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Written on Time, TV broadcast set for NCAA tournament game between Tennessee and Mercer:

Every other media outlet I have seen says that the game tomorrow is on TNT, and not TBS.

Written on Back on the court: Bruce Pearl to coach Auburn basketball:

And in a related story, Jon Gruden will not be coaching football at UT.

Film at eleven.

Written on Personnel Fouls: Sex discrimination suits shake Tennessee :

Wow. What an unbiased and completely factually written article (tongue planted firmly in cheek).

Written on Phillip Fulmer says Tennessee coach Butch Jones has 'lots of challenges':

The man who is responsible for creating the downward spiral that is UT football right now speaks again. Why does the media insist on continuing to regurgitate the same tired Fulmer stories?

Written on Former UT football players sue NCAA over concussions:

The next great money grab.

Please. Claiming that you weren't warned of potential injuries is just plain absurd.

Written on Phillip Fulmer says administrative leadership at root of Tennessee's football fall:

in response to tn10:

Good article. Coach Fulmer is spot on. The administrative mess our Board of Trustees created 10 years ago has caused more problems than just those of the Athletic Department.

Agree with both you and Fulmer. The UT Administration did screw up with the Fulmer firing. They should have fired him after the 2005 season.

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in response to MetroplexMojo:

My point was that he did not have the test score required to get eligible, was injured his senior season and yet only took the test twice before June 2013. Where were the coaches/guidance counselors encouraging him to take the tests more often?

I graduated with enough people who took the ACT once or twice and got 25s and 26s. There were several public colleges nearby that gave full or partial scholarships for 27s. I could never figure out why they never took it again.

I give up. The point made is apparently going right over your head.

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in response to MetroplexMojo:

If I knew my test scores were preventing me from being eligible (or were just a tad too low from getting an academic scholarship), I would have taken it more than three times.

That wasn't the point, but you aren't going to get an academic scholarship with an 18 ACT, either. 18 is basically what is needed to get through the Clearinghouse and be eligible to play sports at an NCAA member school as a freshman.

An 18 is barely more than what one makes for getting his name and other identifying information correct on the test.

Written on Jabo Lee's coach upset with Tennessee:

Perhaps the coach needs to sit in on a few English classes at his school.

And I question a high school that graduates a student early who can't even make an 18 on the ACT until his third attempt.

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If only empty long neck tossing had been a skills test at the combine, what might have been for Bray.

Written on Tyler Bray shut out at NFL draft, but Mychal Rivera lands with home-state team:

So, reports have Bray signing with Miami?

Tyler Bray at South Beach. Yeah, I can see that turning out really well.

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in response to collegegrovebilly:

(This comment was removed by the site staff.)

If you are shocked then you haven't been paying attention. Draft analysts and scouts have been saying that it was a gamble for Bray to enter the draft early all along.

And who are you to determine who is and isn't a "UT fan"? Many of us have been UT fans for a long time, but we don't look at everything through orange colored glasses. Blaming this one on Dooley is way off base. Bray made his own bed with his immaturity and his quitting on his team on more than one occasion.

Written on Like Bruce Pearl, most coaches survive NCAA show-cause orders :

Yawn. Another story about a fired UT coach. We've never seen this in the KNS, have we?

Time to move on. This is old news.

As I have said before, that ship has sailed and will never return.

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in response to eepwlg:

Why did they bother to show up?

UT showed up? One couldn't tell by watching the game.

This performance was inexcusable. Hardly a surprise, however, after Counzo announced yesterday that he would have trouble getting his team up to play. It looked like his team was making spring break plans rather than getting ready to play Mercer.

Funny thing - Mercer looked like they watched film and prepared to play this game. UT looked like they blew off any preparation time.

Written on Jay Graham leaving Vols for Florida State:

If he doesn't want to be here, he doesn't want to be here. This move and Tee's decision pretty much proves that just because a guy played at UT doesn't mean he needs to be coaching at UT.

It's a business. Graham made what he thought was the better business decision for himself.

Time to move on.

Written on Kenny Hall won't be suspended following arrest:

in response to needa_momma:

Why couldn't the cops handle this without grandstanding? SMH.

How did the Knox County Sheriff's Department grandstand? They held no press conference. The News-Sentinel obtained the arrest report using the freedom of information act. The KCSD had no choice but to provide them with it. Hall was treated just like any other person who violated the laws that Hall is charged with violating.

Written on Mike Hamilton defends department's debt practices:

in response to FWBVol:

Here's a news flash for you Mr. Know It All, by your own statements you acknowledge the men and women athletic departments were separate under Hamilton's watch, which means Hamilton had nothing to do with Pat Summitt's contract. Also, the University had a master plan in place to merge the men and women departments long before things fell apart under Hamilton's watch.

As for Pat Summitt being overpaid, although you didn't call her by name, she's the winningest coach in the history of her sport and the includes men or women. Even if you buy the argument that it's not fair to compare the women's game with the men's game, which, by the way, I do, she is still the winningest coach in the history her sport of women's baskeetball. Pat Summitt won more national championships than anyone in the history of women's college basketball and helped the University of Tennessee bring in a lot of money during her time.

Even if you throw out all of those factors, by law the University of Tennessee was required to pay her a comparable salary to that of the men's coach.

On your last statement, that's just not accurate. If it were, Holly Warlick would be making $1.3 million per year as is Cuonzo Martin, instead of just under $500K.

Written on Derek Dooley to offer recruiting commentary on ESPNU's National Signing Day coverage :

Dooley on ESPN talking about recruiting? That would be like a McDonald's french fry dropper talking about fine cuisine on the Food Network.

Written on John Adams: CAK QB Charlie High still thinking big despite recruiting rejections :

in response to TrackVol1975:

Bill High was one of my teammates at UT and one heck of a hurdler himself. He made All-American several times and was a tough competitor.

If his son has near the heart of his dad, then he will be a good player for someone, and I only could hope it would be UT. Condredge Holloway was about 5-9 and didn't do too badly for us.

Condredge Holloway also played in an era where he had 225 pound offensive linemen in front of him blocking 225 pound defensive linemen and 190 pound linebackers. It's a totally different day now.

Charlie High has been an incredible high school quarterback, but the reality is that in this day and time size is an issue in major college football.

That said, what ever school ends up with him will be getting a terrific football player, and an even better person.

Written on Butch Jones says Cordarrelle Patterson 'definitely going to the NFL' :

That not going to class thing likely played a large part in CP's decision. He was going to be one and done, no matter who the coach was going to be in 2013.

Written on Tennessee's coach search turns to Oklahoma State's Mike Gundy :

in response to VOLSnTITANS:

I'm a man...I'm 40.

That was 5 years ago. He's still a man! He's 45!

Written on Gruden tells Tennessee no thanks:

in response to Rock85:

The sports Animal Is refusing to report this.. On air live 30 min ...Not a word...

You expect them to read the paper this early?

Three blind mice.

Written on Tennessee freshman cornerback Deion Bonner suspended indefinitely:

Yeah, it is a crazy world that we live in alright. Crazy that Dooley signed off on giving him a scholarship to UT after he was convicted of stealing from Georgia players in the UGA locker room at the spring game when he was there on an unofficial visit.

Nobody saw this one coming, did they?

Written on Tennessee trying fresh faces to solve defensive woes :

in response to coach799:

I have to disagree with you because our numbers on defense were better last year with virtually the same players. The scheme has to be the difference. We lose receivers every game and miss tackles regularly.


Believe what you want, but scheme doesn't make defenders miss tackles and bust pass coverages.

If the 3-4 is such a though scheme to learn, then why do other major schools and NFL teams run it? It's a solid defensive set, and it is not rocket science to execute properly.

We just aren't very talented on that side of the football.

Written on Tennessee trying fresh faces to solve defensive woes :

in response to alavol:

Unbelievable defense or lack thereof. Scrap the 3-4 and win some games- all the kids came up playing 4-3. Clawson was Fulmer's Waterloo, Sunseri will be Dooley's! Get real we need to fill the stadium, and win some games. I have never seen a more inept defensive back/safety bunch.

Actually, many of the current UT defensive players came up playing a 3-4 defense in high school. With more and more high school now playing a spread option offense, high schools have countered with a 3-4 defensive front.

This 4-3/3-4 defense excuse has gotten old. The 3-4 isn't rocket science, and if we aren't recruiting kids smart enough to play it then maybe that is the problem.

The real issue is that we just don't have much upper echelon SEC talent on the defensive side of the ball right now, and it wouldn't matter if we were playing a 3-4, 4-3, 5-2, or a 10-1. We are simply a bad defensive team.

Written on Cuonzo Martin: Jeronne Maymon will start season on sideline :

in response to kingofthevols:

Redshirt him. If we don't sign Nichols or Anya, we may need him more next year anyway.

Maymon has already used his redshirt year when he transferred in from Marquette.

Written on Bray, court reach agreement on boating case :

in response to Tennesseebob:

Why were the other parties involved not identified? Because they're not the QB for TN. If this had been any other student, it would not have made the paper. I say get off the guy's back.

No, it's because they weren't in violation of the law, nor were they charged with anything.

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in response to Ayres_Hall:

Isn't Phil Fulmer still being paid? Might he slip into the role?

Not a chance.

Written on 'All is good': Andre Lott out as Vol for Life coordinator :

in response to VolzsFan:

This comment may be inappropriate. Reveal this comment.

No one can work with DD. At some point he needs to look in the mirror and realize EVERYBODY else is not wrong, maybe he needs to do something different.

This one wasn't DD's doing. Don't point that finger, because it is way off base.

Written on No charges against Vol QB Tyler Bray, roommate in beer-bottle, golf-ball tossing incident :

in response to Huttdawg100:

No guns, no drugs, no assault, no charges, no rape. No laws broken. He was workouts this morning getting ready to hang half-a-century on NC State and Florida. Calm down people.

No laws broken? The story indicates that no charges have been filed yet. It remains to be seen if there will be charges filed or not.

Vandalism is very much against the law.

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in response to notorange:

Well well, didn't say i was claiming anything skippy boy, i said someone should get credit for a win regardless of WHO it is....this no one wins is for the i said before that my opinion and i'm sticking to it.

Skippy boy?

OK, explain exactly why UT should get credit for the win when they lost the game on the field.

Written on Penn State vacates Outback Bowl win over Tennessee :

in response to notorange:

UT or any school that loses a game but then the winning team is forced to vacate the win for whatever reason, the win and the spoils should go to the other team...just sayin.

Hello McFly - UT didn't win the game. They lost that game.

Vacate doesn't mean forfeit.

If you want to claim a win that your team didn't get, so be it, but that doesn't make it so. UT lost, and the record still says they did.

Written on Penn State vacates Outback Bowl win over Tennessee :

in response to notorange:

What happens to the trophy?? Is it returned or does UT get possession?

Why would UT get a trophy for a game they lost? The game still stands as a loss for UT.

Written on Penn State vacates Outback Bowl win over Tennessee :

in response to Vol43:

I hope you guys will excuse my ignorance here, But if PS beat the Vols on January 2, 2007 and the game is forfeited, does that mean the game never happened? Does UT get credit for a win in a game they lost? I'm all for the sanctions against PS, but how do you explain history rewritten?

The game wasn't forfeited, the win was vacated. Two entirely different things.

Written on Penn State vacates Outback Bowl win over Tennessee :

in response to cobragolfer:

That's the only way the mighty Vols won't lose a Bowl Game!!

It's still a loss for UT. Penn State vacated the win, but it isn't a forfeit giving UT a win.

Vacate and forfeit mean two different things.

Written on Tyler Smith's signing with Rangers a blow for Serrano :

in response to 10seVol85_Part_Deux:

Yeah, and that ranges from less than $1000/month to a whopping $2150/month. It's a great life of poverty, but hey, they're playing baseball!

So, what is your point? College baseball players don't get full rides. They still have to come up with money themselves to fund what their scholarships (usually about a 50% ride for the better players in the SEC) don't cover. It's a decision each individual has to weigh depending on his own particular situation. You can't make a blanket statement that covers everybody.

No, minor league money isn't great. It's pretty much enough to pay basic living expenses. It is, however, the shot to make it to the big leagues and have a chance to earn big money.

Like I said, some people just don't have a clue what they are talking about.

Written on Tyler Smith's signing with Rangers a blow for Serrano :

in response to clvolfan:

135.000 won't last long out there in "A" league.
Guess Serrano is not immune to the same problems that beset the FB coaches.

$135K is his signing bonus. He will also be paid the same salary as every other player in single A baseball.

Some of you folks really don't understand how it works.

All of the SEC baseball programs, as well as most of the other better baseball league schools, go through this every year with their recruits. It's the nature of the beast. If they don't lose some recruits to professional baseball then they aren't recruiting and signing top talent in the first place.

I'd love to see every one of the recruits for UT and every other college end up enrolling and attending college and playing college baseball, but that's just not realistic.

Written on Tyler Smith's signing with Rangers a blow for Serrano :

in response to MLL:

These kids are totally mislead. Does this kid and his family really think he has a high probability of success in the pros? Ego trip on the part of the kid and mom and dad. He is good enough to make the pros now he will be just as good if not better in 2 years with 2 years of college education in the bag. Bad, bad decision.

$135K for a 19th round pick isn't chicken feed, and he most likely also got an educational annuity in addition to the signing bonus that will pay for his last two years of college. It's a gamble either way. If he goes to college and gets hurt or his stock goes down he is a loser. There are two sides to the story, and sometimes it is best to take the sure thing when it presents itself.

Written on Dave Hart says Debby Jennings 'fostered an atmosphere of negativity and division' :

in response to andforhisnexttune:

(This comment was removed by the site staff.)

It wasn't her computer. It belonged to the University of Tennessee. Jennings worked for UT, and not the other way around.

Written on Dave Serrano: 'I’m not proud of the product we are putting on the field':

in response to voloffaith:

As I vaguely recall Mr. Delmonico wouldn't schmmoze with the alumni which obviously grated on them. Can't remember if drinking issue or other public embarrassment lingering in the closet...

Nope. Had nothing to do with alumni. It was issues that he brought about himself.

Written on Dave Serrano: 'I’m not proud of the product we are putting on the field':

in response to PHAT_VOL:

I have to say TKS again Mr. Hamilton and what for? For firing Coach Rob Delmonico proably the best baseball coach to ever coach at U.T. and that other coach Mr. Fulmer. Who is now in the College Football Hall of Fame. Firing Coach Fulmer with no one lined up to take his place. Its still hard to comprehend. In the middle of the season?

Hang in there Coach Serrano. It will get better.


It's Rod Delmonico, not Rob, and he wasn't fired because of wins and losses. It was off the field issues that led to his being let go.

Fulmer was a HOF caliber coach after his first 10 years as the UT head football coach. He was not a HOF caliber coach his last 6 years.

Written on Bruce Pearl, Jimmy Collins, find closure in Big Easy :

Another story about Bruce Pearl? So, are you guys trying to catch up with the number of stories you have written about Phillip Fulmer after his departure from UT?

It's time to move on. Neither Pearl nor Fulmer coach at UT any longer. They are old news.

Written on Da'Rick Rogers absent from practice:

in response to onthehill5671:

More Dooley drama. This is kinda like the Janzen saga. Dooley better get some team chemistry, or no doubts he will be in the unemployment line. If he's not all Vol (Da'Rick), then without question let him go.

More Dooley drama? How about more Da'Rick Rogers drama? This isn't the first issue Rogers has had. This ball is completely in his court.

Written on Former Vols coach Phillip Fulmer adjusting to life away from UT:

in response to Central_IL_Vol:

Most of us understand that Fulmer is gone and isn't coming back. The problem is the same people who wanted to get rid of Fulmer are calling for Dooley to be fired. This is completely STUPID! This mess is not Dooley's fault and I think he is doing as well as he can to point this program in the right direction given the circumstances. CHANGING COACHES IS NOT THE ANSWER! Dooley needs at least 5 years to clean up this mess and show recruits that Tennessee is once again a stable program.

I have a question for those who say the Vols would not be better off today if Fulmer was still HC. Who did Fulmer have committed and would have signed had he remained?

Taj Boyd, Clemson QB who has been putting up some big numbers. Of course Lame@ss Kiffin told Boyd he needed to looke elsewhere. THINK ABOUT IT!

You mean the Taj Boyd who had to have ACL surgery from a high school injury and redshirted and did't contribute until his redshirt sophomore year?

Not a good example. He was 3 years from high school before he was a significant contributor. He wasn't going to help Fulmer for a while, either.

Written on Former Vols coach Phillip Fulmer adjusting to life away from UT:

in response to rtrchatt:

Glory days....GONE

Au contraire. Those days will never be gone because GoVolsXtra and the News-Sentinel will continue to write or link a weekly Fulmer story.

They conveniently omit that the reason for his firing was because he had 2 losing seasons in his last 4, and quit doing what he did best - recruit.

It's time for everybody involved, and especially the News-Sentinel, to get over the Fulmer man love. Coach Fulmer had his run, but it is well behind both he and UT now. Time to move forward.

Written on Vanderbilt offers Dy'shawn Mobley; Kentucky still solid choice :

in response to Olcrow:

Henderson, Dooley told to look elsewhere,it was reported somewhere can't remember exactly that he wouldn't make the grades.Tennessee never recruited Mobley because of some suspensions he recieved in high school.

OK, so if UT didn't recruit Mobley because of "suspensions", which isn't exactly accurate, then how do you explain Dooley offering and taking a verbal from the kid from Columbus, Georgia, who was charged and convicted for stealing out of the University of Georgia football locker room when he was there on an unofficial visit to their spring game?

A bit of inconsistency there, perhaps?

Written on Vanderbilt offers Dy'shawn Mobley; Kentucky still solid choice :

in response to illinoisvolfan:

I watched what he did to my Patriots in the 5A finals. If he ran like that all season, I can't imagine why UK, Vandy, and MS State are the only ones interested. You would think he could help the Vols somewhere. Is there anything at all to the rumors about an attitude problem?

Absolutely nothing to those rumors. Dy'shawn was the model team mate and the only attitide he has is doing whatever he can to help his team win.

If you watch his highlight tape, you see that he doesn't showboat, doesn't do things to draw attention to himself, and he hands the ball to the official and goes to the sideline after he scores.

He wasn't a "me" player. During the regular season he only averaged 14 carries per game, and including the playoffs only 16 1/2 per game. That hardly qualifies as being the selfish/me player that some try to portray him to be.

Those who throw out those rumors do so to somehow justify Dooley, and mostly Chaney's, decision not to offer him.

Written on Vanderbilt offers Dy'shawn Mobley; Kentucky still solid choice :

in response to Vol4Life35:

I got to watch this kid play a couple of times this past season. He has tremendous potential, but bad mechanics. He doesn't pick his legs up when running. Tennessee did recruit him, but told him back in October they wanted to wait until the high school season was over to fully evaluate. He could be a good player for the Vols, but he will be a superstar at Kentucky and that might be the absolute best place he could go.

Bad mechanics? Doesn't "pick up his legs"? You've got to be kidding me. Bad mechanics don't result in 3,068 rushing yards, the most ever in a season in the history of high school football in Tennessee.

You really don't have a clue on the mechanics claim, nor on his recruitment by UT.

Written on DeAnthony Arnett's family clarifies plans, including absolutely no return to Tennessee:

in response to VolfanClinton:

At least Vandy made it to a bowl and didn't get beat by a horrible Kentucky team QBd by a wide receiver...PLEASE FIRE DOOLEY !!!

Yeah, that head to head result thing is meaningless.

Honestly, have you looked at exactly who Vandy's wins were over? Elon? Please.

Written on Powell's Mobley is still in a rush before work at Kentucky starts :

in response to Bubba_Knows:

Players have tried to bring Kentucky football up for years with little to no success. Good luck son. With that said, wished Dooley had signed him. Think there may be something to his stealing a PC incident or his slower than desired 40 time causing him to not be more highly recruited, because his stats are eye popping.

Stealing a PC? Geez Louise. Don't believe everything you hear, Pal. That one is funny.