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Recruit depth with TEAM players! Seems that UT has had way too many people in recent years that didn't want to hang around if they got their feelings hurt or couldn't start.

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These LK articles always get a lot of hits which is exactly why they keep on rolling. Looks like I'm contributing to the cause.

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So "few words" can be a blessing in the artist without Googling....excitement lingering???

I believe it was recorded in the 90's for the Forrest Gump soundtrack. Just kidding. I could make a token guess, but I won't.

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Marlon Walls is my new favorite Vol. it's great to see these stories and have our team reaching out to the community. Life is bigger than football. We should all keep that in perspective.

You've got two new favorites. Let's not forget Byron Moore.

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On the plus side, CBB has always shown himself to be a class individual and he was the one responsible for giving Condredge Holloway the opportunity.

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True, he never had a losing season, but:


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As a Vol fan and ETSU grad, I'm excited about the remote possibility. I don't think it's about the money. I think he has some unfinished business left inside him. He's often stated he would be interested if the "right opportunity" were to come along. Look at the pluses here: 1)The rewards of establishing a program from the ground level 2)The absence of big time pressure to win and 3)Remaining close to his roots.

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Just read the comments on this story in the JC Press. Someone's already talking Gruden for coach. I like it!

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In response to Tnsportsman: "I love Tennessee. Revolt now!"

Now that's a zinger!

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Good story. Sorry about your wife.

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You usually can't expect orange blood to be there if it wasn't infused at an early age. Merely playing football at UT won't produce it for you. Jay Graham (NC), Tee Martin (AL), and countless others have chosen UT because they saw it as the best fit to further their skills at playing at the next level. There are exceptions of course, i.e. Peyton Manning.

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"Ace recruiter" came up empty in 2013.

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Maybe I'm old, but when did study hall become a formal class? I've never heard of college level study hall.

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KNS failed to report that the Assistant Hearing Protection Manager for the Riflery team left a bathroom light on all night.

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The best QBs aren't necessarily the ones who put up the biggest numbers. They are the ones who take control down the stretch. I don't think UT has had that for awhile, unless you count a great come from behind win against Troy. TBs biggest fan was, well, TB. Nonetheless, good luck TB and try to put back all you can in savings and investments.

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Seriously? "Amazing job"? He was canned and corny 30 years ago - now he's 73 and just bad. He needs to be retired from ESPN & ABC, along with Lundquist from CBS. It's time to give young commentators like Gus Johnson these big games. Lundquist and Musburger need to go.

Did anyone notice that Musburger said Alabama beat Tennessee 3 years ago for the title?

We'll take any exposure we can get right now.

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Moron, the decline STARTED under Fulmer. He had nice run, he lazy (self admitted) and got passed up by several other SEC programs....Fulmer was the problem. Kiffin we got unlucky by the SC opening...Dooley was a last grasp find after we were rejected by 6 other coaches. Time will tell on BJ. Now shut your pie hole and think before you post.

He lazy, you lazy too with your typing.

Congratulations to CPF for another well deserved honor!

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Let's be realistic. Giving up 34+ points only 5 times would be a notable improvement.

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Reality check. What coaching staff would you assemble with a $3 mil cap?

I agree with me. I'm not drinking the Koolade just yet, but perhaps the continuity will be an advantage over a first year staff that's been thrown together. Only time will tell. I've grown oh so weary of the negativity. Gruden, Saban, Cowart, Lombardi, and Halas aren't coming. Never were, never will.

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So I guess the 'best coaching staff in the country' was at Cincinnati all along... wow, who knew

Reality check. What coaching staff would you assemble with a $3 mil cap?

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Best wishes for the only undefeated coach in UT history.

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Resentment coming from the program he left indicates they approved of the job he was doing. Few of us would turn down a lucrative job opportunity. Seriously UC fans, your P.O.'d and you can't even fill a 35,000 seat stadium?

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I'm just glad he hasn't said, "you won't have Tennessee to push around anymore."

And hopefully we won't hear next year is year zero.

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Wow! What's gotten into Mr. Adams?

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I supported Fulmer, Kiffin, and Dooley, and I will support Jones or whoever the coach would have been. That's what real fans do. 80% of the posters so far are losers wallowing in perpetual misery. Geez, the man has been coach 9 hours! Saban's record through his first six seasons was 42-29-1, Jones 50-27.

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You can't fit the word "fool" into the name Jones no matter how hard you try.

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Fulmer gets a 60% thumbs up among 2000 or so KNS voters, yet the overwhelming majority of the posters trashed him. The angry tirades will come no matter who is named HC. I supported Fulmer and personally thought he got the shaft, supported Kiffin in his one year, supported Dooley, and will support the next HC. That's what fans do. The rest of you can just wallow in your perpetual misery.

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Oh here we go. Where were you when Majors was building this program from the ground up, giving coaching opportunities to guys like Fulmer and Chavis and winning some of the most exciting games I've ever seen as a Vol. Where were you when Johnny Jones scored the climatic TD to beat Bama in 82? Where were you in 85 when Dale Jones picked off the Shula pass to preserve the Vol victory and the 85 SEC crown? Where were you when Daryl Dickey led the Vols to a crushing win over Miami in the Sugar Bowl?

Don't talk Vol history to me. I give credit to Fulmer for maintaining Majors program for the 1st few years before letting it crumble. But you get this straight, sonnyboy. Majors built that program from the ground up when he came from his national championship at Pitt. He built the program that Fulmer was fortunate enough to inherit from him, after his heart surgery and being betrayed by the man he gave a top coaching position to.

Sonnyboy, there was football long before the 90's and Fulmer at Tennessee. You just haven't been around long enough to know better.

7-4. The expected norm under Majors. I was around back then.

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Charlie Strong REALLY!, that stinks, thats the best we could do, let him know how louisville does vs florida, Im sure the rest of the SEC coaches will tell us what a great hire he is, wonder why florida didn't hire him then when Urban Meyer left. STRONG IS THE WRONG CHOICE IF THEY HIRE HIM.

Please let us know your thoughts on a new HC in consideration of who is available and who has been eliminated. I would like to know. I can back Strong. His familiarity with what it takes to compete in the SEC is an advantage over some coach who has gone 11-1 in the Prairie Dog Conference over the past 4 years.

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Where's Tyler?

Somewhere on a jet ski. It was a warm day.

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Nashville's team? Who else is there?

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Eight teams in each division? Only two more would be needed in each for the SEC to split into two conferences and start the whole expansion thing over again. I'm joking of course, but I don't think it's that far fetched to someday see a trend towards shorter distances for teams to travel.

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Saving himself for the NFL I suppose. What a waste college would be if he were to have been injured.

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It appeared to me the radar gun was in Bray's head Saturday. It seemed like he was throwing for the gun instead of the team. A 55 MPH 15 yard pass becomes almost as difficult to catch as hitting a baseball.

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He makes no bones about his lack of experience and seems to be looking forward to the opportunity to have some fun without the pressure. For the Chaney bashers, you would be celebrating his genius if UT had a defense that could hold opponents to 15 PPG.

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Perhaps the D will suddenly "find" themselves the way Crompton did.... Nah.

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I wish I had applied for the DC job. I could have driven to K town on Saturdays and done the rest via webcam through the week. My fee? $750 per week. $500, if gas is covered. Who thinks I would do worse than what we have now? Could have saved UT a lot of money.

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Hey mister happy days guy it is her INDEX finger.........geez we celebrate your cerebral moment...........

Of course it is, but I thought something on the lighter side might be good for a few readers. Sorry I made your day more miserable.

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Hope no one photoshops the ball out of that picture.

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There are some who would run you out if town for a post like that.

There are some who would have run Saban out of town with a start like that, probably howling for his scalp before his third season was complete.

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Perhaps this will make for some quicker adjustments on D? Wonder if he'll wear orange pants?

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Scored 40+ points 177 times in UT history. Never had lost one until Saturday against UGa when we scored 44 and still lost.

Thank you volfolks.

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Sometimes the little things hang me up. How could a 177 game streak be ended if UT has never lost when scoring 40? That would date back to around '97 - '98. Anyone know what streak was snapped at 177?

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Tyler Bray has no mobility. He is a statue.

After watching Matt Sims, Tyler Bray is not a statue.

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We all hate losing, but anyone who thinks TN should have beat a top 5 team on their home field is delusional. We're getting closer but still not there after the fiasco 3-4 years ago that left the shelves swept clean. Great effort for 60 minutes! MSU and USC are winnable games.

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Don't know what Bowden's sipping, but I'll take a swaller.

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Just a purple mimeograph of what's already been done.

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Naturally everyone is disappointed in the loss Saturday night. It was there for the taking and credit FL for not folding and coming up with the big plays needed. I am not willing to accept a bad half quarter of football will mean we can't win some of these games. Before the game started and probably after we stopped the fake punt, most everyone thought we were going to win. I saw scores from 49-10, 41-17, etc being predicted. Just as ludicrous as it was to predict we could beat FL because we whipped NC State, it is just as ludicrous that now we will lose every game because we got beat by FL. I don't know if we will beat GA in 2 weeks, but all I know is we have the same players and coaches who we all thought would win 2 nights ago. This team needs to play better under pressure and not tighten up when things get close late in the game. When things go wrong, they go seriously wrong. I don't think the players are backing down and I fully expect them to be up for the GA game as this is their next opportunity to make a name for themselves. National TV and these games are why kids come to TN.

Agreed. Funny how some of those predicting 8-4, 9-3, or even 10-2 are jumping ship after one loss. They would be doing the same thing even if that first loss had been to Bama.

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Witch Doctor wannabee.

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Just don't get too hyped and psyched and let them get a couple of early scores. That is the real key! Too many holes to dig out of for too many years.