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Written on Mike Strange: Will SEC have Tennessee to kick around again?:

Until we prove otherwise on the field, the answer is clearly "Yes".

It's as simple as that.

Written on Former Florida, New England star Aaron Hernandez painted as gunman by documents:

In the legal world, this is known as "Hearsay within Hearsay" and it will not be allowed in Court unless prosecutors can find another way to get it into evidence at trial.

The only options are 1) Hernandez taking the stand in his own defense (unlikely to happen, but he did chose to attend UF so anything is possible) or 2) have the actual person to whom he admitted to the killing take the stand and testify against Hernandez (way too soon to tell if that's gonna happen and could go either way for a number of reasons).

Written on Mike Strange: SEC Media Days question: If Not Alabama, then who?:

Can't wait for the season to start.

But, I really can't wait for the day when Tennesseee is back in the mix for an SEC Championship. It's been awhile, and getting close doesn't really count.

Written on John Adams: Knoxville a big part of Geno Auriemma legacy:

“What struck me about them is the standard they held their players to as people and competitors,” she said. “Different players go to UConn than Tennessee."

In the past, I have heard statements similar to this. But, what is someone really saying when they say "different players go to UConn than Tennessee"? Both are successful women's programs, so what is being indirectly said here?

Written on Ex-Auburn player indicted in point-shaving scheme:

Really don't like stories like this. I, too, have watched college basketball games through the years where, toward the end, a player makes an inexcusable play in a game that is out of reach. More than once I have wondered if that player has been "bought" and is holding the line, particularly when their actions result in the necessary margins for keeping the line.

The thought of people doing this makes me sick.

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Greed is a problem that affects every person, not just college presidents, corporate executives, or politicians. That's why we need Jesus!

As to the wisdom of letting university presidents rule college athletics, it was then & remains now a horrendous idea. Gotta change.

Written on CAK's Charlie High bulking up for QB transition to Tennessee:

Wish Charlie High the best!

Proud of my alma maters, both CAK and Tennessee.

Go Big Orange!!!

Written on Former Vol Eric Westmoreland arrested for drugs:


Hope it ain't true.

Written on John Adams: No Michael Dyer, even if UT in dire need:

Adams is probably right--Dyer's 3rd chance probably shouldn't occur at Tennessee. I hope he lands somewhere and makes the most of his opportunity, though.

Along those same lines, how many chances does Adams get at being the Sports Editor?

Written on VOLympics Team Rosters:

It's worth a try. I'm for anything that will help us climb the mountain to return to "the good ol' days" of UT football.

Written on A road map for getting back: Study shows Vols' fall from glory years:

The reality is that the decline of UT football has been a collective effort. Coach Fulmer got complacent his last few seasons, Lane Kiffin was a disastrous hire on a number of levels, and Derek Dooley was overmatched in taking the UT job.

UT got fat, lazy and out-of-shape. Whenever that happens, it's always incredibly hard to get back into shape.

And a little help from key players in the University administration would sure be nice.

Written on UT's prayers answered as Vanderbilt misses chances to win at buzzer:

I knew the moment that UT hired Cuonzo Martin that it would be hard for everyone (players and fans) to adjust to his style of play.

I remember watching Cuonzo play in college under Purdue's Gene Keady. Cuonzo runs the same sytem as Keady--focus on defense and run a methodical offense.(Quite a contrast to Pearl's system).

Martin's approach is essentially BuzzBall (remember Buzz Peterson) but with better players. As with any coach at any level, the key is to win games. If you don't win, no one will want to come see you play--and that adage is all-the-more true in a system like Cuonzo's. This system is geared for games in the mid-50's, and it only works if you can impose your defensive will on your opponent.

It was the right thing for Pearl to get the boot. I wish Cuonzo the best, but his teams have little margin for error under his system. Hope we can keep winning! Go Big Orange!!

Written on John Adams: No shame for UT in a big-name rejection :

Hope we can land a big name.

Written on An early look at candidates to replace Derek Dooley as Vols' coach:

The comments in the earlier post by "td" are exactly right.

On another note, if UT hires Petrino, I just might send back my diploma. Seriously.

Written on Tennessee fires Derek Dooley:

in response to jt45:

Word on the local Sports shows is that Dooley chose not to coach the last game. Based on what Ive seen televised, it was his decision. Now of course there is no way to confirm that until all the facts are out.

Thanks for the tip, jt45. If that is true, then I stand corrected.

Written on Tennessee fires Derek Dooley:

Firing Dooley was not a bad decision, but not allowing him to coach the final game is. I've never understood the mentality of firing a coach with one game left and not letting him coach.

Was never sold on Dooley (for several reasons), but he should be allowed to coach & say goodbye to the seniors and players in their last home game. Just my opinion.

Written on Derek Dooley on job status: 'I really do not think about that' :

Regardless of what one thinks about Dooley, how many of us have jobs that are front & center like his? [I know--please spare me the "he gets paid millions for it" and "it comes with the territory" comments--and am well aware of that!].

Thankful that my job doesn't come with such high visibility that it's constant table chatter, radio banter and major news storyline.

Written on Tennessee's Zach Rogers catches 3 TD passes, a new high point in career season :

Very impressed by Zach Rogers' play this season. Great effort!

If he keeps it up, he could end up being like Wes Welker.

Written on John Adams: Not enough resilience to mask the mistakes :

A loss is a loss and each one hurts. Players seem to be playing harder under Dooley than they did the last few seasons of Fulmer's tenure.

Will agree with John Adams that our UT teams under Dooley keep making the same costly mistakes each game. Makes me wonder about my own profession--I probably need to focus on my own job and see if I've been making the same mistakes over & over. Might be a lesson in here for me.

Written on Lattimore goes to hospital with likely knee injury:

Pray for Lattimore. That was the worst injury I've seen in a game since Joe Theisman broke his leg on Monday Night Football 25+ years ago.

Painful to watch. Even more painful to bear, I'm certain.

Written on Vols hold players-only meeting, say 'things are going to change' :

If we beat 'Bama, this meeting will have served its purpose. If we do not beat 'Bama, this meeting will have been useless.

Will this Saturday night be the start of a new era for the Vols? We shall see.

Written on Frustration mounts after UT misses another chance to 'get over the hump' :

Aside from losing games, my frustrations could be summarized this way: UT continues to make the same mental mistakes (errors, penalties, missed tackles, special teams, blown coverage, misalignment) each week.

It has been that way all throughout the Dooley era and it's simply no fun to watch repeat performances on different Saturdays.

Written on Mike Strange: Should Vols beware a MAC attack? :

In light of where our program has been the past 4 seasons, two things appear obvious:

1. Visiting teams aren't afraid of playing in Neyland Stadium like they were 10 years ago;
2. Talent-wise, Tennessee cannot, and should not, take any opponent for granted.

Our margin for error is very thin and we can't expect to win simply by showing up.

Written on Mike Strange: Communication issue preferable to talent issue for Vols' defense :

I knew when we switched from a traditional 4-3 scheme to a 3-4 scheme this season that there would be an adjustment period with some growing pains; however, I didn't expect that all 4 of Florida's TD's would be the result of confusion (placement or scheme), which it was.

Tough to watch, for sure.

Written on Derek Dooley says he needs to ease burden on skill players like Justin Hunter, Rajion Neal :

No disrespect to Florida, but we made an average UF team look like one of their great teams from years past on Saturday night.

Every touchdown UF scored was a direct result of our defense being confused and out-of-position before the snap. After the snap, our poor tackling [which existed even under the Fulmer era] didn't do us any favors, either.

These issues are correctable, but I keep seeing them game-in, game-out. Frustrating. Our problems aren't related to skill players having too much burden. Our problem is that our players (as a whole) are not playing WITH skills.

Written on Alabama and LSU are Nos. 1 and 2 in the AP Top 25:

Sure would be nice to be ranked #1 or #2 right now, realism aside.

Written on John Adams: All in for Tennessee? Not after that :

in response to JCJ1986:

That sounds nice and all until you realize our Vols got taken out back by the 3rd-4th best team in the East. We all bought into the same hype that we did last season, and once again our intuitions were confirmed after last night's loss. Our head coach is in over his head. He has a team built mostly of guys that Lane Kiffin brought in, and he has gotten nothing out of them. We don't have any depth behind them with the guys he has recruited. He can't motivate. He has an OC that panicked in the middle of the third quarter and resorted to the shotgun formation on first down being down only seven.

Side note: I just talked to a friend who went to the game and he brought up a great point. Why do we continue to play UF the third game of the season? How much better would it be if we switched Vandy and Florida? What do you guys think?

I'm also a Vol in Carolina, Charlotte.

In looking at the overall game performance (not just through the middle of the 3rd Q), if some major changes don't occur within our teams' resolve, it's very realistic that we lose to Georgia and then go 0-for-October, thus starting of 0-5 in SEC play. That won't cut it.

The 1990 and 1991 UF-UT games were played in mid-October. In 1992, it got moved up to mid/late September and has remained there since. Rumor has it Spurrier wanted it moved up and it happened. In my opinion, UT would fare better against Florida later in the season each year. I think ol' Spurrier knew his best shot to beat UT was early rather than later. Can't say he was wrong.

Written on John Adams: All in for Tennessee? Not after that :

The loss was ugly. It stinks. It hurts. I don't like it anymore than anyone else who is a Vol fan.

But the sun will rise tomorrow. Hopefully, our football can make the most of it.

Written on Poll: How would you grade Tennessee's performance against Florida?:

A winnable game that got away from us due to our own mistakes. We made an average Florida team look like one of their great teams from years past.

Written on Phillip Fulmer likes direction Derek Dooley has Vols headed :

If I were a reporter my only question to Coach Fulmer would be: "When is Arkansas going to make it official and hire you as their head football coach?"

Written on Vols stall at 60,000 season tickets:

in response to eb502us#225637:

(This comment was removed by the site staff.)

Might be one of the more insightful posts I've seen on here in a long time!

Written on Vols stall at 60,000 season tickets:

Though season-tickets sales are trending downward across sports, in UT's case, tickets sales will increase when both of the following happen:

1. The Vols start regularly winning again! But, let's face it, us Vol fans aren't really happy with just a win, are we? If we're really honest, we have to soundly beat a team to feel good about the final score. Even in close wins or comfortable margins, we're always counting up the "points left on the field" without rarely doing the same for the opposing team.

2. Cost of season ticket prices start decreasing. Of course, if UT starts winning again, then the trend may start heading upward. Nonetheless, UT folks might consider dropping prices a little with the aim of filling up the stands. It can be done in such a way as to net the same amount of money as what they're currently getting, with the upside being greater concession sales and more fans enjoying the experience.

Just my 2 cents, and it may really be worth nothing more than that.

Written on Offensive line coach Sam Pittman looks for atonement against N.C. State :

Living and working in Raleigh, I really want to win this game (what Vol fan doesn't, right?)

State is no slouch, and UT is not what it was 5 years ago or even 10 years ago. It's amazing how times (and teams) can change between scheduling an opponent and actually playing them.

Written on Vanderbilt coach names 6 more captains for 2012:

How many coaches' wives were named to the "Captain's List"?

Written on AD cites SEC move as Missouri sells out season tickets for first time:

Nice to see some immediate fruits flowing to Missouri (and, ultimately, the SEC) as a result of coming into the best conference in America!

Written on Bray, court reach agreement on boating case :

Bray is running out of chances--perhaps not in reality, but at least in terms of perception.

We all know that if his name wasn't Tyler Bray that this wouldn't have made the news; however, he's got to start showing more discernment and realize that his every move is in the public eye. All for second chances, even third chances. But, he's not giving me a lot of confidence about his decision-making.

Dooley is in a tough spot on this particular situation.

Written on Bray, court reach agreement on boating case :

I fully understand that college kids to foolish things (I was once one, too!), but this is starting to get out-of-hand. I hope and pray that Bray will start looking at the big picture.

Written on Opening opponent already has UT's attention:

Oh, how the mighty have fallen! 10 years ago, we'd beat NC State by 2+ touchdowns. 5 years ago, we'd beat NC State by 7+ points. This year, who knows?

We have to win this game against NC State. I really believe it'll set the tone for the season. My concern is that I haven't seen any consistency the past 2 seasons which gives me confidence that we WILL win. Anything can happen, and that's why they "play the game".

If we lose, I'll never hear the end of it around here in Raleigh, but that's the least of my worries. I really want the Vols to start the season with a "W" against a respectable opponent and break the bad run in the Georgia Dome dating back to December 2001.

Written on Dave Hart says Debby Jennings 'fostered an atmosphere of negativity and division' :

Why do I sense more substantial payouts in the near future from our Athletic Department?

Written on Renaldo Woolridge going home to play at Southern Cal :

I wish Renaldo the best but, I have to admit, I'm having difficulty seeing this working out well for him in basketball terms.

Written on Vols' school-record streak of NCAA appearances snapped at six:

Here's the deal: each year there's 2-3 teams that get into the Big Dance that make everyone go "Huh? How'd that happen?"

Would love to see have seen this year's team make it but we didn't make a clear-cut case for a tourney bid. When that happens, you put yourself at the mercy of the Selection Committee. Win 21 or 22 games and go 10-6 in your conference, it's much easier to get in.

Overall, proud of this year's team. No way that Pearl would have had these guys over .500 with the system he ran. Proud of my BasketVols and the effort they put forth this year.

Finally, it's soooo NICE to see a UT team play defense. Go Big Orange!

Written on Football team struggles in classroom, while men's basketball improves :

There's always a "learning curve" for every college student and, if a student is in a major they shouldn't be, then they need to get out (ie--in engineering, accounting or something similar that they realize they're not cut out for).

That being said, it is EXTREMELY hard to NOT to get a 2.0 GPA in college. Doing that requires intentionally not going to class and/or missing assignments and tests. In the rarest of circumstances does it involve matters of intelligence--most times it's a matter of not being where they need to be.

Hate to hear that many of our student-athletes are below a 2.0, especially with all of the support available.

Written on Sam Winterbotham: Brandon Fickey's actions 'completely unacceptable'; Vols lose to No. 19 Illinois :

in response to JimmyJoe:

Can you guys put Tennis or Golf Or some other warning words in front of these off sport stories so we don't waste our time opening them up.

+1. LOL!

Written on Mike Strange: Super Bowl heroes weren't all signing-day heroes:

Well done, Mike. I love articles with this type of theme/angle.

Written on Georgia beats Tennessee, 57-53 in overtime :

We're not an NCAA Tourney team...yet. It is in our future but NOT in 2012 unless, of course, we win the SEC Tourney.

Written on John Adams: Caldwell committed to LSU, points to UT staff for successor to Pat Summitt :

in response to pingkr62:

One minor mistake, Nikki Caldwell played high school ball at Collierville.

You're mixing-up your "Nikki's". Nikki McCray played high school ball at Collierville; however, Nikki Caldwell played high school ball at Oak Ridge. They both played at UT during the same time-period, though.

Written on UT now down 3 coaches with departure of Justin Wilcox, Peter Sirmon:

Nobody else has said it so I will: I hope that Randy Shannon isn't the new D.C. Anyone see the trouble that Miami (aka "The U") is in right now? All of that happened under Shannon's watch. In addition, he was also implicated in some of Miami's NCAA troubles in the mid-90's as an assistant coach.

Stay from him, Coach Dooley.

Written on WR DeAnthony Arnett seeking release from scholarship :

If it's a legit health issue in the family, let him go--it's the right thing to do.

Alex Bullard and Tyler Smith are the two most-recent Vols who come to mind whose prior coaches did the right thing in allowing them to go back home.

Written on UT may save money by sitting out bowl season :

The obvious solution: aim high and get into one of the higher-paying bowls so as to offset expenses in greater proportion. Your expenses on a bowl trip are going to be similar no matter where bowl is; therefore, win more games and get to a better payout--helps the conference overall and, ultimately, the Vols financially and recruiting-wise.

Written on Indiana stuns No. 1 Kentucky 73-72 at buzzer:

What a March Madness finish to a game in December! Always like Indiana eventhough they've been down for years.