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p.s....saying some negatives about some1 else is not the same as being positive about yourself. Kinda like the don't make some1 else look smaller to make urself appear bigger thing my momma taught me.

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I think Mr. Adams is missing the point here. It's not inaction that has shown us the positive signs we are seeing. It is action...action of lasting residuals. It's the action of instilling the principles of trust. Between all parties involved (between players and one another/ between players and coaches/ between staff and fans...). It's the actions taken to instill a principal of knowing your dreams are possible, if you should have the gusto to keep chasing them with focus. It's action of keeping the line even you are aware that some of your men won't make it, because football more than any sport teaches you that one TEAM will always have a fighting chance. I for one would to thank CBJ, CZA, and others for taking action with our young students that will last much longer than football. After all that is the job of the university, building young men and women to be better and more prepared than when they arrived for thier experience on the hill. I am excited to see what the coming years hold for the futures of this group of men and women who are willing to GIVE THEIR ALL FOR TENNESSEE TODAY!

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With our current gpa concerns, I'm not sure the scales of talent and risk were in his favor. Two torn ligaments in h.s. don't bode well either. I wish him nothing but the best. I am pleased to see yet another instance where the teacher and student reverse roles. Way to handle your self with class young man, perhaps your coach can use this as an opportunity to learn from you. I have a sneaking suspicion that you will be just fine Jabo, perseverance, humility, and a strong will to do what's right will take you far beyond football.

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With a new leadership on and off the field, we should be much more scrappy. We may still lose to the big dogs this year and maybe next, but we will not let the likes of Troy, Mizzou, and Vandy make us look like fools. We may still lose some of those games, but it will not be because we are not prepared or have the moxy to fight. Bray was almost just as much of the problem as was CDD. The offense, while able to rack up stats, folded under any type of pressure. Will should show great signs of improvement under the helmets and under our jerseys. I am excited to see who will step up and be "that guy". As a wise man once said..."what happens to you builds character, how you handle what happens defines it". I believe in CBJ and staff. Leadership is learned not assigned. We will be back, maybe sooner than latter, and I will be here the whole way as I have been my whole life. It's for us that the young men play so hard, and for that it's only right that... I will give my all for Tennessee toady!

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Henley-Street Bridge,
You make a very good point and I generally have the same view about Statues and memorials for the living. How stupid would TN look if we had a statue of Fulmer after winning a NC, then fired him? Actually firing him with a street named for him looked bad enough.
BUT...this statue for Pat is a little different and that's why I am supporting it. Sadly, with her condition, she will not have years of "normal" life ahead of her. Her character and contributions are well established. She isn't going to go out and get a DUI or shoot a friend tomorrow. Also, she won't ever go coach somewhere else. (Fulmer may, Saban may after AL gave him a statue) Plus, Pat is more than just the TN coach. She is the face of women's basketball and a true pioneer. So for me this statue is different than a Paterno or Saban. Also, I see the urgency in that the school wants this done while she is still well enough to be aware of it. Just my thoughts, but I do agree with your point for most statues.

I agree, Pat is a one of kind lady. Top of the line person, mother, friend, mentor, representative, and last but not least coach. She always did what she thought was right, even if it wasn't popular. I for one look forward to visiting her plaza for years to come. WE BACK PAT!!!

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tovolny - CBJ is trying to do exactly that. Please remember Vol fans had a coach who thought he was so smart, he wouldn't tell the fans anything about the game because he might let Saben or Spurier learn something. Then we had a coach full of nothing but mouth, followed by a coach who didn't have the faintest idea what he was doing.

CBJ is teaching the fans, the athletes and high school coaches every time he does an article. Yes, he needs some big time help from the press!

Personally, I am as excited to see Big Dan achieve his full potential as anything that's happened in Neyland stadium in a long time. CBJ has him motivated and in the O&W game he was simply awesome. If he is faster and stronger next Fall, he will be the defensive lineman we have dreamed about since Reggie White...

Thanx Dad for teaching me about the ins /outs and nuances of the game we love. Not to mention educating me on all the U.T. history.

Now on topic I am stoked just to have a football coach again. I'm not sure what the future holds for our beloved big orange, but I am certain he (CBJ) has the tools to do the job. He combines all my favorite things about all the different coaches being discussed here today. CJM, a high fb IQ. CPF, a family atmosphere. CLK a stellar way with recruits. CDD, a ground up philosophy. He has passion and fire, which in turn gives me a renewed passion and fire! I'll take it for now.

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Herman coulda been a hellvua player if he could stay healthy. I would love to see make it , but think he would make a great coach somewhere.

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I grew up modeling my tackling from the old NFL players like Doug Atkins, Leroy Jordan as well as Bob Lilly and Chuck Howley. If properly applied you can make some serious pop of the pads and of course secure the tackle. But, I mostly remember the great game announcers at UT announcing the ball carrier was taken down by a "Host of Volunteers"!!

I teach my players to drop their base "bite" the football and explode up through the ball carrier. The lick the bc takes as he lands on his back is much more effective than a pop shot. Priorities for my def players are as follows: stop the ball carrier, separate him from the ball, recover and score! Who said the off gets all the points? There are still some of us who teach the game the way we learned it and at the same time learning more and more everyday! I am excited to have a football coach back on the hill. Trying to stay realistic, but it's been a long since we have had a snowball rolling that's not yellow! GBO!

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beare and email, I also long for the days of old when the stop would be made by "a whole host of Vols!". Something tells me this staffs focus on fundamentals will show great improvement in tackling and a host of other techniques.

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Intensity and heart win over skill almost always in the long run. I will take a less talented team that means it when they touch the "give your all for Tennessee today" sign. Diamonds aren't pretty when the come out of the ground, it takes a skilled craftsman to mold them into something every1 wants. Keep up the good work CBJ and staff! Is it a coincidence that life jackets are orange? We have been drowning to it is time to #risetothetop!

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looking good coach. One thing I keep hearing from the D is this staff wants there to be less thinking and more instinct. That is exactly what those of us who know the game saw all year. Lots of folks were saying we are just to slow. While to some degree that may be true, read and reaction has just as much if not more to do with being to the play on time as timed speed. Mt. McCullers is gonna be a beast against the Off G!

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(This comment was removed by the site staff.) often make some good points and then some I don't agree with, same with bear, I think where you lose your audience is when you jump the shark. I know that ignorance stupidity can be frustrating, but you don't always have to be right. As a human being u most certainly can't always be right. It's ok to agree to disagree.

as for Jay, I wished it would've worked out better for all. But you know what they say...."wish in one hand, and....".

As for me, the name on the front is always bigger than the one on the back. I will ALWAYS be GBO!!!!

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(This comment was removed by the site staff.)

What you missing are some key factors 45. First off, you are right if they start at the same x plane. the angle is of no use. However the rb/wr is in front of the defender. Making the def man the apex of what would then be a triangle. offensive man (y) defensive man (a) sideline (z). For a to catch y, he has to take the shortest route to z. The difference in speed changes the angles of the triangle. Remember that z never changes. So u need to stretch the triangles leg between a and y to make the leg between a and z shorter. Hence the angle of attack. Sometimes the field is to short and you cannot take a big enough angle to overcome the speed diff.

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(This comment was removed by the site staff.)

your welcome. I'll tell you what else is funny...I have NEVER been to a Gators website, yet you can't stay away from ours for one day!!!!

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Best article I've read on recruiting *'s versus success on the field.

Stars do count.

Thanks, love new info. Much better than the same ole hair on fire gibberish.

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Well, A&M didn't have the greatest running attack to compliment Johnny FB last year. If UT finds the right chemistry with their QB he will make the whole offensive backfield better.

Johnny was a three star himself! If CBJ can count to 11 it will be better than the previous regime which is all I can really ask....sorry I couldn't help but to talk the jab 2 CDD.

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I can't believe how many people are acting like getting the 11th best recruiting class in the SEC is somehow great! Look at the reocrd Auburn had and where they finished 11th overall in the entire nation! I'm going to give Coach Jones a chance but don't have very high expectations for him.

They also have the ncaa snooping around with a pack bloodhounds (maybe even coon hounds). I'm so jealous...SIKE!

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In less than 2 months, I believe that CBJ has done an admirable job of addressing the issues left behind by CDD and CLK, having to rebuild the image of the UT Volunteers. The reputation didn't crumble overnight and it certainly won't be rebuilt on one signing day. We will judge this signing class in about 2-3 years. We have a new coach, a damaged reputation and many relationships that must be rebuilt. It will happen. I am sure that the priority is already on 2014 signing day. That one will be much different. Less than two months, I'm impressed. Now give the man a chance to put his product on the field before you beat him down from your living room sofa in front of your black and white Zenith.

I agree completely. Hugh Freeze had arguably the best class in the country. In his second year (hired @ Ole Miss on Dec 11th 2011) and some family ties to the program he was able to do what many thought was impossible. All factors that will be almost identical to us next year. I am pleased so far, now lets see if can coach. It's been a long time since I've been to an O/w game. I may have to make my trip down I-40E to k-town to see for my self. GBO!!!

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Everyone keeps talking what an amazing job Jones has done. I'm not trying to be negative, but compared to the other new coaches, he did not do so "amazing." I'd say more like average. Have you guys noticed Arkansas and Kentucky. People keep using the hire transition and timing as an excuse why you can't land at least one big fish. The marquee catch was North. That's the facts. We can spin it in a positive light the handful of big names that were close ( Green, Bell, Lawson, Levenberry) but the fact is we struck out on all 5 stars. Who knows Jones could land the number 1 class next year- but by the small sample he did nothing special.

You mean the teams that finished 26th (6 spots behind us) and 28th (8 spots behind us) respectively? Yes I did notice. I also noticed the seven 3* that were all 1/10 of point from being 4* and the fact that every other one of our kids were within 4/10 of being 4*. That means our class is above average. It means we finished in the top 20% of the country. It would also infer that a below average SEC team with a brand new staff won the ones that we were supposed to, got some wins that weren't expected, and lost the ones to the big dogs. It is a great parallel to what I see happening next year on the gridiron. I should beat the scrubs most of the guys on our level, sneak one or two from the ones above, and lose to the Alabuba's of the world. As the ball gets rolling it gets easier to move faster for longer. I expect a big class next year. The legacies mixed with the TN talent coming out next year is TOP NOTCH. Mix that with some national recruits and it should be top 5. After that we will have much more to discuss on whether CBJ is competent with a season and class to judge. For now, I'll take it. GBO #itstime for #team117 to #risetothetop!

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As Yogi might say "it ain't over til it's over".

I'm still hoping for a couple or three surprises to get us to the upper half of the SEC pack. We'll know on Wednesday.

No1 thought C. Stoerner was gonna fumble either. I was there for that, and I'll be here for this victory as well.

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If UT could land two 5* athletes like Bell & Lawson it would be huge for this recruiting class. Both are said to leaning toward UT, I hope they are..We need some good news for a change..GBO!!

I agree. I think we have our hearts set on Bell and am worried we may be let down again. I think no matter what happens on Wed. we will be ok this year. Like you say, it would be nice to have a win on signing day. It's been a while since we had something to feel up beat about. #class117 #itstime #risetothetop!

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(This comment was removed by the site staff.)

You sir are the one who is delusional. With a decent staff, I don't think 7-8 wins and a third place finish in the east is beyond reach. AP-w, WK-w, OR-l, FLA-l,SA-w, GA-l, SC-?,AL-l, MZ-w, AU-w, VN-w, KY-w. If we should steal one from one the the big dogs (we've had chances the last four years) we may end up ranked for the first time in a long time. Then again you may be right, but what pray tell would you have us do? Ohh, that's right you have no knowledge, suggestions, or ideas only pessimistic drivel. Don't go away mad....just go away!

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I too am happy to see JA, dare I say, being positive.

Our offense needs the same thing it needed last year, RUNNING BACKS. CDD and staff were obviously good at identifying and landing good wideouts/qbs. Our o-line is in good shape. Our lb's are decent. Our d-line was just as much to blame for our secondary's woes as the db's. This is how you win at just about every level of football. A stout defense and a powerful running game. How many "high power" offenses have won the Nat championship or Super Bowl? The wideouts are much more effective if the offense can sell the play action. I am pleased that V. Bell is leaning toward the Vols. It helps everyone on the d when you have a guy you can trust behind you. The backfield of Bell/Moore could be REALLY good. I am excited about the possibility that Carr and Lawson may bookend McCullers and Hood. . With the edition of a couple new guys like maybe: J. Grace/olb, V. Vea/de, J. Miller/de, and some others. We could be very solid. I am concerned that haven't landed a big, bruising, downhill rb but it ain't over yet.

We have lost very little of the def that finished 2011 28th in total def. Being lost was our problem for most of the year. I don't subscribe to the "we are to slow" train of thought. Every good defensive player will tell you read and reaction are crucial. Having to think about what it is your reading and how you should react makes you late off the ball which to the naked eye will make you look slower. Now, don't get me wrong. Not being able to chase down any1 on a busted play is a speed issue. I think we have a chance to be much better than most give us credit.

At any rate, I am still more than happy to stand up and yell at the top of my lungs..."I SAID IT'S GREAT TO BE A TENNESSEE VOL!!!"

ps- I really like the new mantras of #class117 and #risetothetop. As always #GBO and #VFL

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11 guys on the field playing competitive, coaching staff calling the right plays, pulling out unexpected victories... Game day attendance GO BOOM!!!!!

If CBJ can keep ELEVEN guys on the field it will be an improvement over the last staff...lmfao.

Sorry couldn't help it. #GBO #VFL #team117 #risetothetop

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"Nobody was going to fire him after 1 or 2 years"???

I promise you Alabama would have fired him in that amount of time... so would Florida, LSU, South Carolina, Auburn and Georgia.

Only at Tennessee do the fake fans who are thrilled with UT football if they just make it to any bowl game want to give a loser coach way too much time before they can him.

yeah cause Alabuba was GREAT before CNS and deer antler spray! You are right about one thing. Al. did do as you all idiots would have done...fired a coach before he ever coached a single game. Man I wish we could be so cool. They sucked almost the entire decade of the 90's because they got caught cheating, and it may be happening again. Again, man I'm so jealous. NOT!

Do I want the Vols to be back on top, yes. Do I want another coach who can run with the big dogs, yes. Is CBJ that guy, jury is still out. I am a real Vol fan, bet your sweet little arse. There is little difference between a blind follower and a negative drum beater. I my self am one to take a positive vibe into a lets see attitude. One thing I can tell you for a fact is that this coach is making it easier for the ex Vols to feel good about and be part of the program again, which in turn makes me feel better. Shoo fly don't bother me.

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North is the 37th best player in the country, and the fourth best 4*. V. Bell is 32nd and C. Lawson is 4th. Not a bad start CBJ! Now give your all for Tennessee and bring the rocks that will hold the crystal ball.

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That was me who posted the article about the five stars. here it is again if any one wants to read it.

As for our class we have seen that one guy (North in this case) can make a huge difference in the numbers. Moved up to 32nd overall per Rivals and if you break it down by average stars (which is often more telling) its a tie for 22nd. There are only eight classes ahead of us that have less than 20 commits, UT has 17, and only four that have less than us. The leaders of the pack in the SEC are: Fla-25, Lsu-27, Ga-29, and T a&m-32. The defections are crucial to our overall numbers. With another two or three 4*/5* kids our numbers will skyrocket! One five* and two 4* gets us into the top ten or two 5* alone. Fill out the rest with kids who are 3* and love UT and poof we have an excellent class in less than two months work. Give him a year and he will be ready for the legacy class next year.

I must admit I am a football junkie and all things Vol fanatic. That's why we are called "fans", short for fanatic ie: a person whose enthusiasm or zeal for something is extreme or beyond normal limits. It's why I get so worked up when some1 talks bad about Phat Phil, or the talk of a kid like Jalen Hurd interested in being a Vol. After all, what's effort without passion but something to pass the time. I do wish we had some more positive articles however it's not always the writers fault. There is very little "investigative" reporting any more, in print or on screen. The giant corps. want to run the same stories everywhere. It's from the "little guys" that I get my best info. I just come here for the boards really. Anyway there is my two cents. GBO! and VFL!

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For all the people who keep bashing a true VFL, a man who gave more time, money, blood, sweat, and tears, YOU ARE ALL PATHETIC! Now as for the folks who want to talk about how bad he was doing and how lazy he was getting. Maybe you need a refresher course on history. In his last six years, you know when he was being passed by because he was lazy, he had TWO top five classes per Rivals. Two app. in the SEC CHAMPIONSHIP! Both losses yes, but also losses to the eventual national champs, yes I'm calling 2004 AU the champs, after Kiffin's kids were found out to be cheats. Three 10 win seasons, another 9 win season. He also had final BCS rankings of 8th, 15th, 16th, 14th. He also had 29 Vols drafted and others that went on to sign free agent contracts. As for coaches. Cut, Chavis, Brooks, Adkins, Sanders, Slade, Luke, Roper, and even Clawson all wen to bowl games with their teams this year. It's folks like you all who just spout off without knowing ANYTHING that cause the "my hair is on fire/the sky is falling" attitudes that lead to irrational decisions. Get it right is right. You would all do well to remember what it is that he did and STILL DOES for us. He did, does, and will love the Vols more than any of us! I for one pray we should ever be as good again, but we may never find another man who gives his all for Tennessee like CPF!

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There was this other site where everyone used their real names, and we could start a conversation on our own and had cordial interaction from just about everyone. It was tsports@scripps.lists. Jack Lail was the CEO there and people got along pretty well.

We even got to meet each other for the games and made new friends.

Good luck with that happening on this site.
I could see people like you, USAF, Gerry, Johnlg, daveman, withdoctor, rockytop, etc, etc.....being people you'd enjoy chatting with in the meantime.

I agree. I was positively pleased over the course of the last couple weeks. There has been more actual conversations and info being shared of late. The problem has a lot to do with the antagonistic nature of the headlines. Even if the article isn't cast in a negative light, the header often is. The poking of the "beast" only makes him more viscous. I say let em sleep, kinda like waiting for the kids to go to bed before the grown folks talk.

Jakob Keim, LaVergne Wolverines AAA-AA 11-12 yr olds, LaVergne

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No, it doesn't. UT still has to pay him, even with a new job.

yep, you're right. I checked and here it is:

The university would owe Dooley $5 million, or roughly $102,040 per month, through December 2016. Offensive coordinator Jim Chaney would be owed about $645,000, spread over monthly payments through December 2013.

That money is guaranteed, meaning any future employment wouldn't affect their payouts from Tennessee.

Every other assistant coach has a clause in his contract requiring him to make a good-faith effort to find new employment to help defray Tennessee's expenses.

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I believe it would only count if he receives the same position he held at UT. I'm afraid he'll get full compensation just the same.

I'm pretty sure it comes off our buyout obligations, but he's not gonna get 5mil as a receivers coach. He just clocks two paychecks now. Gl CDD. How about an article about how the visits went last night?

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in response to govolsn3:
2010 ranked top ten recruiting, 2011 top 15, 2012 top 20. Look it up yourself and CINCY is nowhere in sight. Some of you just have to be steered to the truth on here. Look it up yourself. COACH JONES has got a lot of work to do beat this recruiting.

and two of CPF's last three classes were in the top 5. Who did a better job? I bet you were one of the childish guys screaming for his head. There is not one thing you can stick up for Dooley about and save face. He even screwed up the VFL program firing a true Vol A. Lott. CBJ finished his tenure at Cincy by tallying a 59th, 49th,and 50th. While Dooley went 9th, 13th, 18th. See the trend. Dooley did worse as time went by. Jones did better. Wanting to compare the two classes kid by kid, is like claming the guy with a sword won against the guy with a knife. CBJ now has the sword. I don't know if he has the power of Grayskull, but we will find out.

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His speed and physical skills are better than most 4* players his size..with the right coaching ..this 2* star could be a future NFL guy..the best tight end of them all may have been the guy who played basketball in college..I forget his name...

As I stated earlier Patrick Willis was a 2* Jonny Football was a 3*. Tom Brady was a backup at Mich. Coaching counts for alot more than most give credit. As for tight ends who were basket ball players, T. Gonzalez, A. Gates, J. Graham are some of the best in the game. I think the volleyball skill set translates well to the gridiron for a tightend. Most of the "measurables" are the same ie: Hops, hand/eye, wingspan, ect. I'm not sure I would go so far out on the limb as to say it's a home run, but you never know unless you swing.

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in response to PHAT_VOL:

Check it out. Coach Jones needs to go after Jalen Ramsey.

I'm seeing a trend here. Every article I read about the recruiting of late says that CBJ and co. have closed the gap a made a very strong late push. I am glad to see he has hit the ground running. I am also very excited at the possibilities of next years class. With all the legacies (Berry bros, Bates, Kelly, etc) and some local kids (J. Hurd, J. Malone, P. Willson, etc) I think CBJ has an excellent shot at a legitimate top 5 class. If his commitment over the last couple weeks has been an indicator of whats to come...I don't think we are out of the race for any1. GBO!!!

P.S.- minus the usal suspects, it's been nice to share some thoughts with rational posters while at the same time sharing the info we can't get for free from kns. Hey, at least the give us a place to

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in response to wigmeister:

I can't believe we have not offered Charlie High from CAK. Look at his stats. Terrific. Say he is too small to play quarterback. They told Wilson that from the Seahawks his whole career. Look at him now. And there have been others. Real talent is real talent despite being an inch or two short. Inches don't make players. Heart makes players!

I agree. Flutie was to short. Brees was to short. I said it last night, I want the kid who's dream is to see the Vols be on top and be a part of it. We ought have more "civic" groups giving outside scholly's. It's how the Nebraska teams keep all their instate talent. The local lodge gives the kid a scholly and the kid walks on. That way people don't have to cry about stars in the class and you can take shots at guys like 2* guys like Willis that I mentioned earlier. I posted this last night too, but for all that missed it.

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One of the reasons we need to do a better job of recruiting area h.s. kids is, They won't be so "homesick". How many kids have left due to family issues or because they felt outta place? Some of the departures are just normal to coaching changes, some have been due to a need to go back home where they feel comfortable. Here is quick list of guys in recent memory who should have rocked the POWER T: Patrick Willis (Brucetown, Tn, 2*, S.F. 49'ers), Harrison Smith (Knoxville, Tn, 4*, Minnesota Vikings) Dont'a Hightower (Lewisburg, TN, 4*, New England Patriots), Michael Oher (Memphis, Tn, 5*, Baltimore Ravens) Barrett Jones (Memphis, Tn, 4*, NC, top ten pick this year), Dontari Poe (Mamphis, Tn, 2*, Kansas City Cheifs),Golden Tate (Hendersonville, Tn, 4*, Seattle Seahawks), Randal Cobb (Alcoa, Tn, 2*, Green Bay Packers)

Notice that I only listed the ones we missed on. Some of which you'll notice were only two stars, hardly in a "bidding" war. All of these guys are starters or play significant roles in the NFL. This list does not include the guys who we got and failed to coach. I am sure I have missed some "under the radar" guys. While TN does not produce the numbers that a Fla, Tx, Ca, we do produce some of the best talent in the country.

Lock down the borders CBJ! Keep these boys home and help them bring the "crystal ball" back home!

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I would much rather have a three star kid from Tennessee than a four or five star from Cali. A kid who grows up loving the Vols dreams of a day that the Big Orange is on top again. When things aren't perfect he is more likely to work harder, and "carry the fight" to see his dreams come to fruition. A five star kid from Cali who has a dream to play in the "league" doesn't care if U.T. succeeds. His dreams are still alive even if the Vols dreams are not. I'll give you one quick ex: Zack Rodgers vs. Da'rick Rodgers. Never mind that commonly five star kids have been coaxed and pampered by their families, coaches, schools, and friends. Therefore, often they never learn to struggle. Where as a three star kid has always had to work to keep his spot. It's our time in mud that lets us appreciate our time in the sun! Now, don't get me wrong. I am not saying I don't want talented guys to line up and be a part of our long history, I do. I just want them to be good, hard working guys ie:John Henderson, Al Wilson, Peyton Manning, Joey Kent, etc!

Ps: I found this very interesting when I read it a couple years ago.

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I have hated the Tide since I was knee high to a blue tick coon hound! I cannot and will not EVER pull for them.

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Tennessee was the last state to leave the Union and the first to rejoin it. The political repercussions are still visible today. Middle and west TN had good soil for crops hence the plantations...hence the Confederate leanings. As the song says "corn wont grow on 'ol rocky top" hence the Union leanings east TN. It is still visible now. Middle and west TN vote Dem, and East TN still votes for Lincon's party Reb. When I carry my kids to a reenactment we sit on the side of Ole Dixie. My kids often asked why we would sit on the side that was for slavery. I tell them, it was then as it is now. Just because we don't agree with the politics of those in charge (ie: Vietnam, Iraq, Afghanistan) does not mean we don't support the soldiers who died defending their brothers in arms. As for the Old Hickory stuff, we was a dictator by action. Defiance of the Supreme Court is a treasonous act. There is a reason we have three branches of's called checks and balances. The power was split in order to try and prevent a President from becoming a dictator or king.

Now, to get back on topic. I like CBJ and his emphasis on the family atmosphere. It was a major part of Fulmers success on the recruiting trail. It also brings in talent more inclined to a mindset of togetherness and being a part of something. If CBJ doesn't believe and make his staff believe they are the best or learning to be the best in country, who will? Confidence and swag comes from the inside, then moves outward. I would very much like him to be right. We will see. I am very encouraged by his first few day on the job. Bringing the former players back in and having an open door policy for the past Letterman is the embodiment of the family principal again. The VOLS family bloodlines are on par with the best ever. Welcome to OUR family Butch, and I for one am pleased to have yours on board. Still waters run deep. Don't be surprised if it doesn't take as long as some think, however don't run around screaming the sky is falling if it doesn't happen immediately. GBO and Happy Holidays!

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Oak Ridge *or* Brentwood Acd *who*

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You clearly don't know much about football or life for that matter. It's effort not talent that will carry you to the next level. Dane Bradshaw was perfect example of that. He had WAY less talent than the other guys guys on the floor. However he had more heart than EVERY1! Therein lies the problem. Very few people were motivated to "give their all for Tennessee" under Dooley. I would take a 3* from say Oak Ridge of Brentwood Acd how lived their whole life a Vol as opposed to a 5* from Cali who just wants to play in the NFL. When a superstar has a bad game or season he shuts it down emotionally, because his dreams are still alive(see Justin Hunter). When a VFL has a bad game or bad season, he knows he must try harder because his dream is to see the VOLS on top again (see Zach Rodgers)!

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Al Wilson as linebackers coach sounds great to me, while we are dreaming lets get Bill Bates to coach the defensive secondary. I truly believe both of them would do a fantastic job of coaching ours boys up. Both of them have a world of NFL experience and I never knew either one of them to ever quit or give up. Both are WINNERS

Don't see anything wrong in keeping Chaney as OC. If you look back at games played you will see that many/ many times in critical times he called the RIGHT play but Bray completely missed the receiver or the receivers dropped passes that were right in their hands

Might as well add Nashville's own Big John Henderson to the staff as the D-Lines coach. Another MAN who meant it when he touched the "I will give my all for Tennessee today" sign.

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Dream on. Vandy is in 4th place in its own city. Titans, Preds, UT and then maybe Vandy. Good luck with that.

I live in Nashville and am on "the zone" most days. It is deffinatly Titans, UT, Preds, Sounds, Bama, Nascar, MTSU, then Vandy....sorry just couldn't help one last cheap shot.

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I love this. Vandy punks UT and most of the comments on here are UT fans puffing out their chest about UT's PAST wins over Vandy.

This is the same mentality that led a good portion of our fanbase to abandon common sense and believe that if Dooley (a loser coach in the WAC) was just given enough time, then UT would just have to be great. It was inevitable...because we used to be we must be great again.

Total and complete Bull Pucky.

In the SEC, you're only as good as your last win and EVERYONE is working to get better. If you hire the wrong coach (as UT clearly did) you will get your lunch eaten by every other team that has a better coach. The SEC is a jungle. There are NO guarantees. If Hart screws up and hires another champion of mediocrity, we will spin our wheels for three years and be right back where we are now.

So ya'll talk trash about Vandy. They just put 41 points on a team that a LOT of you thought was going to go 7-5 or even get 9 wins this year. Vandy is ahead of us in recruiting. They have a young and energetic coach that has that fan base energized for the first time since the invention of dirt. So keep talking trash after we got 41 points put on us in Nashville.

The proper response would be: "Enjoy your win Vandy. We're going to break the bank on getting a GREAT football coach and then the natural order will be re-established. We're going to put our nose to the grindstone and out work you."

That's what it should be, but instead it's a lot of bellyaching and excuse making:

"Vandy is Vandy two wins in thirty years tells you all you need to know."

"Vandy fans piss me off you would have thought they won the national championship last week. They haven't even had that good of a year. 7 wins is nothing to brag about!"

"Had UT had a defense this year they would easily be 8-3 or 9-2 right now instead of looking for a new coach."

"It's all smoke and mirrors. Vandy did not upset anyone. The SEC teams they did beat were way down this year."

This is the mentality of LOSERS. When you get beat, you don't make fun of the guy that beat you. You shut up. You get angry and you make sure it doesn't happen again. You don't walk around acting like getting beat didn't happen.

And Summitt's Court, once again, you were the one predicting that UT's defense would be nothing but wonderful after hiring Sal Sunseri. You are the LAST person that needs to talk s*** after Vandy whipped your boy Sunseri. If you ever do decide to be objective, you might want to look at how many offensive points UT scored.

Wow, I can't believe it. A rational, well thought out, fact based opinion. Well played sir, well played. Gives me hope for the rest of you! GBO!

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Vanderbilt is the only charter member of the Southeastern Conference to have never won a football championship...not a single one. For anyone at Vandy to talk about owning Nashville, the state capital of the state of Tennessee is down right funny.

Yes, Vanderbilt is enjoying the best two-season run in its SEC history, but that's a far cry from being a longterm factor in league play.

I'm confident Dave Hart will hire the right coach that will get us back in the mix quickly and Vandy will be, well, Vandy again.

In an attempt to bring rationality back to the disscusion. Vandy did tie for back to back championships(1922-1923) in the Southern Conf. Also, Sewanee was a charter member of the Southeastern Conference upon its formation in 1932, but by this time its athletic program had declined precipitously and Sewanee never won a conference football game in the eight years it was an SEC member. The Tigers were shut out 26 times in their 37 SEC games, and were outscored by a combined total of 1163–84. Now, while I do so love to poke fun at my Vandy fan friends. I felt a need to do some fact checking. Vandy was once a powerhouse, and fell down the ladder so far that it has taken them decades to crawl this far back out. We had better turn around and start going up or we may just met them in the middle going in opposite directions. Do I think it's Do I think it is possible...on the eve of Vandy having a record a better SEC record than us...yes! Wake up and stop being so pig headed, BE REAL. It's what we all need! GBO, from Nashville!!!!

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For all the folks that keep saying TN doesnt have "in state" talent. You r crazy. Tn has some of the best players in the country. We just have get them to Knoxville, which we have not done a good job of lately. If you think not, I give you a few in recent years. Donta' Hightower, Golden Tate, Randal Cobb. Its here. We just have to make UT a dream for kids in Tn again.

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Gruden could have an NFL job at the snap of a finger, so I'm not sure why some think he would come here only to leave in 3-4 years. One of the stipulations in early negotiations was that Gruden wanted a long term contract from UT. As for his tenure with the Bucs....they gave up 2 first round picks, 2 second round picks, and a third rounder to get Gruden. So after winning a SB with an older team, the loss of draft picks hurt the Bucs ability to rebuild. Not to mention, lots of the money from the Bucs ownership was going towards their then newly purchased Manchester United soccer team. Gruden got a big screw job from the Bucs upper management. I mean COME ON MAN!!!!! He won a freaking SB with the Bucs...need I say more? And since everyone wants to say that he won with Dungy's guys...why the hell didn't Dungy win the SB with them? I've yet to hear an answer to that question from the haters.

As for Gruden's .540 win % in the NFL people keep ragging on, that's darn good in the NFL! If some of you haters would do some research and quit hating you would see that's a really good win % in the pros.

Jon Gruden- .540
Bill Parcells-.569
Dick Vemiel-.524
Chuck Noll-.566
Mike Ditka-.560
Lovie Smith-.565
Mike Shanahan-.562
Mike Holmgren-.592
Andy Reid-.597

These are dudes I just pulled off the top of my head who I think are pretty damn good coaches. Gruden's NFL record is more than respectable. Many on this list are Hall of Famers without a second thought. I'll gladly hang up and listen to what you have to say.

Very good points all of them. You only forgot one thing. For all the people who say he won with Dungy's team. You have to remember who he played against in that SB....The Oakland Raiders team the HE BUILT!

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what is funny to me is this. i always hear that we have to recruit nationally, but i see players from outside of florida on florida's team all of the time. percy harvin, and several other lineman. mathew stafford isn't from georgia, but yet he played for georgia. we are not the only program that recruits nationally. yes, the numbers are better for blue chippers in florida and georgia, but there are three big time programs in florida that compete with each other, 4 if you include south florida, who is really trying hard to be a good team. tennessee recruits more regionally than nationally, and that is not as hard as what the press is saying. bottom's not that hard to recruit at ut. that is a bunch of bs.

Your right, except there is some damm good instate talent. The problem is we just haven't been able to land them. Some the best players in the country come out of TN ie:Golden Tate, Donta' Hightower, Randal Cobb, etc. The longer we fall off the map, the harder it is to get those guys. They haven't grown up watching the Vols dominate. We will get back on track and start to turn the corner. It just needs to happen quickly or else the road gets harder.

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Keep in mind that when Gruden won a Super Bowl with another coaches players todays high school players were in 1st grade!!!! They have no clue who he is; unless they happen to see him on ESPN and that may make them wonder why he is NOT coaching; if he is any good at it. So yes, he can walk into someones home and flash that Super Bowl ring AFTER he introduces himself to the family. I work with high school kids everyday, all day and 5 years ago is ancient history to them!!!

You mean the Super Bowl that he won against the team that he built!? Trust me, they ALL watch Monday Night Football and ESPN. They know who Chuckie is. Their Dads sure do. Ps- for all who love to point out his .500 record...the NFL is full of parity. Its what makes the game great. Just imagine if bama did have to draft, as CDD quiped. They would draft last.