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There are a lot of issues pointed out on this board that did not get addressed during the course of the season. Every player has room for improvement in different ways. Simmons plays as hard as anybody on the floor as any player in the s e c . Now why did she not get anybody or somebody that could help her with the mental issue? Whose responsibility fits here? There are professional in this area.

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Out played, out coached, and out hustled. We had no clue how to get the ball up the court with their pressure. I really hope we don't go to the tourney and get embarrassed in the first round.

Yes, they were out coached on offense and defense, couldn't handle the screens, shoot fowls or lay ups.
Hopefully a better game is coming soon.

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Box score Tenn 22-26 fts...Ky 7-12 got beat by a team that wanted it more can't blame the refs for this one..maybe we can beat them in the tourney.

You are right, can't blame the ref's for the loss, but they sure should send them back to school. It seemed like they had the whistle in the back pocket or somewhere close when KY was fouling.

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I have been playing and watching basketball for over 65YRS and never, never, seen officials call a game as bad as this one.
Holly should have really gotten in their face after the foul at half time. When a foul is called , there is not a continuation of play.

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Probably more to this story than we will know any time soon. Jay Graham not announce yet at fl St. Bet we are better as a result.

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I am a little late in giving my thoughts after all the nice comment made here, and probably not many people will read or care what I think, but I will put it in here just in case.
The major difference this month and before most people wanted to fire the coach and stop watching the team play , if you notice Golden no longer waltz's up the floor, and they don't wait until the clock runs down to get it going.
Now it's different,and it appears they work on their game in practice enough so it is automatic in the game and play as if it is the last game of their career. I would like to see them spread the floor against the press, and not throw the ball to McBee,(has no speed and can't dribble).
Stokes, he has decided he is wearing the big boy pants and now can play with the big boys. I wish for Hall, stop walking and practice catching, but it maybe too late. My next wish to play KY and win by 40!!!

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Our newspaper here in Richmond had the vols game scheduled and the sorry espn jerks changed it and show the wohoos instead.
The networks are really getting greedy and have taken control over games with so many commercials. You can't watch and listen to a game without the announcers talking about something else other than the game. Worse there is nothing we can do about it.

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Why does this site not keep up to date with the schedules scores. It is always two scores behind both men and women..

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Any chance of getting a Mercedes sooner than later?

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I don't think YOU are a VOL fan. A VOL fan would not make such a statement. Whoever you are you have a real problem.

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Team not being ready to start the game to go all out, put them in a hole . Standing around on offense, slow getting the ball up the court, even without Golden, waiting too late to get the ball off and throw up a brick, nothing has changed.

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The whole team stunk! Oh don't leave out the coach. Graves acted like she didn't want to be there. I think they all need to take a 100 laps around the gym before they leave town. Coach too.

Written on Marshall Henderson talks the talk, walks the walk as Ole Miss sweeps UT, 62-56:

McBee had three bad missed 3's in a row---that is 3 turn overs. Henderson was not really trying to take over in the first half so don't give our defense credit. In the second half he did whatever he wanted, because our defense was not smart enough to pick him up off the screen.(coach)
Take all of one practice day and shoot foul shots. 6 for 10 and you run laps.

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I vote for the team effort. no one person can make it successful .

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Just spoke with my football high school grandson in Marietta about Ryan Jenkins.Top 17 wr in nation. Really fast 4.4 5"11, good hands,great all around. Good job coach in getting this guy!

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As coach Wooden said "play fast but don't hurry"

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A head coach shouldn't deserve credit or blame for a team making or missing free throws. A player either makes them or misses them. Martin could do the same exact things next week as he did this one and the team could go 50% from the line.

You can bet a lot of time was spent on free throws in practice this week and coach was watching and he won't need to take credit. Yeah the only way you get better is practice!! Once you get it down, timing, rhythm, and follow through it,s easy, you got to work on it.

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At this point Stokes and golden are the key.
Coach has been through the ranks and he knows the problems. Stokes is still in high school mentally . This will change or he will never make it with the big boys. Remember when you were in high school and boys picked on you and you did not respond. At some you have to stand up and fight! He probably never had that problem.
Now he is playing with the big boys--timid or not time is up. I believe a change is on the way. They started off slow last year and came on strong and lost some they should have won. Coach is getting a look at who can play and he will make the call!
Go vols!

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ahouse says, if you are reading on down the pages posted this far, T had reason we may not know.
Those that have fallen by the wayside, who can remember their names. Let's move on! A better day is coming. We have better talent than Cincinnati and a new secondary with speed and tackling will happen. Butch's hair is already standing up and he is ready to fight!

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+ 3 any more? any more?! + 4? Let's go Vols!

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That is a variant of the suggestion I made above. One play that might work is to put him on the block with Kenny out high. Kenny goes down to screen Stokes' man. Stokes breaks out to the foul line, receives the pass, and turns to face the basket. Kenny may have the man he just screened sealed behind him in position to receive a pass from Stokes for an easy dunk. Stokes would be open for the foul line jumper if his man doesn't get up on him; if his man does come out, then he can drive on him as he did a couple of times in the Kennesaw game. If they try to double-team him at the foul line, he has many choices which way to pass it. The main point, as I think we both agree, is to get him in motion more and make it both easier for the Vols to pass to him and harder for the other team to double- and triple-team him.

Your point is well taken----I just would like Stokes to get a litle upset with a chip on his shoulder and see what happens.

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I played four years of college ball and have read all the post on here and let me say what I would do. I was at the UVA game and stokes was boxed in from all sides , hacked on the arms and couldn't move . I would have set him up on the baseline and let him move quickly to receive a pass at the foul line and clear our about three people on the way to the bucket. The next time down you would not see three guy all over him!!!

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I just got back from the game and it was just no fun to watch.We don't have enough talent, speed, game play,or leadership.Va was not that tough. They couldn't shoot either so it looks like two teams with a great defensive game. Stokes was doubled up and when he got the ball,he could not do any thing with it. There were not any kick outs to the outside, but it would not matter anyway---nobody can shoot.Stokes is slow to respond and Hall just stumbles over himself. No fast breaks and no urgency still with Golden to get the ball up the court. It's no secret we need a point guard. No life on the bench or on the floor.
A real disappointment.

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Gundy's offenses rank 4th in passing, 23rd in rushing, pretty good, UT should have a pretty good offense going into next season. Problem, 73rd ranked defense will not cut it in the SEC. If he does come and does not hire a top rated, DC from the SEC or Pros, we will be in the same boat we are in now 3 years from now, IMHO.

Also if you don't have good players it does not matter how good a defensive coach you find. Refer to this years slow inept attempt to tackle and defend.

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I hope to see a lot of TN orange living in Va.
at the game. Got my shirt ready to go.

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Ok, when bear Bryant was coaching and black players were making a statment in sports the bear said "give me some of them" . It does not matter ---black or white as long as you win.

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I will be there in my Tn orange.I hope for a better game and effort than the lady vols the last time they came to charlottesville. They played like they didn't want to be there and lost to a bad team. I believe coach will have the guys ready after the fight in DC last week.I have a Wahoo friend and he will have us good seats. Maybe I can yell at coach to get a little life on the beach and on the floor. I would like to teach some of them how to shoot free throws . I am just dreaming now so I will just yell like a do when I watch on TV. I get to see them live about once a year when I am back to K town or either team comes toward Richmond. No D C ---don't like anybody up there. Go Vols !!

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Worse yet, some of the Debby Downers can't have a GOOD day unless they can cause OTHERS to have a BAD day! Not a pretty game, for sure, but lots of positives to take away.

Agree John. I will be taking a short trip over to charlottlesville Wed. night to see this so called bad team with the same effort beat the Wahoos. Maybe coach will have them warm up and just shot 3's and free throws before the game. My UVA friend I play with and against twice a week will be beside me.

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You people that I'm reading on this comment board would b!t^h if the biscuits had to much butter. This was not a pretty game to say the least, but you know what, we did have a chance to win. Really how many of you thought we had a chance to win? I didn't. We need a shooter or two that can be consistant. Free-throw shooting was just down right pitiful, I would have them shoot 1000 tomorrow a.m. But people bringing up it's another dooley performance and phooey like that is not needed. You guys wouldn't be happy if we(UT) went underfeated, you would find something to complain about. I'm proud of the way we competed, made alot of mistakes, but still had a chance to win. They(Gtown) were long and we are not. That is why a zone works for them. I think, I will drink a couple of more beers and watch when they are on again. Hope everyone has a Merry Christmas!

Two more free throws and 90% of the negative posters would not be on here. Some people have a bad day every day.

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I did not expect all the bad print on here tonight. Yes, the game was ugly, however just two foul shots made and we win. The effort was intense. At the same time we played our of control,didn't get the ball inside--maybe because G T boxed Stokes. I think coach and the players will be better because of this game. It still is a young team with new players. GT blocked a lot of shots as they are taller. Also it's hard to win any close game if you can't shot free throws. I am 74 years old and can still make 8-10. It's all about rhythm, timing and follow through( practice!).
We will get better and win some big games.

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The person in charge of updating scores on the schedule for men and women must be only working one day a week.

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Well Said.

Okay reponses to UT_braddah posted here agree---well said.

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The only good thing after this is Kiffin lost again.

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Stuck up the floor---no energy---golden drives me nuts walking up the floor with the ball. No urgency to get it going. Reminds me of the games last years or the year before on the west coast by the men and ladies.

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No; he's a Gator fan, and he posts the same thing literally after every UT loss. See also titletownz "Man, it pains me to see Vols fans go after each other like this.."

No, witcdoctasucks is retarded and can't spell either.

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Fulmer was so awesome he hired and gave us Dave Clawson, all you Fulmer lovers remember him right?

Yeah Fulmer should really still be coaching oh wait no one else in the country ever offered him a job even after he asked for an interview at several openings the past few years, yep he must be a great coach?!?

I live in Richmond and Clawson was excellent as coach for the spiders. As offensive coordintor at Tn it was nothing similiar to his offense here because Fulmer controlled and told him what to run. I am Tn and the fans back home don't seem to understand what happened. If Dave had been in charge the results would have been different.

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The Fl offense ran deceptive and misdirectional plays and our defense did not guard against by staying home. Nothing was different from the past in our play calling other than maybe one reverse.

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Personally, I think we just need better backs. Nothing against our guys, but they are simply no where near the level of Bama or other schools with power running games. Where is that superstar RB we need??

wooo, you are so right. I think they may be on the bench?

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I wonder if anybody heard Bourque say anything like this when he was here before he quit.

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Hit suggest removal, it works.

Thanks, I did after my request but they won't shut him down.

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This rat needs to be removed from this site! He is nothing but negative and not a vol.

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You notice all the trooooools from other teams on here hoping he gets kicked off.

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(This comment was removed by the site staff.)

How_bout your grade in the english class?

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I hope the men will do better in Charlottesville than our girls did last year.
I was there to see Taber Spani go to the locker room with her injury and she never was the same after that game.

It would be great to see the guys beat UVA up here.............although Virginia will have a pretty good team also.

We shall see.

I drove up from Richmond and saw the girls play like they didn't want to be there. I don't expect the men will have that problem.

Go vols football is on the way!

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Jay will do a great job! Hope he has some say in the play calling---- no wildcat on the two yard line.

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Someone on govols247 said he would be good down on the post with Tn basketball. He probably can't jump, but after seeing his video, I bet he will be a "groundhog" in Tn football !

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Yeah. Just look at the dozens of players, like Cam Newton, who had no respect for Meyer, or all the guys who didn't give a phooey about Fulmer. Name a coach who hasn't had players arrested.

I'm waiting.

Thank you! You beat me to the point. Greatest has had a really really bad day!

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Get off the frigging web site ! You don't know any thing.

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It would be really great now if Kara Lawson could be talked into becoming an assistant coach! She would be an excellent addition in many ways, especially with her knowledge of the game and as well as player recruting.