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Written on Govols247: Former Terps RB transferring to UT? :

Great details, HELLO anybody there?

Written on Saban's scheduled Tennessee appearance causes stir:

The Event will include Alabama fans from all around the area, Preston and probably John Adams and that totals 1,500 Alabama fans... Hey, I wonder if John Adams will be wearing his CRIMSON Tee Shirt like the one he wore when we were playing Alabama at the SEC Basketball tournament? Athens residents should be ashamed.

Written on Lady Vols win fans across the country:

So PROUD of this team ... actually never Prouder to be a VOLUNTEER! VFL

Written on Lady Vols expecting different outcome after quick WCWS exit in 2012:

A different team, more experienced players and coaches, this team will be fine. GO LADY VOLS we are all behind you !!!! VFL

Written on Lady Vols rally for return to World Series:

Couldn't be prouder! This team is what our University sports program is all about, hard work and team play... This has been a great team to cheer for and WOW! we are going to the WCWS!!! Can't wait!

Written on Lady Vols to host NCAA softball regional, will host super regional if they advance:

Good article, gave us times and dates of tournament games [kinda unusual for KNS] ...Thank You LADY Vols for the hard work and effort it took to get us to #7, we appreciate it and will be there rooting you on. If you play your Best it's yours!

Written on Defense dominates Jones' first Orange & White Game:

Not going to start the Coach Jones era off by bad mouthing any part of the team. Going to be a POSITIVE Fan, with that said I agree with Justin, I hope the summer is productive. I really liked what Jacques said as football should be fun for the players, and true fans will just support them anyway we can. A Bowl game [any Bowl] should be the GOAL of this team, I know it will be for me... So good to see A. Foster again, and like the way Coach makes the past players feel welcome. VFL!

Written on Zack Godley shuts out Kentucky, 5-0:

A not so good season just got a little better, glad to see a ray of light coming our way. Sure like Coach Serrano's attitude and relationship with the players. VFL!

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I will be there! Can't wait, Coach Jones has been the shot in the arm I needed after the last few disastrous years. I know we have a long way to go but I feel we finally have the coaches to get us back to where Tennessee deserves to be, time will tell but no matter what I WILL ALWAYS BE A VOL!

Written on UT's coach the right man for Peyton Manning:

This is great, brings out the best in Big Orange Fans.

Written on UT announces details of April 20 Orange & White Game and 'fan appreciation' event:

The OLD Big Orange feeling is starting to creep back in, I give credit to our new coach and staff. THIS IS GOOD!

Written on Tennessee baseball gets pounded again; Dave Serrano apologizes:

in response to 1vavolfan:

Trolling another teams college baseball board, makes the UK hoops fans that come on here look classy. Congratulations.

You nailed that one!

Written on Holly Warlick receives Maggie Dixon award for rookie coaches:

Very happy for Holly, she probably filled Coach Summitt's shoes as well as anyone could have. VFL!

Written on Lady Vols feeling at home in regional, advance to play Louisville:

Great Great WIN for all those that Love the Lady Vols. Coaches had the Team ready to play and they played hard, best TEAM effort off the year. So happy for Coach Warlick, Staff and entire Team. VFL!

Written on Mack Brown wins Neyland Award; Lee Corso the Lindsey Nelson Broadcasting Award:

I don't agree with Brown being awarded but I can live with that... but awarding Corso anything is a disgrace, he was NEVER a good or even decent coach and he is pathetic as an announcer and as a human being. Maybe John "Crimson Red" Adams is on the election team! VFL

Written on Butch Jones says of event countering Nick Saban: 'I'll do anything in Tennessee':

Rob Preston says he's a Tennessee fan but his heart is still in Alabama. I can live with that but having a 1,000 Alabama fans in Athens is sorta hard to swallow. I'll be getting a ticket to the Coach Jones affair in Cleveland but I WON'T drive through Athens to get there! VFL!

Written on Former UT running backs coach Jay Graham will make $275,000 at Florida State:

I thought it was a money thing to start with but now know it wasn't... wonder why JAY would make a lateral move for the same amount of money???? Must not have liked something here... why can't KNS write an article on this, SOMETHING THAT MIGHT BE INTERESTING!

Written on Lady Vols knock off Creighton, 68-52, to reach Sweet 16:

Thanks Lady Vols for giving us another great win. It will be tough playing Oklahoma in their home state but FIGHT HARD and know that your TRUE fans will be with you the whole way...VFL!

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In the long run it doesn't matter but I always like getting in state players, just feels good. I'm glad he's coming and look forward to cheering him on. VFL

Written on Kamiko Williams positive about Holly Warlick's approach to NCAA tournament:

The article says the LV's play at 1:30 PM TODAY ????? I went to the arena but NO ONE was there, what happened? Is John Adams in charge of proof reading?.... Just kidding, best wishes to our adored Lady Vols!

Written on Dave Hart praises outgoing Alabama AD Mal Moore, says he's committed to Tennessee:

A generic reply, who in their right mind would say anything else? We all knew this time would eventually come now we will find out what kind of man Mr. Hart really is, if he goes back home he will be the man I always thought he was, but if he stays I will have to reevaluate my opinion of him. I actually think he has done an adequate job so far, it will be interesting to see what kind of man he really is.

Written on Robert Morris stuns Kentucky in NIT, 59-57:

I assure you it wasn't Kentucky's fault, every game they have lost this year has been the REFEREE'S fault ... Horrible disgraceful game calling on the ref's part... ask ANY Wildcat fan they'll tell you!... heheheheh AW COME ON BLUE!

Written on Riyahd Jones' long journey to SEC has unlikely ending at Tennessee:

Sometimes good things do happen to good people!

Written on Purifoy's move not just an experiment at Florida:

Why was this suppose to be important to Vol fans? A total waste of my time!

Written on Coalfield sophomore lineman Zach Stewart gets offer from Tennessee:

Our NEW Coach gets more impressive day by day, I love the aggressive attitude and hard work. Best feeling I've had about our team since the nineties. VFL

Written on First Vols' situational football scrimmage has some real drama at the end:

in response to GoVols_16:

I know this is SUPER early, but I think the Vols have finally found a COACH!!

Can't wait 'til Fall, Y'all!!!

I have the same GOOD feeling about our new "bring it on" coach and assistants, sounds like the Players do to! VFL

Written on John Adams: Vols lost their desperate edge when they needed it most:

in response to Saban_Palin:

His job is to call it as he sees it, not answer to you homers.

Just look at your name, SABAN PALIN, we know your a TIDER and know why your defending Adams, get a life Bama Boy!

Written on John Adams: Vols lost their desperate edge when they needed it most:

I bet it was EASY for ADAMS to get into the Alabama locker room as he WAS WEARING AN ALABAMA CRIMSON COLORED LONG SLEEVE TEE SHIRT (Jerzy style) all during the game... This is preposterous, NEVER AGAIN will I read an Adams article... YOU SHOULD BE ASHAMED JOHN ADAMS! Why don't you move to Alabama if you support them more than the VOLS?

Written on Vols lose to Alabama, will play the waiting game for NCAA tournament:

JOHN ADAMS ... I was watching the game on TV, once when it highlighted the two announcers you could see JOHN ADAMS sitting at the reporters table behind them. (No name tag but if this wasn't ADAMS then it was his twin)... and ADAMS WAS WEARING AN ALABAMA CRIMSON RED long sleeve Tee shirt (jersey style). ... DID ANYONE ELSE SEE THIS? Please post as I will be contacting KNS about this. THANK YOU

Written on UT signee Robert Hubbs says Vols will 'do some damage' in NCAA tournament:

Great to have a kid like this coming in, things really looking up!

Written on Butch Jones says Vols are on run of 'momentum':

I really like this guy, whats wrong with a little enthusiasm?

Written on Meighan Simmons' foul problems no problem for Lady Vols' scorers, 82-73:

Thanks for the WIN and all the hard work you put in to get this victory. Florida's not slouch team and would have beaten us if you guys hadn't been ready to play, great job by players and coaches. A win like this makes your real fans SMILE!

Written on Jarnell Stokes burns midnight oil to shoot straight at free-throw line :

Very impressive, Stokes is a good kid and a determined player, glad he's a VOL!

Written on Robert Gillespie hired as Tennessee's new running backs coach:

in response to SevenT:

Gillespie doesn't give a crud about Tennessee he is getting out of West Virginia now because WVa Head Coach Holgorsen is about to be fired and he doesn't want to be in a difficult job situation. Tennessee fans are about as dumb and backwards as they get.

We probably are a little dumb and backwards, but unlike YOU we have more to do than just go around trashing other schools. To me, being dumb, backwards and respectful of others is much better than being a rude, crude and thoughtless individual... I think you may be a little jealous of the Big Orange Nation. It's OK, we understand, go on with your sad and depressed life!

Written on Jake Blankenship named SEC Men's Freshman Field Athlete of the Year:

Excellent, so happy for Jake and the University. Makes us VOL fans Proud, THANKS JAKE! VFL

Written on Robert Gillespie hired as Tennessee's new running backs coach:

Anyone know the names of any of the running backs he previously recruited? How good did they pan out?

Written on Lady Vols win SEC, but Ariel Massengale, Isabelle Harrison injured:

THANKS Lady Vols ... this team's got GUTS!!!

Written on Lady Vols can't get the big hit at College of Charleston, 3-1:

It's a long season, don't count this team out!

Written on Mike Strange: Texas Vol fans welcome new era:

So NICE to hear from so many Volunteers in the great state of Texas. Reading your comments has been a very rare and uplifting experience. THANKS from all your Friends back in TENNESSEE!!!

Written on Mental makeover in second half allows Lady Vols to save face against Arkansas, 60-54:

Another great Gut Check Road victory... only physical and mental toughness can win these kind of games, sign of good preparation and coaching. VFL

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in response to VolGrad:

I guess you weren't paying attention. With our starters, we were up 39 points on Kentucky when we started subbing in the bench guys. With the bench players in for UT, Kentucky got it back DOWN to 30 points.

Go Vols!

Nope he wasn't paying attention to the game, by that time he was already several pages into the KBOX [Kentucky book of excuses]. Most TRUE blue cat fans know the book by heart, guess this guy is a beginner.

Written on Never Better: Vols score biggest victory ever against Kentucky, 88-58 :

in response to UK2K:

Thanks for the classless win Vols. Up 30 and still playing your starters and full court pressing?? Nice call coach. Enjoy your once in 50 years success against UK. We are down but not out.Your Vols won't shoot 58% the rest of the season. Promise you.

The whole world is Laughing!!!! UK2K is just like PHATCAT, win and its all about us, lose and it's still all about us. This was a great win and we all knew the CRYING was on it's way from Blueville... TWHK [The World HATES Kentucky]

Written on Mike Strange: Are the Vols losing their basketball stepping stones? :

I don't understand..are you saying we once had "basketball stepping stones" ?

Written on Poll: How would you rate Tennessee's 2013 signing class?:

I rank this team NINTH in the SEC. I think we signed some very good players but it will take some time to get back to where we deserve to be. I hope this will just be the start of good things to come. Anyway, I like that new coach of ours, seems to have a little ORANGE in his Blood!

Written on Georgia delivers a punch in gut to Vols, 68-62:

This team hasn't grown any what so ever, actually they look worse than they did at the beginning of the season. NOT GOOD. I really have no more enthusiasm for this team, SEE YA NEXT YEAR, I'm DONE!

Written on Rick Lamb leads Vols to victory at TPC Sawgrass :

Congratulations, and Thanks for all the hard work and practice that nobody ever sees but you guys, you've made us very Proud!!!

Written on Free throws key, but nothing came easy in Lady Vols' OT win over Florida:

in response to BIVOLAR_BEARE:

A great road win and they didn't shoot the ball well..Guts and a will to win earned the LV's a victory.

I totally agree with your assessment, not on their game and their shooting was off BUT they still found a way to WIN. This was a great win for us!