some in the media who like to stir the pot, but they also can get tiresome and needlessly divisive.

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Since this team has fewer possessions per game than most, they have to take better care of the ball to improve their chances of winning.

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The regular complainer strikes again. Who pays you to write this junk? Worst post of the day, not the first time and probably not the last. Before you throw out another mindless insult at Hart, check the athletic performance at FSU while he was there. They won numerous titles in several sports, including football. Jones has won at all the places he has been. You sound like a spoiled kid who lashes out and blames everyone else when he does not get his way. This staff had to play catchup and bust their butts just to get the quality class we got today, for which they should get credit for. Enough of the same old constant moaning and whining.

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Maybe we can find a better supporter to take your place. You must be looking for the 15-minute fix. The new coaching staff has been here less than two months and you expect a top-10 class? Of course our new coach is going to bring in his own guys. Cheek and Hart have not coached one down from the sidelines.

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"Recruiting in many ways is like politics. It is local."

Maybe if you're Florida or Texas, but not UT. Tennessee's talent base is sparse. What you're doing is you are "rationalizing." Jones isn't successful at recruiting good players nationally so you're rationalizing his lack of success by advocating that his local recruiting is more important. It isn't.

Jones has resuscitated in-state recruiting, but hasn't landed players like Von Bell, so except for one four star kid, he hasn't done much to make us competitive in the SEC (and isn't that what he's supposed to do rather than make UT fans feel good about their state?). Don't think stars matter? Fine. Not one commitment to UT has an offer from Bama. That's extremely telling. We aren't winning the battles for the players we will need to hang with the top of the SEC.

But that's fine because your best blue collar buddy Butch Jones worked his way up to coaching Cincinnati. I'm sure that in the end that will work out...because the SEC is a Disney movie. We're one Butch Jones montage away from making it to the SEC championship.

I don't care how hard he's working. He's recruiting marginal players who other (real) SEC programs aren't looking at. Sorry, that's the truth. In three years, this group won't be the top of the SEC and Jones will be slogging through his third season of mediocrity with guys like you rehashing old Dooley arguments like "he needs four years" or "he needs to get the staff he wants," etc. etc.

Jones is an upgrade over Dooley, but then again I have a friend coaching his son's pee wee football league and he would have been an upgrade over Dooley. Jones will get us to 8 wins in a season and that's where we will remain for YEARS. At least Dooley had the decency to expose himself in his third season. Jones will keep fans hanging on to the ever present, ever unattainable "next season."

Of course, I'm only saying this because I'm a troll. There's absolutely no way that you could predict all of that from looking at Jones coaching history, his choice in assistant coaches, his current recruiting capabilities, etc. Just like there was no way to look at Dooley's overall losing record and predict that he would lose.

Anyway...I'll be right about this coach just like I was right about Fulmer and Dooley. Admittedly, I supported Kiffin and overlooked his screw ups, but that won't happen again. Jones will be a mediocre SEC coach unless he starts recruiting the talent he needs to win and hires actual SEC coordinators and coaches rather than Auburn and Georgia's cast-offs and his current Big East crew (who will be exposed in the next two seasons).

Think I'm a troll? Please copy this message and throw it in my face in three years.

I don't care how hard he's working. He's recruiting marginal players who other (real) SEC programs aren't looking at. Sorry, that's the truth. In three years, this group won't be the top of the SEC and Jones will be slogging through his third season of mediocrity with guys like you rehashing old Dooley arguments like "he needs four years" or "he needs to get the staff he wants," etc. etc.

Are you a recruiting expert or a coach who knows how to evaluate talent? Have you talked in-length to any college football gurus who have inside information on the abilities of our coach and his staff? Most likely another self-proclaimed expert whose premature judgments are based on nothing.

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I'll tell you what I expect from what Jones calls "the best coaching staff in the country" and from a coach that Dave Hart considers to be a "home run hire" and "a winning coach with experience winning in the SEC" (which Jones is clearly not).

I expect that if his Big LEast coaching staff is the best in the country that we finish with a top 15 recruiting class (at least) and a top 5 class in the SEC.

I expect to see positive results in his first year and at least 9 wins. I expect this to improve even more into his second year, third year. I expect to be in the running for the SEC Championship his third year at least.

Dave Hart promised the Vol Nation a new coach that would be a winning coach that had experience winning in the SEC. What we got was nowhere near what we were promised. Hart told us that his priority was to get the UT football program back to the elite level. Barring some kind of last minute recruiting miracle straight from the throne of the almighty, the recruiting class that Jones is assembling will not be able to compete with Vanderbilt.

What really blows my mind is that even after the horrible disaster/failure with Dooley, that there are still so many people calling themselves "real fans" on this board that are still more than happy or even excited to accept mediocrity or worse from the Vol football program.

It's pathetic.

Sounds like we have a spoiled fan here. Top 5 class in the SEC for a staff that has been here for a little over a month? That is simply an unrealistic expectation. You cannot turn things around in fifteen minutes. Next year's class should be in the top 10 or 15 nationally or even higher.

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Some other analyst should change the subject and ask him why we decided to not attempt to win the Missouri game in regulation after we already had over 500 yards in offense.

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(This comment was removed by the site staff.)

I don't understand why anyone who claims to be a loyal fan would spend and waste so much time and energy on such childish, irresponsible negative thought.

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To claim that any school must have an alumnus as an AD or head coach is ridiculous. Neyland, Saban, Meyer, Osborne, Wooden, Kryzyzewski,...on and on coached at a place other than their alma mater. UT was at the top in the 60's but remember there were very few if any black athletes in the league at that time. To criticize our new football coach a month after he has arrived is also not very bright and Check Hart's record at FSU and see how many titles they won.

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Hey John, your article is missing context of what we have been dealing with. We are now on our 4th head coach in slightly over 4 years. There are several teams in this conference we used to have an advantage on that we are now trying to keep up with. Have patience, I think we might have found the quality and stability we have been lacking with coach Jones and his staff.

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There is nothing I would put above watching the action on the gridiron at Neyland Stadium or another venue where the Vols are playing.

Written on John Adams: Time for 'serious' changes at Tennessee :

Adams apparently thinks he is much funnier and cute than his audience does. His repeated sarcasm gets tiresome to read, maybe too much eggnog.

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This was probably just a pr move so that it shows that we reached out. Several people have said that there was never a formal interview. There are plenty of good recruiters out there with more than four years college coaching experience. Tee will be a better coach in several years than he is now. Down the road maybe the timing will be better for him to return.

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You mqy not have to fit players to systems...or even make sure big guys play line and speedy guys play wide receiver or defensive back,

if you have the "best coaching staff in America."

Since all but a couple of coaches like that come from Cincinnati, that source of greatest football tradition and excellence in the country---except three schools under NCAA sanctions--- Auburn, Tennessee and USC---where Jones is getting his other coaches, if he can.

USC is iffy for Jones: Tee Martin has a wife who is a cult singer. L.A. is a LOT more conducive to a singer's career than a mountain hamlet nestled in the backwoods of East Tennessee.

Any husband knows if Mama's happy, everybody's happy.

It would not surprise me if he passes on recruiting to Tee Martin Drive and derives by Payton Manning Pass.

The street was named after him, in the eyes of some, to avoid charges of racism and favoritism after another street was named after Manning.

Does Tee Martin, who does motivational speaking as a second business, have a better opportunity to build that business in Los Angeles at USC with all its spotlight of media attention, or in Knoxville, in what has become the land that football forgot?

Don't ask Jones. He thinks the Bearcat coaches, plus Auburn refugees are the greatest staff in America.

Don't ask Hart, who has proved he could not find a top echelon coach if he had $17-million dollars to pay one, even though at least two wanted to work at UT---yet Hart could not get them hired.

Ask Tee Martin, who has become a celebrity, and now lives in a world where people use slogans like "Forward."

It may be important that he said he wanted to make sure he came "BACK to the Southeast (and thus Knoxville) for the right reasons."

He may decline to see Peyton's pass or Tee's drive on a more regular basis, see Mama every night and Lane Kiffin or some other USC head coach on an ongoing basis---until something even bigger shows up. Tee Martin's star is on the rise...and can be seen in places far larger than Neyland Stadium.

If he remembers history, he may not get all mushy and sentimental, when he remembera charges of racism and favortisim that framed naming that street after him. Not much of that in racially neutral L.A.

BACK to Knoxville? Was there something to that choice of words?

Such a waste of time to spend so much energy trying to invent negative things to say about a coach or a program. There are a handful of people like this who are going to have such a dour outlook regardless of who we hired. Go root for another team.

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in response to shipperman#280095:

I, like another poster earlier, do not understand the fascination with Tee Martin. He was an average QB who lucked into a NC when Arkansas handed it to us. He also was being looked at by the NCAA for accepting money from a donor, but Fulmer turned Alabama in for violations to get the heat off

He was the qb of a national championship team. Now he is a coach who is moving up the ladder and has a growing reputation as an effective recruiter.

Written on John Adams: Reality reigns in UT hire :

Out of all the more relevant questions he could have asked at the press conference, Mr. Adams chose to question the reaction of his former players when he told them he was accepting the job here.

The national press has a more positive reaction to our new coach than fans and media here.

Written on Passion for UT, longevity part of Phillip Fulmer's claim to Fame :

People need to reflect on and remember how good we were for most of his tenure. In my opinion, the record against Florida would have been considerably better if we had played them in November because his teams usually improved as the year went on.

Written on John Adams: Even though it won't be Jon Gruden, the new coach will win over UT fans at media conference :

Adams is a knowledgeable writer, but the cute sarcasm is often overdone and out of place.

Written on As Jon Gruden drama ends, focus shifts to other Tennessee candidates :

in response to volforeverandever:

Amen brother.I will add that when Fulmer took over we were stocked with talent.It's a whole lot easier to win with good players than with none as when Majiors came back and to start from scratch.His first recruiting class had 7 number 1 players from their state . That feat has not been repeated by anyone.He also took the best instate talent something Fulmer couldn't do.Yes Coach Majors had his problems but to slam what he did for the university is totaly wrong. One more thing Coach Majors is at most every game something that can't be said about Fulmer.I see him alot and talk about Tennessee football and he still gets excited talking about it.Fulmer doesn't even show up even while collecting checks.In my opinion that shows who was more loyal.Coach Majors also is a good contributor and Phil takes.Think about it.

This Fulmer and Majors thing is ridiculous. Fans taking sides with all kinds of made-up stories against one or the other. Get over it like they need to---both of them made a big contribution to continue the legacy of this football program, one that is in the top ten of all time.

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Since you seem to be a self-proclaimed expert, tell us how you know what Mr. Hart is or is not doing in the coaching search. While he was at FSU their athletic teams performed at a high level.

Each one of us does not always get our personal favorite. That does not mean we have to go on a baseless vendetta against someone or constantly whine and moan.

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(This comment was removed by the site staff.)

So much needless drama, you are making me nervous. Take a chill pill and sing rocky top.

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in response to CarolinaVol2281:

It's pretty easy to run a top secret coaching search when you haven't done a single thing for 2 weeks, nothing to report. If this is true then what has Hart been doing? we are in trouble. Arky and Auburn are already interviewing and He hasnt left campus. I suppose our job is so good that every candidate wil justwait on us.It was reported that Hart was going to develop a short list the week after Dooley was fired. If he didn't already have a short list in October then he should be fired too for negligence. Everyone knows Dooley was out after watching that train wreck of a season. This is the same guy that forced Sunseri this year for huge money. if thats any indicatin as to his "level of expertise" then we are screwed. And he was "doing his do diligence" his best attempt to land the biggest coach out there. What a joke. If nothing else Gruden would have changed the momentum immediately and made Tenn relevant again and reignited a torn and tired fan base. Now, we will likely end up with choice # 7 because by the time we offer., choices 2-4 will be in other jobs or given extensions and 5-6 will turn us down because of the train wreck that is the administration. #7 will go 6-6 and then 7-5 and fans will rejoice in 4 years when we go 8-4. Welcome to mediocrity brought to you by Hamilton, Hart, and more importantly Cheek. The last five years has been a curse and with the clowns we have in place at the top, it doesn't look like it will get any better. At least we have memories of the 90's and early 2000's.

Thanks for reassuring us on the coaching search. Great to have optimists out there like yourself!

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in response to jtb01:

People.....Kirby Smart will be our next coach....AD hart from alabama, sal sunseri was hired to implement the 3 - 4 this year so when Smart comes in the D will be ready for him next season....the 3 - 4 takes at least 1 full season to learn it and do it right. I know dooley came into a mess......he would probably need to hire an OC that knows our current offense......Chaney is not it either....but whomever we have is going to be getting an experienced bunch........ I expect a good season next year.

That will be quite a roll of the dice for what would be the Vols 4th coach in 6 years if it comes to that---an assistant with no head coaching experience. That is a gamble that should be given alot of thought.

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How many times do you have to cut/paste the same stuff? Why do you want to spend that much time and energy with such a negative outlook? I would guess that most people are tired of reading this same garbage over and over. I wish more people on here would tell you to take your hate somewhere else.

Written on Josh Pastner wants to end series with UT :

If they want to do that then we should return the favor by dropping them in football.

Written on Source: Derrick Ansley added to UT staff:

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Your knowledge is obviously limited as you continue to show on here---it is common knowledge that they can lay claim to that many. A book was written on them by Harris and Manning.

Written on Source: Derrick Ansley added to UT staff:

in response to Grantlands_Red_Beans_and_Rice:

(This comment was removed by the site staff.)

You don't have any idea what you are talking about----the ridiculous comments that repeat the same nonsense over and over. If you can't offer anything to the conversation other than baseless insults then just go away.