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Written on Mike Strange: Vols didn't go quietly - and it hurt:

A great run guys, thanks!

Written on Back on the court: Bruce Pearl to coach Auburn basketball:

in response to gglardon50#417841:

No they didn't. Auburn just said we don't care about lying and cheating-remember Pat Dye

Yep, pearl will fit right into the legacy of Bowden and Petrino on morals ta'boot.

Written on Big haul for Vols: UT adds 18 signees to 14 midterm enrollees, Jucos:

Very Nice - Congrats Butch and Vols!

Written on Saban to ESPN: 'I can't believe there's been any reaction' to Kiffin helping Alabama brainstorm:

Offensive genius......really? Based upon what...exactly....exactly?

Isn't that like calling Ted Cruz brilliant?

Written on [Video] Josh Malone commits to Tennessee:

Fantastic - well played.

Written on Vanderbilt stuns Tennessee on late touchdown, 14-10:

This one really hurts.

Written on Vols upset No. 11 South Carolina, 23-21:

Great win, nice going Vols!

Written on OT field goal by Georgia leaves Vols 'hurt' :

in response to woody45#537767:

Pig is a "goat"!!! That wasn't extra effort to put the ball into the end zone. That was showboating! Too many backs want to dive into the end zone to look spectacular. You can watch the replay 50 or 100 times and see that Pig's dive for the goal line is waaaay to soon. From now on he's "Goat" Howard.

IMO, a truly disguising comment.

Written on OT field goal by Georgia leaves Vols 'hurt' :

Well played guys, I understand it hurts; but you have nothing to regret. Go Vols, brighter days are ahead, it is a process.

Written on Riley Ferguson and Josh Dobbs move up to No. 2 in Vols' new depth chart; Butch Jones says Worley back as starter:

in response to STEELMAN4VOLS:

I hope Peterman's confidence isn't beaten down after getting gator chomped in the swamp. Shows the reservations Coach Jones had about Worley starting yet having to call upon him when things got bad. I hope the best for all the QBs and know a silverlining will come out of these clouds. Will continue to be a work in progress - one brick at a time.

I share your concern for young Peterson, the canes had a senior QB behind our best unit, the O Line and he struggled; which was not in the swamp.

Often times we forget these players are really kids!

Written on Poll: Who should Tennessee start at quarterback Saturday against South Alabama?:

Isn't every team building for the future almost every game?

Unless the freshmen QB's names are Teddy, Johnny, or Winston; it may be wise to develop them in a more traditional manner. IMO, many potentially very good QBs have been ruined by playing them too soon.

In Butch I trust.

Written on Kirk Herbstreit: SEC fans need to 'claim' Vols' loss to Oregon:

I have NO idea what point Kirk is trying to make.

Written on Oregon routs Tennessee 59-14; Butch Jones says Vols will stick together:

in response to southernbelle79:

There is no way to sugarcoat the biggest lost since 1910. We have played dozens of teams that were ranked #1 and #2 in the last 103 years, and never suffered such a loss.

Jones, IMHO, made some coaching errors. I am not happy that he whines that we have the toughest schedule in football. With one of the winningest teams in college football history, our opponents used to fear us. Having us on their schedule made for a tough schedule. I am OK with a couple of patsies on the schedule because every team has them. But, we can't prepare for SEC opponents only playing extremely weak teams.

Vol fans tend to over-react. Jones might turn out to be a great coach. But so far, he isn't as good as fans thought he was after the first two games, nor as bad as fans think he is today.

We need to give him three years to see if his in game coaching and player development can match his recruiting ability.

So true, it is a process and it takes time. IMO, it takes time for a strong program to fall and even more time to recover.

As a Vols and Canes fan these past 5 to 7 years have been painful. Better days are ahead!

Does anyone know if Sapp's injury is serious?

Written on Vols picked fifth in East by SEC media:

Well, at least no one can accuse us of being overrated!

Written on Local business owners, fans react to Butch Jones' hiring :

"Local Business Owners" - how Republican is that?

How many pay at or less than minimum wage with no benefits?

Written on Charlie Strong spurns UT offer for new deal at Louisville:

in response to civilianvol_formerly_marinevol:


LOL - I believe it was JR on the Dallas series that said "Once you get past integrity, the rest is a piece of cake".

Written on Phillip Fulmer had 'the right influences' on way to Hall of Fame :

Congrats Coach Fulmer - I will always remember the hour we spent together talking college football and dogs. It was an honor.

Written on ESPN report says Charlie Strong is top candidate for Tennessee head football coach:

in response to cemeadows3:

Everyone can probably just settle down; ESPN has updated the article in which this story is based upon...

The same link on ESPN that stated "Strong was top candidate" was adjusted at 12:24am to now be "Strong is expected to stay at L'ville".

It's one of the main articles on ESPN's homepage...

I just read that, who knows you may be right.

Something we could all agree on.....Mr. Strong's income is going to go up signficantly next year! Not bad work for someone without a sports agent.

Written on Former Florida State coach says Dave Hart was bully to women :

Never trust a Nole! Just kidding.

Written on UT dismisses tight end Cameron Clear after felony theft charge :

A damn shame; hope the young man gets it together.

Written on Phillip Fulmer elected to College Football Hall of Fame:

Congratulations Coach.

Written on KPD leading criminal investigation of ex-UT swim coach John Trembley :

Was there more than a Dip in the Pool?

Written on UT rejects discrimination claim by 3 women's athletic department employees :

"Suit them up" we couldn't get worse.

Written on Alabama-Tennessee set for 7:15 p.m. :

Eat dinner early - this could get ugly.

Written on Second-half stymie: Georgia 20, Tennessee 12:

This is a young team that is improving - keep the faith.

Written on Second-half stymie: Georgia 20, Tennessee 12:

It is a young team, keep the faith.

Written on Mike Hamilton named president of U.S. operations for Blood:Water Mission :

Best of Wishes Mike - IMO - you are a good man.

Written on Tennessee at Florida: Writing is on the wall for Vols :

Go Vols - I like our chances!

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