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Just when you think it's time to give JA some credit, he goes and writes this garbage. No wonder he has been a cellar dweller writer for so long. No reasoning to back up his assertions, just the same ole bash TN rhetoric. How does this guy keep a job? Please JA just go away.

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Tennessee would be smart in hiring Bruce again. The program is not going to go anywhere scheduling easy games just for a win. They will not win many SEC games and probably will not recruit any worth while players. Sorry Martin but you were dumb to accept Hamilton's offer to start with. When is Martin going to get any mix on the team. Why do we recruit from the jails? Football time in Tennessee so who cares about Basketball now?

What a moronic post! Have you seen any of the recent recruits? Get your head out of your azzzzzzz!

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Phil-Fat, dumb, and stupid is no way to go through life.

You should know!

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Good article. What else is there to be said? Maybe this: Readers, do us a favor, don't come on here and just bash Coach Fulmer. He doesn't deserve it, and it doesn't help anything.

Good post! CPF brought me many great memories in the 90's. I will always be thankful.

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Alden Hill looked the best in the spring game. WTH?

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This was a big pickup! Welcome to UT young man.

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Lets not forget their is a woman who was raped. Rivalry aside, this was a dispicable crime and these guys deserve the punishment they get.

Correction, she was ganged raped! Horrible!

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If the Vols are looking for an upset, they would do best to look at Kentucky. Though the Cats will undoubtedly be favored, sources speculate they don't have a reserve wide receiver quite yet ready to take over at QB. With some luck, this game might allow Butchie Boy to avoid the ofer and the Vols to finish up with their usual 1-7 SEC record.

When the mutts can hang nine in a row on us like we did them then get back with us.

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Wow! If JA continues to give credit where it is due then I will back off of my criticisms of JA. Good article. CBJ continues to impress the fans and the press.

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Yeah, anyone that doesn't get on their knees for Pat Summitt isn't a UT fan. Good point. Lady Vols are a joke.

No chance you are a fan or an alum TROLL!

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That may be the most classless post I've ever seen on this site---that's quite an accomplishment!


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"Luck happens when preparation meets opportunity", John. With another head coach, Jones, with zero major college experience there won't be much of that to go around. Face the ugly truth. It's 4-8 or 5-7.

Hey Dawg when the mutts make it nine in a row get back with us, OK? Otherwise, they are irrelevant to us. All that talent yet they haven't sniffed a championship in how long?

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Just when I started to give JA a little credit he comes up with this non-sense. Back to the basement little man.

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John is exactly right..W Ky is a must win and UT will have the best players but no way to overlook Petrino..I stated this same opinion in a recent comment and it has also been stated by many others..sad to have to tolerate nutcases who have little or no knowledge of the game of football and since they lack enough common sense to make a reasonable comment on it they make a feeble attempt to present themselves as literary critics..

It's hard to believe that diatribe is one sentence. LOL!

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Alden Hill will be our star running back THIS year! He has that strength and elusiveness that can't be taught.

Written on Jabo Lee's coach upset with Tennessee:

Hayes along with his assistant need a ego check.

Written on John Adams: Butch Jones' recruiting proves that UT tradition still matters:

Is that a softened tone by JA toward UT? It sounds as though CBJ has JA also believing. We will return to prominence again sooner than later. JMHO

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I would love to beat OR. I just don't see it happening. Weak games are good to make adjustments but bad for toughness. But I understand, lose one game and you're out.

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LOL! We used to jump off that ledge when we were kids. I grew up in that area. I jumped off that at 11 years of age. He's bragging? What a little wuss.

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Tennessee better make Franklin and offer he can't refuse or he will continue to pound the Vols which is humiliating for UT to get pounded by Vandy

Man your sauce is getting weaker and weaker. Limited intellect obviously.

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The reality is the kid would have never seen the field.

Written on Clowney wows in landmark week:

I'm calling BS! JC approached a girl with a boyfriend late one night at a Waffle House. Asked her if she wanted to have sexual intercourse* How do I know? Work out with the boyfriend: POS in my opinion.

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I can see you are a frustrated UT fan. I don't blame you for lashing out at anyone who points out the stupidity of firing Fulmer and the obvious abysmal state of the UT sinking ship program. One day the UT administration will wake up spend some money and hire a big name coach. Until that happens UT will be at the bottom of the SEC fighting it out with Vandy and Kentucky.

Man your sauce is weak! Is that it? Is that all you've got? Really sad but you wouldn't understand.

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Didn't they have like 2000 fans at the spring game?šŸˆ

Written on At SEC Media Days, Butch Jones and his linemen offer changes from a year ago:

If you watch that game Tiny dominated TheClown 90% of the plays. It's the 10% that kills you.

Written on Govols247: Vols land Top247 safety McDowell :

CBJ and staff continue to impress!

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Dang, your sauce is weak! Crafty? Simpleton is more like it.

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Win a couple of games in 30 years and you are bragging! LOL! Simply pathetic.

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Please just go to OSU. Very low character to make that statement. Should keep that to yourself.

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I love the old saying..."When you play with snakes you are going to get bit"

Anything associated with the Dirtbag Tennessee basketball program is toxic. Maybe time for a career change like Pearl had to do.

Just Saying

Really lame attempt. Hit reset and try again troll. LOL!

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Congratulations, John. Well deserved. Keep up the witty, informative articles even if some posters do not have the intellect to follow you or are too biased to understand. I always enjoy them even if I do not always agree with everything.

Good luck with the knee replacement. Those take a while to recover from and require a lot of rehab effort during the process.

Oh I get it. You're the bright one on the board. LOL!

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Crack is a helluva drug....

LMAO! One of my favorite DC shows. You just can't make that (stuff) up.

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Reading this silliness begs the question; are these clowns over at the NCAA finished with their Auburn investigation?

Good point!

Written on Fulmer, Bowden, players to relive Vols' Fiesta Bowl win over Florida State:

Not to mention that we shut down the great Peter Warwick that game. He was a non factor.

Written on Fulmer, Bowden, players to relive Vols' Fiesta Bowl win over Florida State:

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Ironic. Just watched this on YouTube last night.

If "ifs and buts" ... ? Nobody will ever know, but why not say "How bad would we have stomped them if Jamal Lewis had not been hurt requiring us to play 2 freshmen RBs"?

Fulmer didn't do the play calling. Sanders did. Fulmer may have vetoed to interjected some. Announcers said coaches told them they were sending Tee to the line with a run & pass play on every down, for the first time that season.

Not impressed? Did you really pay attention to who we played that night? That was BY FAR the most dominant defense in college football in 1998. FSU played a bit lesser schedule, but their defense was stacked and ranked 1 or 2 nationally in all important categories. Cheese Henry called it the best D we played all year.
Our coaches schemed and our offense executed a victory by putting up 16 points to go with the Ds 7.

Since were all into ifs and buts, what @ the fact that Peerless let a bomb bounce off his chest for a lost TD (thats -7 pts), Henry laid one on the ground inside the FSU 30 (that's -3 we'll say), Henry laid another one on the ground inside the FSU 10 on 1st down iirc (that's -7 more), star Jeff Hall missed a chip shot 35yd FG (-3 more), and Hall had an XP blocked (-1). Those NON-scheming errors were all justifed "correct" calls by the OC / HC. Yet the player error cost us 21 points. 21 more. How does 44-16 sound?

For a cherry on top add to all this the fact that Fulmer bucked all conventional wisdom and "TOOK POINTS OFF THE BOARD" when he traded an early Hall FG (roughed) for a shot at a TD. A TD coaches schemed us quickly to.

Too conservative? How about if/but FSU pick-sixes us after Fulmer takes the points off, gets the early mo, then wins the game 23-16 the other way. Would you be part of the herd that called him Foolmore for the dumbest decision in UT history for "taking away the points"? That aint "too conservative", that was confidence to take away 3 points against the best D in 1998, because you believe you can add four more to it. And he did it! Kahunas the size of coconuts in the NC game!

Is was a absolutely PERFECT game plan. We won and went undefeated! Would say the same if it had been a 3-2 victory.

Great post. Absolutely on the money.

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The guy brings another title to Knoxville and we have people complaining about the way he did it. Wow. So many ignorant people on here it's embarrassing.

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Since she signed a loi, will she have to sit out a season?

Written on Four Vanderbilt players kicked off team amid sex crime investigation :

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Franklin was actually on vacation and had to cut his trip short. What do you want him to say the canned answer of "we are waiting for all the information to come out"? He could have been like Cuonzo and bounced around the issue and said, "we are granting these players there request for a release". No he didn't, he let the university take control as they should and within days they were dismissed.

Yet here you are defending Vandy on a Vol board. If everything is so perfect in candyland, there would be no need for you to be here. Am I missing something? Don't think so.

Written on Vols freshman Davis trying to get back to NBA:

When you want to read an excellent article then look for P.B.'s articles. Always professional. Good luck AJ with your TN career.

Written on Mike Strange: Former Vols have high expectations:

Please don't respond to sevenT. It just feeds his immaturity. He thinks he's bright and witty. We all know better.

Written on Mike Strange: Vols' dilemma: ticket sales down, SEC travel costs up:

Same ignorant comments from the same ignorant people. Never changes.

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TN will win eight games. They are not that far off! Without the defensive nightmare known as CSS, TN could have won 9 to 10 games last season. We beat either SC, FL, or GA. We have both Lane and Neal, two very experienced backs with something to prove. Our receivers are actually getting some coaching. We have talent there. Lastly, big Dan will be a beast in the 4-3.

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I am sure that pointing fingers at the coach for the lack of effort some athletes put toward academics is easy. David Climer is a Vandy Homer, and just because UT has went through some tough years, doesn't mean it will continue. Go ahead, kick Dooley all you want, UT hired him and yes Cheeks, Hart might have allowed it to go one year too long,but CDD did try. CDD was not ready for the big time...that is easy to say..NOW. However, CBJ is the man, the fan base loves him and if these writers are not careful, they might find themselves outside looking in...very soon. Although, CBJ has way more class than some of these "sports" writers,they will soon be on the Butch Train as he and the Vols plow through the SEC.

Go Vols!!

Excellent post! Nothing else needs to be said but we know all the haters will be out in force.

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Nice story followed by nice comments. Refreshing.

Written on Former University of Tennessee punter Joey Chapman dies at 42:

RIP young man. Way too early. My prayers go out to the family.

Written on Point guard Antonio Barton commits to Tennessee:

Excellent pickup!

Written on David Climer: Nick Saban's success continues to bedevil SEC:

I like our coach. Hopefully he can carry us places that Saban has carried Bama. VFL!