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Written on Where do you project Jordan McRae getting drafted after his senior season at UT?:

There is no indication to me that McRae has the size, ball handling, or defense to play in the NBA. I don't see him getting drafted in my opinion.

Written on Georgia delivers a punch in gut to Vols, 68-62:

Buzz Ball is officially back in TBA. Awful, I can't watch this team - they are really bad and getting worse.

Written on Mike Strange: Something is missing ... Vols looking for a closer :

Good teams win close games, bad teams lose close games. I don't know the exact stats, but Pearl was like 85-8 (or something like that) when leading or tied with 5 minutes to go. Cuonzo can't close, like Buzz before him. Personally, I would start with foul shooting.

Written on Mike Strange: No fairy tale for Trae Golden, but book hasn't closed on season :

Here's an idea: Recruit some guards that can dribble and shoot. May want to start circling a few coaches to interview as well. This team is getting worse....

Written on UT wants to get back to basics of playing defense :

Did this guy write that Miss State is a sure win?? Ummm, there are no sure wins with this team dude!

Written on Tennessee's Bray, Hunter, Patterson have choices to make:

We'd miss Patterson and Hunter. Bray.... not so much.

Written on After struggling against Alabama, Tennessee's Tyler Bray skips post-game interviews :

Bray is not a good QB, it's not that hard to see. If it's results you want, Worley, let's go!

Written on John Adams: Scoreboard not the only measuring stick for Derek Dooley against Alabama :

John, you say we have improved under Dooley - what are you basing that on? I'm pretty good with numbers, records, stats, etc. And I'm not seeing the improvement you are referencing. So, please state the reason you think we have improved??

Written on Starting tailback job up for grabs at Tennessee:

Personally, I think we just need better backs. Nothing against our guys, but they are simply no where near the level of Bama or other schools with power running games. Where is that superstar RB we need??

Written on Vols look at change in identity:

"Whatever we look like, we'll correct it and adjust moving forward."

That doesn't sound very positive Coach!

Written on Poll: Air conditioning, or a 9-win season this fall?:


Is this the dumbest poll ever? Yes or No.

Written on David Climer: Derek Dooley needs to help UT Vols at the bank as well:

Is this guy blaming poor ticket sales on a recession that ended 2 years back? Really?
I guess the grasp of very simple facts is not required to write these articles... geezzz.
Ticket sales are down because people have lost much hope with this team. Winning is the fix - pure and simple. Or, at least, the hope of winning.

Written on Derek Dooley's focus on discipline after first practice: :

Man, this is going to be a long season.

Written on MTSU ends UT's season, 71-64 :

It looked like Cuonzo made them slow it down with 7 minutes left and milk the clock. They lost it right there....
I've never seen anything like that before. That was some bad coaching and poor playing.
They simply aren't very good in games that matter.

Written on Derek Dooley: Kentucky loss 'will bother me for the rest of my life' :

Well Dooley, guess what? I'll never be able to forget that game either! I still can't believe we lost to UK.

Written on Florida's three-guard offense a test for Vols in SEC opener :

We are going to get waxed! Not sure what game tape Golden has been watching.....

Written on Jeronne Maymon still optimistic for Vols :

I'm optimistic they will win 3 more games. Maybe too optimistic. But they only have one game in January they can win - Auburn (maybe). We need to face reality fellas, this is a really bad team. I love 'em, but they simply are not good.

Written on Vols pull away from Chattanooga, 76-63:

That may be the last win for a long time I'm afraid. But I think if they can win 15 games, I would be happy!

Written on Vols fall at College of Charleston, 71-65 :

Wow, these guys are really bad and getting worse. This season is over already. Sad, sad, sad.
I have zero confidence in Cuonzo. This team plays no defense at all, every team's guards are lighting us up....

Written on Do you approve of the job Derek Dooley did this season?:

If Hart doesn't fire Dooley, it's going to get much worse......

Written on The Streak Ends: Tennessee falls to Kentucky, 10-7 :

in response to botetourtvol2:

99% negative posts - unreal - unobjective idiots

What game did you watch???
By all means - please share with us why Kentucky beat us.

Written on The Streak Ends: Tennessee falls to Kentucky, 10-7 :

OMG - Fire Dooley! This is a no-brainer!!

Written on Third: Kentucky 3, Vols 0 :

Good lord - Please Fire Dooley!

Written on Third: Kentucky 3, Vols 0 :

How embarrassing - Fire Dooley.

Written on Tyler Bray says he's ready to play, but coaches will ultimately make decision :

If you're willing to burn a red-shirt because players don't stick around for 4 years.... then you play your star if he's capable to go. This seems a no-brainer coaching decision to me.

Written on Poll: How will the Vols fare against Vanderbilt?:

Not sure we can beat anyone anymore.

Written on How will the Vols fare against Vanderbilt?:

Not sure if we can beat anybody anymore.

Written on How many games will the Vols win in October?:

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Who's playing left tackle if Dallas Thomas moves to WR? HaHa I'm just messin with ya!

Written on Vols could see change at point guard:

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Being an obsessed troll is not a pretty thing dude. You need another hobby for sure.

Written on Vols shocked by Indianapolis in exhibition, 79-64:

in response to TopTenn:

Didn't UK lose to some nobody a couple of years ago at home. I forgot the team.

They've lost to our football team since 1984, and that was a long time ago!! Trolling relives the steam I guess. Poor guy.

Written on Vols shocked by Indianapolis in exhibition, 79-64:

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Didn't Syracuse lose some exhibition game to a D2 school last year en route to being ranked #1 during the season? Gloom and doom over one exhibition game is a bit of wishful thinking there Kentucky fan....

I watched them play - they will be fine. Sorry to disappoint you.

Written on Defense gets its 'goose-egg' wish :

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LMFAO!!!! That's good stuff right there!!!

Written on No slowing down Tobias Harris' drive, ambition :

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Here's a fact -- you're a loser. Who keeps changing their name so they can cry like a baby girl on a UT fan site? How sad is that? Get a life man, find a girl, play some golf -- do something useful!!

Written on J.P. Prince not at Portsmouth:

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Hey mow-ron, Prince had to play a LOT of basketball in March. Therefore missing class. How many games did your team play in March? That's right -- three. LOL!

Written on Retire Chism's UT jersey? :

in response to 1vavolfan:

Guys, keep dreaming.Selby will not be coming to UT. He is announcing April 17, and there is about a 80% chance that he is going to Kentucky.

Since we're making up numbers, there's a 99% chance you don't have a clue.

Written on Prince not sold on being called for foul :

I don't understand the call either. The guy went up and the ball hit JP in the elbow and was loose after that, thus a free ball for each to go after. It was a weak call at a time it shouldn't be called.

The refs missed several calls. The one on Maze baffles me. Do they think he shoots lay-ups over the backboard without getting hit?

Regardless of the normal anti-orange refing, I think this game boils down to making free throws. BW and Scotty seemed to crumble under the pressure. I love these guys but they have to make foul shots when it counts.

It was an awesome season, so let's get behind them again this fall. BP is building a special program and this was another step towards that.

Thanks for the 2009-2010 season guys, we'll never forget it!!

Written on The Prince who would be king :

Every player on this team is under-appreciated. We focus too much on the negative and forget the positive.

Without J.P., we're not playing basketball right now. And we won't be finished AFTER next weekend is over..... I HOPE!!!

Written on UT to play Ohio State on Friday at 7:07 p.m.:

in response to CrankE:


We owe these guys twice over from the 2006-07 season. Just win baby!

BTW: I can't help but notice that Obama picked Kansas to win it all. The curse continues.

I think Obama picked North Carolina last year, and they won.

Written on Vols are Goins forward, 62-59:

in response to UTVOLSRROCKN:

Well I hope all of those "one and doners" are making their wifes/partners happier tonight at least! GBO!!!!

Me thinks it's partners. And with a lot of anti-Bruce anger tonight. It's rough being a fruity troll these days.

Written on Vols are Goins forward, 62-59:

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Hey idiot. Where is all this talent you speak of? Spain?

Without morons like you, these blogs would be boring. You do have your place and your role, so never stop the stupidity, it's enjoyable.

Written on Vols are Goins forward, 62-59:

Just for the record, the sweet-16 lost to Ohio State was 3 years ago (as a 5 seed I think), not two years ago. Two years ago Louisville knocked us out....

This team has, without a doubt, overachieved this year. Credit to the players and Bruce.

I was ready to kill that ref for that bogus foul call in the end. WTF???

Written on UT's Goins knows San Diego State players well :

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Talk about wearing your IQ as your sleeve size. Hey genius, why do you think Wall and Cousins are playing in college this year?

Hint: It's not because they weren't ready for the NBA.

Where do these idiots come from??

Written on How far do you think UT will go in the NCAA men's tournament?:

in response to usnavyvolfaninva_still_getting_paid:

final 8... why not!

Why not, indeed. Consider this: No teams are really dominant in this bracket. UT can beat any of them. SDSU is not that good, GU and OSU are both beatable.

That would leave a UT/Kansas rematch most likely with Josh Selby watching......

The last 5 years have been great, but I think the next 5 are going to be even better. Give Bruce some time, you don't make a final 4 team that quickly after 100 years of mediocrity.

Written on Vols seeded sixth, will play San Diego State:

I'm listening to the "experts" discuss the selection, it sounds eerily like the pre-BCS football. It's time to take the gut-feelings or bias out of the selection. Use the RPI and rank the teams....

Or, at a minimum, explain what the criteria is and stick to it. It's pretty much a universal agreement that no one understands why some teams were seeded and some weren't....

Written on Vols seeded sixth, will play San Diego State:

It's funny that NCAA seedings bring out the trolls. Anyone else see the humor there?

Saying that, I just listened to one of the selection committee guys try to explain their seedings, who got in, who got left out, etc...

One thing is very clear -- there is no logic behind it. It's time to take out the "speculation" and seed teams based on RPI. Even the trolls have to face the obvious, there is nothing logical about the selections.

Obviously we should have been seeded higher, but I guess a loss to a #1 seed in the conference semifinal is a BAD LOSS? Go figure.

Written on Vols seeded sixth, will play San Diego State:

It's time to eliminate biased selections. Let the RPI set the brackets. The anti-Pearl selection committee is blatently sticking it to us....

Written on A Big Blue beatdown: Vols lose composure, shoot poorly to end SEC tournament run :

in response to wildcatbasketball:

This article was posted at 8:07 pm...I am betting the "over" we get more than 30 posts blaming the refs on the 29 point loss!!

Any takers?

Congrats on the win Wildcat. Keep in mind that about 1 out of every 10 on here are complete idiots. Some are easy to find, they make perpetually stupid remarks (tater-head) for example.

We didn't lose because of the officiating, but it was not good both ways. Never is when we play especially with certain refs. No one can argue the ref data. And, Goins intentionally popped Cousins, a cheap shot. He got ejected, no issues there.

The bottom line is simple -- UK is loaded with talent. If we switched players, UT would probably win easily. Cal is a little better recruiter than Bruce but both can coach. Basketball is a players sport and the best players normally win.

Good luck in the tourney and (no offense) I'm glad we won't have to see Wall, Cousins, or Patterson again!!

Written on Adams: Urgency is Chism's energy for Vols:

Speaking of sitting down, I think it's time for Scotty to get some pine until he's ready to play. It worked at Florida, maybe it can work again.

I love Scotty, I just can't figure out why he seems to vanish sometimes....

Written on Tennessee not ready to go home from SEC Tournament:

Speaking of the officiating, how about the call on UT when the two Ole Miss players ran INTO EACH OTHER and fell down. Granted, the ref was a solid 5 feet away, so it must have been real difficult to figure out......

Maybe I'm biased, but I just don't see the refs blowing easy calls in our favor.