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Written on All Vols assistants get 1-year extensions; Tommy Thigpen given $25,000 raise:

in response to BrassMonkey:

Raises and extensions for a team with 5 wins last year and will struggle to win 4 this year. Interesting.

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Written on UT gets commitment from 7-foot-1 center Kingsley Okoroh :

in response to johnlg00:

That's a good start on the late recruiting season. The Vols have now recruited an entire balanced team, especially if Cofer can play the wing. If Okoroh or Turman is more or less ready to start, at least for rebounding and defense, the Vols will look a lot less like a "doughnut" team than they seemed to be after Jarnell declared. Ndiaye and Okoroh would at least seem to have the big bodies to bang with the bigger teams, but the Vols' best starting five may well be a bit on the smallish side. Not that they will be tiny. My tenative starting five is Thompson, 6'5"; Hubbs, 6'5"; Richardson, 6'6"; Davis, 6'7"; and Reese, 6'8". They are all a little on the wiry side, but they are all long-armed guys with good hops and quicks who should be able to hold their own in the open court. If any of the big guys can prove themselves as starting material, the Vols should be OK next year, and maybe more than that the year after. Let's not forget that the Vols might still get Rhett or some other big guy, but they probably shouldn't take another wing type unless he is a real steal of a talent.

Good Post John, agree with everyword of that!! Next year looks to be a little brighter than originally anticipated. Hopefully we will get off to a quicker start so we don't lose fan support again this year and create that negative vibe around town.

Written on John Adams: Readers downgrade upbeat columnist:

John as you know we have this little document called the Constitution that gives us all the right to free speech. Which as also allows me to write this comment from my hot tub and a cold Thursday morning. Keep up the good work!!!

Written on Mike Strange: This season was supposed to be different for Vols; it's not:

I mentioned this a while back but I will mention it again since the Pearl talk is heating up. Back in the Fall I was playing golf at Gettysvue and Steven Pearl caught us and played through. We chatted with him for a minute and I asked him if his dad would ever come back to UT. He said he would love to come back but the Cheek issue would be a problem. I am not trying to act like I know everything and I have inside knowledge or anything, just a little tidbit for your reading enjoyment..

Written on Too little, too late as Vols' rally falls short against Xavier:

in response to robert#1417579:

Same 'ol same 'ol. You can't wait until January to win games that matter. The sad thing is, Xavier had two starters that didn't play and we still couldn't win.

Man I said the same thing as the last four posters last night. If Martin doesn't win at least one or two tourney games he is out! Bruce is hanging around waiting and ready to go, wonder what he could do with this team. Me and some buddies were playing golf this summer and let Steven Pearl play through. We stopped and talked to him for a few and he said Bruce would love to come back to UT!

The fact that we still can't shoot free throws baffles me. I haven't touched a ball in 5 years and I promise I can shoot free throws better than these guys... On a lighter note... Kentucky lost.

Written on John Adams: Vols have a chance to surpass their bowl goal:

in response to Orange_Power_T:

I disagree with Adams and agree with CBJ. A win over Auburn will depend on who shows up mentally. The win over GA was not due to injuries. We played tough and three of their key players went out of the game injured. That's called tough football in my book. To say we caught SC at their worst day is rubbish. The defense confused their offensive scheme. We then were able to frustrate Coach Visor and at that point it was game over. Both games our Vols came into the game mentally tough with expectations to win. They had their minds right. Against AL and MO, I truly believe they went onto that field with a loosing attitude. They have been conditioned as such for three previous years and habits are hard to break. I know CBJ stresses playing mentally tough and is working to change the mentality that was TN football. If this team shows up with an attitude for winning, put another one in the "W" column.

Excellent post and right on the money in my opinion. Agree they totally were prepared to lose to Alabama and Missouri, the Oregon game to me is out the window because of our situation at that time. With that being said, I expected the Vols to show up against BAMA and MO at the very least. I feel we have gotten better each week with the exception of those two games. Overall I believe we have our coach and we are clearly headed in the right direction. Vols 34 Tigers 28

Written on Justin Worley's thumb, Josh Dobbs' performance create QB questions for Vols:

I've been calling for Dobbs all year. Worley just doesn't have the arm strength, pocket awareness, or foot speed to play in this leagueHolds the ball too long and frequently over throws wide open receivers. If they red shirt Ferguson I think he transfers and Worley will be the back up. Then we work on getting another qb in next year's class. Just a thought.

Written on After bye week, Vols hope to be on track against South Carolina:

I think we have a real shot of beating SC if we play as we did against GA. Worley stepped up and made some good throws, a couple bad as well but he is making strides. Let's hope he made more strides over the bye week. Receivers made catches and we ran the ball well. SC is beatable, so is MO. And we are getting better each week unlike the last three years so I expect to them pretty good. I think coach will have them ready!

Written on Encouraging numbers could lead to Vols reaching number of wins needed for bowl:

Don't forget Mizzou lost their QB Franklin for the season yesterday... If we keep getting better as we have each week, we can win four more games!

Written on Report card: Playing clean football gave the Vols a chance to win in fourth quarter:

in response to johnlg00:

I agree with most of this, but I guess my bottom line is that this was overall the best performance by the coaches and every unit on the team that they have had this year, and if they can keep doing it to that level, they should have a shot against everybody but Alabama left on the schedule. I would call that pretty much all we could have hoped for this season.


Written on After narrow loss, Vols look to build off strides on the field and in the stands:

If we play like that against SC we will win. I love the fact that when we got down we fought back to take the lead instead of folding. This team is coming together nicely. Very well coached, disciplined, inspired, and coach had them ready to play. Guys flying to the ball and what about special teams and Palary??? The pregame maxims they showed on CBS was crazy good. I agree, this game reminded me of the good ole days.

Written on All of Jordan McRae's career-high 34 points "count" in 82-72 win over LSU:

Nice win! I would have never imagined this team playing so well a month ago. Go Vols.

Written on John Adams: No Michael Dyer, even if UT in dire need:

in response to Supersayin1:

Ummm! Not one of the RB's on our Roster, or that has been sighned or that we are targeting can hold a candle to Dyer!!

He would start asap and create the big plays and game changing plays that we have been missing since 2010 Tauren Pool!

No 175lb RB or 3* RB will make an impact in the SEC this day and age! We need Dyer ASAP!!

Get him a mentor and keep him on the right track! And no we are not good at RB! Anyway GO VOLS!!

This will never happen. CBJ would only be undermining himself and his "character" talk. Bad for recruiting, bad for the team, bad for TN football in general. I believe in giving people a second chance, but he's already had his second chance. TN is not in a position to take the risk and give him a third...

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