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Golly, but Hill's tattoos are ugly. I wonder where he got the money for those things. Players have complained about not having money for pizza, but seem to have enough for body ink. I suspect I saw about 100 pizza's worth of ink on Hill in that one photo.

Also, and more to the point of the article, do the coaches really think that the Smith kid can actually contribute anything but dropped passes? I know he is a local kid, and probably a really great kid, but he flat cannot catch even the easiest of passes. Put him on the scout team and count him as a miss.

Shut up oldster, you negative jerk.

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10 cents per column inch? Adams, your writing may have been worth that when you started out, but you are definitely overpaid if you're making that much now!

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Three lost years. Millions in lost revenue. Bad decisions are costly. Don't make another bad decision. Call coach Pearl. Get him back.

Got to agree. CCM is a great guy but it's clear he's not THE guy.

Doubt we'll ever see Bruce in an orange coat again, but DANG...we need him!

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Who didn't expect Georgia to be down and sluggish after an emotional win against LSU. Tennessee had an opportunity and blew it. The catch in the end zone view from across the field shows his feet were off the turf.

GTH Goodgrief!

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Like it or not Kiffen would have turned UT around faster than Dooley or, eh hem, Jones.

Correct about Dooley but not Jones. Had CBJ been hired to replace Fulmer we would probably be a top 10 team right now. The guy is a solid coach, great recruiter and has more character in his little finger than Kiffin and Dooley combined.

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Anchor down? What a freakin joke.

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If I've told you once I've told you a hundred times:

Kids that decommitt cannot be counted on. In fact, throughout UT Vols history, it has been a negative more often than not.

If you give your word, keep your word. Elsewise you are setting a bad example for your future.

Now hear this... You are a douche bag.

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Moon anybody lately, Peyton?

Hahahahahaha... Hilarious!!! How long did it take you to come up with that one? Idiot.

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This Landry kid got the shaft, UT signs a better player then releases him. Martin better be very careful because this could blow up in his face.

Just Saying

You are an IDIOT.

Just Saying

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New poll... Who cares?

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How did you make that leap? Who cares what you think? Here is the reality. I am, as most should be, in it for the entertainment value. When they have leadership do some of the most ignorant things ever I am done caring. They don't why should we? You can be a step and fetch it fan if you like but I am not a blind follower. Many aren't. The Hall of Famer Phil era was the greatest in school history when you consider all factors....and there is no close second. If you are a UT fan I would think you would enjoy relevance, packed stadiums, great schedules, almost 10 wins per year on average for 16 years, more future NFL players than virtually all other schools, etc. etc. etc. I enjoyed worrying about the rankings, the BCS formula, who is beating who. I enjoyed being the top destination of College Gameday.

Guess what? All gone. None of that will ever be back at this school. So, be a UT fan all you want. Go support mediocrity. I was a fan of a special era led by a special Hall of Famer.


You are a douche bag!

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Johnny_Aint_No_Dale_Shofner...But he sure is a DOUCHE BAG!

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14-10 Tennessee actually played well today. Fortunately for them Kentucky didn't show up.

Truthfully, Tennessee's AD Department should be grateful Kentucky blessed the City of Knoxville today. They actually sold some tickets to the game and didn't have to pull the curtains on the upper deck like they usually due.

You ma'am are a douche bag

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There is an underlying reason why no one wants this job. What is being hidden from the fans and media? Makes me wonder.

Maybe you need to change your name to PARANOIDOLROCKYTOP. Just sayin...

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We have completely became Mississippi State!!!

Don't you mean "We have completely BECOME Mississippi State"?


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Heritage and Maryville is like Dobyns-Bennett and Science Hill....not much love there either.

Heritage couldn't carry Maryville's jock strap!

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Thanks Fulmer for all of this mess.

Really? IDIOT!

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Revolver: what's wrong with you man? Are you okay?

He's OK, but he is a know it all...p r ! c k.

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Every time I read a John Adams article I can count on reading one of your stupid comments. If he is such a bad writer what does it say about you reading him all the time?

Yeah and I can count on seeing John's little buddy#207344 defending him.

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Yes, Gator Nation will be pulling for Kiffin. A USC win over ND and a UF win over FSU, and guess what boys and girls, Florida plays the winner of the SECCG for the national title.


FSU will eat the Gators lunch!

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We need to sign the best we can get as soon as possible. I'm in Atlanta and I'm tired of reading how UGA has just signed another 4 star recruit...they just signed a 6'5" wr juco player who reportedly is better in, great hands. UGA has 29 signed. We need more than crumbs so let's make a move.

They haven't signed anyone Joe... Relax. Signing day isn't til February. A lot of good things will happen for the Vols by then.

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Glenn, you sir are a pr1ck.

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Tyler doesn't lack heart, he has too much of it. He's a college kid who put too much pressure on himself to try to save his HC and played poorly because of it. Last year he let his emotions of a dreadful season effect his play against Kentucky. I think when he is a few years older and a professional he will know how to control his emotions and perform consistantly. He needs another year in college, for sure.

Hokie... Are you ovulating?

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Like I said. I hope he gets drafted and wish him well. I've just seen enough of him in Orange to not want to see any more. He has been a huge disappointment.

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Tyler has all the tools but no heart. Who cares how far or fast he can throw a football. How many big games has he won? He's soft and a quitter in my opinion.

I hope he does get drafted and one day lives up to his enormous potential but nothing I've seen from so far him makes me think he will.

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Why is everyone kissing this losers @ss?? He took the program to an all time low and in the process gets paid more than any of you will ever see! All for doing absolutely nothing more than what any normal, garden variety fan could do.

Cut the boy scout - great guy - horse$h!t. Makes me wanna puke.

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Good riddens.

Good riddens? Really retard?

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Okay all of you classless, immature brats, go ahead and let us know what candidates you will find acceptable, so that the University can make sure you're happy with the hire. Because God knows, if you disagree with the hire the "culture of negativity" will only continue. Because, of course, you know exactly who should and should not coach this team.

I love Dooley, and know he's a good man. But I agree he had to go. But some of you bums show absolutely no class or compassion for a GOOD MAN who took the job that none of your dream coaches would take, gave it his all, suffered some of the worst luck and toughest schedule imaginable, and demonstrated true character that you LACK and will never have.

YOU have damaged this program with your classless negativity. What coach with other job opportunities would come here? What players with other opportunities will come here?

My rant ain't about Dooley...he needed to go. I think he'll spend a few years as an assistant and then reemerge as a very attractive HC candidate.

My post is about YOU...bunch of weak, classless, heartless, whining, ungrateful, unrealistic, spoiled, know-it-all, quitters.


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I agree, so much talent in this kid and it is all being wasted, he has a lot of growing up to do before he is ready for the NFL.

Here's to hoping Bray does that growing up somewhere other than at UT. I really hope next Saturday is the last time we ever have to see that quitter in orange again.

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"Its a safety issue now"??????

I don't know Adams.... Tennessee fans have waited for years and years for you to be fired... no one has "stormed" your office have they?

Never doubted for a second that Dooley embraced the entire Tennessee tradition. Have also never doubted that John Adams lives to take shots at and tear down Tennessee any chance he can. It's obvious he truly dislikes the team he makes his living covering.

JA you are a worthless POS.

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Wish Dooley the best. Just not the right guy. Oh... and John Adams, I wish would go away with him. You suck much worse than Dooley.

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Really Really Good and Really Really Stupid

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Its "are a little scary"
Man crush, no I'll leave those to you. Respect for his unbiased comments,yes.

As far as your threats. Please

You aren't scary but your man crush on JA is. Is that better Budd? Oh...and not a threat DH.

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Well wasn't that a waste of time? Can I look forward to your stupid comments with every John Adams column? Hope so

You and your man crush on John Adams is a little scary. You might want to direct your comments elsewhere before you get yourself in trouble... Budd...

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Then why did you read it fool?

So I could tell you to pi$$ off!

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See ya Coach Dooley.

Written on Halftime: Tennessee leads Missouri 21-7 :

Where are all the negative comments?

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More of Adams typical drivel . Pathetic.

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Was this part of his pathetic speech when he was talking to an empty chair?

Yep... You remember... When he was pretending to be talking to our PATHETIC excuse for a president.

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Bring on the onslaught of ignoramuses. Folks, this loss is not on Dooley. This team is young and talented, and they are fighters. The program is maturing. It is headed in the right direction under Dooley. When he took over, there was absolutely no stability or player/coach trust. He started in a hole. You'd like to give any new coach 4 years to prove or disprove their worth...a full cycle of their own players and body of work as it relates to the program. Dooley was handed a year set back with the mess Hamilton created. I'm not saying Dooley deserves 5 years to prove himself, but he hasn't even had 3, and most people on this board were asking for his head midway through his second year. Patience. Please. If not, who are you going to bring in? And with what resources? And what specifically will he do? Stop with the Gruden's NOT going to happen. Stop with the Petrino talk, if you have any integrity whatsoever. Stop with the firing of Dooley talk and give the man and his NEW staff a chance. The problem is solely defensive. Sunseri's defense is completely foreign to these kids. Let them learn. The desire is there with both the staff and the kids. I question the desire of many fans...short sighted fans who only want immediate gratification. Go Vols, you fought like warriors today!

Bo... is that you?

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Written on Buying out Derek Dooley and staff could cost as much as $9.3 million over four years :

The staff is here to stay. Accept it, support them and hope for the best...

And Dooley, if Tyler doesn't get his head out of his arse...BENCH HIM!

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Why are you a douche Walt?

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I'll take this one Stroker. Hey you....RememberWhen. Let me lay down a few facts about today's SEC. 1. Every team is pointing toward stupid remarks like yours and convinces these players that Dooley's days have been numbered. 2. The state of Tennessee does NOT HAVE A FOOTBALL program like Florida, Georgia, South Carolina, Alabama etc...stats show that 80% of the best players will go to their home state to play......getting the picture. UT has the largest recuiting budget for a reason, we are trying to convince 4&5 star players from other states to dis their home state program to come to UT. I understand your an idiot, and most of us that know a little about UT, know this has always been the challenge for UT Football. Now, I did not mention that Alabama, Florida, South Carolina, Georgia, LSU all have successful coaches, trying to pry players out of those states will take a lot of hardwork and luck. So, not only did CDD inherit goofballs like you for fans, he understands the mamouth challege behind recuiting. IF fans like you continue to whine, and b.... why would anyone want to come to UT to hear a bunch of ignorant fans and their lame advice about how to coach a bunch of kids from over 12 different states and get them to bond, perform, succeed and act like a team, with dufuses like you hanging around? Your not entitled to be fan, you are not forced to be fan and to be honest, I think the real fans (70%+) would rather you just go away.

GBO! Go Vols! Go CDD! VFL!!.....these things mean something to all "true" Vol Fans....I don't think you GET IT!

That just might be the Post of the Year... Well, at least to the true Vol fans out there.

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Slowly becoming a non Tyler Bray and quickly becoming a non Sal Sunseri fan!!!

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CBS staff is not helping Tyler's NFL stock

Sorry... Tyler Bray is not helping Tyler Bray's NFL stock.

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Hey Walt...Your krap has gotten OLD.