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Not being pessimistic... just offering IMHO a reasonable reality check:

COACHES: Much improved. A solid foundation is already laid to rebuild the program.

PLAYERS: More talent, but less experience. More potential, but currently young. Little depth in some key positions.

EXPERIENCE: Remember, this defense has no game experience together playing the 4-3, with several players recruited to fit the 3-4. The skill players on offense have little or--depending on who gets named starting QB--no game experience playing together.

SCHEDULE: First game will provide experience and a chance to make learning errors without a loss. Greatest improvement will be between 1st and 2nd game.
Second game will provide more on-field challenge with the added mental pressure of securing an expected win in a losable matchup.
Third game puts the youngsters on the road, on a national stage, under big-time conditions, with all the distractions and an unfamiliar routine. The Ducks will reveal who plays slow and who plays small. Scheme-wise, it will force us to "pull out all the stops" before beginning our SEC schedule.
Fourth game, we will face Florida as a known entity. They will have all the tape on us. They'll know our schemes and personnel. Whatever weaknesses we've hidden will be revealed. There's little the coordinators can do now. This will be size against size, speed against speed, confidence against whatever we are leaving the west coast.

FINAL RECORD: With several key injuries 5-7 would be a struggle. With no bad luck, 6-6 could be do-able. With a few good breaks, and healthier than average players in November, 7-5 would still be an incredible accomplishment worthy of high accolades.

It's great for fans to get stoked before the season, but keep it in the man cave. Let's not sully the eventual accomplishments of this team by publicly erecting unreasonable expectations in August.

Well thought out prediction. I would like an undefeated season or even seven or eight wins, but we must be realistic. 6-6 with improvement from the Austin Peay game through the Kentucky game will be an accomplishment.

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I apologize for this not being related to the story, though I am excited to have Randolph back.

Is anyone else having problems with this site loading? I notice that for most every link I get a message saying "waiting for" I have to hit the stop and reload button several times before the page finally loads. I have not noticed this happening with any other page I visit.

Also, I went to a site for Kasperksy to see what kind of computer protection they offered. The very next time I come to govolsxtra, there is an add for Kaspersky in the banner at the top of the page. I am told this is called "pixeling?" A site will use a cookie on your computer to examine images from sites you visit to determine what ads to place in their banners. Is govolsxtra using cookies to monitor other sites we visit to determine what ads to place?

Just curious if anybody else has noticed either of things happening.


Most all sites set tracking cookies. The world it now a marketing world. I run a program to remove all these cookies after browsing for awhile (SpyHunter). Surprising how many mall ware cookies can be accumulated in a few minutes browsing.

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A few things of note:
1. She's a freaking trainer - thousands of them out there.
2. It's WOMEN"S sports - nobody cares.
3. It"s a money LOSING program yet she was making 100k+. - try earning your keep.
4. Hart et al are absolutely right in busting up a stand alone women's department - The Summitt Empire should have never existed
5. Fools can keep blaming Sunseri because, well, they're fools. Fact is he had no players thanks to Dooley and the rest of the clowns he hired from the beginning. Fact is it took Sal about a minute to get a job with a better program so who was the idiot?

And finally, good bye Jenny...hope you learned some lessons about greed and ego from all this.

1. Yes, there are many trainers out there. Is that relevant?
2. Many of us care about UT's women's sports, especially the recognition of the basketball and softball programs.
3. Yet to be determined, except for your designation of a "Summitt Empire" which is ridiculous.
4. Sunseri was as much a clown as anyone on the coaching staff and he did not get a job as defensive coordinator with a "better program."

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Witch Doctor have a great domain name that matches your cause!

Witch Doctor say by clinking your username we can read your previous post...duh. Thanks for proving all the uniform drams is butt hurt trolls..really? Ok.
Bones never lie.
Bones never lie.

Me a troll? Don't understand sports?

I have followed the Vols since a child and graduated from UT in '63. I'm sure I have supported the Vols more than most of the posters, including you, and attended more games. We all have opinions, but to me tradition means a lot.

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Hart says, "And nobody has more respect for the Tennessee traditions than Butch."
Well, I and many who have commented here obviously have much more respect for Tennessee tradition!

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Beginning of the end for Butch Jones. Losing is one thing, but when you're losing and you look like a bunch of gray dorks from some unknown Junior College it's a whole different level of losing.

Absolutely. Jones has reached the bottom in my opinion. We need a website.

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I like coach Jones, but he should have no right to change the school colors, which are ORANGE and WHITE. Are we sinking to the level of Oregon and Maryland?

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i trust butch jones to choose the right choice, but if it were worley, i would hope he would be much better than what i've seen of him. Whenever he came in last year he never seemed comfortable in the pocket. He always seemed jittery and awkward. I would want to see him improve like crompton did after kiffin got coached him. I say just start Dobbs. He has a great arm, he can run if needed, and he's probably the smartest guy on the team. He would be a great guy to build a team around. And this would be the best year to start Dobbs given how talented the O-line is this year. He wouldn't have to face much pressure.

You sound like the start Brandon Stewart over Peyton fans. Leave it to the coaching staff and stick your opinion where it belongs.

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I don't know Lee Taylor, so I have nothing to say positively or negatively about his abilities.

However, I was told by a pretty reliable source "who asked not to be named because he is not authorized to speak publicly on the matter" that Lee Taylor has no more basketball-specific training than Heather Mason did. Holly just had to throw that comment in there to continue to justify Mason's firing. This source also stated that Warlick wanted to hire her partner for the job, but that would have been a little too obvious, so instead she hired someone who worked for her partner's company.

Having said all that, what's done is done. I wish Mr. Taylor and the Lady Vols much success.

"...nothing to say either positively or negatively about his abilities."

Well, you could have fooled me!

"Lee Taylor has no more basketball-specific training than Heather Mason did. Holly just had to throw that comment in there to continue to justify Mason's firing."

Not negative? Wow!

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"in the short term, there is the predictable bump that a program gets from the burst of energy from a new staff, but it is unlikely they are able to fully address all their weaknesses in one ore two recruiting classes, the SEC is a tough place for incomplete football teams.

I really have no idea how Jones will turn out as a coach. Its hard to contexualize a coach has two 3 year stints following the same coach where the “heavy lifting” had been done. Urban Meyer is perhaps the classic case of an “overnight” success in 6 years from Bowling Green to a national title at UF, but again, the level of success he had had at Both Bowling green and Utah was unprecedented at both places. further, he and mullen could legitimately claim to having developed a proprietary version of the spread option.

Jones has not done either of those things….that does not mean he can’t or won’t succeed, but it simply means he is like any other hire in that it will take time to know whether or not he can build a winning program in the most competitive conference in college football."'

He pretended to be committed to Cincinnati. They all bought into "the process" which I thought was a Saban meme anyway..........
just typin'

No need to contexualize Coach Jones. What a rambling post.

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I am totally surprised that Coach Jones didn't call you and get your input before releasing this depth chart. I mean you were there for every spring practice and spent all summer with them charting their progress. What was he thinking? You tell em about it! Go Vols!

Good retort. Reminds me of all the armchair experts griping about Brandon Stewart not getting the nod over Peyton. Some watch a couple of plays and think they know more than the coaches.

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I have watched SEC football for decades. Did this "tradition" happen in the 1800's?

It has happened over the past 10 decades, while your precious school was wallowing in mediocrity. And it will continue for decades to come.

Written on Big Ten vs. SEC? Answers depend on question:

You have to overlook SevenT. He (or she) tries to come up with a disparaging comment whenever possible, whether it is logical or not. Poor soul, what a miserable life.

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For home games: All black jerseys/pants with orange numbers/names. Black helmet with orange power T. Orange cleats

For away games: All orange jerseys/pants with white numbers/names. Orange helmet with white power T. Orange cleats

Now I will sit back and enjoy the "expert" commentary from East TN's finest...


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1. I would have no problem with a little black or charcoal gray as an accent color. Should have been added a long time ago and it would be tradition now. Something needs to break up that straight orange-white.
2. I still think orange road helmets with the white Power T would look great. White from top to bottom looks good sometimes, but a little variation would be nice.


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Our university football program has a tradition and a part of the tradition is the style of the uniforms. Shut up Wiedmer and leave the uniforms alone. If the players want to play for UT they will, just like Alabama's, Penn State's, LSU's and other teams with tradition. If a player is attracted to weird uniforms let him go to some school which had no tradition to speak of.
The alumni should have more say than some potential recruit. And if some gaudy uniform is what that potential recruit wants then I don't want him. He would probably not last two years anyway.

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We will , like Phoenix, rise from the ashes! But the fairest way to arrive at the east and west champions is to exclude their records against the teams in the other division and count only games against teams in their own division.

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This team will be on the rise. Mercedes Russell will be the difference between the Elite 8 and the Final 4.

Go Lady Vols!!

Agree. Having Andraya Carter will be a big bonus, too.

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The black helmets on this link with the Vols Logo on the side are pretty cool. Use these and outline the numbers on the home jerseys with black and add a black stripe down the pants.

Recruits like this and I believe the majority of the fans would too.

"Believing in BUTch"

You know nothing about what the majority of UT fans would like. Many of us fans have followed the Vols religiously all our lives, through good and bad times,then again good and bad times. UT has tradition, like Alabama, Penn State, Southern Cal, Michigan and quite a few respected teams. We need to hold on to it.

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Metallic Orange T and Stripe, subdued checkered board jerserys with outlined numbers, names and the Tennessee State on one arm and the State Flag on the other. I like the idea of a Orange Face guard, not sure how distracting that could be.

Go Vols!!

What a terrible idea!

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Personally some of the new uniforms I've seen in the past couple years are pretty awesome and I would like to know what our uniforms would look if we had them custom designed from a top designer. We might be pleasantly surprised. To the conservative fans that have worn the same cloths to the games for years. Sometimes Change is good. It kind of gets rid of the embarrassing Past.

Change also turns its back on the past glory of UT football.

Written on Former Florida, New England star Aaron Hernandez painted as gunman by documents:

Not only is Hernandez violent he is DUMB. Two eye witnesses plus all the forensic evidence. He apparently needed a super dose of anger management somewhere in life. Now he needs confinement.

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Like Climer would know? OH! he couldn't help but notice. What a back handed complement.

Complement? Try compliment - big difference in meaning.

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For me, that victory was a part of one of the greatest runs of championships in my life. My Vols won the '98 BCS Championship, my Denver Broncos won the '97 and '98 Super Bowls, and my NY Yankees won the '98 and '99 World Series'! It was a good few years for me!

And the Lady Vols bb team won their 3rd consecutive NC.

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(This comment was removed by the site staff.)

Go back to your "billythekid" moniker then Slap hit yourself on the head.

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Why did you quit your billythekid moniker? Lose what little credibility you might have had, which was none?

Meant this for the new Hacal1965, billythekid dude.

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(This comment was removed by the site staff.)

Why did you quit your billythekid moniker? Lose what little credibility you might have had, which was none?

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As UT us not on Memphis' schedule next season...Josh could have cared less where Antonio played.

You mean he couldn't care less,or he really cares so he could care less?

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(This comment was removed by the site staff.)

So you change your moniker from billythekid to HaCaf165. Think you might not be recognized?

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When I see "SevenT" or "billythekid" I no longer waste my time reading the comment.

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Just remember that this billy, who spends his (or her) time spewing hatred for Dave Hart, Butch Jones, Holly Warlick and others in the athletic department thinks he knows more than the Weeklys about softball. Ignorant poster who needs a slap hit across the head.

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This Jones guy is not qualified to be Fulmer's water boy.

I was tempted to respond to this idiot, but decided to not sink to that level.

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Actually, it appears Satan is in the White House and not roaming the sidelines in Bammer..

Instead roaming the U.S. sidelines using his totally corrupt style of Chicago politics.

Written on David Climer: Nick Saban's success continues to bedevil SEC:

What a waste of time in reading this.

Written on Dave Hart already a big Butch Jones fan :

This Billy dude and SevenT (or whatever the monikers) are just focused on their hatred of someone they don't know and have very little knowledge of. It is best to just ignore them. They don't understand reasoning.

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Meanwhile, Tennessee season ticket holders will be purchasing tickets to the big UT vs Alabama-Birmingham game that day.

Rather dumb statement. Why would season ticket holders be purchasing tickets for a home game when they already have tickets?

Written on 247Sports: Class of 2014 suprise recruiting classes (free access):

Ignore the slobs who only post negative comments. They are pitiful.

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(This comment was removed by the site staff.)

Slap hitting has its place as well as a "traditional" swing has its place. Getting a runner on base is basic in the game of softball as well as baseball. If a slap swing gets the batter on base that is GOOD! The Weeklys probably know more about the game than you, Mr.Corrector.

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I didn't know they needed seats at Aggieland. Their fans never sit down.

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Interesting info Walt..but I think this could indeed have an effect on the lawsuit..I think her attorneys will make an issue on the credibility ..or lack thereof ..of Dave Hart..and I think anything pertaining to this issue will be used by them in court and under oath..I think they may be allowed to address the issues he had at Fla State as part of their argument..we'll see..

You and Walt are dreaming and way off base. Walt will just keep bashing Hart every chance he gets.

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in response to underthehill:

just my opinion..How can anyone be this stupid..Mason's attorneys have to love you expect to convince a jury or judge this letter had nothing to do with the lawsuit..the evidence I see in this article indicates to me it does..

In my opinion (as a retired attorney and judge)you are wrong.

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(This comment was removed by the site staff.)

Continuing vindictive posting. What a display of stupidity.

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The fair way to pick the east champ is to count only the record against other teams in the east and to select the west champ by counting only the record against teams in the west. It isn't fair to count the record against the teams in the other division due to the disparity of some east team not having Alabama or LSU as opponent while others do; likewise for west teams not having Florida, Georgia, etc. The present method depends upon how powerful your non-division teams are in a given year. Totally unfair.

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(This comment was removed by the site staff.)

Why don't you grow up and get over your hatred?

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Poorly written article.

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I have no problem with Holly, think all the coaching staff great for years, I concede I thought Nikki would have been great to have here, and who knows the future.
having said that, I meant to make one comment that I found disturbing, and maybe reading too much into it.
But the other day in the article about the lastgame Holly made acomment that our team had the describing the first half performance.

I find it extremely upsetting to think that the Lady Vols, with our program and tradition, playing a fifth seed team in Elite Eight, that we would have the jitters, sad commentary, even if she felt that way, wish she didnt say it.
Again, maybe Im just overeacting, (and upset that UCONN most likely will tie our record) but that just didnt sit well.

"I" this and "I" that. Gives me the jitters.

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It was a badly called game. The refs should have gotten it under control early in the contest and put a stop to it. U of L decided their only hope was to turn it into a fight club style of game and the refs let them do it. Their coach even indicated that was what they wanted to do.

I've seen pick up games on city park courts that were less physical. I was wondering if they shouldn't have issued MMA grappling gloves for the game.

I agree. Early on it was apparent that the Louisville three on Griner were slinging arms and hands into Griner's face. The game was never brought into control. Not saying who the physical play favored, but it was out of control. Hope these officials are relieved from working any more in this tournament so the girls can play basketball.

Written on Cal needs two more wins to reach first Final Four:

What is this doing under SEC News?

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in response to Giverny:

I've heard Sabin speak formally and informally and he's not a great orator but lets face it he's much more adept than Jones.....

Speakifin just ain't Jones hyperbolic, gross exaggeration for effect and dangling participle's well as abusing any and all grammatical elements of the English language..

Seriously in regards to Jones being a representative of our highest academic institution is an embarrassment...

While you lecture on grammar tell us what your "dangling participle's" is in possession of. If you meant the plural of participle why the apostrophe?
You wouldn't know about "abusing any and all grammatical elements of the English language."

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Congratulations to the Lady Vols for 2 great wins this weekend to get to the Sweet 16. BEAT OU!!...and was this game on TV in Knoxville? It was listed on E2, but when I got home after the game to watch, it was UConn & Vandy for a while, then OK-UCLA. They showed about 5 min. of the UT game, which is only about 10 minutes less than they showed of our game on Sat. vs ORU...ESPN has done a horrible job of showing the womens tourney this year. 4-5 channels and they flit back and forth between games on ONE channel.

ESPN was showcasing its team (Uconn) by televising the UConn-Vandy game on both ESPN2 and ESPNU. What a waste of one channel which could have broadcast another game. At least CBS teams up and broadcasts four different men's games simultaneously. ESPN is a lover of UConn and shows it.