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Written on Fired Tennessee official says she was harassed:

I see this no different than say a male coach in a women's sport requiring sexual favors from his players. She was an authority figure and she abused those powers if the allegations are true. Typical lawyer answering allegations with those of her own. Makes you want to take a shower after every trip to The Hill. Sad. Nothing is sacred or insulated from the world any more.

Written on Kevin Sumlin won't speculate on Johnny Manziel's status:

Can you say, "Marshall Henderson". The kid cares about no one but himself. Don't think his shtick will make it on Sunday's.

Written on John Adams: Tennessee football is due a run of good luck:

in response to Fall_Creek_Vols:

Horse hockey. Luck had nothing to do with it. Dust off the VCR and look at the tape.

Stoerner stumbled because he tripped over Brandon Burlsworth's foot. He tripped over Burlsworth because Burlsworth was pushed so far into the backfield by Billy Ratliff.

Good teams make their own luck.

We need an entire team made up of players with a heart the size of Billy Ratliff's. "Don't take your hat off Tee. We are going to get you the ball back and win this thing." No luck there. Grit, determination, ability and blood that ran Orange. Might be the greatest play in Tennessee football history. Go Vols!

Written on Texas A&M freshman lineman Polo Manukainiu dies in crash:

So tragic. Everything ahead of him. Thoughts and prayers to all involved.

Written on Picture of Alabama commitment holding wads of cash goes viral:

NCAA is dead. They have completely lost their stinger and have rolled over. Nobody gonna pull the reins in on the bucktooth Billy-Bob's.

Written on John Adams: Butch Jones' recruiting proves that UT tradition still matters:

I say it's GREAT, To Be......a TENNESSEE VOL! Let's hope it stays that way. The calvary is amassing at high schools across the eastern US. The Butcher knows who they are and they know Tennessee. His edge is getting in early on the good ones. Excellent judge of talent. Go Vols!

Written on Tennessee Tech, not Tennessee, the 'best fit' for Charlie High :

Sad to see any negative comments about this issue. Anyone who trashes the school or the player on this one is a douche. The marriage had all the makings of a Hollywood script with High walking on and becoming the starter. I was in high, no pun intended, hopes that would happen. We did the right thing and gave him the chance. He did the right thing by realizing how good the competition really was and making the move. He appears to be of high moral character but if he had stayed and not gotten a chance to play a later parting of ways could have been messier. Good luck young man. You followed your dream now go win the job at TTU.

Written on Antonio Barton says he will graduate Aug. 11, report to UT :

The pieces of the puzzle are all on the table now for CCM. Patience has worn thin. I believe Cuonzo will step up.

Written on Govols247: Four-star linebacker Kevin Mouhon's commitment makes six in a week for Tennessee:

Get on board or get left behind. The CBJ train is leaving the station.....well er...except the 6-4, 285 guys that run 4.5's and the 6-6" 300 guys that like to clear the road. The conductor will pause a moment for you. The twins need to believe. We will leave the horses outside the stadium if that is hereditary. Go Vols!

Written on Mike Strange: Enjoy the newness while it lasts:

Wins are always important. My expectation for team 117 is to be disciplined, hard hitting, excellent on special teams and have a never give up nasty streak. With the calvary on the way in 2014-2015 we need to develop our identity as a team that will knock you in the dirt no matter what the score is. We did that to UA and UF a couple of years before we put some W's up against them. Football is still simple, hit them till they don't want hit any more and sooner or later good things happen. Go Vols!

Written on Wall Street Journal: Ole Miss star Marshall Henderson had cocaine in car:

His actions were of someone that had a substance abuse problem. Wonder how many games he played while being high?

Written on Mississippi suspends G Henderson indefinitely:

What a fool. Look what happens when this kind of behavior is ignored or re-inforced= Hernandez.

Written on Tennessee moving premium tailgating spot to Circle Park:

Tailgating lost its appeal to me after 1998. Most of that was due to inconsiderate "new" fans that seemed to not understand there were others at the game to enjoy themselves too. Maybe with a resurgence of Tennessee football we could have a rebirth of respect and class by our fans. Sure would make the experience better for all.

Written on Mark Wiedmer: Riley Ferguson's 'PawPaw' nearly a Vols star:

Would it not be nice to have a QB competition between two guys that could get the job done? Great article. Proves that real blood does run Orange. I like Wiedmer more everytime I read his articles. Too bad KNS can't sniff out the good stories. Go Vols.

Written on GoVols247: Legacy pick: Dillon Bates to play for Vols:

Hopefully the legacy players, coaches and top recruits will help put the last 11 years in our collective rear view mirror. Much easier to understand a 3-5 year process when you have levels of achievement along the way. Pay back will be sweet. Go Vols.

Written on Four Vanderbilt football players suspended amid sex crimes investigation:


Well when you've had sex once in 27 years.....

And that was with a goat.....just sayin.

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There are angels among us. Some have wheel chairs instead of wings. God Bless You Adam. GBO!

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in response to CCLC:

I thought the NCAA frowned on the Orange Pride thing?

2009, under Lame?!?!.! Can we be a bit more current?

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If you look at 100 years of football, you will see that Tennessee did not have to worry about other programs. Other schools had to worry about how to match up to Tennessee. We have the history and tradition behind us. Those nattering neighbobs of negativity that did not think we could ever recruit winners here have been shown by coach Jones what can be done here. We don't pray for others to decline. We just want to return to our heritage.

Our heritage, our tradition , our full stadium, our hospitality, our PRIDE. We have lost much and down right gave much of it away. I don't know if the Millenia UT fan understands what it is to be a Vol. Our very nickname reflects honor and pride of standing tall when others chose to do nothing. As for all you Harvey Updyke clones...the sun doesn't shine on the same dogs backside all the time.

Written on NCAA penalizes Mississippi State for recruiting violations:

Jackie Sherrill. What about MSU and Scam Newton?

Written on John Adams: How the Vols could rise to top in SEC East:

We will beat a Saban coached Bama team in the next three years. Lame almost did it in his onesy. Doesn't mean we will win the East. Domination and a run like the Billy Bob's have had will be tough to match going forward with teams like A&M coming in. Just need to get competitive and our chances will come. Play for and make the breaks, when one comes our way....SCORE. GBO!

Written on Mark Wiedmer: UT's Butch Jones clear winner in visit to center:

If you have not read the entire article you are missing out. Take the time. Well worth it.

Written on Tyler Bray shut out at NFL draft, but Mychal Rivera lands with home-state team:

Read all the posts and missed a couple of things the pros saw that our illustrious outgoing staff just did not get. The off field issues were minor, immature?, look at Big Ben for the Steelers. TB's problem was that he was a quitter, a loser and had no leadership skills. You don't play QB in the pros without leadership and you sure can't be a documented quitter.. I would recount all the exampes of the lack of those skills over the last three years but with the passing of George Jones I have had too much heartache for one weekend.

Written on CAK's Charlie High bulking up for QB transition to Tennessee:

Charlie High may well be the story in the making that every Vol fan longs for. Hometown kid turned SEC champion QB. GO VOLS!

Written on Florida DL coach Bryant Young abruptly resigns:

in response to ElizabethtonvolnNC:

That would be the last thing the SEC needs right now.

Give me a break. Do you really think what is good for the SEC is good for Tennesseee??? Do you think those jokers in Athens, Gainesville, Tuscaloosa et al think about the SEC when the Big Orange has the gun pointed at us. No way. They use every negative they can to keep us at the bottom of the barrel. Let em swing in the breeze. The sun don't shine on the same dog's arse every day.

Written on A.J. Johnson, UT linebackers tackling new goals :

We have been so bad. Time to make some more Big Orange Moments. Go D! I say it's great, to be, a Tennessee Vol!

Written on As UT's 2014 class connects online, Twitter ground rules aren't always clear-cut :

I will bet War dayam Eagles wish they were dealing with potential violation of Tweeting policies. Cam Scam didn't get them so they will probably side step this new crop of allegations too.

Written on Marlon Walls says hospital visit with Katelyn Norman changed his life :

Where have we came to when a heart warming story like this sparks a negative thought in any persons mind, let alone driving them to respond here with their poison. One can only hope somewhere in their life they will have an experience like Marlon did and their pitiful lives will be changed.

Written on Tom Boerwinkle, the biggest Vol, dies at 67:

I remember Stu Aberdeen using a broom to guard Tom in practice. Only way he could get his point across was to get in front of the big man and wave the broom in his face. What a line up, Bill Justus, Ron Widby, Tom Boerwinkle, Bill Hahn and Tom Hendrix. Bill-Bill-Ron-Tom-Tom.

Written on Webb School sophomore LB Brant Mitchell 'shocked and amazed' at Vols' offer:

in response to Fall_Creek_Vols:

A little early, isn't it?

,?!?! And just a few months back THE University was being chided for not going after local players and not getting in on the great players early. I think this is CBJ building that foundation to get OUR team back to the place where heart carries us over the tough spots. Witness Billy Ratliff knocking the Arkie guard into Stoerner and causing/recovering a fumble. That is heart and we have been without it for a decade +.

Written on Chamique Holdsclaw indicted on six charges:

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A lesbian women's basketball player???? Say it isn't so!

I wonder what the percentage is for alternative lifestyle coaches and players in womens basketball?? I am guessing about the same as the men in figure skating.

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I suffered through a six month stay in the Crab Grass state and it was during the fall of 2011. Humiliation is not even close to describing losing to that bunch in football. It seems there was a bit of correction today! Go Vols! Congrats Coach Martin and the Vols. Oh Yeah.

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I guess I am old school but one year does not make a VFL. The guy was a physical freak, a seemingly nice guy but a mercenary nonetheless.

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Did Cronan not hire Patrick?

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I worked a summer job while attending UT back in 1973. I worked for the athletics department on the grounds crew. We mowed, painted, cleaned etc. Phil Fulmer was on the crew. There was a practice bubble behind and across the street from Stokely. We were doing some sort of work inside the gym when Gary Valbuena, a back-up QB, walked out of the bubble, into Stokely, under the basketball goal to the foul line. He had a football and stopped at the foul line and threw

the ball into the goal on the other end of the court. It sailed right over the front of the rim and swished the net. That is when I realized how good the starting QB had to be. His name was Condredge. Hate to see the old place go. W

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Listen, I'm no fan of the West Coast, but you need to dial it back a bit, dude! Me, my biggest beef with living in CA is that I'm sort of into keeping the money I earn instead of having it confiscated by a corrupt, bankrupt government.

You too. Dial this back. Loser.

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Add corrupt, bankrupt government to aforementioned moral sins. The choices we make dictate the lives we lead. Loser.

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We wish you were back in LA too. You add nothing to this community. The left coast is good for traitors, dope smokers and same sex marriage. Have a great life....loser.

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All of this to justify going back to Gruden with a mega offer. C'mon JG, we need you...badly.

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I am far from being a basketball coach, and we have a good one in CM. We just did not have that guy last night that wanted the ball in the clutch. The guy that will get you the 2+1 on a drive into traffic or dish to the open man for an easy shot. Maybe he is on the team but I just have not seen a creator with confidence. I hope he shows up soon as our style of play begets close games at the end.

Written on UT's offseason off to troubled start with Downs' arrest:

When I was over there legal age was 18....and we still got into trouble. All coaches, old or new, have to deal with this. Have you never heard one say, "we are talking about 18-22 year old young men". Get over it. The favorite thing to do for football players at that time was to troll Kingston Pike drive-in joints an beat the phooey out of mouthy high school kids. Never made the news.

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No need for that kind of comment... just saying.

Recognizing that character flaws like this exist is one thing. Knowing through the time of man that it has been present is not justification. Tolerating it is difficult. Embracing it and supporting it is ridiculously unacceptable.

Written on Ex-WNBA, Lady Vol player Holdsclaw in jail on assault charge:

Small Mike has been right all along....just saying.

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One of the most difficult social skills to learn is how to accept compliments. Obviously some folks will never get it. Williams-Brice is a great venue and the SC fans have always been cordial, new money or not. They sure do know how to hire a coach....

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So many "Why's" in this game. Why do you double team or chip Clowney all day and when you really need it try to block him with one guy??? Also, our defensive front 7 continue to look like they are painted on the opposing blockers. We can't get off a block and when we do we fall down. Embarassing doesn't even come close to describing it. We look like we are playing with 9 guys on defense most of the time.

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Sad thing is, I don't even get upset anymore. I just sit and watch because thats what I've done for over 50 years. It's not the same as it was.


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Written on Jenny Moshak, Heather Mason file discrimination lawsuit against Tennessee:

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