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Written on John Adams: Butch Jones hasn't had enough time to change UT's losing ways:

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Written on John Adams: Western Kentucky would be worst loss for the Vols :

johnboy adams is bumb as a box of rocks

Written on John Adams: Maximizing improvement: Follow 8 'Don'ts of Sal Sunseri':

I see adams still don't know chit about reporting...nothing changes nothing changes

Written on Trae Golden to transfer to Georgia Tech, seek waiver to play immediately:

Good move Trae,now youll at least have 1 year with a real coach instead of a wanna be.....hope the AD is watching and looking

Written on Jarnell Stokes, USA Junior National Team advance to gold-medal game:

Stokes is showing he needs a coach with the abilty to coach good talent

Written on Travon Landry's father on recruitment: 'It's just the nature of the beast':

handled good by the kid and his father and the kid will be greatful he went somewhere elese in 3 years.Martin needs to go

Written on With contract to expire, UT working on new deal for Pat Summitt:

class bad the men cant find a good coach.I say throw money to Tom Isso at Mich St.

Written on Jarnell Stokes has a change of heart, will play junior season at UT:

think he made a bad choice he needs a coach and that wont happen at UT,martin cant coach his way out of a paper sack

Written on Jordan McRae announces he won't enter NBA draft:

I really hate to see him stick arround with all that money out there for him,plus when he gets to the big league he will have a coach

Written on John Adams: Louisville taught UT a big-game lesson :

I'll sure be glad when somebody teach johnboy a lesson,he's way over due

Written on Cuonzo Martin to coach East in College All-Star Game:

feel sorry for the east maybe they can see what we've had to deal with

Written on Baylor not the only ones 'stunned' by upset: tickled chitless baylor got beat,im so tired of hearing about how good they are,now lets go get em ladies

Written on Mike Strange: In many ways, things seem same after Cunozo Martin's second season :

Martin aint no SEC coach,ive been saying that ever since he was hired,heck a NIT invite was a good thing for martin before he came here...he cant recuit...he cant coach its time to move on but hart will probably give him yet another year.But wait oh wait Pearl can coach after next season...Bring Bruce Back,he knows how to Git R Done!

Written on Season ends for Vols in NIT opener, 75-67:

And folks wonder why ive had no confindence in its time for him to go....lets start a facebook page...Fire Martin now

Written on John Adams: Losing Jay Graham is more than just losing a running backs coach:

herwe goes johnboy with another useless article..andferpetesake he just has to talk about the race card...who cares if they are a good coach who cares what color they are,they could be pink

Written on Memphis gives Butch Jones a standing ovation:

I dont care where the best players are as long as they are playing football on Saturday for The Vol Nation...wheather they come from Hilham Tenn or Memphis Tenn just bring em in coach

Written on John Adams: Vols need to show recruits a good ride :

once again useless info from a useless guy

Written on John Adams: Don't hang your hat on recruiting decisions, they are tough on fans :

I see obama and johnboy adams has something in comman...folks dont care what either one has to say...both of em full of chit

Written on Marshall Henderson talks the talk, walks the walk as Ole Miss sweeps UT, 62-56:

in response to tgiles1944#654264:

No inside game - No big men - No defense- no controlling boards - No victory - Recruit big men - Big man game - This hurts man.

all that equals...NO COACH!!! Its time for martin to go on somewhere,ive said it all along and i'll continue saying it,martin aint no SEC coach,he cant coach talented players.This team is loaded with talent,come on Hart its now time

Written on John Adams: UT schedule about to take favorable turn :

figures johnboy a looser himself would be pointing out a loosing streak...ROTFLMMFAO

Written on Vols lose to Ole Miss, 92-74 in SEC opener:

something we need to get use to until martin is ready to start a fire martin ad

Written on John Adams: Odds are against every SEC bowl opponent:

who cares what you think johnboy

Written on John Adams: Bowl season heats up without UT:

another useless post by johnadams,maybe Coach Jones will ask for johnboy to be removed or better yet a mac truck runs him over

Written on Tee Martin turns down Tennessee homecoming, will stay at Southern Cal :

I wasnt so big on Tee to begin all in on jones but i have some question marks as well,im lookin at what he's bringing coach wise,has beens from Auburn and coaches from his staff in Cinncy which by the way be send em crying for their momma's year before last.Yeah his stuff might work in the big east but im not sold on it working here in the SEC but time will tell

Written on Mike Strange: Tennessee needed a fresh start and Butch Jones gives them one :

impressed so far i do question why he would want Tee Martin on his staff or any Auburn staffers on board.Hopefully we can keep all players in place

Written on John Adams: Reality reigns in UT hire :

who gives a chit what you think jonhboy

Written on Different day, same struggles for Vols, 46-38 :

same results...same coach...been saying this coach cant coach good talent ,maybe if hart starts lookin now he can find a good coach by the end of the season or just wait and bring Pearl back

Written on Tennessee coach search better than any roller coaster:

i swear if i was Hunter Patterson and Bray id for go my last year and go pro,our program is going futher down each day....i think Hart needs to go,bring fulmer in as AD and or coach,at least our players would know who their coach was gonna be

Written on New York City could be nexus of Tennessee's coaching search for next few days :

We've got to have someone in place NOW,for hart to say they same day doolittle was fired he wasnt in any hurry he had plenty of time tells me we also need a AD....a name i havent seen Skip Holtz but of all the names ive read about bring on Jim MoraJr....charlie strong aint happening,heck he has a hard time winner in a weak conference he will get killed in the SEC and 3 years from now we will all be right back where we are at now...wondering who our coach is gonna be...

Written on Mike Strange: Vols score 36; fluke or omen? :

a sign of thangs to come until we get a coach

Written on Tennessee falls to Georgetown, 37-36:

Good job coach martin...your such a fine outstanding coach,please continue

Written on John Adams: Tennessee fans might not mind if juniors leave early :

Most Tennessee fans wouldnt mind if johnboy adams left

Written on John Adams: Eliminating UT candidates easier than hiring one :

If hart aint no futher along than you are we also need to be looking for a just tickled you aint got no say so in the hiring

Written on John Adams: With new coach, it may be time for UT to spread its wings on offense :

in response to Observer43:

Why is John Adams commenting on this? He is just like Donald Trump...clawing his way to stay relevant.(And btw we will see how long it takes the KNS to delete this comment)

Im glad to see i aint the only one who feels this way and from the video from Dave Harts press confence he not a fan of johnboy either.Sometimes i think he talks to hear his head rattle ferpetesake

Written on Tennessee QB Tyler Bray endures surprising benching: 'I just couldn't get anything done' :

If id been Hart id fired Dooley lastnight before the game was even over when he faked a punt 4th and 9 from our own 28 yard made him and Bray walk back to Knoxville and carry Sal back to alabama

Written on Vanderblowout: Tennessee loses to Vanderbilt in Nashville for first time since 1982 :

I think Dooley and Bray should have to walk back to knoxville...why Hart didnt fire Dooley on the spot is beyond me....Bray dont need to play next week for sure.I doubt we can beat Kentucky next week,i just gave my ticket away

Written on Vols' offense goes on vacation against Oklahoma State, 62-45 :

team had no energy atall but then again when ya aint got no coach what do you expect,Martin needs to go worse than Dooley does

Written on John Adams: If not a big name, how about a familiar one in David Cutcliffe? :

in response to VolPower360:

I wouldn't mind this. I would like to see Cutcliffe, Tee Martin, and John Chavis. Retain Jay Graham and Sam Pittman. Everyone else hope they are good.

how in the wide world of sports do you tee martin...what has he done to be a proven winner? Yeah he was the QB when we won the national championship be thats a far cry from being a coach at UT,im all in for Chavis in fact bring him in as HC would bring alot of recuits our way plus id be willing to bet that he could get Payton back home,maybe Cut as OC

Written on John Adams: UT's lack of defense will give Missouri flashbacks to Big 12 days :

once again johnboy adams shows his lack of da man johnboy...pitful plum pitful

Written on Austin Nichols not ready to announce decision :

god bless him if he comes to UT...better go somewhere where they gotta coach,at Ut we gotta guy dressed up like a coach but aint got a clue

Written on O-for-October: Clowney sacks Vols' chances:

sad day for fans,team all arround,they played thier heart out but we need a new coach...that secondary coach is plum awlful..just awlful.Hopefully Gruden will come help us out.Ive been a Dooley fan but i dont see changes being made to overcome mistakes being made.Dooley is a good guy but it aint getting the job done

Written on Other side of Cuonzo Martin slowly surfacing :

all that is fine and dandy but when is the coaching side going to kick in

Written on Cuonzo Martin eats 'humble pie' at SEC Media Day :

martin better get ready to eat more than humble pie...i just dont think he's a SEC calabar coach,he's got the talent but cant coach em...sorda like our football program

Written on Third quarter: Alabama 30, Tennessee 10 :

Lets put our money together and buy a harley and kindly give it to Bobby if he will take over right now

Written on Cuonzo Martin: Vols should always be on the hunt:

We have plenty of talent thats not the problem we just aint got a coach that can coach the talent...sad real sad hopefully Hart has someone in mind at the end of this season

Written on Derek Dooley says he needs to ease burden on skill players like Justin Hunter, Rajion Neal :

in response to Rumblefish:

I wonder who is on Hart's short list of replacements.

It wouldnt surprise me If Kirby Smart is at the top Of Harts list...if he has one.That would be who i'd go after if i was in his shoes but until then we gotta stick this out...GO VOLS

Written on Report Card: Tennessee-Florida :

Lets go get Alabama's D/C and send Dooley packin,Kerby would come here for The head coaches job

Written on Healthy Smokey takes a 'nip' at backup long snapper:

Get em Smokey....and finnally a subject johnboy can speak about....DOGS!!!! ROTFLMGDAO

Written on Sal Sunseri: Florida game will be 'an interesting chess match':

Go Vols..lets beat so bad that they have to go back and drain that swamp