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When UT got the 3 run lead going into the bottom of the 11th, Weekly should have pulled Ellen and gave OU something different to look at by letting Ivy close it out. Just as UT had gotten used to Rickett's pitches, OU had gotten used to Ellen's. Both pitchers had lost their edge. Ivy would have closed that game out with a 3 run lead. Otherwise, a very good game and I hope Ellen can get some rest. We may need her.

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Good game. Hoping Washington takes Oklahoma to an if needed game tonight. Go get em, Girls.

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If you know how to slap hit, you most certainly can drive in runs. Bunts, as a rule, don't travel beyond the pitchers mound. A good slap hitter can either drop one right in front of the plate or push it over the charging infielder's head or hit it hard enough to get it by the player into the outfield. Seriously, as someone posted before, you should watch a game or two. There is more to the game of softball than just trying to hit home runs.

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Slap hitting has its place as well as a "traditional" swing has its place. Getting a runner on base is basic in the game of softball as well as baseball. If a slap swing gets the batter on base that is GOOD! The Weeklys probably know more about the game than you, Mr.Corrector.

My Elementary School daughters know more about Softball than collegegrovebilly. Also, slap hitting drives in runs better than bunts do. It takes skill and timing, but when done correctly, is very difficult to defend against.

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Hope we can get one out of the infield the next game

With a pitcher like Thomas, it's very difficult to get under the ball enough to make it out of the infield. She keeps everything down, down, down. When she does go up, it's a rise ball and batter's eyes get really big. Sunday's game will most likely be a low scoring affair also, unless they can get into Thomas' head. I don't think Thomas will be able to keep all of her pitches on the bottom of the strike zone Sunday. If she is able to keep her pitches down, however, the LVs should move up into the box and play small ball before the pitch has a chance to drop.

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What about the other guy?

Not a Basketball fan, huh?

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Kid is the most talented WR I have seen come throug UT in a very long time. He will be a Prow Bowler for some team.

I would say gifted, not talented. CP had trouble running routes while at UT. He made up for those errors with his athleticism. In his defense, he didn't have much time to learn the Offense. I wish him well, just wish we could have seen him in Orange another year.

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Has this guy never heard of retirement?!?! Or maybe he realizes pretty soon he'll be supporting that son of his and his family, so better keep working.

No worries. Monte will hire Lane as his asst next year, after USCal drops him.

Written on John Adams: SEC will be chasing Bama again next fall:

I disagree, John. I think the West will be won by TAMU and I haven't seen what CBJ and staff can do yet, so I'm not willing to rate the Vols on current players or recruits. I don't expect UT to win the East, but I'm also not going to put them towards the bottom of the ranks either.

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So he is afraid of UT getting recruits out of Memphis. Does he feel that way about all teams? If so, will he not allow Memphis to play any home games at all? Seems like the best way to keep a local recruit is to beat the teams you play, regardless of where it is. Me thinks he's skeered of Coach C.

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I guess it's time to upgraded my phone and get a tweeter account. lol, Go CBJ, you the man

I do most of my tweeting on my computer. You don't have to have a smart phone.

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Griner can't run all night. So Holly's up and down the court team will limit Brittney to play either Defense or Offense, but she won't be able to do both all night. I like the Lady Vol's chances.

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FIRE DAVE HART AND JIMMY THE FREAKIN CHEEK NOW!!!!!!!!!!!! Hiring a guy who lost to the worst coach in UT History!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Maybe you should do a bit of research. Last season (2011) was when UT beat Cincy, 45-23, during the pre-Suneri Justin Wilcox era. That Cincy team went on to beat Vandy in the Liberty Bowl while UT had to go to overtime to beat that same Vandy team. This bowl season and last year's UT's fans won't get to see our beloved Vols play, but you can watch Cincy play in bowls both years. Jones is very much an upgrade.

Written on Agent says Gruden never had interest in Vols' job, calls reports "fantasy":

Hart only made that call to quieten the fans. According to this story, Gruden was never a candidate for Hart.

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Realistically, what is the absolute outside date on getting a hire? Late December?

Whoever we get I will support them, but the clock is ticking, and the longer this takes, the harder the job will be, at least for the upcoming season.

Saban was hired in January, but I agree with you that the clock is ticking. Think I read somewhere that a recruiting dead period starts mid December and runs until January 6th. I'd like our coach to have an opportunity to do a little recruiting before the dead period, if possible.

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As we move closer to the cliff............

Written on Sporting News: Duke, North Carolina to SEC a real possibility:

This would be very good for SEC Basketball. I think it would hurt UT in Football recruiting. We do quite a bit of recruiting in NC currently. It would also mean Mizzou would most likely move to the West division to allow space in the East for those two teams, which may not be such a bad thing.

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I don't particularly care to see Gruden at UT. This will be only a short term fix before he moves on to something else, IMO. I do like Jimbo, IF his OC follows his DC to KY and we can keep Chaney and some of his crew. I didn't see any major problems with our Offense this year and as Fisher is an O-type guy, I hope he comes in looking to build a crew and retains some of our current ones.

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What concerns me is that Hart seems to be doing this search on his own. If he is responsible for the hiring of Sunseri, then we are in trouble.

During Hart's announcement of Dooley's release, DH said he has nothing to do with any hiring except the HC. So Sunseri was all Dooley. I am glad he is not using a search group. The search group is what brought Dooley to us. It has already been announced that Kentucky has been turned down by 3 coaches, who IS using a search group. If you recall, there were a lot of leaks during our last coaching search. I prefer the way this search is going.

Written on Philadelphia report says Eagles keen to hire Gruden:

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Top 25 Tennessee Head Football Coaching Candidates (Likeliness to come to UT 1-10)
1. Chris Peterson, Boise St (1)
2. Gary Patterson, TCU (2)
3. Dan Mullen, Miss St (4)
4. Mark Hudspeth, ULL (9)
5. James Franklin, Vandy (5)
6. Bill Cowher (2)
7. Pat Fitzgerald, NW (7)
8. Mike MacIntyre, SJSU (8)
9. Gary Andersen, Utah St (7)
10. John Gruden (5)
11. Darrell Hazell, Kent St (9)
12. Charlie Strong, Louisville (6)
13. Dave Doeren, NIU (8)
14. Bo Pelini, Nebraska (3)
15. Dabo Swinney, Clemson (2)
16. Mike Gundy, Ok ST (3)
17. Art Briles, Baylor (7)
18. Gus Malzahn, Ak St (5)
19. Matt Campbell, Toledo (8)
20. Doug Marrone, Syracuse (5)
21. Frank Solich, Ohio (6)
22. Pete Lembo, Ball St (8)
23. Bill Blakenship, Tulsa (7)
24. Butch Jones, Cincy (6)
25. Paul Rhodes, ISU (7)

You might want to increase James Franklin's odds on your list.

Written on NCAA hits Vols football with additional penalties; tied to Willie Mack Garza:

Hate to say this, but it needs said. If you are not a Dooley fan, then the time is now to jump on another team's bandwagon. I think that Dooley's job is now safe until his contract is up or until we are off probation. Why? Because no decent coach is going to want to inherit these restrictions like Dooley did. So forget your big name coach. We're gonna have to accept that Dooley is here again next season and possibly after that. Just my thoughts.

Oh, and thanks once again, Hammy.


Written on John Adams: If not a big name, how about a familiar one in David Cutcliffe? :

"Hiring Cutcliffe wouldn't excite the fan base the way a bigger name would. And perhaps he couldn't lift the program to a championship level.
But he would improve it. His track record is long enough to prove that."

Sure, let's sign him to a contract to "improve" the team for 5-7 years, then buy him out in 3, when he hasn't produced a Championship. There couldn't be anything wrong with that, could there? There has been enough time and money spent to improve things. If you are going to replace Dooley, then you need an exciting, young, up-and-coming coach for the long term, as others have said. Sure wish we had gotten Sumlin when Dooley was hired. I heard he was interested in the job at that time, but you couldn't get him out of College Station now with a truckload of dynamite.

Written on John Adams: So which team are you pulling for Saturday? :

Win or Lose, I'm all Vol.

Go Vols

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Sal Sunseri is over his head. Drop him back to the position coach he was at Bama and pay Chavis whatever he wants to take over the Defense.

Go Vols

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I know. Was just trying to get a Dooley supporter to respond. Haven't seen one all night until now.

Actual attendance far less.

So you admit you are just a Troll. Go back to your bridge.

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Wasn't announced.. Wonder why.

Yes it was. 84,189

Written on Poor defense lets Troy down once again:

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I agree. But in my opinion, The next head coach should keep Chaney, Jay Graham and the offensive line coach and send the rest packing.

Agree. The Offense is doing the best they can do. Clean house on the Defensive side of the coaching list. Those of you saying we should have ran the ball more to slow down Troy's Offense are wrong. Chaney called the best plays he could and if not for a few missed or dropped passes, UT would have scored near 70. Our running game is improving, but I'm not taking Bray, Hunter and Patterson out of the game to kill the clock. If Chaney had called maybe as little as one less passing play to put in a running play, we may be looking at another loss.

Go Vols

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Holly ain't holding back. Nice. Welcome Mercedes and Jannah.

GO Lady Vols

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This is great news!! Godspeed for a quick recovery Marcus!


Written on Missouri beats Kentucky 33-10 for 1st SEC win:

Should I say it???? Must be nice to get a SEC win.

Written on Buying out Derek Dooley and staff could cost as much as $9.3 million over four years :

in response to Insidernews:


Means nothing. Anyone can create an account on Wiki and alter information. Give it 24 hours and see if that doesn't change when Wiki Editors go through and verify changes made to their web pages.

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I think Chavis has indicated he is happy being a DC and doesn't seem to care about being a head coach.

I've heard more than a few coaches say they are happy where they are......then....

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To all of the get rid of Dooley fans, give me one big time name that would even consider this job, and Gruden or Petrino cannot be on list.
Gruden, because he is happy where he is at, and Petrino because no athletic department should stoop that low for the sake of winning!

John Chavis

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So can we all agree that we aren't happy with the way things are going to this point?
If you agree with this one question, then I have a possible solution.
If you want to oust the current coaching staff, then b.itching about it on here is not going to get anything done. Also, threatening to stop buying UT items or going to the games will only make removing the current staff take that much longer. I suggest you get behind our players and go to the games, buy UT apparel and support them as best you can, so that more money will be raised and then they can afford the buyouts, that you all seem to demand, sooner. You're fighting a losing battle if you do nothing but complain. Man up, if you want to help. If you don't want to help, then stop whining, and don't call yourself a Vol fan.

Go Vols

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Chavis was in town yesterday. What do you bet he spoke with Mr. Hart at some point?

Interesting thought. Would Chavis come back to UT for the HC job? I think he would. I just don't know if he can handle all of the responsibilities of the HCing job. Awesome as DC, but wouldn't leave LSU for a sideways move to UT. It would have to be for the HC position or nothing at all. Hiring Chavis would also mean that RB CJG would most likely retain his job, which would be a very smart move for whoever is coaching. I'm just not sure he (CJC) would be a good hire at this point.

Written on Father: 'Blatantly false' information led to brief decommitment of Jannah Tucker:

So wonder what drivel/lies Geno was telling them?

Written on Buying out Derek Dooley and staff could cost as much as $9.3 million over four years :

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The big screw is the fact that UT hasn't been to a major bowl in forever. If anybody wonders why Bama and LSU have mega $$$ reserves, it's because they play in games that pay them $10M+. Multiply that by a few years, and you have the cash reserve. The Music City Bowl unlikely covered the travel expenses for UT.

Tennessee is in the SEC, not the B12. Bowl monies are put into a pool and divided amongst ALL conference members. UT gets the same money as other schools in the conference.

Written on Derek Dooley takes aim at Tyler Bray's performance, says QB will be benched if not improved :

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People need to ease up on Bray. 1) He has a great arm and has shown plenty of talent and he could just turn it right around next game, and 2) He's a 23 year old young man with plenty of maturing and learning to do. He'll be fine.

Agree. It's not all on Bray though. He can only hit a receiver in the chest so many times. Sometimes the receiver needs to make the catch. (JH)

Go Vols

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A&M is going to be tough in the next year or two. I love their fans. We used to have that kind of fan support in Neyland.

Written on John Adams: Offensive line best example of UT's improvement :

Just my own personal thoughts on this team.
They have 3 losses against teams ranked in the top 12. Yeah, each could have been a win if either this happened or that happened, but it is what it is. Sometimes things don't go your way. This team has improved over last year's team. The O-Line as discussed in the story above is the biggest example of that. Defense has a LONG ways to go to get close to our Offense as a whole.
CP is awesome. Too bad he will go Pro after this season. Bray showed his toughness has improved Saturday night when he got his knee rolled and got up and carried on and right after a comment on the air about how when he gets his Uni dirty he folds. Justin Hunter is already in the NFL. Last 2 previous seasons he wouldn't have thought twice about getting hit and maybe getting hurt. Saturday night he showed that he wasn't going to take anymore chances for this team. He should be benched now. Palardy has, hopefully, finally figured out what has been his issue and will begin to show why he was the #1 kicker when he was recruited. I am afraid that with people leaving early for the draft that next year's team may struggle more than this year's team is doing. I hope Bray stays another year. He could use the polishing and he will still have some really good rec'rs coming back. Pig Howard will be as good or better than JH when he learns the system and feels more comfortable in the team setting. Z Rogers is another good target for Bray. O-Line will lose only one Senior. This team's Offense can be better next season than this one. Defense can only improve next season and maybe it will take a year or possibly two to get the players to understand the 3-4.
Dooley will NOT be fired after this season, unless he just lays down and quits and I don't see that happening. I think he will give Sal at least one more season to get the Defense in shape to compete and win some of the games we shouldn't have lost this year. My own opinion is that if the Defense was playing 1/3 as good as our Offense is playing, we have no more than 1 loss right now. People can blame Dooley all they want, but Dooley doesn't wave at the ball as it passes by, like JH did. Dooley doesn't play 15 yards off a rec'r in the Secondary. If Dooley gets fired, then we go backwards, not forwards. And UT can't afford to pay a 3rd coach NOT to coach. Everyone has their opinions and this is mine. Support this team the rest of the year. We're still young and undermanned in a lot of positions. No, we're not Vanderbilt, but we aren't Bama this season either.


Written on Tennessee defense rebounds after ugly first half only to succumb in final drive :

Saturday's game is in Knoxville. Maybe I need to get my head screwed on straight, too.

Written on Tennessee defense rebounds after ugly first half only to succumb in final drive :

I have to agree with Jack. Hunter is already in the NFL. Playing soft and doesn't want to take a chance to hurt himself. We all know CP is gone after this season. Bray had a pretty good game and if he continues playing well, he will be gone also. I am glad to see that Palardy has hopefully screwed his head on straight and keeps it that way. His kicks looked pretty good. What's sad is what will this team look like next year after losing the heart of our offense? We can probably watch next Saturday's game in Tuscaloosa and find out.

Written on UT coach Derek Dooley undergoes hip surgery, will coach from press box Saturday :

None of my business, but I am curious as to how he broke his hip. Unusual to hear of an injury like this to a man his age.
Get Well Coach.


Written on Lady Vols juco transfer Jasmine Phillips out to prove she's No. 1 :

Welcome to Big Orange Country. Looking forward to seeing you in action.

GO Lady Vols

Written on Pat Summitt says she was not forced out at Tennessee :

If Pat says it didn't happen, then it didn't happen, and I think she will make Jennings' Lawyer retract the statement.

Written on Debby Jennings suit amended to include Pat Summitt affidavit :

in response to virginiavolfan:

Dang Pat Summit's memory must be going fast if she can't even remember what was said in the meeting with Hart. Wonder if Hart will use this as his defense. I mean it is possible.

If Dave Hart uses Pat's EOD against her, he might as well have someone pack for him before he goes to court. UT fans will not allow him to set foot back on campus ever again.

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YOu guys are such negative people. Am I happy with the big gains? NO. But,,,,,,Take the 3 big gains away from Ga. and they were missed assignments or out of place, and Ga. has about 85 yds rushing for the game. We were told it would take a while to get the 3-4 down. Why are we so impatient??? I told someone the other day, the worst thing ever to happen to UT football was to win the NC in 98. Now we expect it every year. It would be nice, but it ain't going to happen for no one. Anyone who can't see that Dooley inherited a depleted team 3 years ago is blind. Anyone who can't say we are more competitive since that point is blind. Vols will win minimum 8 this year. Go Vols!

" I told someone the other day, the worst thing ever to happen to UT football was to win the NC in 98."
You really think so? Then why do they play the game? If they aren't playing to win it all every season, then why bother at all?

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in response to RockyMtnVol:

Replace the fans! they did a sorry job of support the team, we need a new fan base that have a clue to what it takes to be a fan in the SEC, the ones we had for the last couple of years are just not cut out to be in the SEC, maby a sub-division league or high school. But it is obvious that some of the "fans" are just not cut out to be SEC Fans, sorry I am normally a bigger supporter of fans, but these fans have disappionted me too much this year. So, CDD, please recuit better fans next year and maybe the fans will start to mature and learn how to be better fans with time.


I know you made this post in jest, but I think the fan base has a lot more to do with the success of this team than they want to believe. Neyland used to really rock on Saturday nights. I understand that the team was better then, but that still isn't an excuse for being outcheered by a very small Florida group of fans.
If anyone has watched Texas A&M fans during their games as I have, you would be impressed. I really enjoy watching those fans support their team and grief the opponents. But what they do is small in comparison to what can be done at Neyland with 100k strong, vocal Tennessee fans. This used to be a dreaded place for teams to come play because of, in a large part, the loud fans. Not anymore. If any UT students are reading this, maybe they could get something started. Maybe some new cheers for the fans to get involved with and help bring up the morale of the team. We can help this team improve. They just need to know the fans are behind them.


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in response to smokies_old_soul:

in 1989, Tennessee finished the season ranked #4 nationally after going 11 - 1 including a Cotton Bowl win over SWC champion Arkansas.

it was 1988 when the Vols lost their first six and won out from there, which contributed to the momentum they took into the 1989 season and beyond.

Darkest before the Dawn.

Good comment. I also recall it wasn't very many years ago (maybe last year?) that Mark Richt was on the hot seat and his team seems to be doing pretty good right now. But they HAVE to get an upset somewhere this season or recruits won't sit up and take notice.

Written on Derek Dooley gets another shot against ranked opponent :

I'm a Dooley fan and hope he can back up his words, but there is something that has me concerned. When he brought in highly touted Justin Wilcox to run the defense, it seemed he couldn't get the job done here and was maybe overrated as a defensive guru. Now that he has went to UWash, he has shown his defensive coaching prowess by not allowing the potent Stanford offense to score a TD. Why couldn't he (JW) get it done here? Are the players at UWash that much better than the ones available to UT? Or is there something deeper that JW couldn't overcome on the Hill? Dooley seems to be having a lot of issues keeping coaches around. This is troubling and will become more so if any more coaches abandon ship anytime soon.