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I say hire him back if we aren't in the NCAAs in a few years anyhow. Not worried though 'cause we'll be there this year!

I can only say I hope he's learned that telling the truth is always...ALWAYS the best option. And that's the truth.

If your wife asks if this dress makes her look fat (and it really does), do you say yes?

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I understand the actions taken by UT Administration on limiting autographs and using only UT posters. I do not understand charging for the event in any circumstance, particularly with the lack of notice of the restrictions. Hart is making some bad PR moves with the fan base.

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I love the new uniform color change! Another really good move would be to can "Rocky Top". It is so corny and makes us look like stupid hicks on national television----especially if we are trailing by 21 points with 1 minute remaining when we score.

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People are making too much of mistakes made by this kid. Is it a shock that he might have difficulties dealing with the fame and demands that comes with winning the Heisman trophy? My goodness, I did some crazy and ill-advised things in my first two years of college. The kid is learning and should not be crucified for some small transgressions and poor decisions.

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I would love to see a check in article where they cover a lot of former Vols. Maybe call up Wheezy, Lofton, Hopson (would love to hear what his plans are after the Miami summer team stopped using him), CJ (would hope we all know what he is up to but would love to hear about him playing on a team with a guy who's teeth he knocked out), CJ Black, Isaiah Victor, Jajuan Smith, Childress, Tyler Smith.

I'm sure some of these guys have had some really interesting overseas careers.

Agree totally. KNS is missing the boat here in getting more readership! Maybe a once per week "Where are they now?" spotlight of a former UT player.

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If U19 means under 19, then I am confused. Jarnell was born on January 7, 1994, which means he is 19 now? If the Big 10 is comprised of 12 teams, and Jarnell is under 19, then I need to go back to take the new math being taught in school.

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This article gives definition by example of the word "Cronyism".

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Good news! I think Tennessee is doing the right thing in beefing up nonconference foes on schedule. On another topic, what happened to Wes Rucker's Vol twitter postings on GoVolsXtra? Is he still with 247?

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I had the great pleasure of knowing Tom back in '66 or '67 when I roomed with a guy who had played football & who knew Tom from Gibbs Hall. Tom would sometimes bring his very cute girlfriend by our apartment in Clinch Towers; she was all of 5'2"...very cute couple. Tom was one of the nicest, most humble, down-to-earth, genuine guys I ever met. Proud to have known him! He was a great representative of our Vols! May he R.I.P.

All Vols Forever

I was dating a student nurse at Ft Sanders School of Nursing at the same time Tom was dating a student nurse there also. She was about 5'2 also. Tom was driving a big convertible(maybe a 60 Ford Galaxie) and peered over the top of the windshield as a drove, or it seemed. Nice guy with very pleasant personality. RIP Tom.

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Do any of the offensive linemen coming in as freshmen this fall have enough potential to see relief duty?

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No conspiracy or lack of respect by the selection committee. It is not a mystery to me that the SEC only had 3 teams in the NCAA. I am a UT and SEC fan, but I watched a lot of basketball this year and one thing stands out with the other conferences--(1) more skilled offensive players, and (2) a more sophisticated style of play. The "defensive style" and abundance of physical fouling that has permeated the SEC lately is not much fun to watch, thus the entertainment value is not as saleable to the sophisticated basketball purist who enjoys the game as it was meant to be played.

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I heard that also, but Seth Davis proclaimed UT had done enough without winning anything in the SEC tourney. Gottlieb and some of these other analyst are really biased toward certain conferences,so surely the selection committee isn't buying into it.

I have watched a lot of bb this year, and even though I am a UT and SEC fan, the Big 10 is playing more solid,fundamental bb than any conference this year. The SEC is not as deep or as talented as in previous years. Just calling it as I see it.

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So glad trooper taylor is not a candidate!

I second that!

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Don't forget Skylar! He deserves some love too. I thought he played a better than usual defensive game.

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This team plays so very tight. I have been watching teams like Louisville, Michigan, Syracuse,and Pittsburg a lot lately and the games seem to just flow, with these teams always pushing offensively! We just seem to dribble, pass, dribble, then turn it over! So damn boring! I bought in, but I am about ready to sell out.

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Happy for him. Seems to be a nice guy.

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I know that CCM fields a defensively-oriented team but to this fan it is such ugly, ugly basketball! Reminds me of watching a hockey game--confusion and mayhem at one end for a while, then go do the same at the other end for a while! Just not much fun to watch.

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The retirement of Pat Summitt should trump any of the other 2012 stories. After a 38 year career at UT, she is a national treasure. The noble way she handled herself and her illness in stepping down caught the attention, admiration and love of Americans and literally people throughout the world.

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That Bob Keisling gets a "spirit transplant" from John Ward!

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Most major university fans are awaiting decisions by star football players on whether tey will go into the draft! It is part of the business, so quit trying to create a dramatic short story. Whatever will be will be, as the song goes, so enjoy the Christmas season and let the football season clock tick on! If you must worry, then worry about something important! Merry Christmas!

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Butch Jones understands "wide receiver U" so he will simply him work !

I am surprised that UT has not signed Todd Howell, the senior WR at CAK. He is sure-handed and reliable, and runs great routes. A good scrambler when the QB gets flushed. Not a big WR, but tough and tenacious! A real gamer!

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Looks like a job for Trooper Taylor to me.

No, Taylor fits in better with Petrino at WK.

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Yes...bring back the Troop!

Absolutely not! We dont need all the baggage and street cred that Trooper carries!

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Coach Martin impresses me more and more as time goes by. His emphasis on sound fundamentals and his consistent defensive philosophy never changes!

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Look Gruden is what Tennessee needs for right now, people are worried about him ajusting to collage football, fore one he is a smart guy he is not going to have all pro couches it will be a mix of couches collage and pro. He knows the game of football he will ajust to collage and the way the game is played, I think he will do fine in recruiting and it will become easey for him. Some of you say he don't want to put up with the collage kids and the trouble they cause, he has to put up with grown men that do the same things, and fore one i think he would like the challenge of collage football, and he could retire in Tennessee and he probly will no matter where he gose. The longer this drags out the better chance we have, untill he comes out and says thank you for the offer but no thank you then we can move on but why hasn't he said that yet.

Have you ever been in a spelling contest?

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Everyone just relax! Hart will get it right this time. In a couple of years Tennessee will be right back in the mix. As a Bama fan I sympathize with you guys and all these coaching changes (been there done that). I was shocked to hear Tennessee had 12 presidents since 2000. There lies the problem. However, it sounded like in Harts press conference he had full support of the current president. I have no clue who Hart will tap as the next head coach but it will be the right man for the job. His reputation and career are riding on it!

Here's an early "Welcome Back"

Roll Tide!

Classy post! Even rivals like NCAA football better when there is strength and competitiveness in the other conference teams.

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If we keep fumbling around Peyton will be retiring in about 3 more years and so will Saban.

I bet PM would give his eye teeth to coach at UT, maybe for free. He certainly won't need the money. He will need something foot ball related.
I think his reputation and sincerity would make him one of the greatest recruiters of all time.

I just cannot see PM even wanting to consider the head coaching job at UT. This is not a criticism of the position, just my failure to see any incentive for him to jeopardize or tarnish his place in UT memory as the best player in its storied school history.

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"couldn't care less"

Glad to see someone else notices such poor use of wording. If he could care less, then indeed he cares to some extent. I also notice the use of "irregardless." Also, notice inappropriate use of "effect" rather than "affect" in many articles.

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Watch out for Dave Clawson (Bowling Green) getting an offer to take the KY job.

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If we beat S Carolina, will the fans return to supporting Coach Dooley? I hope so.

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Dave Hart has rightfully remained quiet, but the time to speak out has arrived. Otherwise, the fan base is going to give up on the Vols.

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A reporter looking for a subject to write about.

What a grumpy grouchy person you must be. Human interest stories are often interesting and heartwarming. Guessing that your reading is limited to comic books or wall grafitti.

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(This comment was removed by the site staff.)

Have you ever taken an English class? Diagramed a sentence?

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Despite what Coach Dooley has said, Tyler Bray has not matured and doesnt demonstrate leadership qualities. His whole demeaner in the 4th quarter was slumped shoulders with no visible attempt to rally and inspire the troops to push, push!

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Good position to get a marquee win. Must avoid turnovers.

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These pollster are delusional. I watch a great deal of college football, and there are at least 5 teams ranked ahead of the Vols that have no business in the rankings. (Stanford, UCLA, Notre Dame, Louisville, and probably Florida.)

The Coaches poll needs to go away. They obviously don't watch the games. There were actually coaches who voted Nebraska ahead of UCLA, and Oklahoma State ahead of Arizona. (Both Nebraska and Oklahoma State lost to those respective teams.)

The first week I thought it was OK that the Vols weren't ranked. With recent history, it's probably better that they earn it. At this point, I believe they have.

While they still have a few warts, this looks like a top 15 team.

GBO! Chomp them Gators!

BOF, where can you go online to see the individual coaches votes?

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(This comment was removed by the site staff.)

You are a sick person. You should never be allowed to post on this site again.

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The VFL concept is a flawed concept. It seems to be intended to take the place of parenting and instilling values in a kid. VFL should not be a program to monitor and track player behavior. It should be more a ministry or guidance counselor person for UT athletes to seek for help if needed.

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Do not fret grasshoppers. There is such a thing as addition by subtraction when a disruptive element is removed from the compound.

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Do you understand that John Adams job is to sell newspapers, and to not to wear Big-Orange tinted glasses? Part of his job of selling newspapers is to make readers react to what he writes, and he's wildly succeeded with you and many others. If you want nothing but a positive spin on the Vols, check out

Thank you Mrs Adams.

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History lesson--One of the best all around Tennessee high school athletes ever. Single-handedly beat and embarrassed Oak Ridge in 1961. We should treat him as one of our own instead of scoffing at him like we were spurned girlfriends because he didnt go to UT. UT was not exactly clamouring for him to be a Vol at that time.

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Is the VFL Coordinator kind of a mix of spiritual leader, mentor, sports psychologist, and Sunday School teacher? Is his/her role to take the place of a student athlete being responsible for their own actions?

Written on 'All is good': Andre Lott out as Vol for Life coordinator :

To hold a VFL Coordinator responsible for preventing immature acts by student athletes is like holding a church minister accountable for stopping teenage pregnancies.

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I'm a huge vol fan and alumni but do we really need more athletic facilities? Pretty soon the whole campus is going to be one giant athletic facility. If they can't get it done with what they currently have, then I'm afraid it might never happen.

I'm not a big fan of the parking garage either, let's build the parking garage away from the center of campus. Campus can't handle the kind of traffic a parking garage would bring anyway.

How about something to beautify the campus such as a nice green space that everyone can enjoy. It could be anything, just so that any one can have access and enjoy the space. It would be perfect for students, gameday fans, the environment, etc.

Absolutely agree!

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Throwing a spiral with a long neck beer bottle is impressive!

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As a senior citizen, I am a longtime UT fan and honestly cannot remember the name Aubrayo Franklin. On the other hand, my memory/recall is so bad that I can actually hide my own easter eggs!

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3 duplicate Jawjuan James videos and an Alabama player have been up now since yesterday evening---approx. 12 hours. Does anyone at KNS ever look at their work for proofing it after putting it on line?

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I note that at the end of the article, John is listed as "senior columnist"......didn't he used to be sports editor....maybe the security at KNS isn't what we thought it was...John is on the way out, now that would be something to celebrate.

Interesting. With Gribble and Ward both departed from KNS, it appears that Adams was also shelved to a "senior contributor" role. Hadnt noticed til you pointed it out.

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Mike, you do a FANtastic job. Keep up the good work. The fans like you and your style. I promise, your "to the point" and your timing will pay off. You, Griff, and Erin give KNS some balance. Thanks for keeping it straight and simple.

Who is Erin?