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Let me guess, you're bitter at all those difficult to take blowouts your Vandy team has endured over the years. Get ready for another stompin lil man.

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It's all easy when you're riding around on a bus cracking wise with reporters and adoring fans. When he rolls into the Swamp in September, he'll quickly realize this aint Cincinnati, and Florida aint Rutgers. When Muschamp lowers the BOOM, he'll be spinning in circles trying to figure out what just happened to his rear end.

You over that Louisville loss yet?

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Crompton was a good prospect out of N.C. He came to Tennessee during one of the toughest stretches in UT history. He must be pretty good, how many of you naysayers have every made a dime from your vast athletic talent? He kept his nose clean played hard for 3 different Coordinators and has had a not untypical attempt at living his dream of playing pro football and doing what he loves. He is a Vol for life. I respect and appreciate the kids who give it their all for Tennessee. Even Bray, not that I approve or applaud some of his actions, but for those of you who never did anything stupid in college, cast your stones, sorry for your boring life. How could anyone wish Crompton or Bray anything but the best? Most of the mouths on this site never played a down in HS let alone anything after HS. The ugliness and negativity is reflective of poor self esteem, bitterness, Godlessness, immaturity and hopelessness. This behavior is ridiculous and does nothing but negatively reflect on the program. I can barely read this site anymore. Get a clue. I cheer with bright eyes everyone who chose to wear the orange. All Vol all the time. Get real.

Nice post

I hope both guys succeed in life. VFL

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I wonder if there are any diamonds in the rough in the junior college ranks?

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85,000 of well spent money...

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Dakari Johnson, the No. 1 Center in the nation just announced he is going to Kentucky next year. Kentucky simply reloads.

How about those Cardinals!

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Come play for the Big Orange Mr. Cornwell; we would love to have you here. There is competition at qb but that will be anywhere you go in the SEC that has a chance to win alot of games.

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You can say all the negative things you want about Martin; however, I believe he has a point. Tennessee did lose some games they had no business losing to, but they won quite a few that should have secured them getting into the Big Dance. There is a prejudice against the SEC in basketball. It would serve each SEC school and more fans of SEC schools to do more complaining about this selection process. Other coaches need to speak up like Martin is doing now to help the cause.

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What's the latest on Bates and the Berrys'? Keep up the great work CBJ and staff!!!!

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I just feel Jordan needs to stay around another year, this chest beating and screaming when he makes a shot is showing a lack of maturity, don't get me wrong he has improved over the year but that won't fly in the pros, besides that I truly think you may see Bruce back on the sidelines soon just a feeling I have.

If he sticks around,I for one would be very happy about our chances next year with everyone healthy and Hubbs. For Martin, there are starting to be a few less reasons for us to not have Bruce in future plans. I think Martin is a really good coach too; his recruiting does seem to be a weakness that might be too hard to overcome. I hope I am wrong.

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I'm not sure why McRae was not SEC player of the week but I know his draft position keeps going up and up. I hope you stick around Jordan; however, I have a feeling your time wearing Tennessee orange is nearly over. I hope Martin does a better job with recruiting too; many of the players he recruited don't seem to be much more than role players or not getting any real quality minutes. Can we make the NCAA tournament? I hope so, but I am also skeptical.

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Dyer has been clean for the last year; it doesn't seem that he has a bad attitude just bad decision making that can be corrected. Our offense this next year will be run, run, run, pass as we break in a new starting quaterback; our backs from last year are good but not exactly big and powerful for what we will need. Let the coaches decide; I say take the chance on Dyer. We will need more choices to choose from in case of injury. DYER wear the Orange!

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Martin obviously is not the well disciplined coach UT thought it had hired.

Infractions to go along with the sloppy play and losing away record...and the screw-ups in football.

Hart needs to go. Martin needs to go. Jones does great PR; but this is not some bush league in which he will bc coaching.

Maybe the fans---who are starved for anything like good teams, in multiple sports---had better wait until Jones and company win something before annointing them the successors to the Fulmer golden years---or before annointing Martin the next Bruce Pearl on-court.

Maybe somebody could clean up the garbage and take it out, in the Athletics Department. It needs to be gone...and a LOT of the people in it...and some who never should have been invited into the deparment.

Here's a hanky, now quit whinning. It's a new day in Vol football; support your team.

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Does anyone have some tickets for the Kentucky game? I have some friends coming down that need 4 (can be 2 sets of 2), and will pay top dollar for good seats.

I wonder if your friends realize just how creepy of guy you are?

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Even Coach Saban misses on a few. Safety Tony Connor out of South Panola, Ms went to UM, and DT Eddie Vanderhoes out of Ca went to ND. Nick Saban Day produced what could be the best class in Ala history. Time will tell, Roll Tide

Yes, we understand your love for Bama; we are a little concerned about your love for this site.

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I support the coach because I support UT. Jones has to win because UT does not need another buyout. He has proven he can win; disregard those who find a little free time from their cells. The meds are not that good there.

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It looks like CBJ uses his resources much more wisely than the previous staff, on defense, did. So far, I can believe Jones is doing the smart things when it comes to recruiting. While i am not sure about parts of his staff being SEC ready, I do believe he knows the importance of recruiting. He is slowly uniting a divided fan base.

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Can we get some of that buyout back since he has a temporary job?

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Vonn Bell, make sure and ask those Barn and Cinci coaches how many first round Dbs they have in the NFL. Look at Sabans list. KJackson,
DKirpatrick, MBarron, DMilliner and that does not count the LSWho guys or other early picks like JArenas. Best DB coach in the country is in Tuscaloosa, FACT. We do not even need to discuss the W/L between the 2 schools over the next 3 yrs. Business Vonn, take care of business. Roll Tide


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Bama does not have a single coach with ties to the program. Has no bearing, you can either coach and develop players or you cannot. Roll Tide

You do realize you may be eating those words in a few; there are NFL teams making a move for Nicky. You may be hiring Freddie Kitchens soon as HC. Keep coming back and checking in on our Vols; you apparantly Neeeeed to know.

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The new coaching staff, from top to bottom, is better than the previous staff. They will use common sense in knowing how to put Tennessee in a position to be in every game we play. This recruiting year is by no means great, but it is looking m0re and more solid. CBJ is doing a good job.

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WAY too premature to be saying that Jones and staff can't recruit SEC-quality players! It takes almost everybody YEARS of building relationships with players and HS coaches to have a shot at the top-rated recruits. The current rating, whatever it is, can't be laid at Jones' feet; that is DOOLEY'S last recruiting class, minus whoever decommits and plus whoever Jones can get at virtually the last minute. There are ALWAYS decommits when there is a coaching change. This is not unique to UT or to Jones. If you are indeed a Vol fan, why don't you wait until the class is SIGNED and then maybe another year to see how they play before giving Jones the thumbs-down as a recruiter.

Yes Vol fans lets be positive about this new coach and his staff. We have all endured too much negativity lately for this great program. I am hoping Jones statement about putting the best staff together was well thought out. I can also see that the more highly touted recruits seem to be interested. I hope we can land Carr, Bell, and Kohler.

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You may be wrong on all points. I love the Vols,but fact is fact.The game will be over after about 25 minutes.Memphis will out hustle,out shoot,out coach the Vols. This is how I see the game. Sure hope I am stupidly wrong.

Uhh...who exactly are you pulling for? Tennessee has lost its best basketball player for the first 1/3 of the season. Don't you think it might take a little time for this group to gell and become a complete team? I can't understand the desire to talk down about this coach. He is recruiting good enough to win, overcoming difficulties with injured star players, and has the defensive part of the team looking great. Settle down and let this coaching staff get this team playing to the caliber of winning SEC games; we might just make it to the Big Dance by March. How's about some optimism for your New Year's resolution?

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Stokes made a huge mistake not going to Kentucky, he could have been a NBA star, now he plays for a crudball dump team and will end up a nobody

Is your blue team even ranked at this point in the season? I like Tennessee's football and basketball teams chances much better at having a winning season in 2013. Back to work you...

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It's great to see a Tennessee team ranked; I hope the ladies keep moving up the charts. Go Big Orange!

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I rooted for Tee during his college career; I also thought it was wrong for the school to name a street after Peyton and not him. I am glad they did, even now. I don't understand his decision, but I do respect it. The opportunity may never be back for Tee to be here, and I am sure Tee realizes that. He came to meet the new coach because he was highly intriqued by the chance to come back; he is in a wonderful place coaching no matter who the head coach is. I am glad you played here Tee and wish you had come back. Now, however, you're the competition. Go Big Orange!

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Note to all NCAA athletic directors and attention to how Jimmy Cheek, Mike Hamilton and Dave Hart have operated and do the complete opposite if you want to get a good coach and have good athletic programs. The only thing UT has that is still relevant anymore is its fan base. We deserve so much better than this complete train wreck.

It is amazing to me that all the other SEC schools and an ACC school got their coach and in less time than we did. If Tennessee is being played again and these two coaches stay at their respective schools with a raise, I think Mr. Hart will be feeling some serious heat from his superiors.

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This hopefully eliminates two of the prospects I didn't want at TN.

You didn't want Stoops? Uhhhh, why?

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Steal the limelight lol... you boys are as stale as month old bread.

Six million dollars will get every coaches attention. You know are here because you neeeeeed to know what's going on. You have your hands full with jawja and they are due. I don't think stale bread will be the best way to define us next year.

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Are you not worried about Gruden. Sure he won 2 super bowls with teams stocked ahead of his time and then during his tenure, they failed to continue to produce. I like him but I am a little leary about whether he can recruit. Maybe I am wrong but just don't go head over heels about him.

Isn't that the concern with any coach anywhere? Sure, maybe Saban is the guy in college that can outlast the others or Bellicheck (sp?) is the guy in the NFL who has proven to be special but who else do you throw the big money at in our position to do something special. That's what we're looking at here, something special. Gruden walks in to a recruits home with a Super Bowl ring on his finger, electric personality, and no major baggage to speak of. Apparantly, Arky was thinking the same thing; they have already offered him before anyone else.

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There are treatment plans available for folks as angry as you. Try to enjoy the holidays.

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Hopefully, Gruden is the guy. He will instantly attract the five and four stars from all areas of the US; he will also know who to hire to fill out his staff. UT would be in the top five of coaching staffs in the the nation.

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Thanks for your service, God bless! Great post, and don't take me very seriously, I'm just goofing off most of the time. Hurry home.

I think you just showed a little kindness to our friend in the service; miracles do happen and the holiday season is upon us. Happy Thanksgiving to you all.

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I still say buy Petrino a house (for family) and a apartment (for girlfriend) and lets get rolling. This guy is a proven winner at the College level. College is a world of difference than Pro Ball. I have to admit that when you consider everything, I would much rather be a Pro Coach where you don't have to recruit or dry the snot from their noses everytime they get dumped by their girlfriends. That said, there are a lot of coaches who are extremely good at doing the things that College coaching require. Bobby Petrino is one of them. No one will know about Jon Gruden until he actually does it. Can we take the chance that he will be good at it?

What about recruiting? What about trust? If Petrino comes, will we be stuck, ultimately, with more probation than what Kiffen gave us. Can the guy be trusted for the overall good of this program? I am not sure he can. If we don't have the big money for Gruden, Fisher, or Stoops, I think we go for an up and comer; he is proving he knows what he is doing. The baggage of Petrino is a BIG deal.

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2012 NCAA Tournament Champions? In what?? Can't be basketball......that one belongs to The Big Blue.

two classless trolls fighting it out on a Tennessee website...get lost you losers

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Either this story is weird or they need to fire the headline writer, because I felt better about the long shot possibility of Gruden coming to UT after reading it than before. It makes sense that he would not comment because Dooloser is still in office. It must be noted that Gruden has been just as silent as Dave Mute, the AD.

Exactly, I also felt we wouldn't have a shot a Gruden. After reading this, there are sports writers in the KNOW who could see it happenning. I am not saying it will; I am saying I feel better about our chances now than before. Climer, keep using other writers to make your points. You're proving some things about your abilities that many on here are complaining about. It isn't a "dream" afterall.

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The FACT is that given the same Offensive Coord. for three years, Dooley has presided over a prolific Offense (despite our defense not being able to get off the field!).

How quickly people forget that Justin Wilcox left after his second year (when we finished 28th nationally in defense, 13 in passing defense). If we had just that same defense as last year, we might be undefeated.

Firing Dooley insures that Bray, Hunter, and Patterson leave. The smart thing to do here is to absorb the cost, and get a PROVEN DEFENSIVE COORDINATOR for next year.

At one time, I felt the same way you do. This is going to cost the university alot of money that, frankly, they don't seem to have. The poor on field decisions at Kentucky were hard to deal with; however, Missouri did it for me. The last forty seconds of regulation was just horrible. Even the trolls have stopped their yapping for the most part. I can't support the HC any longer. What is best for the team? Dooley needs to be given 5 MILLION dollars NOT to coach this team. UNBELIEVABLE

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So, I guess as a life-long Volunteers fan, I have no right to my opinion? I can assure you I have just as much interest in UT as you do. At least I give a damn whether we win or lose. If you think that's being negative, so be it.

I think it would be in the best interest of the university we love to stick together through this. Dooley is gone; he should be. It is time to hear from Hart. This is your job Hart to let the people who care know what is happening. My guess is they're trying to decide the termination plan.

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I think the picture above speaks volumes about what Hart thinks, and what he is doing. Hart knows that if the fans are not coming to games then that is the major money maker at UT. He will not let his time here be mismanaged by the football coach or coaches. The major question is, "Who wanted Sunserri?" If Hart pushed Dooley to hire him, Hart needs to own it, let the fans know, and work to find a replacement. If Dooley picked the DC, he's (Dooley) gone. The offense did some tremendous things this year; with only a decent defense, we would have been much better off.

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I thought I was on the wrong website...Why are Kentucky's fanatics on the Lady Vols website? Oops...they have any where to blog LOL

It would seem that we have their ATTENTION. I will stay focused on this site.

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Go Zach Rogers!!! He is in the spotlight for all the right reasons; I hope he is rewarded and drafted in April. Peyton would love this guy.

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The sad thing is once Dooley is fired we probably lose Pittman and Graham too. They have done an amazing job.

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What could have happened if Dooley had not tried to change to a completely new scheme on defense? Last year defense was the strong part of our team and offense had all the problems; however, their roles have reversed. Dooley probably loses his job soon due to lack of wisdom; I don't think he really understood how fed up the fan base was and is. I just hope we will be able to land the "Big Name" HC; we have tons of talent on offense but some bad recruiting on defense. Recruiting is another issue that really didn't make sense with Dooley; why did he recruit so many WR's when our DB's need major upgrades?

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(This comment was removed by the site staff.)

I think you have definately made your point; now please go get that medication. Your family and the world in general would greatly appreciate a calmer you. Good day.

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Interesting thought. Would Chavis come back to UT for the HC job? I think he would. I just don't know if he can handle all of the responsibilities of the HCing job. Awesome as DC, but wouldn't leave LSU for a sideways move to UT. It would have to be for the HC position or nothing at all. Hiring Chavis would also mean that RB CJG would most likely retain his job, which would be a very smart move for whoever is coaching. I'm just not sure he (CJC) would be a good hire at this point.

That is the most important issue at UT. We would be paying Dooley and staff a lot of money to buy out their contracts; then we would be paying an assistant a lot of money for the HOPE of doing a good job. If we do this, Chavis makes the most sense. We return to one of our guys and hopefully all works out for the best. We can't take another BIG chance; we are in a lot of trouble. Lets hope Dooley wins out...that makes the most sense.

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Uh yeah, I would hope your not letting the NFL cloud your mind because I'm not sure you're on any teams' mind right now... Shake the rust off and get out there and be the star JH.

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I am always a Vol fan; I have seen this year that the offense has improved especially the offensive line and the running backs. I cannot, however, understand why Dooley would switch to a 3-4 defense knowing the pressure he would be under from the fan base to win. Our weakest part of the team last year was the offense; Dooley improved that. However, when Wilcox left Dooley went with an unproven DC who changed the defense completely. Dooley brought this on himself and will probably be fired at the end of the season. I can't understand his reasoning.

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THis is a good thing; not being ranked at the start of the season will give Tennessee a hunger to go out and prove they are special. We have alot of strong talent on this team, and we will do well.