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Dobbs is certainly a great recruit. Talent, brains, and character. Nothing to complain about here and the fact that we were able to steal him away from Arizona says someone on the staff can recruit and knows how to close a deal.


To be able to reach out and get a good QB pretty much committed to a school out west is heartening.

I'm also glad to hear about the drive and commitment to getting O and D linemen.

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Funny thing about UT and fresh starts, the more we keep making them, the more we go nowhere.

Let's hope our 4th coach in 6 years get us off the start block.

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You're exactly right. Majors set the table for Phil's championship team. The program was already built and rising.

I loved that 86 Sugar Bowl win vs Miami. That was a classic. One of my favorite games ever. The comeback at South Bend was another. Johnny Jones scoring the winner against Bama in 83. Great memories.

HA! I remember both those games.

Lots of sad and long faces belonging to Irish and Tide fans after those games. I actually sent 'get well' flowers to one particular 'Bama cutie. She got over it, and then, she got over me! LOL

I'm still laughing about 'em.

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Who thinks Dan Mullen would be a good hire for UT? Y-O-U. Nuff said!

I'd also add that Majors builds programs. He doesn't maintain them. What he did at Pittsburgh and Tennessee was set the standard. He's an icon. A magnum opus in a world of lesser work.

The 1986 Sugar Bowl win over Miami was probably the greatest Tennessee game I've ever seen, and not just because of the win over a #2 ranked team.

It was the first time anyone ever saw Jimmy Johnson's hair get messed up.

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When people quit accusing our AD of being some alabama loyalist who is just out to sabotage not only our University buy himself. There are only 2 things Dave Hart is loyal to, 1 is Dave Hart and 2 is the almighty dollar. Both of which would be directly impacted if he botches this hiring process.
With that being said i no longer think he is trying to make a big splash hire he must be lookin to drain the pool (one way or another)... But seriously I think the hire has been made for some time now, and I wouldn't be one bit surprised if Jim Tressel is our new coach, and all the hush hush is cuz of negotiations with the NCAA over his "show cause" restrictions

Actually, I would add a third: his son.

Rick is currently AD at UT at Chattanooga.

Which ain't a bad place to be, actually.

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Man how much worse can it get. I thought we had Strong locked down. No wonder Hart is so panicked about getting the right guy...we seem to be slipping into irrelevance quickly. IMO we need to get Fedora -best guy left on the board. If he punks us, Butch Jones, or maybe even Petrino at this point (that hurt to write).

I gotta be honest, I didn't see this coming. I guess I believed the press that claimed our program was in much better shape post Dooley than preD. Tennessee still has to a premier destination, given our history.

Does anyone know whatever happened to the Dan Mullen talk?

The Vol press is the worst collection of yellow journalists a fanbase has ever had to deal with in the history of sports reporting.

They're worse than ESPN, and that's pretty damned bad.

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Mommy is making me go to bed...sorry AZ.
By the way...I am impressed how you put several words together to make a sentence or 4. I hope you haven't figured out how to procreate.

Too late. I've already pro-created.

He craps his undies.

And, he's still smarter than you.

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Sad but true. Coaches from smaller, inferior teams are turning us down. Hart not willing to pay top dollar which will only hurt attendance and lose booster money. You get what you pay for. Being on another LA Tech coach for 1.8 M.

Just a guess, but the problem with bringing a coach to Tennessee isn't about money; it's about uncertainty.

We are still under the thumb from the NCAA and SEC. No coach at a school with a stable program and support is going to leave to come to a program still under sanctions, with possibly more to come, and uncertainty looming over it all with 3 coaches in 6 years.

Dooley was brought over to garner some stability. Hart blew it by not supporting him. It totally went against what he said when he got hired, that, "Changing Tennessee's image is the biggest priorty."

Well, Hart, now what?

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'Sup, Vol sad sacks,

Listen, it might be easier if you girls just start keeping tabs on everyone who HASN'T turned your sorry clown school program down, because at this point, it seems even peewee league coaches know to pass on (U)seless T.

Look on the bright side ladies, I hear your lacrosse team is really good this year, so maybe just tailgate a few of those matches until my home-boy Dave Hart dresses up some no-named hack that went 5-7 in the MAC with a big orange bow tie and introduces him as your new head football coach.

Welcome to what everyone in the country outside of Knoxville already knows: UT is (and always was)nothing but a third rate program with a fourth rate fan base that benefits mostly from standing on the shoulders of the real SEC giants like my Crimson Tide, Florida, Georgia, LSU, and well... everyone except for the Vols.

Oh BTW, did I mention we're competing for yet ANOTHER national championship here in Tuscaloosa come January?


"The" University of Tennessee...what a joke!!!


Tell ya what, Gomer, I'll just wait until your inbred boosters end up torpedoing their program again.

It'll be like poisoning your own trees.

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in response to golfman1975: asked for it. YOU said in your post that you were tired of losing the 1 or 2 games a it! Then you said we had the best quarterback in a generation and still could not beat Fl. Last time I checked there are 11 players on offense and 11 on defense. One player can NOT beat another team alone. Your points have no meat on the bones. Spur head has NEVER had an undefeated team...anywhere at any time. He always loses a big game or two EVERY year so all you points are lame. GAME...SET....MATCH!

First, I didn't ask for it. Ever.

Second, I did say I was tired of losing the one or two games a year that made or broke our season. I also said we had the best quarterback in a generation and we still couldn't beat the Gators. I also said Fulmer's bowl record isn't all that great. Facts all. Have fun with 'em.

I'll even go on to say that with all that talent, and one championship, Fulmer may be the closest thing to a Bobby Cox in the collegiate athletic sense. His only saving grace is that he didn't have 30 some-odd opponents; he had many more. (Apologies to Braves fans (I'm joking) (*cough* really, I am.)

Third, I never said that one player could beat a team. I said Fulmer had all the talent in the world. That's obviously more than one. Math is funny that way.

Fourth, Spurrier (damn him to hell) is still coaching. Fulmer isn't. Fact-O-Rama.

Finally, I've long believed that one should have a license to use the Internet. It should be paid for, just like a car license, and it should be regulated as such. And the first regulation that should exist is that people who's age is higher than their I.Q. shouldn't be allowed to post anything. Period. Think how much better our political prospects and other things would be.

(I'm kidding. I made that up.)

P.S. Yes, I think I would have had to point that last part out (where I say I'm joking) out to you err, golfman.

P.S. (2) May I ask a question? Did your XBOX 360 melt down or something?

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Lingere football at halftime for every home game. Done.


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The dumbest people in the world are the ones that will take whatever they can get rather than admit a mistake. With Fulmer here we expected to win. Now we can't get anyone to take the job and you still make excuses for our mistake. Our impatience made us blow up the program rather than allow a few years to rebuild. It is moronic to continue to criticize the most successful UT coach in 50 years or more. The majority of fans are mature enough to admit the Biggest Coaching Mistake ever made in the SEC.

That's just it: with all the talent Fulmer had, I expected him to win. Surely, you must have gotten the gist of that from my post?

Or were you just in a hurry to argue a point I didn't make?

Fulmer was cut loose for a lot of reasons, and some of those had nothing to do with wins, or losses. When Hart was hired, he echoed the sentiments of the chancellor and the boosters. Go read it, and become enlightened.

As far as waiting for a rebuild, I was more than happy to wait for Dooley to do just that. I understood what the man was dealing with, as did many here, and I knew it was going to be at least 5 more years before we were even competitive again with the elite programs.

Maturity. Get some. Start by picking one screen name. One.

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AZ...Oh great one...we worship you knowledge! I just happened to notice that you can spell "I"! You used it several times. Last time I checked between the letters A and Z you can spell...shut up dumb arse! I bet you would argue over who should be hired for the trainer for the horse shoe team! Just understand there are FANS and then there are people like you.

It's clear that your brain is starved from lack of oxygen caused by all that lip-locking you put on your sister.

If you have an argument to make about my points, then make one, otherwise shaddup.

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If it truly is money and control over the football program, then bring out the checkbook and write whatever amount is needed to get Gruden and whatever staff he wanted. You were willing to pay $3.5 mil to Strong.If you were willing to go that high for him then what's another $1.5 mil to get Gruden. If Gruden truly doesn't want to get into college coaching then go get Butch Davis or Petrino. Enough with this comedy of errors coming from the UTAD. You're making this thing look like the Marx Brothers and Three Stooges all rolled into one.

You can't write a check for what you ain't got unless you're the federal government; or, football coaches, after their collective lobotomy, decided to start taking checks backed by Monopoly money.

Neither situation above, is the reality.

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It is idiots like this guy that seriously makes UT a national laughingstock. A legend, a Hall of Fame unanimous first ballot coach, the greatest run in school history, top 5 all time in the SEC, respected by his peers and voted as CFA President....and you treat him like trash.

He needed to go.....
and take his 10 wins on average with him.
All the future NFL Hall of Famers will not be coming here.
All those SEC Title games with him.
The only legit National Title in school history with him.

Dude, coaches look at what a school does. Several have said to Jimmy (that is agent Sexton to you knuckleheads) that if Phil could not make UT happy than no one can. No one wants to go to a mediocre program with fantasyland expectations that treated one of their own they way they treated Phil.

Pay attention. This is and will always be going forward a place for those that need a job (KIffin) or need a break (Dooley). That simple. The best hire in America would have been James Franklin. Instead it will be a guy that needs a job (Davis) or a break (Fadora).

That is so funny and pathetically ignorant to say it was time for him to go. I guess all that winning and all LOL!!!!!!!

Hey, are you enjoying your change yet??? LOL!!!!!

Look, we get it. You love Fulmer.

I thought his record in bowl games sucked. I got tired of losing to those one or two teams a year that defined our season as a failure because Fulmer's teams couldn't get it done, and then flopping in a bowl game that ruined my holiday season. What I hated, was watching the man you love wink as news of Tennessee was more about crime than sports.

Fulmer had all the talent in the world, AND the best damned quarterback of a generation and couldn't beat Florida.

But what irked me the most? "You can't spell "citrus" without U T." Last I looked, the man that said that comment was still coaching. Your guy isn't. There's a damn good reason for that.

You can call other people idiots all you like. But there's something to be said for people who keep missing the logic of why Fulmer was done.

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(This comment was removed by the site staff.)

Wrong, child.

We swore up and down that Dooley was the only one who would come here and take the job without getting us into more trouble.

We were right. You'd know this if your head wasn't planted so far up your zhopa.

Oh wait; we told you. Thousands of times. Well I guess the old adage about the futile practice of putting sense into an idiot's brain is true after all.

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We are all subjected to yellow journalism, and the subject matter is as widespread as the genre.

Until people stop falling for this stuff, and demand better, then innuendo and misinformation will continue to rule the day.

That is all.

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I love the comic relief from reading all of these uninformed posts.

Welcome to the new normal.

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Petrino is the only good coach UT has a realistic shot at getting. I can't imagine anyone else leaving their current job to inherit such a mess. If I were Mr. Hart I would focus all my attention and resources on locking him up before another SEC school does. No matter his background, the guy is a winner. And at the end of the day, winning is all that matters in sports.

We tried the "winning is all that matters" before.


How do these sanctions taste?

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My friend Penn State has won more games against SEC opponents then most other teams. I don't think this particular Penn State team would be able to stay with Alabama, Texas A&M, Florida, LSU or Georgia but I think they would be able to win against the rest of the SEC because of coaching. They might do even better against the top SEC teams then I give them credit for simply because of their pride and tradition. Something UT appears to have lost over these last 4 years. I not just taking about the Head Coach, I believe the UT Administration and Board have mishandled the Athletic Department badly.

While I agree with much of your post, I really don't think what a college has done in the past regarding OOC has any bearing on today.

Tennessee's schedule was pure hell. I don't think anyone will disagree.

I don't think UT's problem is pride, either. I think UT's problem is recruiting sanctions and probation as well as image. Two of those happened under Dooley and the image has suffered for longer, much longer than that. I think the image problem is worse than all three, and I think that led to Dooley's hiring.

I wouldn't be surprised if we get another Dooley, because our image is one of instability still, and we are still under the thumb of the NCAA and SEC. I just don't see an established coach working for a school with none of the issues we have leaving to come here.

I sincerely hope I'm wrong.

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You are correct that winning in the Big 10 is nothing like winning in the SEC this year. The Big 10 is worse than I have ever seen it. Ohio St ran the table and they are not as good as Bama, UF, UGA, LSU, SC, or A & M.

However, great job by O'Brien. Really great job under crazy circumstances never seen before and hopefully never seen again.

Agreed on the effort by O'Brien. Their program will continue to be hit hard by the sanctions, and the increase in tickets and donations still to be felt.

If I understand correctly, their fans are going to the games as they did because of the latter.

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+++1. Dooley fans are still whining about the "mess" DD inherented, the depleted roster, poor morale, the only guy with a heart of gold to come here (for 10 MILLION bucks!) etc., etc. Now O'Brian truly walked into a complete disaster and not only stabilized the program, but actually got WINS with an empty cupboard no less. Double D couldn't hold O'Brians jockstrap...with both hands.

First, it's O'Brien; not O'Brian.

O'Brien doesn't coach in the SEC. There is no comparison. Penn State doesn't even whiff an Alabama or Florida, or Georgia.

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(This comment was removed by the site staff.)

There is no way that you have been a season ticket-holder for 40 years, and can remotely compare what Dooley went through in 3 years to any other coach in this university's history.


I'd like you to try to compare what Dooley went through with the NCAA, SEC, and the problems due to image at this school to any other coach in this university's history. There's too many schools out there now who are under investigation because the coach that was hired to clean up the mess made the same errors. Dooley, to his credit, didn't.

If anything, you, with your so-called 40 year season ticket-holding establishment mentality continue to back the same stupid mistakes that got us into the mess we are currently. This "win now and damn the costs" mentality brought us Kiffin, and all the rest of the sanctions we are currently enjoying.

These are college kids. What you want is what belongs in pro sports.

The next time you are offered the chance to re-up your tickets, do the rest of us with a pulse to our brain a favor...don't.

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Another coach will come because of obscene money and ego, but Adams was just printing what the masses wanted, just like with Phil.

You may be right. I can't say that I know for sure that you're incorrect.

But, I can ask this one question: With all the reports saying that UT has several coaches they are paying who don't even coach here anymore; with the reports of facilities needing a serious upgrade; with other sports in the athletic department having to have their funding cut; with the legal fees that the university is paying for its NCAA and SEC investigations; and, in an economy such as this, how do you gather obscene amounts of money when UT's athletic department is already paying that and telling everyone that the money isn't there?

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Like a dyspeptic groundhog that just crapped his den and finds out 6 months more of wallowing in it awaits him, Adams has found out that it's deja vu concerning a coaching replacement for this university.

Welcome to 3 years ago, moron.

No coach worth a damn is going to come to a university that affords him the honor of being the fourth coach in 6 years; is in great decline; still has the NCAA's proctoscope so far up it's internals that it's impossible to compete; and, has probably seen how the fan base treats a coach that gave it his all under some of the worst situations ever to hit this school.

Enjoy your excrement pie, Adams.

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What are you trying to say? I don't know what your point is, except to convey negativity. This firing of Dooley is good news. We're finally addressing the problem and heading towards recovery. We CAN pull a solid coach and I think Hart will do the right thing here. He seems like a smart dude that understands what's at stake.

I don't think you know what the problem is at this university.

No. Not by a long-shot.

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I love it when people lecture on this site and don't realize how stupid they sound. The reason JA is still here is because he gets people like you all worked up and you read and comment on his work. As long as you and your cohorts continue to spend more time whining about his latest column and less or no time understanding it he will continue to be considered great by his boss. So as JA's boss would say "Keep those cards and letters coming in"

Excuse me, child, exactly what did I post that made me sound stupid?

If your rant was to be considered even remotely intelligent, then there's hope for every ape in Africa.

Try to actually address what I wrote instead of projecting your own thoughts in a cheap attempt at deflection.

I say Adams is a yellow journalist. Deal with it, child.

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I, for one, know of quite a few folks who are planning on going to the Athletic Department tomorrow, to get this disaster resolved. We want our voices to be heard. By the way, you know that we were obliterated by Vandy last night? Right? Quit worrying about Adams. You sheep need to be concerned about the pathetic, all-time-low state of the Tennessee football program.

Then, point your anger at the previous administration, boosters, and coaches.

Dooley knew what he was walking into; however, he didn't know that it wasn't over yet.

The NCAA made sure of that this week.

And, they're probably not done.

I worry about Adams because his type of journalism appeals to the basest instincts in us. It's yellow journalism and it stinks.

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So, you like the play of CP because he was coached before Dooley brought him here, but you attribute his efforts to earlier coaching, even though you chose CP because of his outstanding play, though Dooley is coaching him.


I love watching idiots like you twist yourselves into peculiar art forms to avoid giving Dooley any credit that he rightly deserves.

The new generation, folks. The only thing they're good for is throwing peanuts at 'em.

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in response to gobigorange5090:

Then stop reading him!

The problem with your statement is that it embraces indifference toward incompetence. This isn't television son, and eve if it were, I'd be writing the producer all the same. If you wink at hacks like Adams all your life then you should expect nothing better.

My reading of Adams' latest idiocy isn't what bothered you: it was the fact that what Adams is saying appeals to you.

You like being insulted don't you? Surely, you understand that that is exactly what Adams did, yes?

I feel bad for you; not only because like a good-kissing carrion you like being insulted; but, I'm afraid I'm going to have to rake Adams over the coals for his incompetence until his employers get a clue and fire his worthless zhopa.

And you're just gonna have to continue to read me, too.

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Our players are playing exactly the way they are coached and doing exactly what they are taught.

Anybody still think Dooley should have been retained after losing to Kentucky last year?

Who brought CP over?

What do you think Dooley could do without NCAA and SEC distractions hovering over his ability?

Do you ever read anything related to the Vols except what happens on the field during practice and games, and this site?

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in response to shipperman#280095:

He has already been "canned"


Or, are you just projecting again?

Written on David Climer: Loss to Vanderbilt will seal Derek Dooley's fate:

The Vol press is the absolute worst sports reporting organization in the entire country. Their reputation is well earned.

Herbert Spencer coined the phrase, "Survival of the fittest."

Climer and Adams are freaks of nature, for they are too incompetent to continue working in their industry.

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The above comment was directed at: "IspendallmytimeonherewhiningandmoaningaboutthingsIhaveabsolutelynocontrolover".

Written on John Adams: Derek Dooley's firing should be announced right away :

Yeah. I'm wrong. Sure.

And you're right; for once. I haven't given up on this coaching staff. I've got better things to do with my life than spend day after day; week after week, in a foul mood about a football team that doesn't win like I want it to, and then going on a forum and taking the equivalent of a dump in my trousers every time I post, as you do here on a constant basis.

Son, you wanna whine about Dooley? Dooley was the only one that took the job. You wanna ask stupid questions about why he was hired here, and then lament the fact that he is here because of a process not of your choosing.

There's no use questioning the air, child, if there's nothing else to breathe.

Well, you go on ahead and continue with your antics. I'll be sitting here reading your idiocy and laughing at you every time you vent.

Because, you're laughable, you see?

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in response to FireJohnAdams:

What does "sugarcoat" have to do with this issue? He's basically stating that Tennessee fans will storm Dooley's office and "someone could get hurt". Are you kidding me? Are we "Tennessee fans" so bad we're going to physically harm a coach? We don't need Adams trying to make Tennessee fans look like some dangerous mob. If you want Adams to represent you as a Tennessee fan, fine, that's your option and opinion and you're entitled. Me, I want no part of it.

Nope. You're spot on about Adams.

He insulted all Tennessee football fans with his latest idiocy.

There are no words to describe Adams properly, but they all have to do with fundament.

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in response to DwayneElizondoMountainDewHerbertCamacho:

I like your profile name: "FireJohnAdams"

You could have also gone with: "FireAnyoneWhoTellsMeThingsIDontWantToHear" or "FireSportsWritersWhoDontConstantlyComplimentTheVols"

But, I guess those would have been too long.

Or, he could have gone with:



Written on John Adams: Derek Dooley's firing should be announced right away :

Adams must have taken a short break from kissing his sister to post this lame attempt at journalism.

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in response to Rumblefish:

Please allow me to correct you. Fulmer was fired BEFORE the Wyoming game, not after. Get your facts straight. Yes, he finished out the season, but the announcement came before the WY game.

Fulmer was fired for a lot more than the loss to Wyoming.

It's all there, and all anyone has to do is use the Internet to see it.

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in response to TraderVol:

Talent-wise we're no where close to where we once were. The announcers even said how many times have you seen Vanderbilt receivers run away from the Tennessee secondary? They did it all night. If they ever got behind us, it was over. We need a coach that can recruit speed again. Our team speed is a step slow everywhere.

How do you recruit speed when you are fighting an image that the university in is hot water?

What kid with any 5 star ability is going to want to come to a university that is under probation and self-imposed recruiting sanctions, and play for a fan like you who wants to hang the coach that is trying to fix that?

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in response to willtowin:

Dooley will NEVER ever be hired as a coach in college football. Maybe not even high school football. I don't know how anyone can defend his record at this point. Are you related to him?

And you know he won't be hired in what way?

Hell, son, you don't even know if he's going to be fired after tonight.

Rake your britches and grow up.

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in response to jt45:

Do you realize your replying to someone who thinks
Dooley and Hart are Honorable men.

Fulmer was a great coach, Dooley is an attorney who managed to talk his way through 3 years and made millions doing it. Con man would be a more accurate term at this point based on the product he put on the field.

Here, child, since you don't have the nerve to address me with your comments...

Fulmer was a good coach. He had a lot of talent. Some of the best players the NFL has ever seen.

Dooley has taken over a broken football program that has decayed, not only from Fulmer's and Kiffin's tenure, but also pretty lousy stewardship from a former athletic director who's only saving grace was the ability to raise money.

I don't blame Fulmer for taking the money. Anybody would have. But to suggest that the football program was anywhere near what it was when he inherited it from Majors is a joke.

You want to scourge the man trying to fix all that. He's already got the NCAA and SEC trying to heap gobs of manure on him.

You're a day late, and a dollar short, child.

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in response to usnavyvolfan__times_free_press_can_shove_it:

So...just to be clear...we're NOT going 12-0 next season? LOL.


No. I was thinking half our players and coaches would be drafted into the NFL by the middle of next year. It is their destiny.


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in response to teufel_hunden:

And you think anyone will want Dooley when he is eventually fired?

He'll be hired as either a coach or an athletic director.

His stint here at UT will be an aberration; and, it will be viewed as such. No coach wanted to come here, remember?

The problems at UT are at a higher level than a football coach. Any research you may have done would have told you that. It's all there.

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in response to frmrjarhead:

I agree, there is no comparison. Fulmer won a national championship, an SEC championship, and won the SEC east 6 times. In 2007, the year before he got fired, he won the SEC east, and won a bowl game. Remember that fondly, it will probably be a decade before you see UT in the SEC championship again.

That's not the comparison I was talking about.

You know that.

Of the above, there is no debate.

I don't expect to be competitive for awhile. That's what sanctions, probation, and a decayed infrastructure get you. No one who researched anything believed this would be a quick fix. We've been stinking for a long time already. A little longer isn't going to make the milk more spoiled.

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in response to TheReal-Ville_Vol:

We are watching the demise of our football program and for the past 2 months no one in the athletic department has done anything about it. Blame UT for being asleep behind the wheel... It will take another decade to repair the damage that has been done. Until then there's always the Titans... Oh wait they suck too

The university hired Dooley and then Hart. Two honorable men who will undo the damage caused by Hamilton and Kiffin with regard to the infractions and such.

We are being watched like lab rats by the NCAA and the SEC. If we slip up like we have in recent years, there won't be a demise of our program. There won't be a program at all for awhile.

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The numbers do not lie. Fulmer, at his worst, was a much better coach than either of the coaches we have had since he was fired. The UT football program has been going downhill much faster with each year since he left. The worse UT gets, the harder it will be for us to get a decent coach. If you thought things were bad under Fulmer, things are much worse now, and they are going to get worse still before it gets better.

There is no comparison between Fulmer's tenure as coach and Dooley's.


Fulmer is unemployed, and no program anywhere wants him.

There's a reason for that.

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If I was Dooley, I would resign as soon as I got back home. Shoot, I would resign before I got on the bus.. Wow has this guy turned out to be the very worst thing that could have happened to the UT program after the Kiffen mess. Should of fired him after the Kentucky game. No reason at all to keep a guy who can't keep a coaching staff together and who can't win a game in the SEC.

I'm glad you're not Dooley.

This program has had enough quitters to last awhile.

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I believed that Hart was waiting on Dooley to win the last 2 games to give him a reason to keep Dooley and not have to pay the big buyouts. I do not see how he can avoid it now. This effort is awful. I am guessing Dooley will be gone tomorrow morning.

Dooley isn't on Hart's priority list.

What happened this week with the NCAA, and soon the SEC, is the priority.

Hart said it himself when he got here. There's no indication that has changed one iota.

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Yeah. I'm sure you and the rest of your band of twelve-year-olds are gonna make him regret ever taking the job.

Grow up, kid.