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Written on Reaction to new UT uniforms likely generational:

The all-white combination is so classy and clean looking. It's awesome! I will purchase the new white jersey. #7 if it will be available.

Written on Reaction to new UT uniforms likely generational:

It's really the pre-video game generations vs. the video game generations.

I'm in the former but I understand how and why the teenagers and adult jock sniffers love the video game unis.

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in response to ATX_VOL_FAN:

If you read the article on VolQuest you'll read that a gray uniform was the main uniform in the early 1900's until Orange was adopted as the main school color. So, traditional? It sure is. Who cares? The players and in-coming recruits. I like them. Only gonna see them once this year. They won't be the main uniform to be worn at every home game. Stop freaking out, traditionalists. Embrace it. It's one more move by Jones to try to have a winning season this year.

The uniform was gray because it was made of wool. It was not colored gray.

The CSA also wore gray and butternut. Do we want to go back to those traditional uniforms?


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Gray is appropriate for our program, today. We are gray like the clouds over most of the miserable fan base.

It's ugly, for sure. I hope we wear these things in Oregon as we'll match the rainy day Oregon sky.

Written on Evan Woodbery: UT video drops strong hints that new uniforms will come out today, could be 'smokey':

Oh Geez. We've become a "me too" program? It's difficult to accept just how far we've dropped.

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Why so many cry babies today?

Utah State is pretty good. Better than Vandy.

Written on UT freshman Corey Vereen undergoes knee surgery, but expected to return this year:

The photo of him wearing a brace on one knee leads me to believe he already had issues, maybe someting with his meniscus. Surgery was, more than likely, to clean up the existing issues because he was looking at 6-weeks recovery for the MCL sprain, anyway. And the Doc could check the MCL while in there.

That's my business school diagnosis.

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Justin Worley will be the QB and he will be better. CBJ is an offensive head coach who knows how to use his QB.

I expect us to balance a power run game with a short passing game which is what made Justin Worley the Gatorade National Player of the Year in high school.

Not saying we will be a good offense, but we will be more consistent (meaning the defense will get a rest now and then).

All of our QBs will be better.

Written on Butch Jones says Eric Gordon won't play in 2013:

in response to lahvolman2:

Sorry, but I won't miss him on the field...any time the opposing team needed critical yards, they went to his side.... don't believe it?? go back and watch some critical 3rd down plays from big games...I have!!

Everyone gets a "do over" with the new coaching staff. Whatever a player did or did not do, before, we should forget and allow them to improve and grow.

If Gordon doesn't play in his 5th year, will he have a year left to play?

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in response to volcycle:

Is there a story here? recruits player, player doesn't readily qualify, university recruits others players as insurance of said player not making it, player finally makes the grade, too late to ditch other players recruited.....yes, there is a story,

If you're a high school athlete, don't fart around with your grades. They really are important!!!

Hmmm. Not revealing an ACL tear is a big deal. Trust works both way, coach.

Sounds like Jaybo is a good kid who will do the necessary things to make good. Not so much for his old high shcool coach.

Good luck Jaybo.

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I wish more professional athletes would follow his lead.

He didn't really stop. He saw that Carlos Danger became available and nabbed it for himself.

Written on Antonio Barton says he will graduate Aug. 11, report to UT :

I thought he was already on campus? Seems like he could be taking the online courses from Knoxville as easliy as from Memphis.

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Traditional is the new black.

Written on Vols picked fifth in East by SEC media:

It's temporary.

Written on Mike Strange: Enjoy the newness while it lasts:

The article is fair.

We'll be a better team this year. But how much better? Can we beat Vandy or Missouri or Auburn? Look at the schedule. What 6 or maybe 7 are we going to win?

I too am excited about the 2014 recruiting class. But they are upcoming senior high school players a whole year removed from helping this team.

Reality. If we improve a lot then we are going to win one maybe two more SEC game than last year. Who's that gong to be?

Written on Tennessee's season opener against Austin Peay on pay-per-view at 6 p.m.:

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Way too many other games in that time slot to purchase PPV. Way too many other games on to go! This is where scheduling Austin Peay State University hurts, move to a 9 game SEC schedule and play three respectable non-conf schools. That's how you boost attendance.

Winning boost attendance. I personally know 100,000 idiots who would pay $75 to see UT play Knox College after a 10 win season.

Written on Mississippi suspends G Henderson indefinitely:

He'll be back before the season starts. Ole Miss has nothing else... nothing.

Written on Kentucky F Kyle Wiltjer says he is transferring:

in response to Colliervol:

Well stated. How any self respecting KY fan can stomach what is going on up there is beyond me. They might as well join the D League. Just a sad state of affairs and a mockery of college sports. I would disagree with you about the NBA though. At least with them, you know who's getting paid and who's writing the checks.

The Old Guard Blue Bloods quietly despise Calipari. Sure, they have enjoyed the wins but they feel dirty in doing so.

This kid was the only UK player I liked. He seemed selfless while the Micky D's did not.

Written on GoVols247: Linebacker Bryant commits to Tennessee:

Stop the bickering, boys.

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You know, kinda have to give Coach Donovan his props. Granted, Stokes was a major contributor to his U18 team last year, but that was no lock for him to be on the team this year. Playing with three other good big men will help Jarnell prepare for this years' SEC play. Might bring him out of his offensive shell or help his on floor assertiveness. Class act by Coach Donovan, of course, he's the only belly crawler I've ever been able to say that about.


Maybe Donovan wanted Stokes because he is the best big man?

Maybe the other big men will get better by playing against Stokes?

Donovan is not coaching the team in order to be liked.

Written on UT's response to Marcus Lattimore injury earns SEC sportsmanship award:

It isn't whether you win or lose, it's how you play the game.

- Derek Dooley

Written on Texas A&M gets commitment from No. 1 QB Kyle Allen:

Maybe he'll become as effective as former #1 QB Gunner Kiel.

Written on Tennessee at Oregon to kickoff at 3:30 p.m.:

Duck, duck, duck...

Written on Former Tennessee cornerback Daniel Gray to transfer to Utah State:

Can this be the last time we speak his name?


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in response to Orange_Beach:

I can't recall Butch Jones being a highly sought after coach. He wasn't even the first choice when a spiraling out of control UThug hired him away from powerhouse Cincy team.

No? Do you recall how Bama is the most penalized football program in NCAA history? And that Bama fans are notorious for their criminal activity on other fans and their property?

Can you say Logan Young or Harvey Updyke?

Written on Tennessee defensive back Daniel Gray to transfer:

in response to laraccoon:

maybe he was on this site and read some of these posts and wants to transfer to a school with brighter fans .

This is the most likely to be correct.

Written on Trae Golden leaving Vols: 'We wish him well':

This comment board was trashing Tre Golden nearly every week during the season. Now, you cry for him.

I really wish you guys would grow up.

Written on Shooting guard Jordan Cornish commits to Vols:

in response to Peoplecallmestag:

It concerns me that this story consists of one source, and that source is a teenager. Why isn't there any supporting attribution from CM or a high school coach?

This story, while possibly true, seems shaky with its lack of support.

A college coach cannot talk about any recruit until they sign the LOI. But I guess his high screwal coach could have been interviewed.

What I find funny about your post is the "shaky with its lack of support" comment. Sounds like you are referring to the Legion of the Miserable.

Written on Former Tennessee signee Travon Landry signs with New Mexico State:

Good for Travon. New Mexico St. is a good program.

Written on Tyler Summitt interviews for Chattanooga opening:

in response to mocsandvolsfan:

I hope we get Tyler. It'd be awesome. We may actually win a NCAA 1st round.(Not aimed at former coach or players but just way it goes)
UTC's an awesome starting point for any young coach...or it could be a last shot for an older but great coach. Men's or women's. I still want McCarthy but who knows what will happen?

Tyler Summitt is not going to be hired as a head coach at Chattanooga. Maybe Chattanooga State. Oh and Mack McCarthy left Chattanooga because he could not keep his hands off the female students. He is not being hired, either.

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in response to Johnny_Aint_No_Del_Shofner:

(This comment was removed by the site staff.)

Is that you, Harvey Updyke?

Written on Mike Strange: Lane Kiffin's Tennessee recruiting haul not reflected in draft:

Can we talk about the past, every day? If we talk about it enough, it might change... ugh!!!

Written on Darius Thompson signs with Tennessee basketball:

I thought kids had to declare for the NBA by April 17?

Written on Tyler Bray to be featured on Jon Gruden's show Friday:

Gruden will have his kid gloves out for Bray. He will highlight the postives: Gunslinging. Strong arm. Big numbers.

What Gruden won't do is ask Bray to analyze a defense or highlight a play were he checked-off and made a perfect play.

Written on Jordan McRae still going through the 'process' of getting ready for NBA:

in response to eb502us#225637:

Can you say "thin skin" and for what? Giving an opinion that will most likely become fact.

I didn't say anything negative about his game other than it doesn't translate to the NBA. If Vegas had a line, I"d feel very safe making that wager.

But you are a knucklehead.

Doesn't translate? What does that mean? Are you simply repeating what some talking head said on ESPN?

Written on Director of recruiting J.R. Sandlin no longer with UT football:

in response to snowpeapod#263184:

Everyone is looking for a positive or negative in this move. Maybe the guy just had an opportunity too good to pass up somewhere else. I'm sure his whereabouts will surface in the near future.

No kidding. It's more than likely he missed his girlfriend or momma.

This job is an admin role. It once was the Recruiting Coordinator (also an on field coach) but that changed when Nick Saban hired a crew of entry level assistants to perform all the pick, pack, and ship (twitter, Facebook, and txt).

Written on Steve Stripling calls Vols defensive end Corey Vereen 'most motivated freshman I've ever seen':

The core of this staff has been together for 6 years. In the 6 years they have found success with their coaching style and philosophies at different programs and at different levels.

This is so different than the past 4 years.

Written on Report: Former Auburn players detail payments, academic fraud, drug culture, criminal cover-ups:

in response to Mansonlamps:

Can we just admit that college football in general is a dishonest, fraudulent, morally bankrupt institution that doesn't deserve our support? I mean really, when are we all going to get our heads out of the sand and call a spade a spade?

I will... as soon as all the other SEC programs go first.

It is the "support" that is causing all of this. Big ego'd supporters are placing winning ahead of everything else. What's the difference between John Thornton and Harvey Updyke? One can spend a million dollars to run through the T, the other can spend $10 on tree poison. Both are idiots.

Written on Butch Jones pleased with Vols' attitude after first day back at practice:

in response to tomatosoup:

+2....Boy it's nice to see folks finally throwing around a lot of positive thinking! I too realize that we won't know the record of how well CBJ can coach until the season is over appears to me that Coach Jones is doing everything in his power to turn this ship in a positive direction....with what he is able to do at this point in time! Go Vols!!!

I'm always optimistic... until I read the comments from UT fans.

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in response to Nighthawk:

Lack of speed was our undoing the past 3 years. Year 0 and 1(Dooley's count)we played our DBs off the line and everybody completed passes underneath, then ran by us.

Last year in the "more aggressive defense"(Dooley's description), the Dbs played at the line and the wideouts blew by us and completed passes.

Lack of speed...yuh think, last year they couldn't catch a cold.

I believe CBJ and staff will improve our DBs in technique, quickness and speed. GBO

I hope so.

I find it difficult to believe the issue was talent (speed) but that the guys were always out of postion, clueless on what to do, and fearful of doing things wrong.

At least, let me think that.

Written on David Climer: Butch Jones shows moxie Tennessee Vols need:

Moxie, swagger, whatever.

I think we have a lot of good players who were not taught, coached, or lead very well over the past three to four years. I have a difficult time believing that our guys could not compete and win the SEC the past three years.

Written on Vols believe they can have elite offensive line:

in response to jakethevolguy:

The OL didn't loose games last year. The defense did.

I dunno. Maybe we should have scored more?

While your post makes sense, the coach of the OL wants his guys to think in terms of the team. The team lost so everyone lost and carries the load.

Written on Butch Jones says of event countering Nick Saban: 'I'll do anything in Tennessee':

It's the dolts at the Athens Chamber of Commerce. Not any single business who happens to be located in or near Athens.

Send your emails to the hayseeds at the Athens Chamber of Commerce. Do not boycott a milk company or any other Athens based business.

The billboard in Chattanooga makes me want to vomit.

Written on Like Bruce Pearl, most coaches survive NCAA show-cause orders :

Bruce Pearl is a dirt bag. First, he snitched on others, then when he cheated he asked parents to lie (cover-up) along with him to the NCAA.

Is that who you want leading your team?

No, Bruce Pearl will be hired by a very desperate school and he will swing and miss, again.

Written on Former UT running backs coach Jay Graham will make $275,000 at Florida State:

Any Volunteer would be happy that Coach Jones got who he wanted in Robert Gillispie. Everythng else is of no matter.

Good luck Jay Graham.

Written on UT running backs coach Robert Gillespie to be paid $300,000:

in response to SouthPaVol:

The proof is in the pudding, so to speak. We "almost" got one of four good running backs in 2013, but each one went a different way. The need was there; early playing time was available; we got a pretty good back, but not highly recruited--so, the jury is still out.

Now we have two running backs verbally committed for 2014, one of which is a 5-star back and maybe the top player available in our state. Yes, it's a verbal commitment, but that's the best back we have had committed in three years.

I actually thing Coach Graham could have sealed the Hurd commitment eventually, but it didn't happen before he left. CRG gets the credit for the verbal from Jalen Hurd, which pads his coaching resume' and brings mega-talent to Knoxville.

If Hurd is all that, and I think he will be another great back from a long line of great backs at Tennessee, then CRG is worth every dime the school pays him. In fact, instead of a bowl bonus, perhaps there ought to be a 5-star signing bonus for recruiters. Then the bowl appearances will surely follow. Go Vols!

All you need to know is this: Robert Gillispie is the coach at UT and Jay Graham is not.

Go Vols.

Written on Could Tyler Bray be the steal of the 2013 NFL draft?:

I hope he does well... but I'm not counting on it.

He'll only be a steal if he goes undrafted and then makes a team that carries three QBs.

Written on Garland's late shot sends Mississippi home:

Negative image? Ole Miss is about as negative an image as you can find. I'm glad they are gone. I hope Henderson find himself in jail, again.