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They did real good this year.The most overachieving UT team in a while along with Pearls first basketball team and the 2010 softball team.

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Hey buddy her name is Ivy! Get it right dude!!!

To opposing batters the name is "Poison Ivy"

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Hey KNS. Why can't we get an article on Cheyanne Tarango? Isn't that a great story how she came to UT as one of the highly rated players in the nation, then really struggled last year and lost her confidence, then she comes back in her sophomore year and becomes everything that was expected. Sounds like a good story to me with enough drama to where you should enjoy taking time to write it. I bet you'd really like Chey if you went and talked to her.

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Cheyanne Tarango is the newest star on this team. Now we have a deadly 1-5 lineup which ha changed. Raven leads off, Gibson bats second,Shipman 3rd, and now Tarango cleanup. Dodson is a very good player, if not for injuries she would have been better than all 4 but she has been demoted from 2nd to 5th so we have a very strong 1-5 now.

I like the new batting lineup change. The emergence of Tarango created it.

Written on Madison Shipman 'seeing the ball really well,' hits two homers for Lady Vols:

Holy Madison! We get a front page story after a win! Wow!

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I can see how it could had deflated the team with the Renfro sisters not starting the game. Those 2 girls have absolutely owned Alabama since they have been here.

Ralph looks at the big picture some time with these young pitchers. I remember in Ellen's freshmen year, Ralph pitched her over Ivy against #1 ranked UCLA, which didn't make any sense at the time, but she absolutely torched the Bruins that day and has been great every since. Ralph was hoping same thing would have happened to Erin yesterday. I don't think this is a decision contrary to what Ralph normally does with freshmen pitchers with potential. He's not worried about getting revenge for what happens in football and basketball, he wants to win the title in softball. I know the sisters are great but neither has led team to a championship, and neither played their best in post season. If that happens again this year maybe, Gabriel can suddenly become great like Ivy did in post season as a freshmen. Or maybe with Gabriel in the rotation the sisters will be more sharp this year in WCWS if they get there.

To Ralph it's a marathon and not a sprint. I wouldn't be surprised if Ralph throws Erin in game 3 again this weekend, especially if we win first two. The girl is really going to be great! She's very dedicated girl. I mean she's a softball junkie. You want a roster full of Erin Gabriel type personalities.

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Erin did a nice job considering she was facing the best team and pitcher in the nation. She did better than I would have even expected. What got her in trouble was the bases getting loaded, with Alabama not even getting a hit past the pitchers mound. I don't see how you can expect any better for a freshman out of high school. She's going to be a good one.

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It sounds like I may have misunderstood it a little bit then. I was listening to a guy named Stephen K. Lee to an audio stream on UT and he is very hard to understand and often either gets the facts wrong or make it confusing to understand the facts. The good news is that is all over with now. The Vol network takes over from here on the games.

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Hey Summitscourt, I have a question for you since you are familiar to the area. Do you know how to get a letter to that administrator? According to the guy who was broadcasting the stream for, the park administrator just showed up from nowhere to overrule an umpires ejection of a player who hit LG. The guy wasn't even watching game, didn't see what happened, but gave himself this power over umpires who were working game. I want to write him a letter. Was the game on the Charleston Southern campus? You think if I write UCS and attention the letter to the 'Buccaneer Tournament Administrator' he/she would get the letter? Or do you think this park administrator is from a separate entity?

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Great work Summits, along with the rest of the fans in Charleston! I could hear you all on the audio stream and it was a very rowdy crowd. I don't hear near the commotion at home games most of the time. I heard that UT fans in California were really vocal with the umpires and made the umpires feel like they were on Tennessee soil instead of California. It's really cool to see what Ralph and Karen have built and I don't think it's close to peaking as far as fan support. We are loaded and every year we sign top talent in the country. We have 3 really good ones lined up for next year including Chavanne's replacement, a power hitter compared to Tonya Callahan. Then also LG's replacement, a girls with speed and power.

It's really fun right now and watching them two coaches can be as fun as watching the game sometimes.

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One more thing about todays game. In the first inning there was some close play at first involving Lauren Gibson and she was called out. Ralph didn't like it and just went off brutally on the umpire and got a warning, you could hear him on the stream audio just going off. I guess he had to be careful the rest of the game not to get thrown out.

Yesterday Valparaiso's coach called the tournament administrator, claiming Ralph was bullying one of the umpires into throwing a pitcher out for beaming. When the administrator showed up he or she overturned the decision to eject the pitcher. I think that opened the door for more dirty play for todays opponent.

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Who is assigned to cover softball now that Mike Griffin migrated North? My gosh there are only single game tickets left for every home game this year. I think Arkansas might be the only series where you can buy tickets in pairs. It seems to me like people want to know a little more than 5 sentences on the game.

For instance in this game. It was very physical. The article mentions the injury to Gabriel, Tory Lewis also was banged up in the game. The girls were hit by pitches many times both yesterday and today to teams with inferior talent. We were the only really quality team in that tournament as far as I know, as it's hard to get coverage. I just wonder if those girls were just out to pick on us since they knew they couldn't win. All American 2nd baseman Lauren Gibson was hit pretty hard yesterday and hit again today. Hannah Akamine was hit twice over the weekend. After Kat Dodsons home run yesterday that put the game away, Lauren Gibson was hit in the chest on the first pitch. Then after Tarango's homerun today Akamine was hit on the second pitch to her. I'm just glad we are out of there and hope we don't play those teams anymore, they are too mean. I do hope we return to Charleston because the UT crowd was really active and into the game, and those people deserve to have return trips when possible. Columbia, SC is only 2 hours away.

So this weekend it's #1 and defending champs Alabama coming to town. Hey KNS! Let's get some coverage of this throughout the week. THANK YEEE!

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looking like last year.

No last year Akamine and Tarango were freshmen still learning the speed of the game. Kat and Raven were hurt too and niether hit a homerun. Both have hit 4 or 5 this year already. Shipman is also 100% healthy and will have a bigger year than last. Ralph has wore them out trying to get them to be the toughest team in Oklahoma City this year. I wouldn't put much on any of the 3 losses. They all were under pretty stressed circumstances. Alabama comes to town next weekend and the proof will be in the pudding.

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This guy is really good! He will sign 2- 5 star backs a year and just wait and see how great Lane and Neal runs. They both will be over 1,000 yds next year and one may go for more like 1700.

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No articles point out the most bizarre thing that happened. Against Valparaiso, after Kat hit the 3 run blast, Lauren Gibson got a face full of softball from the pitcher. It was her second hit batsman of the game and Ralph charged the field demanding the girl be tossed. Valparaiso meanwhile, thought Ralph was bulling the umpires and called for the tournament administrator to get involved. Then that's when my internet stream of Stephen K. Lee went out but it did appear a new pitcher was in when the broadcast returned. I just don't understand why this isn't mentioned in any articles on these games. There is no good coverage for softball. These 2 paragraph pages don't come close to telling you the story of what goes on in these games. Last week at UCLA there was all kinds of pandamoniam in that game but you can only hear about it on message boards.

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Oh sorryj! I did watch though. BTW, you can watch tomorrows game on the college of charleston web site for only $1.99. Unless something comes up I might have to check it out. I just can't tell you how much it means to me to see UT actually win in something besides w- basketball. The men usually make me so made I don't even want to watch any basketball so can't even enjoy what the women do until the sweet 16.

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Another thing I heard about the UCLA game. The umpiring was clearly trying to help UCLA win and both Weekly's were going off all day on the umpires. Then Ralph went really crazy and got thrown out. Alcohol is sold at that venue and fans were just really in a drunken outrage and really going after that umpire. Just message board talk. I don't see fans really getting that crazy over a softball game, but times do change I guess, plus there was alcohol. It's pretty good sport. What I like most about it, it's the only sport besides women's basketball we win in.

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I watched this game on a live stream. If Tusculum hadn't made a lot of errors this would have been a real close game. They had a pretty good pitcher. At the same time our team probably has a west coast hangover. That was pretty wild out there and just non stop from the time they left town. I don't know if it's true but I heard we outnumbered the UCLA crowd and it was played near LA.

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I talked to her a little bit one time. Just a very sweet, down to earth girl. You all are really going to love rooting for this one.

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Worst Adams article I've ever read. If the kid has changed then he deserves a second chance. I don't see where he's done too much wrong. So he carries a gun to protect himself. I didn't read where used it irresponsibly.

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So what could the other choice be? The SEC tournament?

Written on With first class, Butch Jones and staff worked overtime to build relationships :

KNS! It's a shame that we have to go to a South Florida web site to get information on the tournament our #4 ranked softball team is playing in. If we have a sports team actually good in something it drives you all crazy and you sweep it under the rug.

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You Sentinel have to be the biggest bunch of morons God ever created.

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Here's a news flash for you Mr. Know It All, by your own statements you acknowledge the men and women athletic departments were separate under Hamilton's watch, which means Hamilton had nothing to do with Pat Summitt's contract. Also, the University had a master plan in place to merge the men and women departments long before things fell apart under Hamilton's watch.

As for Pat Summitt being overpaid, although you didn't call her by name, she's the winningest coach in the history of her sport and the includes men or women. Even if you buy the argument that it's not fair to compare the women's game with the men's game, which, by the way, I do, she is still the winningest coach in the history her sport of women's baskeetball. Pat Summitt won more national championships than anyone in the history of women's college basketball and helped the University of Tennessee bring in a lot of money during her time.

Even if you throw out all of those factors, by law the University of Tennessee was required to pay her a comparable salary to that of the men's coach.

That is one of the dumbest comments I've ever read on the internet. Do you really believe what you said in your last paragraph?

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OL- we lose everyone after this year

Written on All-American Kelsey Robinson among 4 players transferring from Tennessee volleyball program:

They never were Vols to begin with.Don't you ladies let the door hit you in the........................

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Corch Irvan Meyers brought a staff from a small background when he went he left Utah for the Gata's.

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Fulmer should not be new AD. Fulmer would have personal agendas involved. Basilio would look out for no one but UT.

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You know we really lucked out getting a fine coach like Butch Davis if you consider how bad we botched the hiring process. Hart should be fired. I have no doubt who should be our athletic director. Tony Basilio. Tony has great loyalty and passion for the University and he's very intelligent. He has ways of digging up facts, so he could respond to situations before they happened. I think we should hire Tony as athletic director and give him complete control. In other words, Cheek could not interfere.

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Gruden saga has just began. He's very much in play.

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Sure Georgetown plays a great zone, maybe the best in the country, but there is still now excuse for the way they attacked it. The weakness of a zone is always the middle of the free throw line, and we never made it a priority to get the ball in the middle. It seemed like we were attacking the baseline or the basket and it was easily shut down. I know Cuonzo is a man to man guy but he must come up with a much better scheme when teams play zone. Overall I'm proud of our effort and the way these guys represented the Vols.

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Who cares who the next coach is. The top 7 teams in the league have big time coaches who get paid a lot of money while we are too cheap to pay a great coach and staff. I'd just give up and hire Fulmer back. We won't do any better than he was doing with the cheap hires we make. We should have had Gruden coaching yesterday but Hart dropped the ball. Even boosters were ready to pay for it. We need a UT guy as our AD. We should hire either Priest or Charles Davis.

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Maybe Cuonzo will stay if this happens

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Whose The Offensive Line? I never heard of that player and he leads for MVP. I must be on too much Gruden.

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We always played better when they did get in trouble. Bring back Fulmer and turn them loose!!!

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I agree. Bray has threw the season two years in a row.

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Only the KNS would report a coach uninterested in UT who we haven't offered nor wouldn't offer. John Adams and Mike Strange are the only two who behave.

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Us West Coast Vols have to start watching at 7:30 in the morning.

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Spent all that money and they left camp a day early. Come on, really? You have the 20 hour rule and you are going to terminate a day of valuable practice time? I could understand if they didn't need it but come on, they still haven't learned the defense or even how to not jump offsides on offense.

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WE don't have to Kiffin people.

Written on University of Tennessee trustees say complaints that administration is obstructing athletics aren't accurate :

Maybe people should quit believing everything they read on internet!

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He's confidence will be sky high after he plays against this defense.

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in response to volbob:

You follow a decent article with this? No real fan would ever pull for the other team...for any reason. Thanks, though, for giving the idiots something to rant about. How about a follow-up article about Kiffin? Maybe a feel-good piece about how Wilcox is doing in his new job? Better yet, if this is the best you can do start hitting the basketball stuff. Holy cow, man - hope for a loss to get the coach fired?! You might want to relocate to Nashville and join the halfwit that "writes" for that rag.

volbob. You are so clueless. A loss is a win for the future.

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I've never seen so many holier than thou posts in my life. Everyone knows Cheek is trying to keep Dooley if he wins out. You have no choice but to cheer against UT. Even former players are cheering against him. If you pull for UT to win this weekend you desire becoming Vanderbilt.