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Written on John Adams: Memories will take some time for Butch Jones :

Josh Dobbs' star rating on Rivals is 3 stars. He is not "a consensus four-star recruit" as Adams writes in this piece.

Another error by Adams. That's journalism.

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I love the Big Orange, but it's not difficult to understand why so many hate UT fans. Beating on Dooley after he is gone (and before he was gone, for that matter) is a sign of ignorance.

Time to move on, Big Orange Nation.

Go Vols!

Written on Mike Hamilton defends department's debt practices:

Hamilton was the worst AD in UT history. I can remember reading all of the idiotic posts and listening to all of the idiotic callers to the sports talk shows who said that UT needed to emulate other universities and hire a bean counter as AD. They got their wish, and a bean counter WAS hired as athletics director. That bean counter then promptly directed the men's athletics programs into the dumper.

Hamilton's hire led the men's track program downward. His hire let the baseball program tank. His hire led the NCAA to the men's basketball program's door. His first football HC hire could only get by his first couple of months before being reprimanded by SEC commissioner Mike Slive. And the university wasn't through paying for the hiring of Kiffin 3 years after he left: last November the NCAA extended Tennessee's recruiting probation by two years. His 2nd football hire ... well, we all know how that one went.

Before Hamilton, UT's athletics budget operated in the black. Now, the university is trying to dig out of a ton of debt after gross mismanagement.

Now, who's the idiot who is trying to blame this on Fulmer?

Written on John Adams: Butch Jones' parent policy a bold move:

Fans could read tweets about sports writers turning on their lights, too ... if they cared to do so. But fans couldn't give a rat's _ _ _ about what sports writers do.

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I don't really see where the Te'o/Tuiasosopo hoax will eclipse the SB, but the Oprah-ites, like Adams, will continue to beat it to death. Must be their latent voyeuristic tendencies.

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It's refreshing to know that Adams can distinguish between "duel" and "dual". To tell the truth, I had my doubts as to his ability to do so.

Written on Vols lose to Ole Miss, 92-74 in SEC opener:

At least Martin isn't taking the personal attacks that Dooley endured.

Written on John Adams among 3 selected for induction into Tennessee Sports Writers Hall of Fame :

Just listen to an archive the 10-noon show on WNML yesterday and listen to the first five minutes. It's this huge defense of Adams and how he's such a nice guy, so misunderstood, so fair, and how criticism doesn't bother him. Apparently the criticism is widespread.

Ultimately, who really cares about a writer's induction into a writer's hall of fame? That writer and his family? That's pretty much it. So ... congrats JA.

Written on Friday's Memphis-Tennessee game could be the last for a long time:

"Josh Pastner has no interest to continue series..."

He does, however, have an interest in eventually going through puberty.

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After reading your piece of the 28th concerning how watching basketball is better than watching football, I decided to see for myself. Watched last night's Vols -Xavier game. Sorry, Mr. Strange, I'm not seein' it.

Written on Tee Martin turns down Tennessee homecoming, will stay at Southern Cal :

He's lucky he made no commitment to his players at Kentucky...

Written on John Adams: Martin homecoming will have to wait :

You can't spell "Trojan" without a "Tee". Same for "turncoat".

Written on John Adams: Strong just wasn't 'cut that way' :

Blah blah blah.

Remember, readers, that the writer of this piece, who says that he admires dedication and trust, was the primary ringleader among the press who advocated the underhanded backstabbing of coach Fulmer. A coach who had two bad seasons during a 16 year career, and who was less than a year away from a bowl win and an SEC east title, and who even in his worst 4 year stretch still had a winning record overall and a winning record in the SEC.

Karma will smack you right in the mouth. Fulmer was just in New York being inducted into the HOF. Where's UT's football program now that it's 4 years removed from coach Fulmer?

I am ashamed to wear my UT colors. Not because I'm ashamed of UT itself, but because I am ashamed of UT's administration, most the local press, and the idiot UT fans who advocated the deceitful treatment of our HOF coach.

Written on John Adams: Even though it won't be Jon Gruden, the new coach will win over UT fans at media conference :

The only people I hear mentioning Gruden are the local media guys. If it weren't for the talk shows and JA, I wouldn't have heard or read his name all day. They won't let it rest...they'll be mentioning him even after the new coach is announced. Yet they'll show their disdain for UT fans by talking about how WE can't let it rest.

The local press, John Adams included, is obsessed with Jon Gruden.

Written on Vanderbilt gives coach James Franklin new contract:

Congrats to coach Franklin on several fronts. His teams play with a lot of heart. To Vandy's credit, academic standards have not been relaxed for athletes so his guys have to perform on the field and in the classroom. His teams have dramatically increased Vandy's bowl total from 4 to 6.

I'm a UT fan to the core, but this coach, and his team, are performing at a high level. It's to be respected, and I'll be pulling for them during the MCB.

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Sad thing it is to see some in a fan base stab a man in the back when he delivered many of the best days that the storied program ever knew.

Even if Fulmer should have been shown the door, Hamilton, who was supposedly a good guy, handled it about as badly as it could have been handled. And it ultimately came to be known that Fulmer was 1000 times better as a coach that Hamilton was as an AD. And I'm confident that Fulmer's a better man, too.

Yeah, some will continue to bash coach Fulmer, but the bashing is there merely to mask the embarrassment that comes with getting exactly what they were told they would get if they forced him out: years of chaos.

Written on Passion for UT, longevity part of Phillip Fulmer's claim to Fame :

in response to volmike55:

152-52.... WOW, and throw in two SEC titles and a National Championship, then get run out of town by a bunch of dumb hillbilly fans! Love UT but I'm growing old on Vol Nation. We were 1-2 years removed from a SEC championship game when he was fired. No wonder no one wants this job.

That's the sad truth, mike. Good post.

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in response to golfman1975:

You could tell this was NOT a J Adams story...Coach PF is a true Vol...Adams is King phooey on turd island.

"...J Adams ... King phooey on turd island."

That's hilarious ... and true. Thank you.

Written on Despite elbow surgery, Farragut's Eric Freeman commits to UT baseball :

UT's getting a great pitcher and a great young man. I've known him and his family for several years and they're top flight.

Congrats, Eric. And congrats, UT.

Written on John Adams: Building depth on offensive and defensive lines will be crucial for next UT coach :

How fortunate we are to have such a deep thinking, cutting-edge columnist as John Adams to cut through all of the gobbledygook and arrive at the conclusion that the Vols football team needs depth on the offensive and defensive lines.

Maybe next week Mr. Adams could look into the circulating rumors that the team could use strong, fast running backs, and that receivers with good speed and the ability to catch a football are valuable, too.

Written on John Adams: No shame for UT in a big-name rejection :

in response to civilianvol_formerly_marinevol:

If Stoops thinks he's not appreciated at Oklahoma, he should talk to Phillip Fulmer about how much the University of Tennessee appreciates a successful coach.

You nailed exactly what I was thinking when I read the part about Stoops. Nice.

Read Marvin West's article:

It arrives at the correct conclusion: Mike Hamilton did more to kill Tennessee football than anyone else. He was a terrible AD. Hopefully, having a real AD in Hart will show prospective head coaches that UT is once again being run by someone whos primary concern is football rather than bean counting.

Written on Sal Sunseri: 'We wanted to do better for the Vol nation':

It's too bad most of you won't have the opportunity to say these things to coach Sunseri's face. I doubt any of you would have the 'nads.

Written on NCAA hits Vols football with additional penalties; tied to Willie Mack Garza:

Hamiton put his mark on UT's athletics, not just football, for years to come. That's what happens when a university hires a bean counter run its sports programs.

Yes, everyone knows he had a reputation as a good man and good fundraiser, but he obviously had no idea what he was doing when hiring coaches (and writing their contracts).

Written on As Derek Dooley's future grows more shaky, team still has goal of bowl eligibility :

in response to coltsman:

How can you say Kiffin messed the program up? he had a winning record and he almost beat Alabama except for two blocked kicks and they didn't have enough back ups in the 2nd half. I can't believe everyone is blaming Kiffin. He done exactly what everyone else would do (go back to their home school)Look at Johnny Majors. I wish we still had Kiffin he could he recruit and he had discipline on our Football team

USC is not Lane Kiffin's home school - he went to Fresno State.

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in response to tturley#297658:

Hart should fire Derek before the Dooley show in the morning, and go over to Blount county with contract in hand and wait on George Quarles to come home from church, and say "you're hired".

You're stoned, right?

Written on Former Florida State coach says Dave Hart was bully to women :

in response to chbradshaw:

(This comment was removed by the site staff.)

Thank you!

Written on Can Tennessee continue to be as dangerous as Agent Orange?: can take a break. Just remember to clock out.

Written on What team do you want Peyton Manning to go to next?:

He'll be playing in the AFC.

Written on Can Tennessee continue to be as dangerous as Agent Orange?:

It's kind of ironic that KNS would publish Ina Hughes' column bashing Limbaugh but yet run the "... Agent Orange" headline which is in immeasurably worse taste than Rush's comments concerning that poor, disadvantaged law student at Georgetown.

Poor journalism. Double standard.

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in response to BIVOLAR_BEAR:

(This comment was removed by the site staff.)

Bi sez I bag groceries. How will I ever overcome the embarrassment?

Sorry to have offended your delicate sensibilities, Bi.

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And a great coach doesn't get fired for bringing down an NCAA investigation that uncovered numerous violations and lies, then receiving a 3-year show-cause order. Looks to me that if Pearl were great, he'd be coaching now, not selling groceries.

Written on Former Tennessee AD Mike Hamilton received threats, had police protection, moved family out of town last spring:

in response to SIMSVOL:

Idiots like you just don't have a clue. Hamilton hired some great coaches at Tennesse -including Pearl, Kiffin, Dooley and Martin. I dislike Kiffin as much as anyone, but he can coach and will have USC at the top this season. Not Hamilton's fault Kiffin bolted. Not his fault Pearl lied. He brought great coaching talent to UT, developed an unprecedented fundraising program, and brought world class sports facilities to the campus. Go VOLS! The threats to his family were made by some ignoramus who's as clueless as you. Go VOLS!

And which sport was in better shape when he was booted out than when he came in? Football? No. Baseball? No. Basketball? No. Track? No.

Athletics directors' responsibilities are much more broad than hiring coaches.

I agree that the threats were heinous. Totally out of line. Just as I said in the post to which you replied.

Apparently, you CAN read ... it's just that you can't read very well.

Written on Former Tennessee AD Mike Hamilton received threats, had police protection, moved family out of town last spring:

His family should not have suffered for the fact that he was a terrible AD. And he was a terrible AD.

Written on DeAnthony Arnett's family clarifies plans, including absolutely no return to Tennessee:

First off, I hope this situation works out for Arnett so that he can continue to play football and follow his dream of trying to make it to the NFL. I also hope that his dad makes as much of a recovery as is possible. And if he isn't able to recover fully, hopefully, the son and father will be able to spend quite a bit of time together before the elder dies.

In any case, I wonder why: 1), if Arnett is so concerned with being with his dad; and 2), if it so important that his folks get to see him play;and 3), and if they are so tight on cash, why is he only considering schools that are much farther away from his home town than Central Michigan University, which is about 45 miles from Saginaw.

Notre Dame?! That's over 200 miles away from home. How are his cash-strapped family members going to get there? Wouldn't that trip, too, be hard on his dad? CMU is less than an hour by car, and would only require a few gallons of gas.

CMU also has an off-campus center in Saginaw where, possibly, Arnett could attend some classes without having to leave Saginaw.

If DeAnthony Arnett is truly hoping to further his education AND spend time with his family, I hope he makes better choices than when he decided to play out of state here in Tennessee.

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Boy, nothing gets by Adams. The Vols need to sign better running backs ... THAT'S in-depth, investigative journalism, folks.

We can only hope that the future for us readers holds more pieces from Adams that will uncover even more mysteries. Perhaps a few paragraphs telling us that the Earth is spherical rather than flat. Then, maybe he'll look into whether the personal computer will ever find its way into the lives of the populace.

Oh, wait, we already know this stuff, too?!

Never mind.

Written on Mike LaSorsa, 1960 captain, dies at age 77 :

I regret that I never met Mr. LaSorsa, but having had the privilege of knowing his son and D-I-L, Scott & Cathy, and having coached his grandson Mason for several years, I can imaging that he was a great fellow. I know that his presence will be missed, but his legacy will live on.

Many prayers to his family. And I hope that Mike enjoys his reunion with all of his team mates who have been waiting for him in heaven!

Go Vols!

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Your mama calls you precious?! Wonder why?

Written on Mark Wiedmer: Ex-Vol Lenoir a study in grief management:

Patrick is a classy guy. I had the privilege of working with him for a short time just before and just after September 2001. The two companies for which we then worked shared a product and we both sold it.

He carried himself very well during a time that was enormously stressful for those of us who merely watched from the sidelines, not to mention those who actually felt the sting of losing a loved one in that cowardly act. It always lingered in my mind how he didn't give up hope during the time that we associated.

It sounds as if he is finally being able to bring together the loose ends of this frayed experience as we look back over the decade that has passed since that murderous day. I pray for many blessing to be poured down upon Patrick, his family, and the hundreds of families who were thrust into an unbearable situation by the conceit and cowardice of OBL and his cabal of terrorists.

Written on Reggie Cobb: From Central casting to stardom:

He was a joy to watch.

Life's not about where you were, but about where you are and where you're going!

Go Vols!

Written on Georgia hangs on to beat Tennessee 69-63 :

Who hired this cheating, lying, underachieving coach?

Written on Georgia hangs on to beat Tennessee 69-63 :

Who signed these losers?

Written on Vols' NCAA resume takes a hit, 69-63 :

In football, losses like this fall at the feet of the coach.

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Some moron 'bama fan called WNML the other day and said the poisoning of the trees wasn't such a bad thing because it stopped the egregious waste of paper that occurs at Toomer's corner. This is the level of idiocy that the rest of the SEC deals with when considering 'bama and their Redneck Riviera brethren, the Gators.

Forrest Gump, who, appropriately, was a 'bammer, said it best when he quoted his mom: "Stupid is as stupid does."

You can't stop it, you can only hope to contain it.

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You Lewinski'd this one, Bruce.

Written on Missed free throw late in game costly as Vols falter :

Watching the Vols at the end of a close game is like watching a loved one bleed to death while having no ability to help.

Thanks, Bruce.

Written on Andrew Gribble: Dooley minimized risk with signing class :

More and more evidence that DD knows what he's doing. Can't wait to see this class mature.

Go Vols!

Written on None:

Google "alabama fax cam".

This is much ado about nothing. Well ... not "nothing" ... the pics are pretty good!

Written on How would you grade Tennessee's 2011 signing class?:

It's a testament to Dooley's overall excellence that he kept this pushed this class from low-teens to near-top-10 in the last few days. That mimics the performance of his team this past season, staring slow and ending up making a go of it. Dooley and his new signees will be fine.

Go Vols!

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in response to CrankE:

Well, I guess it's a good thing there are so many porcelain Johns to immortalize Knoxville's Sports Treasure, John Adams.