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How much do they still owe Fulmer?

What a bunch of UT idiots!

I don't recall, but I think UT paid Fulmer $5 million just like Dooley. Firing Fulmer right before the homecoming game may have satisfied UT fans bloodthirst or at least made John Adams happy, but it wasn't the best move in the world, even if you think Fulmer was the world's worse coach in the history of college football, it is still a bad business move.

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I wish all the success in the world to this team. But to expect them to win 12 games in a row? So far no other team in the nation has won 12 in a row as far as I know.
It seems very likely they will lose one of the last regular season games. I hope fans aren't too disappointed.

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Once again, John Adams gets a chance to gig Coach Fulmer. It's evidently the gift that keeps giving.
I can imagine John will be knocking Fulmer on John's death bed. I've realized that I'm fading as a Vol fan after long years and while Adams isn't the reason, he's doing nothing to prevent it.

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Fulmer's awful last 4 years, including his worst 2 ever were 30 wins and 20 losses. He won the SEC east during those last 4 years and came within Ainge's broke finger of winning the SEC Championship.
The four years since Fulmer left we're 23 wins and 27 losses and no SEC east champions. Perhaps Fulmer was able to keep a difficult program afloat longer than it should have been and just couldn't pull off miracles anymore. That's not being lazy or losing it.
It does perhaps portend our future.

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Until his last 4 years when he got lazy.

It's been four years since Fulmer has been gone. I agree his last 5 years were not his best. However it is a proven fact that Fulmer's last 4 years he was 30 wins and 20 losses. He also came within Ainge's broken finger of winning the SEC Championship in 2007. He did win the SEC East in 2007.
Have we done better in the past 4 years? The further away we've moved from Fulmer's recruits the worse we've gotten.
I say this not just to defend Fulmer who is forever gone, but in remembrance of something Johnny Majors said when he came here from Pittsburg. "It's going to be much harder to win a national championship at Tennessee than the fans realize." Majors never explained that remark but I would bet it involved recruiting. Perhaps Fulmer took us to unsustainable heights until he just wasn't able any more. That's different from being lazy.
The point is we may have been spoiled and not realized it to put post in reference to the future. I wish Butch Jones the best.

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Well He did not want the job but don't let that stop your useless post.

Im5449, Stop with the logical, truthful posts. It's not what people want to read. TIC

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Remember what Johnny Majors said when he first got back about needed to hit rock bottom before starting the climb back? Well, UT is pretty darn close to the bottom. In fact, the entire men's side of the athletic department is in about as bad a shape as I can recall. I have been a fan since 1957. So....

Oldster, I've been a fan since 1951. Perhaps during the McDonald era it was this bad. But I agree, this is about as low as I've seen the program.
I don't know the future, but I suspect Jones first two years will be rough. I hope year three pans out for him.
I do remember that I thought the firing of Fulmer was done in a way that would hurt the program a long time. And this is beyond Fulmer himself. Majors firing was nearly the same except we had another Tennessee guy ready to take over. Not so in Fulmer's case.

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I wonder if Kansas City will pick Bray up in the third round?

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Perhaps Azusa offers a better criminal justice department and this is a academic decision. Perhaps he knows someone in their program.

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I wonder if the NFL has done a study on the number of players who end up bankrupt 7 years out of the pros? I believe they have. I wonder what portion of the bankrupt ex-players came out their junior year or at least never got a degree?

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It's time to admit that college football is semi-pro and pay the players. FWIW, I never played at the college level and don't have a close acquaintence who did.

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The Fulmer era was the best era we've had since the Neyland era. What we haven't recovered from, and may never, is the Mike Hamilton era.

Sorry, there is obviously a large contingent of UT fans who far prefer the past four years to the Fulmer years. They are wallowing in the recent achievements since Fulmer left. Oh, well, everyone is entitled to their feelings.
By the way didn't Tahj Boyd look good. Didn't Fulmer recruit him?

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Well, we could always agree to play Ole Miss in Memphis. Bigger crowd than Oxford, I would think.

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I haven't kept close touch, but $5 million buyout for Dooley and $6 million buyout for Fulmer? Is that correct?
My happiest football moment recently is watching Lane Kiffen outcoach a 6&6 Georgia Tech team. Kudoes to Kiffen for such great coaching. TIC.

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Tennessee isn't even close to being in the same class as Alabama. Notre Dame, Michigan, Ohio State and Texas can compare their program to Alabama but you are in a dream world putting Tennessee in that company. Just forget about it and be satisfied with being a solid SEC middle of the pack program.

Just Saying

Uh, Notre Dame and Michigan in the past 10 years haven't been stellar. And Texas mostly fails to live up to expectation, wouldn't you think?

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Mike Hamilton who cared more about raising funds than winning. Who left a legacy of losing and bad decisions, but who walked away a millionare knowing he destroyed a once proud athletic program.

I would agree Mike Hamilton and his in house supporters. But I place a bit of blame on part of the fan base.

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Ah, things are so much better since Fulmer was fired. Obvious that Fulmer contributed nothing to the program, it was all the great talent that wanted to come here because of our stadium and fans alone.
I do wish Butch Jones the best.

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Butch Jones has essentially followed Brian Kelly's footsteps. So far he has closely matched Kelly's sucess at two schools. The question is will he match Kelly's success at Notre Dame here at UT? Will he finally outshine his mentor? Or was he winning with Kelley's base? I hope he outshines Kelly. Perhaps a spark will lite.

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He's followed in Brian Kelley's footsteps. Our AD is praying is will continue to match Brian Kelley. I hope so too.

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One can only hope that Jones keeps following in Brian Kelley's footsteps.

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I hope Jones wins the National Championship next year. Or in two years. But I think it speaks volumes about how good a job UT really is.

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Hamilton's timing in firing Fulmer,(before the Homecoming Game) due to fan pressure was one of the biggest mistakes the UT AD department has ever made. Perhaps Fulmer should have left, perhaps not, but the timing was atrocious.
Whatever Hart does, it shouldn't be in any response to fan pressure.

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Water under the dam now, but any coach in it for more than quick bucks has to look at the difference between the way UT treated Fulmer and the way Penn State treated Paterno when he had two losing seasons.
The names don't really matter, it's not about Fulmer per se, but the way he was fired and the demands of the fans. Most cannot see this, but a future coach, unless he is in it for the money only will.
Odd, isn't it, Penn State appears to have more morale around it's program than we do ours.

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Gruden would have been the second coming of Lane Kiffen with a different style but same results.

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I recall at the time of Fulmer's firing it was said that we had a great program, with a great stadium and great athletes wanted to come here. I read that the "only" problem was Fulmer was past his coaching prime.
Four years later if Fulmer's coaching was the 'only' problem, what then is the problem? The facilities haven't changed, the location hasn't changed, the recruiting base is the same, the fan support the same. So, let's admit, say that Fulmer was past his coaching prime. Then what is the problem we have now? Until we address the problem that isn't Fulmer, then the problem we have won't be addressed, imho.

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I'm just a fan and have no great insights as to what or whom UT should hire. I do reflect on the fact that since Neyland left, UT has only had one sucessful coach from outside the university itself. Oddly with the initials DD. Doug Dickey.
I would think one possible problem might be Peyton Manning. What will Peyton want to be doing in 5 years? If it is coaching will he need a year's training as a assistant? If he did say at some point he wanted to coach at UT would the fan base be in favor of that? A outside hire would also consider this.
Should we look at Tee Martin? From 1978 to 2008 it was Majors and Fulmer. A good run. I don't know coaching, but would it be better to develop a loyal staff that took 4 years to get up to speed, or hire an outsider who leaves in 4 years after so/so performance?
I have zip knowledge about Peyton's plans of course, but just considering.

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John Gruden would have been the second coming of Lane Kiffen.
A bit different style, same end results.
People are entitled to their desires, but facts are facts.

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Getting Chucky would have been like bringing Lane Kiffen back.

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Biggest reason not to come to Tennessee: smaller recruiting base than other powerhouse SEC schools. Of course, if you just want to make 5 to 6 million for 3 years work then perhaps it doesn't matter. Do I understand correctly we paid Fulmer $6 million to leave and people complained. Are we paying Dooley $5 million to leave? Is that true or a misunderstanding. Surely Dooley got his money for the entire run.

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Let's see, I've been reading the posts tonight and I've come away with basically a bunch of UT fans hate Fulmer and a bunch of UT fans hate Majors and a nobody likes Dooley and some even dislike Kiffen.
I know nothing really about coaching, but a bit about human nature. It's appearing the most important quality needed in a football coach at UT is being able to function with a lot hate.
Off topic, does anyone else in my age bracket see a similiarity between single wing football and the spread? A single back who both throws and runs? Robert Griffen would have made an excellant single wing tailback. Of course the spread does seem like the single wing only spread out and the blocking back being a receiver.

OK, not so off topic. Majors would have been good at the spread in his playing days.

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Let's see, I've been reading the posts tonight and I've come away with basically a bunch of UT fans hate Fulmer and a bunch of UT fans hate Majors and a nobody likes Dooley and some even dislike Kiffen.
I know nothing really about coaching, but a bit about human nature. It's appearing the most important quality needed in a football coach at UT is being able to function with a lot hate.
Off topic, does anyone else in my age bracket see a similiarity between single wing football and the spread? A single back who both throws and runs? Robert Griffen would have made an excellant single wing tailback. Of course the spread does seem like the single wing only spread out and the blocking back being a receiver.

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I find it a bit difficult to accept that Dooley improved our defense and it's personnel. I can see progress on offense, but defense?

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(This comment was removed by the site staff.)

Peyton anytime soon does seem far fetched. He's still playing and has zip coaching experience at this point.
His lack of coaching experience means nothing to the average UT fan, true. But I suspect it would mean a lot to Peyton.

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Your mentality is the reason that we are a second tier program in the SEC. This "let's just celebrate what we got" attitude is great...but only if UT is auditioning for a hallmark Christmas movie special. If you haven't noticed, our stadium seats over 100,000 people. We're waaay past the "lets just accept" what we are given stage of college athletics.

"Memphis? Wyoming? Chattanooga? Duke?"

This??? This is your counter-argument to those of use screaming at the top of our lungs that we should expect better? That we should look back to 1933 (loss to Duke) as a the standard for Vols football???

Please...stop posting. Some of us live in the modern era and realize that for all of college football's pastoral history, it's a business now and if you want to win, you pay for the best coach. You don't sit around and feign being impressed by saying, "How freaking easy would it be for these guys to lay down at this point, but they didn't." (Btw...this is a common praise/excuse normally used by Vandy fans.)

Saban is out recruiting with a Gruden quote comparing Bama to the NFL and actually using the phrase "pipeline to the NFL" and fans like you are on these message boards saying, "Just think happy thoughts."

It pains me that so many UT fans have just accepted this pathetic mediocrity and will do anything to defend this coach and his "awww shucks" excuses. Call me a troll, but I'm going to speak the truth.

Dooley has never beaten a ranked team.
Dooley hired Sunseri...not Hart.
Dooley is NOT going to win an SEC championship at UT not matter how much time he gets.
Dooley is NOT the answer.

I don't care how Dooley came to be UT's head coach, he needs to be fired.

Sorry, Dwayne, I might understand your pain, but not your thought process. People complained heavily about Fulmer and demanded he be fired. Has that helped the program? I think you would be among the first to say it's not better.
I'm indifferent as to Dooley. But I did note that shulessjo was talking about the team not the coach and keeping their spirits up. I see nothing wrong in trying to keep the team's spirits up.

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In the game I watched, Troy's defense was at least 7 points worse than ours.

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Before 1992, UT's history was just a tad over 65% winning %. That was mostly before integration. We could compete then. We are in a non diverse state in a sport and league that is over 80% diverse. UT is suppose to do better in the new reality then they did in the old when we had the same amount of prospects? Again, as time goes by you will continue to understand that UT is not an easy place to win and what Phil did is not only remarkable but will never be duplicated.

Enjoy the change!!

Agreed. I'm old enough to recall that when Johnny Majors came here from Pittsburg, he said, "It will be harder to win a national championship here than most fans realize."
I think Johnny was right. He didn't say, but I believe it's referring to the recruiting base.

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I can't comprend why a coach as thin as Dooley can't win against a obvious donunt eater like Will Muschamp, for example. Something is gone bad wrong in the donut eating football theory of winning.
How is it possible a thin coach loses? I mean even Nick Saban looks hefty next to Dooley. Are thin people losers? Could our fan base be wrong in their analyst? Then there's that Miss. State coach who outweights Dooley. This can't be right.
Surely just calling people names should rectify all bad situations.

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I don't understand. A few years back on this board all I could read was that our problems were we had fat coaches which meant lazy.
If only we could get a coach who didn't eat donuts Tennessee would be on top of the world? Dooley is thin and doesn' eat donuts. What's going wrong with the brilliant donut theory of football from it's fans? Is there no relationship between eating donuts and losing football games? Does this mean it's actually possible for a thin person to be a loser?
Surely our fan base couldn't be so wrong, could it?

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Perhaps I misunderstood a sports headline. Did the Cleveland Browns just suck all the money out of Tennessee?

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I've been a decades long follower of the Vols and wish them well playing football. But over the long term you noticed the polls tend to move people up where it will help the tv ratings.
Just a fact of life and not just the Vols, obviously. Our team is neither better nor worse because of ranking. It's the same team at 25 or 35 in the rankings.

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If "The game averaged 1,491,000 viewers...." and "Vanderbilt's loss ... delivered 4,129,000 viewers"

So fewer viewers makes it more watched?

Uh huh.

Apples and oranges. UT was ESPNU's biggest. Vandy was ESPN not ESPNU and ESPN's 2nd biggest opening. I thought the same thing at first.

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Of late, it has been noted that Bray has been very agreeable.

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Just a historial comment. I've read Spurrier wanted to play at UT. But UT didn't want him in the early 1960's.
A single decision can have long lasting consequences.

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Air Conditioning is a real possibility, methinks. (8-)

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It is impossible to know whether Fulmer would have gotten us back to an SEC championship or not.
It's impossible to replay the past. But I do consider that Penn State didn't fire Paterno during a few years of bad football and he later had them competing again. I feel Penn State, other issues aside, handled Paterno's losing season's better.
I miss Fulmer. I do wish Dooley the best. I strongly suspect it will be decided on the field.

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I'm trying to comprehend this. Does it mean a 12 game regular season schedule, then the SEC championship. Next the playoff with the Big 12, which is to replace the Sugar Bowl or Orange Bowl.
Then after those 14 games, will there be another 2 games for the eventual BCS playoff champion?
How much is a football scholarship worth with spring and summer practice, off season voluntary training, followed by 16 games? What have I missed?

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I find myself concerned that UT is not a top ten football program. I worry that Majors and then Fulmer did an incredible job of keeping us higher than we should be for a period.
I think perhaps that Fulmer merely reverted to the norm in his last 3 seasons rather than hurting the program. For this reason I believe he fully deserves the honor. For UT fans the future may be difficult. I hope, of course, I am wrong. We will be good, just not great.

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I'm very happy to hear it for Coach Fulmer.

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Since the 4 game playoff is mentioned, I will mention an article in the Wall Street Journal. It suggests that colleges go back to being schools of education and let the NFL set up a minor league for developing players.
This really makes sense when you think about it. Perhaps the colleges could rent the stadiums and receive royalities. No concern over academics for the players. All would be paid and those who don't make the pros could accumulate money for a education.
It was an interesting article. I doubt 99% of college football fans would mind if, for example, the Knoxville minor league team was called the Tennessee Volunteers.

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Whatever your opinion of Phil, at least Arkansas would have an ethical coach!

Amen. And that might have been his downfall.