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Written on Source: Donnie Tyndall expects most of Southern Miss staff to join him at UT:

Typical case of hiring someone it won't cost alot to fire.

Written on UT gets commitment from 7-foot-1 center Kingsley Okoroh :

Shot blockers = Foul trouble = Sitting beside Martin on bench.

Written on All Vols assistants get 1-year extensions; Tommy Thigpen given $25,000 raise:

Raises and extensions for a team with 5 wins last year and will struggle to win 4 this year. Interesting.

Written on Butch Jones says defense at Orange and White game was 'unacceptable':

Same old, same old. Wait for the excuses to start after we drop the prime time home opener to Utah State and continue till we get embarrassed by a Vandy team with a fresh coach.

Written on Don Mahoney sees positives from Tennessee offensive line's spring:

The last group was very overrated. I can count over a dozen games where they failed to show up completely. Hopefully this group performs better.

Written on [Updated] Vols will open season with Sunday game; Boomsday celebrations moved to Saturday:

Utah State is no cupcake. If Butch loses to Utah State, can't beat Vanderbilt again, and his team takes 4 games off in the middle of the season it will be interesting to see who our coach is at this time next year.

Written on During Paul Finebaum visit, Butch Jones quizzed about Lane Kiffin:

Lane Kiffen did beat Georgia and Vandy in his first year hear. He also competed against Alabama. All things Jones cannot say. He's a good coach, UT fans don't like him for one reason, he left.

Written on Tyler Summitt named women's basketball coach at Louisiana Tech:

Oh gosh, Dooley came from La Tech. If Summit comes from La Tech to UT we are doomed.

Written on Report: Tennessee men's basketball coach Cuonzo Martin met with Marquette; Golden Eagles have "significant interest":

There is a better candidate for the UT position than Martin, plain and simple. He got motivated the last half of the season, but the other 2.5 years were miserable. He is NIT the right coach for UT. If you want to breach your contract, see ya.

Written on Report: Marquette targeting Tennessee's Cuonzo Martin for head coaching vacancy:

in response to tennvol:

Is this payback for taking Kevin O'Neill from Marquette in the 90's? Wasn't his tenure here payback enough?

Go back and look at the Tennessee roster and the talent we had both times when Kevin O'Neil beat Martin during his tenure. Not sure why he didn't work in Knoxville but he sure could out coach our 1/2 season, 1/2 game coach.

Written on Mike Strange: Keeping Cuonzo Martin is UT's safest play:

It is actually a win win for UT over a month ago. We were facing a 1.5 million buyout. Instead we get paid the buyout by Marquette of 1.5 million which equals a plus 3 million dollar gain. Not to mention the tourney revenue and royalties from gear sold during the tourney. Finally our losing athletic department would come out ahead on a deal instead of firing and paying coaches that are not even here. Martin had good character but that only goes so far. You have to win games, coach from December to February, win against inferior opponents, and play the first half of games. Have fun in Wisconsin.

Written on Report: Marquette targeting Tennessee's Cuonzo Martin for head coaching vacancy:

in response to Chris_L75:

Do you trust this bunch to hire someone better? I do not. And looking at the entirety of Martin's tenure and improvement, I believe many of us, myself included, have been more than a little unfair to him.

But I don't think he should let a petition bully him into leaving - unless there are other, worse circumstances not made public.

I just don't think he should get a raise for his performance. If he wants to breach his contract let him. His teams have a history of under performing for the talent he has. Take the first 30 minutes of last nights game, and the first 1/2 of each of his 3 seasons. No way we should be on the bubble every year with the talent he has had on the floor. Plan and simple.

Written on Mike Strange: Keeping Cuonzo Martin is UT's safest play:

Martin's agent is searching for a payday for himself. I say if Martin is such an honorable person then he would work through the contract he signed. If he wants to go to Marquette he is no different than Kiff going to USC. Collect the buy out, move on, and hire someone better. After all Martin won 3 tourney games in 3 years and has been an embarrassing against alot of inferior opponents. He has done very little with the NBA talent and 4 and 5 star recruits when you look at his NIT and NCAA resume. It is very weak as a whole and undeserving of a raise. Work out you agreed upon contract or GTHO!

Written on Report: Marquette targeting Tennessee's Cuonzo Martin for head coaching vacancy:

If he wants to go, let him go. This is his agent playing games. Martin has been mediocre at best with alot of 4 and 5 star talent. No way this year's team should have barely slid in the tournament. If they ever performed the first half of the season we wouldn't have to bite our nails, play NIT's, and play in games. Collect the buyout and hire someone better. If he wants to work out the contract he signed, let him stay. If not, good riddance.

Written on Butch Jones makes sure team realizes spring break is over with grueling practice:

Looking forward to a UT football season in the near future where the team does not take 4-5 games off in the middle of the season and just mail it in. Let's home Jones is the one who can provide it.

Written on Cuonzo Martin's postseason NCAA tournament bonus starting to add up:

Good job Martin. Glad you finally utilized the talent you had available. It's hard to believe you were a half game from missing the tournament (again) and probably would have been out of a job. Credit where credit is due, nice work in the final 10 or so games of the season.

Written on David Climer: Tennessee Vols need two NCAA Tournament wins to keep Cuonzo Martin's job:

I am not a Martin fan, but the SEC is horrible. I now feel the last thing we can afford to do is press reset once more. I think we should accept mediocrity in basketball just like in football. UT is not elite at basketball or football, and it is something we will have to accept. The buyouts needs to be paid off in full before we agree to give another coach all his contracted money for doing a poor job.

Written on A.J. Johnson says degree, SEC championship among 'unfinished' goals at UT:

Well I hope you get a degree because the SEC championship is not going to happen. It's that time of year when posters on here are all clouds and lollipops, but no one seems to remember the entire month the football team took a break last fall during the season.

Written on Tennessee announces 2014 spring football practice dates:

Butch Jones is 55-34 overall as a head coach. Anyone who studies stats will know that about the best we can expect is him to 6 out of every 10 games. This will not be good enough. He only has one year on his resume with a .8 or better win percentage. Why will he be able to parlay his past mediocrity into success in the SEC?

Written on How will the Vols fare in the final six games?:

I told everyone on here about Martin for a while and only got slammed. I wonder where all the coach worshipers are now? Probably hugging Dooley's jock strap still.

Written on Polarizing Ole Miss star Marshall Henderson has momentum heading into showdown with Vols:

If Skyler McBee would have played like him he wouldn't be selling hot tubs in Sweetwater and UT fans would have been all about him. True story. Henderson is a great player and brings an energy and excitement to the floor that UT has lacked and should covet in future recruiting classes. The way he comes out after halftime every game is enviable.

Written on Former commitment Kevin Mouhon not coming to Tennessee:

Good luck Kev, it has been years since TN has had a winning season. People on here will act like Cincy is bad program, because they are sore to lose you. In reality, it is currently a better program and our coach came from there too. Tuberville is much more proven than Jones no matter how you look at it.

Written on James Franklin on pilfering former Vandy recruits: Players commit to coach, not school:

in response to TommyJack:

He won't survive at PS on Vanderbush talent.

Of course he has out coached and outplayed UT 2 years in a row with Vanderbush talent.

Written on Analyst: James Franklin trying to destroy Vanderbilt recruiting class:

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Written on Vanderbilt commitments may reopen recruitment if James Franklin leaves:

Coaching turnover blows. Look at UT's 5 out 6 losing seasons. Now it is Vandy's turn again. It gets really old being Vandy's little brother in the state of Tennessee.

Written on John Adams: An early look at next SEC football season:

It will be the 5th losing season in a row. Sad but true reality for Vol fans.

Written on Report: Vandy's James Franklin was to interview with Penn State on Sunday:

Take him. It gets old getting owned by Vanderbilt.

Written on Vols' 2013 signing class carries imprint of both Butch Jones, Derek Dooley:

They looked alot like a Dooley coached team on defense, special teams, and offense too. On field discipline has to get better.

Written on Early struggles doom Vols in 65-58 loss to N.C. State:

in response to maciste54:

Get over yourself Monkey. He deserved our support and a chance. You may have been right but you make an arse of yourself gloating. The important thing now is what does UT do to get this danged thing turned around.

Players get worse under Martin. He takes good talen and dumbs it down till they can barely compete with the worst in mid-major conferences. His embarassing loss portfolio should be enough for UT to cut bait 2 years ago, last year, and this season WILL be worse with more talent. It is unbelievable how boring this team is to watch. TBA is a ghost town.

Written on Early struggles doom Vols in 65-58 loss to N.C. State:

I told you guys 2 years ago and all I got was flamed. Where are all the coach lovers now?

Written on Longtime Vols commitment DaVonte Lambert signing with Auburn:

Losing season, losing recruits. This won't be the last one to jump ship

Written on Hart says he's more confident than ever in Jones:

Hart needs to go. No other AD has accomplished so little with so much. The athletic department is as dead as KNS.

Written on ESPN: Saban invites Kiffin to share ideas on Alabama's offense:

Good move by Saban. He can siphon off some recruits that Kiff had at USC and also re-invent his offense. Too bad UT does not have a team that constantly improves. In football and basketball we deteriorate every year over the course of the season. 4 losing seasons in a row is enough to make me sick.

Written on Looking ahead: How Tennessee's 2014 opponents fared this season:

Brutal once again. That's why Jones gets paid the big bucks. 5-7 doesn't cut it, 7-5 might. Funny how the fan base once lambasted mediocrity and now they accept it fully and just wish we could get back there.

Written on David Climer: Vols keep finding new ways to lose:

Don't say I didn't tell you so, and get flamed for it by other posters. Funny how the butch slappers and coach worshipers all disappeared.

Written on Former Florida star Channing Crowder tells NFL Films he peed on himself during every game:

I will probably pee on myself the next time UT beats Florida. Hard to believe it has been an entire decade. It will either be through pure excitement or the fact that I have grown so old I just can't hold it anymore.

Written on Vanderbilt's Jordan Matthews going for SEC reception mark against Tennessee:

My bet would be that he has no trouble getting it. This guy will be playing on Sunday and is very sure handed. Our secondary has been a step behind for over a month.

Written on Poll: Are you OK with the Vols' 'Smokey gray' uniform becoming a permanent option?:

If they lose again in them Saturday I say never wear them again. Other than that, I think they are pretty good. The whole garbage about them playing better in them, well I don't buy it considering we lost the first time we wore them.

Written on No, really: Buy a scarf, get two Vandy-Kentucky tickets:

in response to OrangePride:

If it makes you feel any better, I think we had some issues that Vandy was fortunate enough to avoid. A) We had an injured, inexperienced, and unready QB for a half. B) We game prepped the wrong QB for Florida. C) Florida had a few more bad injuries (including Easley) that helped Vandy. My own opinion is that we would have been much more competitive in that game had Worley started as Peterman gave up 14 points off turnovers before you could even say, "Jack Robinson." But yea....I'm with you; I don't feel good when Vandy beats someone and we don't. Of course, the REAL turnaround on all this would simply be to go out and BEAT VANDY! That solves everything, right BrassMonkey?

I think you have to beat Kentucky and Vandy every year if you want to stay off the hot seat at UT. So beating Vandy would be a start. Based on what I have seen since the 19th of October I do not think UT can do it.

Written on No, really: Buy a scarf, get two Vandy-Kentucky tickets:

It's a smaller school with a smaller fan and alumni base. Which makes it even more painful that they beat both Florida and Georgia this year and UT couldn't.

Written on SEC Audibles: Tennessee's Butch Jones talks about the Vols open week, how the season is going:

in response to Caveman:

Let's see, positives: leadership, accountability, energy, recruiting, experienced youth as cornerstone of foundation (had to) . We beat Georgia, just didn't get the "W", etc, etc... A Damn good Kicker

Negatives: Florida coaching adjustments,Speed, quarterback Consistency, o-line consistency,

This staff has a "Get busy living" mentality that's infectious. Give the Man some time and be a Vol Fan!!! Unless you aren't-still o.k.

Oh yeah, Caveman say BIG FIRE building on The Hill; Butch is clearing wood and sending a Signal to the Nation. UT RISING....

We did not beat Georgia. It was a loss and always will be.

Written on SEC Audibles: Tennessee's Butch Jones talks about the Vols open week, how the season is going:

in response to VolFolks:

Only a basher, nothing is ever positive or good. I'd bet when it turns around, you'll be the first to go.

The recruiting class is good, and the South Carolina game was positive.

Written on SEC Audibles: Tennessee's Butch Jones talks about the Vols open week, how the season is going:

in response to tn10:

You are an idiot. Continued negativity is an illness. When is the last time you coached, played or even attended a game?

I am not being negative just telling it like it is. Why not bash everyone on here who predicted 8,9, and 10 win seasons? Well, it is impossible because they all left, because they have been so wrong about Dooley, Martin, and their predictions in general. Unfortunately the reality and aura of this program has been negative, when it turns around I will be the first to let you know.

Written on SEC Audibles: Tennessee's Butch Jones talks about the Vols open week, how the season is going:

Tough sledding. Team #117 would have a tough time with the University of Virginia. I hate to see what Vandy does to them again this year. Any coach can make it at UT, but their undoing will be when they start dropping games to Kentucky or Vanderbilt. I said this early on in Dooley's tenure. Now the sentiment is shifting on Jones. Drop a game to the Commodores or the Cats and it does not matter what stage of rebuilding you are in, it is hot seat time.

Written on Mike Strange: This basketball game was lost brick by brick:

I am pretty sure Mike Strange just stole my comment about this game from a few weeks ago and used it as his headline.

Written on Tennessee, Vandy game will kick off at 7 p.m. :

I hate having to wait all day to watch the Vols lay an egg on the field. Hopefully Vandy beats them by less that 20 this year. Although, Tennessee hasn't competed with anyone or showed up in over a month (October 19th) so I don't expect much for this one either.