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You guys who hate everything sound like a bunch of crotchety old geezers talking about walking to school uphill through a foot of snow. Get over it! We have vehicles that take people to school these days, and changes are a part of life.

Are you so resistant to any change that you sound like my elementary school son complaining about going shopping?

The unis are sharp. Get used to it & move on!!!

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FINALLY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! At least someone has come out on the national scene and mentioned what is one of the underlying issues affecting the football program (which has affected hiring of coaches AND recruiting top notch players).

I don't claim to know things about this, but this is a big issue that needs to be explored and written about in the media. Maybe someone already did and I missed it but I don't think so.

I am happy with Butch Jones, I like him, and I think he has what it takes. IF he succeeds, he will have done so with what appears to be obstacles to the football program/athletic dept. that other school don't have.

I don't understand the fine details of what Maisel wrote about, but these issues surfaced just about the time Dooley was fired, when the Borad of Trustees met.

The issue needs EXPOSURE, and the fans need to put PRESSURE on the administration for some clear answers that we can understand. I'm all for athletes being held to academic standards, BUT if there are unrealistic expectations being placed on athletics by Jimmy Cheek (and obviously there are others there who have his back), the question becomes, "why?".

I've heard J Cheek wants UT to become a "research university". If I'm speaking out of ignorance please forgive me. I don't understand the fine print here, but my suspicion is that Cheek wants to take the school in this direction to receive funding.
(Here's an article I pulled up on Google:

The more I hear the more something stinks within the administration.

I only took the time to write this so hopefully us, the fans will begin to ask more questions about what this stuff means so we can have a clearer understanding AND if someone is trying to push something across that could be detrimental to the athletic program, more people need to know. I'm not advocating athletics above academics, but surely they can exist without what seems to me a clear disadvantage to the AD at UT.

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I like the tweets and comments above.

I know there are enough country boys on this site that know what it feels like to go "muddin" and be stuck in the mud!

It's time for everybody to get behind the truck and push! Time to create some momentum!

Come on Vol Nation! Time to get over ourselves and get this show on the road.

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I want to see an article probing the relationship between academics (Jimmy Cheek) and athletics (AD) at UT.

Do the math: rabid/extensive fan base, huge/updated stadium, plenty of money, LARGE recruiting budget, and top notch facilities. Ask yourself why aren't these coaches coming? They know something most of us don't.

This IS the issue people and someone needs to bring it into the light so that it can be dealt with!

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Yea, I feel better about the profession too. It's nice to see someone stick by their principles and not jump away to the money. He is showing loyalty and gratitude to a community that supports him. That should be commended! With that being said, I hope Florida wins 100-0!! But hey, no hard feelings!

Trust me, I am all for character (we need some ourselves), but don't be too fooled.

Yes, he stayed with the kids he recruited, but he did talk to us, he did consider us, and at the end of the day he got paid more.

He used this job offer to get something. I know it has become protocol in coaching, but is it right to threaten your current employer to get a raise. If he was truly all in at UofL, then why didn't he just tell UT from the beginning, "I'm not interested, at all."?

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If that report is true, it makes you wonder if Cheek somehow has Hart's hands tied. It does seem odd that Cheek would be the one contacting a coach, especially the first contact, doesn't it?

Answer: Yes

Cheek needs to answer some questions.

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This is becoming not only embarassing but down right ridiculous.

"This is becoming..."

Correction, "This IS..."

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The fact that ANY coach would consider he Louisville job better than UT is an embarrassment and a disgrace to every UT fan and alumnus. That Strong would spurn UT to stay at a 3d tier football school like Louisville - especially in light of the last two failures UT has hired as football coaches should tell everyone that something's wrong at the top of UT administration. Just the fact that every ugly detail of their search is so public is telling about their incompetence. KY, Auburn, Arkansas have already completed their hiring processes without the soap opera and disgraceful publicity. If UT has to resort to re-hiring a reject like Fulmer they'll be regarded as a bottom-of-the-barrell program, and rightly so.

"something's wrong at the top of UT administration" !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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To all the commenters, DO NOT BLAME AD HART on the rejection by Strong of UT. Sports Illustrated reported late this afternoon in an article by Pete Tramel, third paragraph, that the only contact with UT was made Sunday morning in Louisville by UT Knoxville Chancellor Jimmy Cheek!!!!!! Why is Cheek involved in the first place as that is the job of AD Hart!!!!! Cheek is an absolute loser. Come on commenters, junk on this and demand to know why Cheek was involved period.

BINGO!!! That's the rock that needs to be flipped over! Something's not right with there.

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Looks like Auburn and Arkansas can hire a coach and Hart cant. Maybe we need a new AD as well.

...and we were getting good pub about how UT was the best opening among those three schools. WOW! How much worse could it get?

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I'm afraid the decision makers at UT don't have the guts to do what Bamma did. I keep thinking that it can't get any worse, but so far it has. Can't even watch ESPN 3 for more than 1 or 2 minutes at a time.

I'm with you. When I stop and think about what could actually happen, it can get worse and it very may.

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Does Hart not realize the importance & urgency of this hire, or is he purposely sabotaging these deals? All I know is there is DEFINITELY SOMETHING WRONG ON MY BELOVED ROCKY TOP!!! Whats next... Randy Sanders turns UT down for more time ANYWHERE ELSE!!!

I don't know anything about what goes on behind the scenes, but something is just not right. With what we "apparently" have to offer a good coach, even a bad AD should be able to hire a good coach.

Something is terribly wrong in the leadership structure, academic/athletic relationship, or something.

Something just ain't right.

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I'm a writer, but I don't consider Adams knowledgeable. He could probably write for "Beavis and Butthead" where his sarcasm is more welcome, but I don't watch that show either.

From your post, I surmise you must be intellectually supreme to the vast majority of other living beings. I bow...

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(This comment was removed by the site staff.)

Good grief! Put down the mason jar son.

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I wasted 5-6 minutes of my life reading this bull shet.

As much grief as people give Adams (which becomes juvenile after about the 5th time), the point of his article is spot on.

Fans are as fickle as a dandelion in March. Our fans are downright comical sometimes. Hopefully the sane fans will rise up become a majority soon, but I doubt it.

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Petrino's infidelity is not the reason I wouldn't want him, it is his loyalty. I don't see him settling in anywhere to see anything through. He never has.

BINGO! Put aside whatever you think about marital infidelity (I think it's very wrong), and look at the big picture trends with Petrino.

I lived in Louisville when he was there and he owned that city. They worshipped him. If he had stayed there another 2-3 yrs at least who knows what he could have done, they were ranking in the top five!

But he has an issue with being content. He left Louisville in a shady manner, left Atlanta in a shady manner, and cheated on his wife in a shady manner.

For a program that has recently struggled with NCAA issues, Petrino & B. Davis are not the solution. There other good coaches out there who don't have the black marks they do. I know everybody makes mistakes and can be forgiven, but that doesn't mean you don't have to sometimes struggle through the leftover consequences. Petrino shouldn't be in the SEC again, yet.

I think Strong would be a solid hire, along with the other big names of Gundy, Mora, and Fisher. I've read some things about Jones that seem impressive, but I like Strong the best.

He has spent years under winning coaches (Spurrier & Meyer), years in Fla. with recruiting ties, and he has UofL back on track. He's the guy.

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I've been wondering why this past week Franklin downplayed the post-game video from last year. I know Dave Hart wouldn't dissemble, but one reason might be that feelers have been made.

Not saying anything will happen with that, but I noticed/and thought the exact same thing. He was very classy with the whole deal, and in his short time in Tennessee, classy is not what I would have used to describe him.

Hard to argue with what he's done with Vandy, plus it would ABSOLUTELY drive their fan base crazy.

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Jimmy Johnson for head coach... proven college football winner

After you call Jimmy and he says no, go ahead and call Knute Rockne.

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I'll be the one in orange booing everything Fowler says.

Let it go Gomer.

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why not try and impress instead of blowing hot air..

I agree. It seems as if the majority of people who post on this site are always downers. Griping about where ESPN sets up and losing their favorite party spot.

And the ones griping about students being the ones who pay for the upgrades on campus, I've got news for you. Everyone who went to college and witnessed costly upgrades at their school has said the same thing. It's part of life.

AND there was an article on Govolsxtra not long ago explaining why the school is having budget issues (aside from lower football attendance). It has to do with the crazy tax/revenue relationship the school has with the local and/or state government that none of the other big schools have. UT has to pay out a greater portion of revenues than our competition. So changing some of those fiscal relationships, if possible could go a long way in helping the University of Tennessee financially.

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(This comment was removed by the site staff.)

Uhhh, you don't git out in da sun much ya? Wat an orignal & thawt provokin statemunt you jist made!

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He was hired to lose more games than he wins??? He was hired to lose to a Kentucky squad that featured a receiver as a qb? He was hired to lose two games when he had the lead when time expired in the 4th quarter? He was hired to have back-to-back losing seasons for the 1st time in a 100 years? Looks like you may have a few things to figure out all by your lonesome.

So with the environment on the Hill when Dooley took over, who could have done a MARKEDLY better job? Not saying Dooley is Neyland II, but at least realize that this program was not just in bad shape or in diss array, it was tottering on the brink.

We all agree this is the year to see results, and if it happens then I think we are actually about a year ahead of where we should be with all that's happened.

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What do you know about him that makes him less qualified? The guy has passion and can communicate very effectively. If you watched "The Biggest Loser" as I can see the man's incredible work ethic. He is a spiritual man. He must have some amount of organizational skills since he is a business owner...things Andre may or may not have had...but still doesn't mean Antone is less qualified than Andre.

Unfortunately, none of us know the dynamic that existed with Andre and the VFL program. All we can do is make assumptions based on what we get fed to us from the media. From my perspective, I didn't see a whole lot coming from the VFL as of late, which only allows me to assume that it just wasn't working.

I think there may have been some clues to the VFL culture alluded to in Antone's comments. Without reading too much into, twice he made comments about not "being there (VFL) for himself" but for the kids. Could be a small clue, but I don't want to throw Lott under the bus.

Sometimes in an endeavor two people aren't completely on the same page but it doesn't always mean one of them has to be a villain.

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$135K for a 19th round pick isn't chicken feed, and he most likely also got an educational annuity in addition to the signing bonus that will pay for his last two years of college. It's a gamble either way. If he goes to college and gets hurt or his stock goes down he is a loser. There are two sides to the story, and sometimes it is best to take the sure thing when it presents itself.

I understand the delimma these kids & families must face, although I have not experienced it personally.

But I ask this totally out of curiosity, what is the percentage of college kids (I guess specifically pitchers in this case) who will suffer career ending/severely hampering injuries?

Seems more prudent to go to college to me.

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Hot dang, man. I think Dooley's better than that. Let's see you go in after the hot supermodel gets done losing an ENTIRE recruiting class and fix it to where a bunch of freshmen can go up against the LSU's, Alabamas and Georgias and turn it around in two short years. Hey, I got an idea, lets boot him and start all over. We should recover by, say, 2016.

I concur!

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(This comment was removed by the site staff.)

The recruits that Martin signed last year were mainly players that were left near the end of recruiting season.

But in all fairness to your statement, yes, we will have to see what he does with a full year to develop relationships with recruits.

Personally, I think he will do very well recruiting. He showed something with this team this year, and he seems to connect with players in a strong way.

I am all for Coach Martin.

On a side note, coach mentioned one of the reasons he looked highly on the UT job was fan support. I hope it picks up next year where it left off with Pearl.

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Wow, the kid is still supposed to be in high school and did not play well in his first post season tournament game, yet you feel the need to call him out. You are exactly why I hate UT fans.

I agree with you totally. I'm a lifelong UT fan, but the garbage I hear from many fans is unbelievable (especially on this forum it seems-it's the worst for dumb comments).

To put it in the common Tennessee vernacular of the Cracker Barrel IQ peg game concerning the stupid comments, "Your just plain eg-no-ra-moose!"

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I grew up in Franklin County TN where Fulmer and Majors both have roots. I have been a UT fan and only a UT fan for as long as I have been able to be a fan.

However, most of what the average fan writes on these boards is complete garbage. Fans that do not take into account the damage and fall out of what the football program has been through are, for lack of a better term, just plain stupid/dumb.

To gripe about Dooley and the trash he inherited, and the way he has immersed himself into the Tennessee culture, only a bunch of ignorant boneheads would demand instant success.

The coach and the program need the support of the fans, but the fans should be patient (not to a fault of course). That doesn't mean being pleased with mediocrity, but it does mean understanding the signs that this coach is trying to rebuild the foundation and doing it the right way.

One of the main assets the football program enjoyed for a long time that is appealing to recruits was stability, and stability is what we need again. The fans and supporters of the program have a part to play in stability as well as the staff and administration.

The Kentucky game was bad, but that doesn't mean we should burn down the house and start over.

Don't be bonehead, if you have already have been.

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All you idiots who want to fire Dooley now, just look at what happens to a program of Florida's stature when they replace their head coach, and with the most highly sought after new head coach in the country at that. Attrition. Transition. Rebuilding. Re-recruiting. lack of depth. learning curves. etc, etc.

Totally agree with you. There are times to be critical of performances and organizations, but the average schmuck doesn't have a genuine appreciation for what this program has been through in a relatively short amount of time. Stability takes a little time, not necessarily 4 or 5 years, but much of the criticism is irrational. I'm about to be 40 and have been a UT fan literally all my life. If I based my being a fan on the first game I attended, I would be following another team. UT lost to Army in Neyland Stadium.

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You've got good point. I never even considered that CCM might be better at evaluating talent than Rivals, Scout and all the other services that do it for a living.

Thanks! I feel even better about our recruits now.

Have you pondered the possibility that Coach Martin might happen to evaluate talent for a living as well?

Also, it could be possible that coaches (such as Coach Martin) evaluate talent to be successful, but I guess there are coaches who evaluate talent for the purpose of not succeeding.

Another possible thought for you, have you ever considered that scouting services exist to make money? Who are the main clients of scouting services such as Scout, Rivals, etc...? Why of course, it's people like you and me clamoring for knowledge because most of us don't know what we are talking about...

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(This comment was removed by the site staff.)

How many quality adjustments can you make with gassed players?

Depth is the #1 issue!

When players get tired, they make mundane mistakes.

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I'm not beating the "Simms is going to save the season" drum (if such a drum even exists), but our only hope is that he has also had time to digest more of the play book since coming to UT.

Wasn't last year his first year here as well? So, optimistically he is better than he was.

No matter, I think the rest of the season will be rough regardless.

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(This comment was removed by the site staff.)

Straws? No, not really. Don't notice that so much. Can't see the straws being grasped.

However, on the other hand...

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Wow...Adams writed well when he's on his meds!!!

Wow...sorry to pile on man, but you're not really doing much better.

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(This comment was removed by the site staff.)

This may be a stupid comment on my part, but I have already heard this idea tossed out there (but not in the same conversations as the conference realignment) - what we may be witnessing is the beginning of the end of the NCAA as we currently know it.

Doug Matthews stated on 2 Hour Lunch yesterday that what we may see in the very near future are 4 super conferences with 16 teams each. If the NCAA is going to frown on such a set up, this may be the writing on the wall that says the NCAA won't have a say = a "new NCAA".

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in response to VolInIndy:

Santos will decommit

Exactly what I have been thinking. Say goodbye to one of our best recruits for this coming year.

One poster said A&M doesn't bring much to the table, but they will probably begin to ravage the state of TX and reverse the recruiting trend there a little bit between them and the University of TX (not UT by the way, that's us).

They get SEC prestige; SEC gets more TV revenue out of TX. Don't really know what I think about this yet.

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Is he not already 1st team on the depth chart?


Written on Bernard King shares tips on persistence:

Wise words from all three men. Hope the Big Orange nation is listening.

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Dooley really bends the rules for a good player.

I think (& am fully aware that this is just my opinion) that you simply have a difficult time believing that not every situation is a conspiracy theory for personal benefit.

Sure, Dooley knows that he needs every piece he can to be successful, but it's also not unheard of for someone to want to help others along the way either.

It's ok to be a pessimist but don't become totally jaded.

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Rumors (take it for what it's worth) are that he was going to have qualifying issues & the staff either cooled on him for that reason (cf. Lofton) or they feel they are in better shape with other players.

His qualifying status isn't rumored I don't think but the behind the scenes reason for the decomittment is.

Written on Cuonzo Martin is visible to recruits on AAU trail :

I like Cuonzo Martin!

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in response to zman44:

No doubt he is the best player on the team...

Most of you homers will disagree, but this guy would be gone from most any other team. As it is, UT definitely needs him and Coach Dooley has compromised his morals. I have many friends who are UT fans. I told them to give Dooley a chance. I said he was an ethical guy and would change the reputation of the program. This destroys that perception. You guys might win a few more games this fall with Jackson on the field, but nobody else around the league is going to buy Dooley's "gosh-darn good ol' boy" act anymore. Congrats on a few more wins...and returning to your position as the perennial laughing-stock of ethics in college football.

I respectfully disagree with you about Dooley.

I think he does have a ethical backbone = i.e. he doesn't just kick someone to the curb the instant they make a mistake (like most homers or in this case trolls say they would) nor does he put up with everything. He is dealing with these kids on a case by case, situational basis.

This thing with JJ was seemingly something agreed upon long ago between him & the coaches. Jackson had some sort of serious problem. He was probably told that if he went and took care of business (which may have been something that was better for him in the long term regarding his overall life - i.e. cf. Aaron Douglas) he could then return to the team. He was given an assigned responsibility to show evidence of genuine commitment & an understanding of the seriousness of the situation. If he did those things that's between him and the coaches.

There is a time to draw the line and set boundaries on people, but if there is a chance to genuinely help them for life then a coach with the right perspective will take that chance to help a young kid.

Sure, I don't agree with letting someone who is just a straight thug hand around. If their attitude is rotten they need to hit the road. But if they are still teachable and they are not negatively impacting the rest of the team, they could turn out to be a success story in the future.

Dooley has referenced previously that he considers the voice of the team in matters like this (he mentioned it with Bryce Brown). If they are going to be supportive of the player coming back it's something he considers.

There are more factors at play in these situations that we are not privy to, and for most of us to get on these sites and talk like we are experts about any of this stuff is stupid.

As a wise man once said, "Stupid is as stupid does." So, be careful what you say even if no one on this site really knows who you are because you may be revealing your ignorance instead of your expertise.

JJ has probably used up all of his mulligans, but if he stays straight he could also turn out to be a feel good story of somebody gettn' right. Hopefully that's the case.

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Craig Faulkner is one of the players I always remember. Saw him make several one-handed catches. Great contributor to UT history.

Written on Derek Dooley eager for next step :

Trolls thrive on getting a rise out of you.
Trolls will stay around as long as they receive a response.

Deny every troll what they crave (attention) and there will be less of them.

It takes juuuust an ounce of self control.

Written on Derek Dooley eager for next step :

Most of you sound like adolescents who sit around playing online games all night and talking smack to one another.

Written on Mike Strange: Former Vols can’t wait for renewal:

I say gather up all these guys possible: Manning, Little, Wilson, Meachem, Kent, Price and let them all speak to the team at the beginning of Fall camp.

Written on Dave Serrano hired as new UT baseball coach:

in response to HoraceMorris:

Excellent hire. It's about time somebody over there hire a proven winner instead of all these up-and-comers. Nothing wrong with them, but we have a bad run of them. Looks Joan needs to be the permanent AD if she had anything to do with this.

I agree and have been thinking the very same thing.

Cronan for AD at UT!!!

I think she could do class job.

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in response to givehim6:

Good, sounds like a problem child anyway.

Yeah totally.

Wish we had a bunch of superstars like Terrell Pryor. They never cause trouble.

Written on Signee Eddrick Loften not enrolled at Tennessee:

in response to volinlouisiana:

Wow! Alot of negativity on this board, especially given that we are oversigned by 2 in this class.
I don't see any fault in Dooley giving a guy a chance to try to make grades and make something of himself with his talent.
I also don't see a problem with a guy, who obviously struggles academically, to try to persevere and make grades. The kid won't give up! Personally, I hope he eventually makes it somehow, somewhere. He is a tremendous talent.


Everyone doesn't necessarily have to always be "glass half full" types, after all everyone is different. However, it doesn't take much effort to find something negative in every situation/story.

Dooley has done the right thing with this kid. Let them work it out.