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Written on In wake of Manziel saga, UT rewrites autograph policy:

First thing's first. Let's drive up the demand for player autographs and then worry about them winding up in a broker's hands. It's pretty easy to do. Just win some games, fellas!

Just over a week to go! GBO!

Written on Tennessee releases 2014 football schedule:

Vandy back to the last game next year. I wonder what prompted that change?

Written on James Franklin to start at QB for Missouri:

I think 9 of Franklin's 10 TD passes last year were against us.

Written on James Franklin to start at QB for Missouri:

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Who's going to coach Vandy?

Nicely done.

Written on Heat coach Spoelstra attends Tennessee practice:

Maybe Coach Spoelstra will ask LBJ, Wade and Bosh to call some of our recruits to talk us up a little bit.

Written on Britton Colquitt passes brother as NFL's top-paid punter:

I sincerely hope we've already offered his 1 year old son a scholarship.

Written on For the good times: Vols celebrate 1998 championship game:

I'm not trying to be a wise guy, but I thought Goodrich was still in prison. He get out early?

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Miles can reduce his stress level by going ahead and making the decision to suspend him for the first quarter for each of those 2 games. Problem solved!

Miles will make his decision based on how the grass tastes prior to the first game of the year.

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A 14 year old girl, wow.....

Yeah, but if the lighting is right, she could easily pass for 15.

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Go Vols!

I'll drink to that! GBO.

Written on John Adams: Reasons why you might be more optimistic about UT football:

When I saw the word "optimistic" in a JA headline, I thought my mushrooms had already kicked in.

Written on John Adams: Maximizing improvement: Follow 8 'Don'ts of Sal Sunseri':

I think we can stop lamenting our defensive performance was last year. Time to move on.

Written on Picture of Alabama commitment holding wads of cash goes viral:

Remember when Nu'Keese Richardson did the same thing a few years ago? Of course, the difference there was he was proudly displaying a wad of wrinkled one and five dollar bills...not C notes.

Written on RB Jabo Lee confirms he won't be coming to UT, but says other schools still in mix:

Wish him well and hope he finds success wherever he lands. There are going to be lots of carries to go around for those true freshman tailbacks next year.

Written on Florida removes references to Hernandez:

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Oh yeah, did UT remove anything asscoiated with Donte Stallworth? He too, had a criminally negligent hiomicide.

I realize that you embrace your role as the critical contrarian on this message board, but even you have to see the difference between willfully and maliciously ending the life of one of your FRIENDS and getting behind the wheel and causing an ACCIDENT that kills someone. True, the end result is the same, but intent makes an enormous difference in the eyes of the law...and it should. The fact that you would even attempt to make that comparison is just plain laughable. Nice try, but you should stick to your "We're better than UT at everything" makes a helluva lot more sense than this.

Written on Former Vol J.P. Arencibia gives up Twitter:

I wish more professional athletes would follow his lead.

Written on Florida's Morrison arrested and suspended:

Just thankful that our guys have stayed out of the pokey and the headlines.

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"But have they? If Vandy takes a step back, Tennessee’s path to a six-win season and bowl eligibility will get considerably easier."

Wow, I never thought I'd live to see the day where 1.) TN's season would be measured as a success with a 6 win season and 2.) We would have to count on Vandy being WORSE than the previous year in order to secure said bowl berth.

Everybody stands at the back of the line sooner or later. It's happened to Alabama, Florida, LSU, etc. Although some of those fans might tend to forget those leaner times as they troll message boards during Star Trek commercial breaks. It still important to keep our current run of bad football in historical perspective. We'll be back. And if our 2014 recruiting class is any indication, it will be sooner rather than later.

Written on Wide receiver Ryan Jenkins eager to join Vols:

He'll only be as good as the QB that's throwing to him.

Written on Butch Jones says Eric Gordon's status has not changed:

Would CBJ be Gordon's fourth coach in five years? Was he a Kiffin or Fulmer recruit? Just curious if anybody remembers who recruited him.

Written on Florida QB Driskel signs with Red Sox:

NFL? Good luck with that.

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(This comment was removed by the site staff.)

Vehicular homicide < PREMEDITATED MURDER

Written on Four Vanderbilt football players suspended amid sex crimes investigation:

James Franklin hasn't weighed in on Twitter yet? That's weird.

Written on 3 Vols named preseason All-Americans:

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I'm not sure in what sense you find that meaningful. For one thing, that means that there are at least three guys who some opinionated folks think are among the best in the country, despite playing on undistinguished teams. That in turn shows talented prospects that they can be found by all-star team voters and NFL GMs even at a temporarily downtrodden place like UT. Since the need is great, the great ones will play all they can stand. So, if you like the staff, the stadium, the fans, the school, maybe even the town or the region, why WOULDN'T you come to UT?

If perchance you are complaining that there are ONLY "2nd, 3rd and 4th team" players, that there ought to be more, well, it seems that CBJ is working on it. A relatively low level of talent and numbers is, after all, the major thing limiting the steepness of the program's rise.

All I can say is, congrats to the honorees and welcome to newcomers who can be worthy successors to them.

I believe that was attempt at sarcasm, but I agree with your response.

Written on SEC coaches plan to avoid offseason jabs, jokes:

Someone will end up with his foot in his mouth...4 to 1 odds it's James Franklin.

Written on Former Tennessee cornerback Daniel Gray to transfer to Utah State:

“NFL Draft 2016, here I come.”

Yeah right.

Written on Jonathan Crompton signs with Edmonton Eskimos:

Good luck in Canada, JC! Hope the Eskimos don't run the Clawfense.

Written on Former Florida QB Leak returns as quality control coach:

What's CJ Leak up to these days?

Written on Gray's transfer leaves little margin for error in Vols' secondary:

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Should Butch Jones be brought back for a second year if he goes 3-9?


Written on Gray's transfer leaves little margin for error in Vols' secondary:

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You are absolutely right! This will be a tough year, especially with the schedule we have. People really need to adjust their expectations, and be realistic. If we can win six...I would be content! It is going to take time, I just hope the fans are patient.

Yep, no doubt about it. We are in for a rough ride this fall. Hopefully Butch can do something that Dooley or Kiffin couldn't and that's win a game (or two) that we shouldn't.

Written on Alabama's McCarron to drive pace car in Talladega:

Awesome. He won't be able to hide behind his mammoth offensive line, 5 star WRs and NFL RBs on the track. I bet he crashes into a wall at the first turn.

Written on Tennesse's Cordarrelle Patterson picked 29th by Vikings:

Hope he pans out as a WR, but he'll probably do the most damage as a returner. Reminds me of Devin Hester.

Written on Order of protection was taken out against Yemi Makanjuola:

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In more positive news, TitleTown put another trophy in its overloaded National Championship Case when the Gators Gymnastics Team won on Saturday in LA.

There are only 5 schools in the country who have won this title, 3-from the SEC. UF, bammer and ga. The others are Utah and ucla.

I know you all will send your congratulations to UF for another fine accomplishment.

^^^^Inflatable girlfriend alert^^^^

Written on What round will Tyler Bray be drafted in?:

First round talent, free agent smarts. Wish him luck, but he got should have stayed in school.

Written on Vols atwitter for a turnout for spring game:

I'd be there if there wasn't three hours worth of asphalt between me and the stadium.

I think the 1986 record is safe, though. 70K + is muy ambitious.

Written on Sports Illustrated: Bray has physical ability to play in NFL, but mental questions remain:

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Heath Shuler Part II

Not sure that Bray has a future in real estate or politics. You might be right about his future in the NFL, but his game is nothing like Heath Shuler's.

Written on Vanderbilt coach James Franklin named Tennessean of the Year:

There's gotta be some other self righteous boob in the state of Tennessee that's just as deserving.

Written on Vanderbilt coach James Franklin says 'people are offended' that he stands up for his school:

in response to CommodoreCapital:

Franklin is a professional in PR and in coaching. He handled that very well.

Anchor Down...

So I guess it does take a Professional Handicapper to recognize a Professional in PR after all.

Written on Vanderbilt coach James Franklin says 'people are offended' that he stands up for his school:

Just when I think that CJF can't get any more unlikeable, he proves me wrong. What an absolute w@nker.

Written on Phillip Fulmer helps restart football at East Tennessee State:

Good for Phil! Does this mean we get any of our buyout money back?

Written on David Climer: Butch Jones shows moxie Tennessee Vols need:

Couldn't they have used a less creepy photo?

Written on Govols247: Bajakian sticking to basics at QB :

No matter who is named the starter, I won't be surprised to see more than one QB play significant snaps in 2013.

Written on Dallas Thomas dealing with recovery from torn labrum:

Really hate it for players like Dallas Thomas who gave their all but never got to play for a winning team. Hope he has success on the next level.

Written on Reaction to Jalen Hurd's commitment on social media:

James Franklin is such a hopeless boob.

Written on Butch Jones says Vols are on run of 'momentum':

You tell 'em coach...the SEC won't have Tennessee to kick around anymore, right? right?


Written on Jay Graham leaving Vols for Florida State:

Wow. Didn't see that coming. I guess it's just the way things go. Assistants jump ship all the time, just had hoped he's stick around for while since he's an alum. At least he waited until after NSD.

Written on Poll: How would you rate Tennessee's 2013 signing class?:

in response to ElizabethtonvolnNC:

Given all of the circumstances surrounding this program and it's current state, the fanbase included I would rate it an A. Why? Averaging the three most "trusted" recruiting services would amount to 26th in the nation. As CBJ stated many times in the presser, this staff had 31 days and limited contact to make an impact. I don't want to hear about Auburn OR Ole Miss. How did Arkansas do? 2 years ago Auburn won a national champiionship, and the coaches they hired, all came from the SE. Our former Head Coach as constantly lamented by the legions, allowed for the deterioration of relationships in the high schools and the prospects they should have been recruiting. CBJ, at the eleven and half hour, at least was able to attract the interest of some 5* rated talent and kept some guessing until national signing day. This on top of coming into new territory, with a broken program, 4 coaching changes since 2008, no bowls in the last two years and consecutive losing seasons to go with it made the task that much more difficult. If half the the legions would realize that we are never going to get back to where we want to be unless we are all in, all the time and that others feel the excitement or negativity within a fanbase, and it's program. Otherwise you might as well go root for Bama or Vandy. Go VOLS and GO CBJ.

I agree. Not a bad job at all considering the circumstances and the decaying relationships that we're hearing that Dooley left in his wake. HOWEVER, I can help but recall how impressed I was when Dooley "came to the rescue" and salvaged a respectable class when Kiffin bolted. No, it wasn't a top ten class, but there were some solid recruits there...a couple of those guys will be playing on Sundays next year. Since my blood runs orange (perhaps a little darker than normal due my affinity for brown liquor), I have no choice but to hope that CBJ can get more out of this decent class than Dooley got out of his guys and Kiffin/Fulmer's leftovers. CBJ seems sincere. So did Dooley. CBJ is recruiting character players that want to play for UT. So did Dooley. Can he develop his players and continue to improve in the recruiting department every year? I hope so, 'cause that's what it's going to take get back in the Top 25 and still playing ball on NYD every year. Bama, just pulled in another #1 class. FL isn't far behind. And even Ole Miss is pulling in serious talent now. Ole friggin Miss, people (or, as Robert Nkemdiche would call them, "The University of Ole Miss"). It's not going to get any easier. Managing a football team in the SEC is a 12 month long grind. CBJ seems up to the task. Hope I'm saying the same thing next February.

Written on Mark Wiedmer: Dooley perfect fit for Dallas:

I think it's safe to say that he will be in the highest tax bracket of every other position coach in the NFL.

Written on USC fires basketball coach Kevin O'Neill:

I'm sure he'll be able to find a job working as Larry David's stand in.