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Interesting to see that the kickers were all drafted last on their respective teams. What does that say about them?

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The offense is reloaded--so long as these guys go to work. The defense got some help. Hopefully the guys coming back will play A LOT better in the 4-3. Looking forward to the spring.

Glad the signing day has finally come. Now the coaches can settle in, build relationships with juniors and sophomores, and prepare for spring.

To all the signees. Work hard fellas! We need you to give your all for Tennessee. This proud program has suffered a big slump. Thanks for joining the Vol Nation to help turn it around!


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And if you think a father would somehow insist that his son must attend the same university that he attended, then you have some lessons to learn.

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Seriously? UT almost gave Vandy a W. Be thankful and move on without criticizing someone's subject-verb agreement. It's petty. Be bigger than that. Represent UT with some dignity. Vols!!

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A good O line helps everything. It gives the QB more time. It gives RB's more room. It gives the WR's more time to separate or adjust routes. Yes, there are big legitimate questions about our skills positions, but this is the best possible scenario for those guys. Vols!!

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Luck...I just remember what Arnold Palmer said: "The more I practice, the luckier I seem to be."

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This is classic Adams. Stir up the phooey and make a big stink. Then the flies come and swarm around it with their buzz. It gets the thread ratings by opening old wounds. Truly, John Adams plays a lot of Tennessee fans like a cheap violin.

I am hopeful that CBJ and staff can do three things that Dooley and Co. did not. Recruit and sign ELITE talent. Instill a winning mindset into the players. Coach the team in ways that bring out their very best at all times, including during actual games. If they can accomplish these, then everything, including the Vols' record will dramatically improve.

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This team is learning some tough lessons about how other teams are attacking them. Tonight, they had to capitalize on free throws. Fortunately, they did. Also, teams that can slowly grind out the clock have good luck against the Vols. Until this team gets dangerous from the foul line and can push for more transition points, this will be the way most teams will attempt to beat them. If Richardson will let go and play with a true scorer's mentality, that would help tremendously.

At this point, I am personally hoping Maymon redshirts. If he takes the time to fully heal up, we would be absolutely loaded for a deep run next year. And the team would be stronger because this year other players would have to develop themselves (Stokes, for example) without Maymon to lean on.

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Sounds like a good group. We'll see.

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I think it is fair to make judgments based on performance next year, but not win-loss record. Next year's schedule, as most foresee, is simply brutal. I see 6-6 being attainable and probably the most anyone could hope for with a change of staff, big playmakers graduating and off to the league, and the performance this year.

However, this staff has the opportunity to do new things. Even with a 6-6 record, they could make great strides in showing that they know how to recruit, coach up, and game-coach better than the previous staff. Frankly, I think the new defensive staff has it easy next year. I cannot imagine an SEC defense being worse than UT's last year. Remember, it was record-breaking-ly horrible. The pressure will be on the offensive side of the ball. This is where the new staff could really distinguish itself.

Man, I am already excited to see it, if for no other reason than it's a new age in UT Football! Go Vols! And I sincerely support the new staff and wish them all the best.

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I have to say, I look forward to seeing which players really step up. I believe we have a lot of potentially good players. Croom is a big boy. Pig is quick and seems to just have "game". Bowles is more of an unknown to me. Vincent has experience. Cody Blanc could blossom like Rogers did this year. Our running game is solid with returning players AND I WOULD LOVE TO SEE US LAND GREEN!! Go Vols.

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in response to bigdisbig:

Statements made by Butch Jones seem similar to those of Dooley and that concerns me. When a guy comes in and begins to make statements to pump up the media and fans it sounds like a boxer bragging before a fight. Dooley said "You aren't gonna have Tennessee to kick around this year" what a joke that was.
Jones said "I'm gonna build the best staff in the country". So.....the best coaches and recruiters in the NATION were mostly at Cincy? I tend to believe that he does NOT have the best coaching staff in the SEC, let alone the country.
I hope he wins and wins quickly however he sounds like a snake charmer thus far....much like Dooley.
Perhaps he needs to let his product on the field do the talking and keep his Dooley like statements to himself until he can back up what he says. If anyone truly feels he has assembed the best coaching staff in the nation then you are a candidate to help in the search for Bigfoot.

Well said. Even without the "boxer" or "snake-charmer" references, this is very good advice for the new coach.

And that being said, I am sure that CBJ knows what he is doing. He is at the big table now. He knows that the chips run out at this table more quickly than anywhere. (fact: three year clock) You have to play big when you play with the big boys. Sometimes you pull a Dooley, and the big talk was empty bravado that you did not back up. Hopefully, you play your hand well and the river is kind to you. Win a few hands, get bigger stacks, and you play at the big table a little longer and everyone begins to take you seriously.

CBJ is playing his hand. Time will tell...

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Tough to hear. Obviously there were other factors. If he were simply committed to his recruits and players, he would not have come to interview and check it out. I will not trash Tee. A man has to do what he thinks is right. If he does not want to be here, for whatever reasons, then I don't think he should be here. Let's focus on the best coach who wants to be here. Go Vols.

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Like the man. Like Dooley as a man.

He has an impressive coaching resume.
Better than Dooley's.

Hopefully CBJ has that something that can help this team go from underachievers to overachievers. Jones needs that in order to win back the excitement from the fan base and to climb the steep recruiting hill he faces in the SEC.

Yes, UT has a world-class stadium and facilities. That's something to build on. But UT must overcome the stigma of SEC losers, of high coaching turnover, of lack of relevance for ten years. If UT can slay a couple of goliaths and pull some recruiting coups in the next year and a half, then the momentum and buzz will shift.

And I appreciate that CBJ took the responsibility in his press conference. Rather than ask for a couple of seasons for his system to be in place and for the players to fit into it, he said that he will mold his system to fit the players. That was Butch Jones. (Not Dooley.)

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Where are the press conference quotes? I am sincerely curious to hear CCM's comments on these last two games. We all know what a coach like Dooley would say. It would be everybody else's faults. How does CCM account for these kinds of performances? Does he take responsibility?

Worst part of all: Georgetown and Virginia have set the template for containing the Vols. If the Vols do not adapt, they will face these kinds of defenses all year.

It's just not the same pulling for the Vols as it used to be. We seem to be the perrenial under-achievers in every sport these days.

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Wow. I was looking forward to the basketball team offering some relief from the football nightmare coaching search Jimmy Cheek debacle.

I was convinced that Cuonzo was going to take the Volunteers somewhere special. However, it already looks like things are getting worse. Four halves under 20? In today's college game? Nobody has that kind of defense!

Hope something gives in a big way.

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in response to StoneJackBaller:

I don't believe there was never any talk. I believe there was talk, and possibly an offer in hand, but for whatever reason, Gruden declined it. I believe the notion that they never even considered it is just a smokescreen for negotiations with other candidates not to seem 2nd or 3rd choice.

Thank you Baller. I agree. Too much smoke here to believe that we did not do something more than a phone call today. Sorry, but that is definitely a smokescreen. By downplaying the interactions and offers up to the point of Gruden saying "No thanks", everyone saves face. UT does not look like the jilted bride and the next HC does not look like the rebound. This is clearly political.

I was intrigued by Gruden, but far from thinking he was a slam-dunk savior. If he is not truly interested in being at UT, let's find the most talented coach who is.

Whoever that is will need our patience. I don't believe any name will make the recruiting splash that Gruden would make. However, I fully believe there are several other names that would be as good or better for UT in the long run. Go Vols!

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in response to govolsn3:

If GRUDEN does take the job, how long is he going to get to win a national championship 1 or 2 years. Just saying, that is what most VOLS fans expect is going to happen and it just insn't going to. No matter who takes the job the very best is 4-5 years to get a SEC championship and that is only if the next coach can recruit. GRUDEN is a big name but can he go into a kids house and convince mom and dad he will be there to take care of their kids. If GRUDEN was to turn around a win or play for a national championship, he would bolt for a huge pro contract the following year. Just doesn't make a lot of sense to me for him to be interested in UT. GO VOLS>>>VFL

Good points. One thought is that the man simply misses coaching. IF he is not thinking of a pro job, then UT is a fine choice for three compelling reasons: 1. He was a grad assistant here--he knows the lay of the land at UT 2. He met his wife at UT, they have family around UT 3. UT is at rock bottom; he has nothing to lose in giving it a shot.

I don't think the UT fans expect a national championship in three years. What I think the Orange Nation wants is to see clear improvements year after year until we are truly competitive with the big boys in the SEC again. If Gruden can recruit, show real improvement, and get a few upsets in his first three years, he'll get another three or four years to take UT to Atlanta. As for a National Championship, the SEC champion is usually in that game. In my opinion, we would be thrilled with a trip to Atlanta. Beyond that is icing.

I believe it's Gruden and that we will hear about it shortly after the Kentucky game. I really hope he keeps Graham and Pittman. Go Vols.

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If Gruden coaches next season, it will be for UT. It is truly the perfect situation for him to re-enter coaching. He knows the university, has good memories at UT (met his wife there), and really would not have anything to lose. The next coach could really not do any worse than Dooley. He would have everything to gain. If he succeeds, he is the Super Bowl winning coach who revived the dead. If UT does not thrive under him, it will be seen as a coaching gig that is simply too dead.

For those of you who want to tout Fulmer's record again, please save it. He romped on Bama when Bama was hobbled by penalties and other programs were behind UT in resources and facilities. This is a new SEC and as it renewed itself and Bama returned, Fulmer was left behind. Great guy, good coach, and he had a great run at an opportune time.

For Gruden to be the coach to raise the dead, he will need to get some breaks, namely: some BIG-time recruits in first two years--I am talking about cream-of-the-crop game-changers; some BIG-time assistants who will stay for at least four years; at least one BIG-time upset in year one; a bowl trip in year one; and the most difficult one of all: BIG-TIME BUZZ.

My prediction: Gruden, out of professional respect for Dooley, will wait until after the Kentucky game to announce his acceptance of this coaching job. If UT wins against Kentucky, he will let Chaney and company enjoy that for a few days. If UT loses, he will announce within 48 hours to ease the situation and shift focus to future. Either way, he announces within twelve days.

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We need a coach with a good coaching pedigree...the son of a former SEC coach who won a national title...someone who was mentored by another national title coach...a guy who can--hold on just a second...(What?...He was?...He did?...Oh, I see)


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Bill Curry used all his timeouts when GA state had no chance at the end of the game against Tennessee earlier this year.

When asked about it after the game, Curry said he would never leave timeouts on the board. He said he was teaching his players that you NEVER give up.


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in response to BigOrangeRock:

You screamed and hollered Fulmer and Chavis out of town. Now you set over there with the same forum of idiots in complete denial.

Your views are not welcome here loser.

Rock: Ease off the gas, dude. You are over-heating. Everyone has the right to an opinion. This is America and freedom is the law here. I think Dooley needs to go and we need a new coach. But I will not attack fellow Vols fans no matter how their views may differ.

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Vandy spanked UK yesterday, 40-0. They are licking their chops thinking about their shot at UT after the comments made by Dooley last year. Franklin may get some sweet revenge on the field AND in the press. If we lose to Vandy, we may go down to UK AGAIN.

I simply have no confidence in this team. The offense can be record-setting AND they can be lethargic. The defense can be bad AND they can be record-setting-ly pathetic. This is not a good recipe for success, even against the teams left on the schedule.

Really respect Dooley as a human being, but I think it is time for change. Take Sunseri, too.

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Look folks, it's true that Bama got themselves in trouble. I don't care who turned them in, they made their own beds. And they suffered for it for many years with bowl bans and reduced scholarships.

And it just so happens that this is when Fulmer had so much success against them. CPF was a great coach, but his success rate against Bama was aided by the fact that Bama was not playing with a full team of scholarship players for many years.

Similarly, UT has not had its full complement of players in recent years due to all the turnover turmoil. So, Saban's success against UT is not really that impressive. Saban's program is elite. UT right now is not.

I look forward to the days ahead (sometime) when the meeting of these storied programs is the game of two powerhouse teams in their prime. For now, we all just dream about Bama having an off game and UT playing flawless so that the Vols MIGHT have a chance to pull an almost inconceivable upset. It would be great, but it would be one of those once-in-a-generation games.

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The comments from the LA Tech player about Dooley are indicative of the "x-factor". Does Dooley truly inspire his players to play winning football? So

We may not like Franklin, but the Commodore players love him and play their hearts out for him. And that has given that program the "buzz". Recruits want to be part of something exciting. Vandy, like it or not, is exciting right now.

UT has some very exciting players, but the team, as a whole, and the program is floundering. There's no "buzz".

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Dear SEC:
Remember when I said you guys wouldn't have Tennessee to kick around any more? You get it, right? I was posturing, trying to show you all that I could stand up to you and really coach with the big boys. I mean, I know you are all kicking us around again, really just like last year--oh, and the year before that. But this is only my third year with the program. If my players could play assignment football and fill the gaps and read the coverages and set the edge and play fundamental football and play for a full sixty minutes, to do all that they really would need to have a big-time coach...Anyway, I think we'll get it together next year.

Thanks, Derek Dooley

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Focus on Miss St. That's all. We can take them down in a big way if our defense shows up. Otherwise, we will just have to outscore them, which I think we can do.

If our Defense puts the pieces together, we will drill them.

Just focus on Miss St. Go Vols!

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The 3-4 is deadly! The 3-4 is gonna put a holt on your body! The 3-4 is gonna make the boogers come out your nose!

You gotta be old school to recognize that this was actually Dusty Rhodes talking about the "weaver lock". The American Dream, baby.

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I know we are Wide Receiver U, but we have cranked out some great O linemen over the years. It's so good to see these big boys getting pushy. GO VOLS!

Written on Brendan Quinn: Must-see matchups :

Qualified numbers or not, the numbers still do not bode well for the Vols. According to the stats, Georgia is and should be heavily favored to win this game at home.

And still upsets happen every week. Upsets happen when underdog teams show up and play their best, every down, for four quarters, and put themselves in position for the "breaks to go their way".

I want to see this team do that. If the Vols can play hard for sixty minutes and get some breaks to go their way, then an upset is possible.

Come on Vols! Take care of the things that you can control--your focus and your effort. Win or lose, I support that as a true fan of the Big Orange. Go Vols!

Written on John Adams: You've seen it before, but not like this :

There are more games to be played. It is possible this team will turn it around and these coaches will flip the switch...but that would be a shocking surprise. It all looks the same. And there is no "big injury took the wind out of our sails" excuse.
Dooley is a wonderful human being and a high character coach, but he is simply not getting it done on the field.
So, based on the results so far, I support looking for a new coach. It's one step back in order to take more steps forward, but that seems to be what we need.

I'd rather be shocked and proven wrong. But that is up to the players and coaches. Does this team (coaches and players) have the heart to dig deep and change this?

Written on Reality Chomps: Florida runs over Tennessee in second half :

in response to pdhuff#552644:

TN Football - RIP

Unless we are completely shocked by a turnaround in the fortitude and execution of this team as we go forward, then I have to agree with the "RIP" sentiment. Dooley seems to be a great, high character human being, but he has not produced results on the field as a coach. If he stays and our experienced talent leaves for NFL, we take a hit. If he is canned and we get a new coach and staff, we take a hit.

I was really hoping to see signs of progress this year, but we showed up very poorly against a FL team that UT was favored to beat.

Maybe this team will dig deep and find something to surprise us, but that's what it would be: a shocking surprise. Right now, based on what I have seen, I foresee a season very much like last year's. And I have said all along: If there is not a big sign of progress this year, it's time to let CDD go. Hate that it has come to this.

Written on You predict the score in the Tennessee-Florida game:

Face it, Corso went with his gut. Herbsreit went with a logical call based on how we match up on paper.

Fortunately, we play in Neyland NOT on paper!

Vols rock the Gators. Win by 10.

37-27. ORANGE!! Go Vols!

Written on David Climer: Return of ESPN mirrors that of Vols:

The match-up model of comparing these two teams leaves it as a toss-up. That's why Vegas gives it three.

I want to have one of those shocking games, where the Vols play lights out and Florida gets rocked. I am talking about a game like the 85 Sugar Bowl where a Vols team was supposed to get creamed by Miami, but we took it to them for 60 minutes!

Can hardly wait for kickoff! GO VOLS!!!!

Written on No. 23 Florida names Jeff Driskel starting QB:

Glennon made some big first downs against us with his legs--and he is NOT a runner. Unfortunately for Driskel, it simply showed us an area that we will clean up before we play the Gators. Driskel will get hit A LOT. Vols win handily by 14. Go Big Orange!

Written on John Adams: Vols' impressive victory trumps a lot of bad memories :

Great win against a pretty good team. Best part is that we finished the game strong.

D must stop run better. Secondary must not miss assignments. RB's must hit the hole ferociously.

We clean those up and we will hang with everyone on the schedule.

Agree with people looking at FL game as indicator. Next week's game is important not to overlook. We get that game to fine tune our defense and running game. Florida in Neyland is HUGE. HUGE!


Written on Mike Strange: SEC powerhouse? Vols hope O'Brien is right :

Neal scampers for hundred fifty.

Amerson gets no picks cause Bray is smarter this year.

Vols by 24. GBO!!!

Written on Offensive line coach Sam Pittman looks for atonement against N.C. State :

Neam will rush for a buck fifty. Then it's the air attack over the top.

Vols by 24. GBO!!

Written on Tennessee QB Tyler Bray confident on brink of critical season :

Yes, I want to see Bray exploit the weaknesses, and I HOPE that includes knowing when to check down to a run.

I am saying it. Neal tallies up a buck fifty on the ground. The wolfpack will get very tired of chasing him, Young, and Lane. At that point, Hunter and CP will be off to the races.

Bray IS the man, and running has got to be in the plan. Go Vols!!!

Written on Former Vols WR Da'Rick Rogers transferring to Tennessee Tech:

I just feel sick about the whole mess with Da'Rick. I am man enough to admit that I was REALLY looking forward to seeing the three big receivers lighting up defenses. So, I am now really discouraged. I hope some of you are right and players step up and we don't miss Da'Rick. I truly hope so.

On a totally brighter note. I just get a feeling and I am going to call it out. Raijon Neal goes for a buck fifty Friday. Young and Lane pitch in for a hundren more. I know NCSt has a great secondary, but they are going to get tired of trying to catch and tackle our tailbacks. We will blow this one sky high!


Written on Gamecocks RB Lattimore looks strong:

I would like to see Vandy win that one, honestly. But, that would really be a surprise. Franklin has done some good recruiting for the dores, but I have yet to see that he has established a real program at Vandy. This is the year we will see that Dooley has done just that on Rocky Top. Go Vols!

Written on Vols' Brent Brewer ready for test:

Competition means quality depth. The more we hear about starters NOT being named yet, the better. Getting real excited about this D.

Go Vols!!

Written on No charges against Vol QB Tyler Bray, roommate in beer-bottle, golf-ball tossing incident :

The beer bottle thing, if it is true, is understandable and I am glad to hear that he offered to pay for damages.

The smashed windshield--I don't believe it was a coincidence--is malicious revenge by someone.

That could be a HUGE blow to the coming season if it was Bray.

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in response to TheVolSnake:

East you have just shown you have no clue Phil Steele projections on Defense

Phil steel has our Defense Projected as the following (Nationwide) Rush Defense wasn’t in top 15 and didn’t go any further down than 15 so couldn’t tell, Pass Defense at #12, Scoring Defense at # 6 and overall at #11. All this numbers are National rankings

So at least one expert thinks our Defense will be very good.

Now all that being said we had the 28th ranked defense last year, and have 9 starters returning and even though Lathers isn’t a starter from last year was the year before so gives us 10 starters back.

Regardless 3-4 or 4-3 or a combination we have some really good players on D. and I see us improved from last year on the defensive side. We also have some recruits coming in that could be impact players from the start. Bonner, McNeil, McCullers and Sentimore also O'Brien all could push for starting time, maybe not at the start of the season but though out the year. The ones that have the best chance at the start of the year are Bonner, McNeil, and McCullers. But fall practice will tell a lot of which way we go on D.

So when you say we have no Defense you have no clue what we have.

Good stuff. And we are manned for the 3-4. We have some bigs to occupy the O line and some speedy rushers to get serious pressure. If our coverage is good, Glennon is in for a long day. If we get into a scoring battle, I just don't think they can outlast our offense. If we get up early, Sunseri will unleash hell!

Feed No Troll.

Go Vols!

Written on For better or worse, Vols under the radar at Media Days :

It's the quiet before the storm. NCState is a very good team. But they are going to get rocked. It will be VOLatile!

Feed No Trolls.

Go Vols!!

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in response to manniesghost1903:

As said earlier, this is not the place for political discussions. I could easily give you a 150 years of historical and political reasons for this country's current predicament. The trouble is most of those reasons do not have a single thing to do with the man in the White House. However, they have a lot to do with greed. My advice is stick with sports because that is why the majority of us are here

First off, ghost, I agree with your greed assessment versus personalities in office.

I wish I could agree that the majority of people are on here to talk sports. It seems the majority of people are on here to argue.

Please, true Vols fans: do NOT feed ANY trolls or negative whining. Let's keep this to discussions about the team and the coming season. Let's do our part and support the Vols. That is the best thing we can do for these players and this university.

If the coaches fail, then we can talk about whether or not to replace the coach, who that should be, etc. But that comes later. For now, let's get behind this team.

Feed No Troll!!

Go Vols!!!!

Written on John Adams: Swing games could decide UT's season :

When will you negative Nancies and Moaning Miserables get a clue?

When you complain, you drag down the team you supposedly support!

When you support your team by trying to build on the positives, you give your team the best chance to succeed!

It's very simple. Let's give This staff and this team our full support and give them the best possible chance to succeed. That's our part of this team effort.

If we do our part and the coaches don't, then we will make the appropriate changes. That is to be decided later.

Now is the time for support from the Vol Nation!


Written on Derek Dooley preaches results for Tennessee's football season :

Stop moaning and support your team. It's very simple and everyone, the coach, the players, and the media seem to get it. This is the year to stop talking and start speaking with actions on the field.

I am so excited to see this team shock the nation. Go Vols!