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Written on Guard Alexa Middleton commits to Lady Vols :

Alexa, Wishing you all the best, and hoping that you will love your U.T. experience as much as I did.

Written on Kara Lawson wins WNBA Dawn Staley Community Leadership Award:

Kara is a great period! Whatever she has chosen to do in life she has been a success, and should Kara decide coaching is in her future, I can only hope we see her back on the Tennessee bench.

Written on Former Vol, Knoxville native Michael Cofer fights an incurable disease:

Hoping VFL sets up a fund where we can contribute to help the Cofers.

Written on Kamiko Williams graded high by Liberty :

Congratulations Kamiko, wishing you all the best!

Written on Former Vol Bernard King elected to Basketball Hall of Fame:

If you had the good fortune to have seen Bernard play then you would know how great he was.Congratulations Bernard "King of the Volunteers".

Written on Peyton, Ashley Manning donate $500,000 to Pat Summitt Foundation:

Thank you Peyton and Ashley, as my family and so many others that I personally know have been affected by Alzheimer`s disease.

Written on Lady Vols' Simmons emerges as more complete player:

Meighan has become much better in shot selection, her defense is improving, and I`m still smiling over the fast break pass to Kamiko in their last win over Creighton.

Written on Tom Boerwinkle, the biggest Vol, dies at 67:

So sorry to hear of the passing of Tom Boerwinkle.I met him once in the Alumni Gym as he held my feet down while I did situps for phys ed. class.Even in that short time he came across as a real good guy.

Written on Creighton taking confidence from Missouri's upset of Lady Vols in February :

Bottomline, we defend we win.Our Lady Vols cannot swarm to the paint and leave shooters wide open for treys.I have seen too much of this and when the other team is missing we get away with it, and when they are knocking down shots we are in trouble.I want to enjoy a Lady Vol big time win, so play the smart and tough D!

Written on Monica Abbott becomes first UT softball player to have jersey retired :

Thank you Monica for being a Lady Vol and congratulations on having your jersey retired.

Written on Time was needed for Vols to build chemistry without Jeronne Maymon:

Coach Martin has done a good, not great job as coach of the Vols.I entered UT as a freshman in 1967 so I was around for the Mears era, and in all that time to the present I feel we have had two great coaches, Ray Mears and Bruce Pearl.Coach Pearl would be a tough act for anyone to follow considering all he did to make the Volunteers a program to be feared on the national level.
Next season we will have a team that very well may be preseason ranked in the top 25.Hopefully next season we will go far into the Big Dance.It seems like recruiting is on the uptick so here`s hoping that next season is when the Vol return to national prominence under Coach Martin.

Written on No. 2 seed Lady Vols open with Oral Roberts; Baylor is No. 1 seed:

Let`s get to the likely matchup with Baylor first as none of the other teams in our way are going to lay down.Now should our Lady Vols face Baylor they are capable of upsetting them.Just remember Georgetown losing to Villanova in the mens game years ago.As someone said "thats why they play the game".

Written on Wayne Whigham, former UT sprinter, dies at 63:

Rest in peace Wayne,my honor to have met you at U.T.

Written on Texas A&M takes one away from Lady Vols in final minute, 66-62:

This game may have been the cumlative result of a tough season playing shorthanded.Our defensive effort late in the game was not there as too many wide open looks for Texas A&M.Many times we have toughed games out but turnovers and rebounding along with the late collapse on D caught up with us,it was not to be today.
Hope Izzy is well enough to come back this season because with her we are alot stronger.Congratulations on winning the regular season Championship, and hope with Izzy back our Lady Vols return to the final 4.

Written on SEC sweep for Lady Vols: Warlick (coach), Simmons (co-player), Graves (freshman):

Very deserving for all three, as they reap the rewards of beng regular season SEC Champions.

Written on Lady Vols turned over and around by Kentucky's pressure, 78-65:

31 turnovers with only 6 assists, those numbers speak for themselves.
Hoping our Lady Vols are as healthy as they can be for the SEC Tournment as it should be a fight to the finish.

Written on Just McRae can't save the day for UT against Georgia, 78-68:

Jordan McRae is turning his potential into reality!I hope next season I can say the same thing about Jarnell Stokes.Jarnell certainly has the strength, but needs to develop low post moves.Too much dribbling in the post allows multiple defenders to converge on him forcing him into bad shots or getting the ball stripped.I would love to see a turnaround jumper from him next season.
Hope our team gets it together because if they do they can win the tournment.It certainly will be a tough task, but Florida and Kentucky should not scare them after having beaten both of them this season.

Written on Lady Vols win SEC, but Ariel Massengale, Isabelle Harrison injured:

Champions says it all! Congratulations Lady Vols, players, Coach Warlick and all her staff, and trainers and everyone associated with the program, and of course Coach Emeritus, the one and only Pat Summitt!

Written on Mental makeover in second half allows Lady Vols to save face against Arkansas, 60-54:

Way to come back in the 2nd half, but did they miss the wakeup call?First half 14 turnovers to 4 assists, while Arkansas had only 4 to`s to 8 assists.Our Lady Vols have said they would be more focused to start games, certainly not today.They have been able to get away with slow starts against weaker teams, but no way to play against the stronger teams they have faced and will face come tourney time.
Good to see Izzy back on the floor, and hopefully she will be able to get her game back soon.

Written on Lady Vols think offense against Vanderbilt, 83-64:

in response to tomkats3242:

Why does the UT administration allow ESPN to jerk them and the fans around. They made the fans, who could not make it to the game, watch inferior ball games instead of carrying UT's game as advertised. I think Hart owes the fans an apology and a promise that this will not happen again or maybe he should inform ESPN to park their trucks far away from the buildings in the future.

In the Atlanta area, game was on ESPN 2.The Atlanta paper did not list the game as being shown.
Offensively our Lady Vols looked good, proud of the large number of assists to turnovers.We took many good shots and were unselfish which resulted in those shots.I was happy to see Taber hit a short jumper straight on as this is a shot for some reason she has stopped going to and which was so effective for her early in her career.Loved the plays in which first Taber and then Kamiko found a wide open Simmons for the three ball.Thought Ariel had a very good game and a great spark was provided by Double Jay. Defensively still a lot to work on as way too many wide open treys and drives straight to the basket.We get picked it seems over and over again especially when we are in zone.Our team sometimes falls asleep on the give and go and back door cuts.
In conclusion way to go Lady Vols and keep on working and improving.

Written on Lady Vols placing emphasis on defense, dodging letdowns :

Coach, In the heat of battle in a game it`s obvious the players are forgetting the plan and scouting report at times, you need to remind them.I know this sounds so simplistic,but I really believe this is the problem many times on both defense and offense.Obviously if you are reminding them and they are not hearing you, a spot on the bench next to you would be in order.
In spite of all the injuries the Lady Vols are tied for first place, so let me say great job Coach and team!

Written on Lady Vols caught in the Eye of the storm against Missouri, 80-63 :

I was unable to watch the game until the final 3 minutes and when I saw the score all I could think of is I know Holly had told them to guard against the three ball.I looked at our assist totals compared to Missouri`s, the turnovers etc. and it is no surprise we lost.It`s too bad Tamika Catchings probably is not in Knoxville,because I would love to see her address the team after letting them know previouly about their uneven play and practice habits.I can only hope the injuries to Kamiko and Jasmine are not bad, and our Lady Vols realize how good they are if they play the right way.Everyone is upset today and this game is history.....Learn from it and move on in a positive manner!!!

Written on No timetable for Isabelle Harrison's return after knee surgery :

Izzy get well soon.I remember another Vol who dealt with a meniscus injury when he was in school, and he did pretty good after it was repaired.....Bernard King.

Written on Skylar Diggins scores 33 to lead Notre Dame past Lady Vols :

Proud of the Lady Vols for not folding and storming back late in the game.I had said that composure was important for this team and they let me down a bit there.Still too many sloppy passes, throwing shots up at the basket instead of shooting them.Defensively at times they played great and other times fell asleep.
Of course having Burdick and Carter on the bench hurt as well as losing Izzy , and yet we hung with the Irish for long stretches.We have talent folks, but they need to play better together and not be so up and down.After his game I`m thinking we are getting closer to being an elite team again.Please work on shot selection, screens, pump and head fakes,and help defense.
Hope Izzy is not hurt bad and will be back soon and with Burdick coming back soon still feel we can win the SEC.How far this team goes in the Big Dance will depend on how much they improve.Liking this team alot!

Written on Lady Vols stress playing with passion to avoid another top-5 defeat :

I agree with Holly, and may I add play with composure.Play hard, play smart and it will be a close game that we can win.Notre Dame has shown how tough they are this season especially their win on the road at Ct.This is a great opportunity for our Lady Vols to demonstrate they once again are an elite team.

Written on With Notre Dame on the horizon, Lady Vols assess improvements, shortcomings :

in response to ps11824:

We can beat anybody IF we think/play smart. Smart as in the 2nd half against VU shooting 91.3% from the freebie line. Of course ND will foul IF we drive with authority & confidence to the paint. We have to FINISH in the paint. Missing easy lay-ups is lack of courage, inability to focus on the rim and lack of confidence. So you get hit - good, Go to the line and build on that 91+%. Those points are golden. Drawing fouls is important. Put ND players in jeopardy asap, especially Digg and McB.

I don't care much for the way SD struts and preens. Yes, se is a player, but her style makes me want to beat her so bad I would guard her as if stopping her was my last hope of survival. "You will lay me out cold before I let you get the better of me." Yep, I'm just that stubborn. We cannot take possessions off. Not even one.

Too many top-tier teams think us inferior right now because we haven't played like Tennessee Women's Hoops are supposed to play. We need to make a statement. Beating Vandy at VU is no statement, albeit a good win. Beating or at least scaring the smirky shilly-shally shillalah off Diggins' and those green little ND leprechauns would be somewhat of a statement. No?

VU beat us up with paint points; they beat us up with O-boards. We cannot let ND beat us there. They are a smart, well-coached team. We need to get those 2nd chance points. We need to control the basketball. Ladies, especially, Massingale, your mother is inside that basketball. Do not turn it over to the enemy.

Kamiko, at least act like you give a rat's rear. Grow some spirit out there. Nonchalantly running the point did not cut it with Pat, not does it endear you to this coaching staff, judging by your lack of playing time. You have so much talent. Respect that, own it and guard it. The fact that you have the ability to be a leader isn't worth squat unless your leadership manifests in game-time situations. Lackadaisical is not attractive nor helpful.

I said all that to say this. Yes, we CAN beat ND. Play to win. If the score comes up in their favor, make sure you've left it all on the court and feel like YOU HAVE GIVEN THEM A FIGHT.


A great post 98Reax!

Written on Fast start, fight to the finish for Lady Vols, 83-75:

I`m making these comments having seen approx half the game whih included the final 10 minutes.The bad was still too many turnovers,getting beat on loose balls,giving up too many offensive rebounds, and defense was not up to par,wide open treys, and drives to the basket. The good is beating Vandy on the road which never seems to be easy,clutch making foul shots at the end, undefeated and leading the SEC.Our team is ahead of schedule,and doing this without Burdick and Carter.When Cierra returns we get even stronger.We can beat Notre Dame, but to do this our Lady Vols have to play smart,be aggressive and quite frankly play the full 40 minutes.The present looks very good and the future looks terrific!

Written on Which player is most vital to the success of UT men's basketball the rest of the season?:

in response to VirginnyVol:

Stokes has the potential to be the next Bernard King at UT. I watched Bernie score like a madman consistently from the inside. We just need an Ernie imitator to keep the defenses honest.

If only Stokes could even be mentioned in the same breath as "King of the Volunteers". Bernard would get off two to 3 shots in the time it takes Jarnell to fire one.Too often Jarnell starts dribbling when he should go right up.I`m hoping Jarnell improves his game so we can talk about him as a great Vol.His future is as a power foward while Bernard`s classificaton besides being great was that of a small foward.

Written on Lady Vols use big second half to beat Georgia :

Another great win by the Lady Vols!Unfortunately for me I was only able to catch a few minutes of the game on tv, but did see Meighan pull up for a jumper which was money and something she can do time after time.Graves is having a great freshman season.There are many comparisons to Glory, but early in her career in my opinion is ahead of Glory because she has a better feel for the game.Jasmine Jones showed us what she is capable of and I was not surprised because could see her ability early on.Love the fact that we had 22 asssists! Shooting percentages were excellent.Ony negative was too many turnovers.Bottom line was the Lady Vols took care of business!Keep on working hard and you are capable of winning the SEC.The future is very bright!

Written on Lady Vols' Cierra Burdick out until at least early February :

Cierra get well soon, and look foward to your return when you are healthy.You are a terrific representative for The University of Tennessee.
Draya, I know you are out for this season, but in the short time you played I could see what a bright future you will have as a Lady Vol.Wishing you a good and speedy recovery as well.

Written on Lady Vols beat Rutgers a ninth-straight time, 66-47:

I want to give a shout out to Izzy Harrison who has made great strides in her sophmore year.Keep working hard to get even better Izzy because the improvement is evident
I remember watching Sidney Spencer play as a frosh and wondered what Pat saw in her,well she kept on getting better and better and was good enough to play for years in the WNBA!
Great job today Lady Vols!

Written on Facing Rutgers emotional for UT's Jolette Law :

I have admired Coach Stringer after learnig about her life, and after this article I like her even more.

Written on New lineup produces results for Lady Vols, 75-40 :

I totally support the Lady Vols and if I point out a weakness it`s because I would like to see it corrected so they can be better.I believe the Lady Vols have a good shot at winning the SEC and we shall see shortly with upcoming tough games in conference.
One thing I hope to see is a much
higher assist total, as 13 against the likes of Davidson is way too low.
I think our talent is young but very good.Obviously the games against Baylor and Stanford showed we have a ways to go but it is not that far if we improve in some areas.
Next year with Russell and our other highly ranked freshmen our team can challenge once again for a final 4 spot.With front line players we will have a la Burdick, Graves, Harrison,Jones and Russell we will be a team to be feared.Of course this is all predictated on the team playing together and playing with "heart".

Written on Lady Vols back to square No. 1 after loss to Stanford :

in response to tovolny:

This team actually has talent. This team actually has depth. This team actually does not use their talent. This team actually does not use their depth. This team looks bad shooting three pointers. This team looks bad shooting lay-ups. This team DOES NOT even shoot 10 to 15-foot jumpers. (I HAVE SEEN SOME TERRIBLE LOOKING UNDER_HANDED SHOTS I HAVE NEVER SEEN BEFORE.) This team never shoots or even attempts to shoot behind a screen. This team usually has at least three players standing in place (on offense)watching the other two. At Baylor, this team looked beat during the pre-game warm-ups. Other than that, they look like tall, good looking ladies, but definitely not basketball players.

This team needs to eat some biscuits and gravy with some greasy breakfast meat like country ham. Don't forget the grits. This team needs to hit the floor like lady Vols. This team needs to do and believe what Hollie and the other coaches tell them. They need to trust Hollie. When plants quit growing and begin to wilt, they can be revived by adding water and fertilizer. I never did raise a crop of young female basketballers, but if I did , and they begin to turn peaked, I think I would fit them all up with boxing gloves and let them go after each other...then the last 5 standing would be told to go suit up. If some of the fallen ones got up and wanted to box some more, I might let them tag along as subs. When Clark Kent sheds his business duds, he turns into Superman. Use to be that when the Tennessee coeds donned those orangie, whitesh uniforms with a few hints of blue, they too, morphed into players with supernatural powers. SO, COME ON are LADY VOLS not BABY about getting with the program...NOW...!!!

Some very good points made by tovolny.Very strong recruiting classes the last two years and next years freshmen class is ranked extremely high.
Against teams at the top like Baylor and Stanford our poor offense and defense exposes us.Just look at the assist totals to see how well we are playing together.All is not lost because I see glimpses of potential in stretches of the game like when we closed to 9 down . Still too many bad shots and unfortunately our Lady Vols were missing on even the good ones, even Holly said they were "just throwing them up".
This team is young in that several players were playing minor minutes last season and are now expected to carry a big load.They will get better, but only by working to get better as a team.Meighan is a WNBA talent but she will be drafted in the 3rd round right now or can go high in the first if she calms down and takes good shots.Ariel needs to dish the ball off on many fast breaks.I liked seeing Burdick aggressive on offense, and she needs to continue because she is a very good passer if the shot is not there.Graves is playing very well and she should only get better.Jones has looked good in spurts.Carter`s play will be missed because she was doing a great job before we lost her for the season I could go on but I will end in saying this team should and I believe will contend for the SEC title.

Written on Vols hold off Western Carolina, 66-52:

in response to BruisedOrange:

Back in the '80s you could see 14-18 year old big men practicing where there was no basket... only a flat wall where they could bounce passes to themselves to practice the timing of their footwork, then dance through 4 or 5 different step patterns (at least 2 of which set up hook shots--as per previous poster).

I think coaches have soured on the baby hook because they're convinced it generates fewer fouls and offensive rebounds. Though of course, if a player makes 60% of them...(!)

Bernard King did a segment with Red Auerbach that can been seen on You Tube showng how he was ready to shoot quickly over a smaller defender.This should be mandatory watching for our Vols!

Written on Lady Vols catch another cold at Baylor:

Wish there was a stat for ugly shots as our Lady Vols had way too many.Part of it stems from all the dribbling we do instead of quick passes.Baylor had 24 assists while we had 7 and Kamiko who played great had 6 of them.I saw very few screens set and they were more picks then screens.I remember when Spani would hit short jumpers early in her career and wonder whatever happenned to those.It`s like a soap opera with Meighan "will she ever learn what`s a good shot from a forcd one?" Wish John Wooden`s famous words would somehow be absorbed by Ms.Simmons, those being"be quick but don`t rush". Meighan`s not the only one who could benefit from that advice.Hopefully our Lady Vols will watch tape and learn from the experience as this team has talent and could be much better as the season progresses.Baylor is the team to beat but UConn is scary good.How good our Lady Vols will be is yet to be determined, and while I may seem critical, I`ll always be cheering you on!

Written on Mike Strange: Free-throw shooting not what it was in Ray Mears era :

in response to brokendownoldvol:

No one can shoot from 10-15 ft out anymore either. All kids practice now is dunks and 3 pointers.

So true, as are many other points made on the subject.I wonder if young kids play 21 today, a game which was primarily about foul shooting.Back in my day (decades ago) we started pickup games by shooting foul shots, first two players to make a foul shot were the captains and then they would choose teams.I for one think that the overall skill set of players today has fallen off due to the over emphasis on dunking and shooting the three ball.For my fellow old timers remember when Oscar Robertson would back his man down to get as close as possible to the basket to shoot his jumper.

Written on Tennessee's Stokely Athletics Center closing down :

As a student in the 60`s and into the 70s saw some great basketball games.I pretended to be a recruit and wore a suit to Pete Maravich`s first varsity game.Sitting courtside I got to see one of the greatest players ever held in check to about 21 points by a great Tennessee defense.Seem to recall Bill Justus in a game against Florida hitting a jumper to give the Vols the win in a game that had a final score something like 13-11 due to both teams holding the ball wih no 24 second clock.In that game Coach Mears called a time out on purpose to force a technical but gave Tennessee the opportunity to get the ball back on a jump ball, which the Vols did.The move by Mears was so brilliant that the NCAA had to change the rule the following season.Kentucky games were great against Rupp and the Wildcats.

Written on Meighan Simmons, Lady Vols have 1,000 reasons to celebrate:

in response to kazoo:

This is UT's most athletic team in a decade. Not sure why PS got hung up on big, slow players, but we're now playing fast and well.

These are all Pat`s players!Great playing today Lady Vols.

Written on Mike Strange: Vols score 36; fluke or omen? :

Ugly game!Our defense was good not great as Georgetown blew shot after shot at the rim.I wish Golden had taken the last shot because he can create off the dribble.Yes, Maymon will help when he comes back.Jarnell is not NBA ready and will do himself a disservice if he leaves early.He needs to work on moves around the basket besides free throw shooting.Jarnell needs to make a quick move before he is doubled, or pass out to an open man for the shot.
Proud of how the Vols hung tough with a very good Georgtown team who themselves had a terrible shooting night.Turnovers, foul shots and no penetration of the zone did us in.Hope Coach Martin reruits some players that can get there own shot as I don`t recall many screens last night.Sure hoping Maymon returns soon and also that Hall makes short range jumpers,turn arounds which he is capable of.

Written on Dave Hart: Vols 'at a crossroads' :

in response to laraccoon:

i doubt he would leave UCLA for Tennessee but he is a darn good coach , that was a great game yesterday . Well coached team .

If I remember correctly Mora did not endear himself to the Falcons when he said his dream job was at a West Coast school,(not UCLA).Tennessee does not need a Kiffin repeat.

Written on Kaela Davis commits to Georgia Tech :

I wish Kaela the best but disappointed she will not be playing for the Lady Vols.I don`t know her reason for her choice but it is her`s and it is to be respected.Yes I`am a Tennessee grad, and knowing what I know if I had to choose, the Lady Vols for many reasons would easily be the top choice.The game at Ga. Tech will probably have more Tennessee fans in the stands than Tech fans. According to NCAA stats through 4/3/12 of last season the Lady Vols by far were #1 in home attendance at 14414 per game vs Tech at 1056.I mentioned that because we love our Lady Vols!

Written on No. 1 recruit Mercedes Russell picks Tennessee :

in response to maxvolfan#217855:

Man with Mercedes and Graves at the post next year playing high /low that is going to be exciting. Next year is going to be fun!

This year is going to be fun as well, as I believe the Lady Vols will be much better than where they have been picked (20) in the preseason rankings.

Written on No. 1 recruit Mercedes Russell picks Tennessee :

Great news,great choice by Mercedes, and wishing her all the best.Welcome to the University of Tennessee!

Written on Lady Vols use defense against DePaul, 63-48:

in response to ModelMaker:

Good point. Also no one ever taught her how to pump fake an opponent out so she could get an easy put back. She could be getting 6to8 more points a game if she would only learn how to pump fake a basketball. That said I thought Glory was brilliant on the boards. I could not believe it when I saw that she got 21 rebounds. I had to look at it 3 times. One of the finest performances in rebounding I have ever seen.

Glad to see the pump fake observation, something I mentioned way back when for Glory.Only one on the Lady Vols who uses the pump fake, headfake is Manning.Props to Glory for her rebounding,she was great.Spani is clearly not the same player she was early in the season, before she hurt her knee.I can only guess the coaches are playing her in hopes she gets back her early form.In many of the previous games she drove to the basket and rarely was sucessful.T. Spani should shoot her jumper, especially the step back one when she is close or in mid range distance,as that is her game.If we play Delaware, E.D.D is a female Larry Bird and our team will have it`s hands full.Ray Mears played one person on Maravich and the rest were in a zone,and the Vols held the Pistol way below his average.I think this would be a good strategy for E.D.D.Wishing The Lady Vols continued success and I will be rooting for them as always!

Written on Lady Vols beat Mississippi State, in first-place tie after Kentucky loses :

in response to dewey0022:

Take a look at the box scores for every game this season. When Simmons puts up over 12 shots a game, the team generally scores over 75 points if she is making them or not! In this game, she only put up 9 shots, hence low scoring win. Get over the Simmons thing, she is an incredible asset to this team and only makes them better. Every team has to scout and devise a plan to stop her. If you want to talk about someone missing shots, take a look a Glory with a 3-10 performance in the mississippi state game, generally within 2 feet of the rim or the poor shooting of spani and stricklan the last 4 or 5 games. Simmons is one of the only ones that knows what she is going to do with the ball without overthinking it; making or missing the shot. Most of the others seem to overthink and that has cost us games this season. If this team would just let instinct take over and stop thinking too much about it, they would be in much better shape with less losses. Teams must shoot the ball and score to win. With the incredible rebounders we have when Simmons shoots often, the lady vols tend to put up a lot of points because of their ability to get to the boards. Stop bashing Simmons. Without her, this team loses a tremendous amount of its scoring.

Dewey, I was not bashing Meighan, simply pointing out that Holly probably saw enough of poor shot selection and decided to sit her on the bench.Meighan is a very talented player and vital to the success of the Lady Vols.I think Meighan can be even more effective when she takes what I consider makeable shots and not forced ones.While she can hit the three pointer I wish she shoot more mid range jumpers.With her great speed the defense has to give her a little room and that is when she should pull up for the J.In closing I want you to know I`m a big supporter of he Lady Vols and all things Orange and "bashing" of student athletes is not my style.

Written on Lady Vols beat Mississippi State, in first-place tie after Kentucky loses :

in response to charlyand#601962:

Did you see Holly practically pulling out her hair on the sidelines? That's frustration with the same old mistakes. I love Burdick's passing and think Massengale could take some pointers.

I was happy to see Holly pull Simmons in the 2nd half after one too many jacked up shots.Yes, you can see the frustration on the coaches faces.Simmons can be so good when she plays using her head instead of thinking I have the ball so I`m going to shoot.I would love to sit in when they review tape of the game.Burdick has a tremendous upside as she has a great feel for the game.I was also happy to see Bass get in for Massengale as the minutes might be taking effect on her performance.Ariel will only get better, and while she is the point I think she keeps the ball in her hands too much.Then again it is up to her teamates to help out when she is doubled.Harrison will be much improved next season as long as she puts the work in.Lastly apologies to Shekinna as I misspelled Stricklen on my initial post.

Written on Lady Vols beat Mississippi State, in first-place tie after Kentucky loses :

The good was Burdick`s shooting and passing, Kamiko getting closer to her old self offensively,Johnson`s board play and great production from Strickland in the 2nd half.The bad was 19 turnovers, Simmons reverting back to forcing shots, Glory going one on four on a fast break,Spani driving into traffic and getting nothing, and Vicki taking too many dribbles once again close to the basket.I`m not going to say anything was ugly because our Lady Vols got the win, but what frustrates me as I know it does so many other fans is the same mistakes game after game.There were some glimpses of really good team play and for our team to go far it has to increase.If you play as a team you can succeed,that is the only way!

Written on A runaway ending for Lady Vols, 80-51 :

in response to richvol:

I did not see the same things the other posters saw. I did see a team that is sloppy with their ballhandling and passes...that is too quick to shoot instead of working for good shots yet still won handily. UT must play much better than this against Stanford,Baylor or UConn in order to win. Simmons is playing worse than last year and shoots way too much. Baugh is not a force under the rim and we turn the ball over for no reason.

Ariel and Kamiko are both excellent passers. They should be starting at the guard positions with Strick and Glory and Manning the other three starters. This would result in less turnovers and much better shot selection which is what it will take to beat those teams. I don't see what the coaches see in Simmons...she occasionally hits a shot but turns the ball over way too much and her shooing choices and percentage is poor. Nice win but Georgia is not those teams.

I understand some of the frustration from richvol.Like myself, richvol probably loves the Lady Vols, and wants to see them win Championship #9.I agree with him that we have to play even better to beat the top teams.I think at times we are slow to rotate to cover 3point shots.Last night Georgia kept on missing and that obviously helped.Meighan takes too many 3 point shots.With her speed don`t see why she does not just dribble past a defender and hit pull up jumpers from mid range.I have seen her be successful time and time again, but she settles too many times for the 3.Don`t get me wrong, Meighan can hit the trey, when in a shooting rythem.Glory was great, and Ariel is coming along like gangbusters.Burdick, also a tremendous passer, will be better ofensively when she gets more comfortable.Great having Kamiko back, she will only get better once she is in game shape.Still believe this team can win #9, but they have to keep on improving and play the full 40 minutes.