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One of the big winners in this will be Adidas. Jerseys and other apparel using the gray theme will be flying off the shelves in the UT Bookstore on game day. In case you haven't noticed, there are already a number of items that incorporate the gray look for sale to fans. My wife has couple of items that she wears on game day that have heavy accents in gray.
Back to adidas: this is a major step for them in their battle against Nike as to who will be the most fashion-forward in collegiate team apparel.

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Can you believe Adams actually gets paid for this. ESPN's documentary on the sports writers of the south has been put on hold. (...too controversial...). Fox is trying to buy it and modify it with professional actors. However, ESPN will probably keep it and dress it up a little and release it in December just before the bowl games. Adams and Climer come across like Barney and his one bullet. They point out how KNS and the Tennessean cut Fulmer out of the Picture, and how some of Kiffin's fiascos were over-exaggerated by ESPN itself. They have some stuff concerning the sportswriters and Petrino's motorcycle that probably isn't true, but it is hilarious, none the less. It is paced somewhat like Laugh In or Hee Haw. If ESPN has a lighting delayed game, this will probably be shown as a promotional for the actual production. Southerners will be offended, but this doesn't bother ESPN.

And you know this how?

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I know Coach Jones wants to start with a blank slate, but this is carrying it way too far!

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Coach Jones just continues to come up with new ideas to excite the fans and, ultimately, give us a more competitive football program.
On another subject, getting a commitment from Cortez McDowell today was another step in the right direction: the hits just keep on coming!

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This is what we've come to expect from Peyton Manning. He is the poster boy for how an athlete can leverage his fame and fortune into something for the greater good of humanity. I'm really proud that he is a VFL.

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Maybe one of the best coaching seasons ever for the Weekleys. This team over-achieved every step of the way. There is so much for the Lady Vols to be proud of this year. Watching on TV I felt a hurt for the players but at the same time I was proud to be a Vol!

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No football players?

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CBJ, CCM and CHW were in Atlanta with the Big Orange Caravan last night. There was a great turnout in spite of the fact that the location was hard to get to and parking was really terrible. As you can imagine, he wowed the crowd when asked when we could think about beating Alabama again. His reply: "Why not start now?" Probably won't happen for a couple of years but everyone really appreciates his positive attitude.

Someone asked about Tiny Richardson going to the NFL after this season. Coach Jones shot back that he still had a lot to accomplish at Tennessee.

All in all it was an outstanding evening and everyone agreed that he has put new life back into the program. Now let's see the fruits of his labors on the field this fall.

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There should be a word limit on posts. Next time he will be posting a copy of War and Peace.

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If Holly Warlick didn't write the letter then she should step up and say so. And if that's the case, we might have cause for a criminal investigation. If she did write it, what's everyone complaining about? Whenever new coaches come in they usually make lots of changes in personnel. Let's not try to make more out of this than it might be until all the facts are known.

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The reason the Athletic Dept is in such bad shape financially is because we insist on continuing to pay gazillions out to guys we have fired. To paraphrase that old comic Lewis Grizzard, "Let's stop hiring coaches altogether and just find a few out there that we don't like and give them each several million dollars." it would short-circuit the process we have now and go directly to the bottom line.

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Pay her for as long as she lives. That still wouldn't be enough to repay her for all she has done for the university. I wish we had a dozen other coaches in any sport who were half the builder of young people that she was.

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When deciding whether to leave school early, did TB ever consider the possibility that he might not even be drafted at all? I know he can still sign as an undrafted free agent, but look at all the guys ahead of him he would have to climb over. Makes you wonder who was giving him this horrible advice. This is one of those lessons you have learn the hard way.
Best wishes to Rivera who seems to have the drive and grit to make it with the Raiders.

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Witchy has been around a lot longer than you have and I dare say he will still be here long after you are gone. He provides a dose of levity (and I might add, common sense) that is often sorely lacking on this board. Witchy: keep up the good work. This guy truly represents one percent in more ways than one.

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I once attended all the Big Orange Caravan stops in Atlanta but I haven't been in the past few years simply because my heart hasn't been in it. This year, however, my wife and I are looking forward to meeting and hearing Coach Jones in person. And as a bonus, it looks like CCM and CHW will also be there. Once again, the future of Bog Orange athletics looks bright. It's been tough living in Georgia recently.

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I'm watching Michigan-Louisville and we don't have one player who could even make the end of the bench for either of these teams. Such speed, hustle and quickness is light years ahead of our guys. I hope they get better next year but any talk about the NBA right now is ridiculous.

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Here's a truism that is often forgotten. Of the 64 teams that started, only one of them will end their season with a victory. All the rest will get beaten and go home. Nobody likes to lose but sometimes you have to come to grips with the fact that this is as far as this team could go. While the LVs competed above their expected level most of the season, there were many times when they seemed to be "out-muscled" under the basket. Burdick, Simmons and Graves, to name a few, will need to spend some time in the weight room before next year. With Russell coming in and giving them more length to go along with Harrison, they should dominate the boards against everyone they play.

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The Oregon game will be interesting to watch. It will be when we see which team can "out-hurry" the other team. We might see close to 200 offensive plays in the game. Won't be any time between plays for the fans watching on TV to run to the frig or go to the head. Hope our defense is up to the task.

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To say that we fans are extremely disappointed in the effort shown last night is an understatement. They spent a couple of days complaining that they weren't picked for the NCAA and then went out and showed the entire US that they really weren't even worthy of competing in the rinky-dink NIT. I'm glad basketball season is over for the men. In the off-season I hope the staff will do whatever it takes to give them a reality check so they can perform next year. It would be a good idea if they spent several hours each day this summer shooting free throws. Lord knows they need it.

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I'm tired of the players complaining that they were hosed by the NCAA. They have no one to blame but themselves. They need to step up and take ownership for the state of affairs. Remember Georgetown, Georgia (twice), etc.? If they had not gone in the tank a half dozen times this year there would be no question as to whether they would be in. Now it's time to put on your big boy pants and back up your words with some actions.

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Lots of detailed info on the scrimmage. Much more than in the past. Keep up the good work, Evan!

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Looked like the Vols gave up in the last 3 minutes. Worst free throw shooting I've ever seen. How many 2-foot shots did we miss? While Stokes is an outstanding rebounder because of his sheer size, he just can't jump for a guy his size.

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I would think this loss dropped them from a #2 seed to a #3 seed. Still have to beat some good teams ahead of them if they want to make any kind of impact at the Big Dance.

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Could Golden have played worse? I don't think so. He got in foul trouble by committing fouls 50 feet from the basket and generally looking mystified on the court. Now they have to win the tournament to get in. Don't think they can do it with this kind of choking by guys who have to perform for any kind of success.

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Everyone seems to have an idea as to why he is leaving, but nobody lets the facts get in the way. There have been more than 150 posts on this subject and no one -- not one -- has had a discussion with Graham about why he is leaving. But I guess if it was a requirement to know anything before being able to post, this site would die from lack of use. Maybe we will someday know the real reason, but not because of anything posted here.

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I believe we are seeing this team grow up right before our very eyes!

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in response to SevenT:

14-10 Tennessee actually played well today. Fortunately for them Kentucky didn't show up.

Truthfully, Tennessee's AD Department should be grateful Kentucky blessed the City of Knoxville today. They actually sold some tickets to the game and didn't have to pull the curtains on the upper deck like they usually due.

The three things that are certain in life: death, taxes and SevenT being a jerk!

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Glad to hear he's staying, even though it will work against the Vols this fall. It's the best thing for college football. If he were to sit out it might start a trend whereby any player who has a pretty good sophomore season will decide to sit out his junior year. I could foresee 20-30 guys sitting out because they have an unrealistic view of what they are worth in the draft. We already know most of these guys think they are the next Reggie White or Adrian Peterson coming out of high school.

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(This comment was removed by the site staff.)

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Lucky for everyone, he doesn't read your posts. If he did he would get the wrong impression of the VolNation and might mistakenly think you were a part of it.

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I turned off the TV after the first eight minutes. It was the most inept performance by a Vol team in many years. When a defender just walks up and takes the ball away from one of our guys, it's time to change the channel.

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The question is: why was his license suspended in the first place?

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If they are not as good as the guys getting the minutes right now, they must be have a long way to go to compete in the SEC. I think anyone who shows some aggressiveness on offense would stand out immediately. I keep hearing that we have deficiencies on defense. Why doesn't somebody address the fact that we can't stand on the dock and throw the ball in the ocean? Regularly scoring 50-60 points a game won't win many games.

Most kids coming out of high school are scorers.They want to see their highlights on ESPN. I hope CCM doesn't go into a kid's home and say: "We don't care if you score or not, just play solid defense." We need guys who can put the ball in the basket and aren't afraid to demand their shots.

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I continue to be amazed at how we can shoot a 2-footer and miss everything. We must have the lowest shooting percentage in the nation (the world?). Free throws are always an adventure, even when we make them. Our post players get the ball and just stand there and wait for the double-team to take it away from them. We make a dozen passes from 20-25 feet without even looking toward the basket, then rush to take a bad shot. We appear to be instructed to wait until both teams (particularly the defense) is set up before starting our offense. When the game is on the line in the last couple of minutes, we look like a grade school team. Other than these points, we have a great team . . . NOT!

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Unfortunately, same old story.

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Simmons has some good moments as a scorer and she certainly has speed. Her defense, however, is non- existent. I can't understand why she was assigned to guard Diggins much of the game. It was like asking a middle schooler to guard LeBron James. Whenever Diggins broke for the basket Simmons just followed about two steps behind. Whenever Simmons is in the game she needs to guard the opposition's poorest shooting and slowest player. That way Simmons can just rest without hurting her team.

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in response to Witch_Doctors:

Witch Doctor say the letters and numbers looked pink? Witch Doctor say what the hell Martin? Witch Doctor say GONNA HAVE TO LEARN TO PLAY ZONE...Really its a pride thing it seems(?) WOW I have never understood a coach that wont play or change a D to match the Opponent..THIS WILL BE his undoing unless he gives up the "pride" thing
Bones never lie.

Maybe you should check out the color button on the TV in your voodoo hut. They were Vol Orange on my screen. The problem with the uniforms were the guys who were wearing them. Somebody has got to convince them to drive to the basket in the first half. Right now it's just too little too late.

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It is obvious that Stokes doesn't think about what he is going to do with the ball until he actually has it in his hands. That gives the defense time to sag back and double team him and by then it's too late to make his move. He needs to make his move as soon as he is fed the ball. If they try to double him they will be a little late and probably have to foul to stop him. If they are able to double him, then he needs to quickly feed the ball to a teammate. The key to all this is quick decisions, which he is not making right now.
I was also glad to see CCM sit Stokes down for several minutes last night. Then when he came back in he immediately made a very good move to the basket for a score. Sometimes we need to remember that these kids are still young and some "tough love" can go a long way in getting their attention.

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It couldn't happen to a nicer guy! NOT! Hope Santa left lots of lumps of coal in his Christmas stocking!

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What a reversal of roles! The guys win easily and the Lady Vols get hammered. Maybe the world really is coming to an end this weekend!

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Volrunthru, etc:
I am not hitting reply since that would only force the site to spread your hate and venom over this site one more time. I think you are a sad bitter person who hides behind a screen name to embarrass the university. I only hope you did not really attend UT. I think the students in Knoxville are better than that. I predict you will get coals in your Christmas stocking this year and get a visit from your cousins, the Grinch and Scrooge.

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Each new coach in the SEC has won the entire conference they came from...except Tennessee's new coach.

Ark-Bret Bielemma...Wiscy/Big 10 (Oh St really won the Big 10 though)
Aub-Gus Malzahn...Ark St/Sun Belt
Ky--Mark Stoops...FSU/ACC
TN--Butch Jones....lost the Big East to a 3 way tie btwn champions: Louisville, Rutgers, and Syracuse.

Not Mark Stoops. Jimbo Fisher gets credit for that.

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For those of you who are weeping and wailing about Butch Jones, you might want to visit and check out the section on what the national sports writers are saying about him. These are guys who evaluate college football teams, coaches and players for a living. They seem to unanimously feel CBJ is the real deal and the kind of coach who makes his players and his team better. he's a tough no-nonsense player's coach and a winner. But I'm sure these posters with everyday hum- drum existence know better than the experts. After all, they probably once played on their junior high flag football teams.

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in response to exlineman:

AlpharettaVol, agree with your post. Don't you live in the same town as Eric Berry and his brothers, if so what is the latest on these two brothers? Would love to see them come to UT. It might interest you and others that Jalen Reeves Maybin is another Patterson, but only better. He plays the entire game offense as quarterback and corner back on defense. He has committed and has stated UT is still his school. He is the same size as Patterson. Saw him go against Jalen Hurd of Beech High. They both are better than Patterson. Jalen Hurd''s family is all UT, but he is waiting for the right coach at UT. He is just a junior, but could graduate this yr. as a 17 yr. old. Wants to study chemistry and engineering in college.

Both of these guys are 6ft. 3in. and can fly. Both are very difficult to tackle. Both know proper pass routes and their plays.

Berry's family lives on the other side of Atlanta. I had a chance to talk briefly with their father a few years ago at a Big Orange meeting and he was quick to say that the twins had more speed and more natural talent than Eric, so that's saying a lot. I believe one of them won the state 100-meter dash as a freshman. They continue to say they will keep an open mind about colleges and they don't seem to be committed to going to the same school. If we could get one of them it would be great, but if we got both it would be a grand slam!

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in response to Rel2400:

Very good comment. 2 points to reiterate:

1. Winners win...this guy is a winner. Winning is contagious and so is losing. So much of sports is mindset. Hiring winners is always better than mediocrity.

2. The fact that he turned down jobs in hopes for the TN speaks HUGE! We now have a coach that knows how win and WANTS to be at TN!! This is a destination job for him.

The losers on this site that can't see the upside need to just move on. TN will never be good enough for them unless we are playing in NC game every year.

I'll be interested to see how he recruits, how the Juniors react to this hiring and how gets immediately involved in high schools in TN. It will also be very interesting to see how he assembles his coaching staff. We have some great talent that wants to come to TN but just like coaches...when there are better opportunities you have to look elsewhere.

Next year's schedule is tough...but expect an upset or 2.

Go Vols!

Another voice of reason is heard from. Many, many thanks.

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in response to SandySpringsVol:

When Urban Meyer was hired by Florida, he had 4 years of head coaching experience, 2 in the MAC and 2 in the Mountain West, where he won conference titles both years.

Butch Jones has 6 years of head coaching epxerience, 3 in the MAC where he won 2 conference titles, and 3 in the Big East where he won 2 conference titles.

I'm not saying that this guy is the next Urban Meyer, but he's proved he can coach. Moreoever, he wants to be here and turned down a good job at Colorado to take the Tennessee job.

He's going to have far more resources at his disposal than he could have imagined at Cincinnati, and, if he puts them to good use, can build a great program at UT.

Welcome Coach Jones!

Looks like we are very close in more ways than one. Not only do we live near each other, we apparently think alike. I agree with all you have said. I'm pretty excited about the possibilities for the future.

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90 percent of the names that were thrown out here were no more than Christmas wishes with no basis in fact. I believe this guy has a real chance to succeed. He has a lot going for him (an expectation of winning, a desire to actually be at UT, an exciting offense, etc.). Now if we can find a way to improve the defense -- maybe go back to the 4-3 since the past year was such a disaster. At an rate, whether you like it or not, he is going to be the Vol coach for a minimum of 3 years and probably a lot longer. I think all true Vol fans owe it to the university to give him their support.

Written on New UT coach Butch Jones in Knoxville:

As always, 10 percent of the people lodge 90 percent of the negative noise. I believe it was Reagan who talked about the "silent majority." Now it's time for the true Vol fans to stand up and be counted.

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in response to 888657:

I'm going to back you on this comment. I have tried to remain positive during this search, with the reality(not Gruden)that we would hire a good coach. I cannot grasp the concept of offering Charlie Strong $4 million to be turned down, and make this hire the next morning. This is the same coach who got his brakes beat off of him by Derek Dooley. I will always support our players, because they are suffering more than anyone during this circus. It is a really sad day to be a Tennessee Vol. I hope the very best for Coach Davis, but I believe he is in over his head. Dave Hart and Jimmy Cheek should be fired immediately, and escorted off the University.

Our new coach is Butch Jones, NOT Butch Davis. You might want to learn his name before you start criticizing him.

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i can't wait to boo him and hart when they are announced at the next basketball game. i know, i know. all of you hollier than thou fans will say that makes me a bad fan. when in fact most of you that will say that won't be at the next basketball game because they aren't playing well. that makes you a bad fan. i pay thousands a year to that place and while it is nothing compared to the big donors, it is a big chunk of my yearly income. so the way i see it i'm entitled to voice my anger on the hire. boo.

Maybe Santa Claus will show up and you can boo him, too.