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Also, Alabama has to play A&M the week before they play us. Nice.

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-Open date splitting up road trips to Oklahoma and Georgia.
-UTC in between Florida and Alabama.
-The late open date-which UT has almost never had in recent years.

Wow. Two open dates. Wonder how long that lasts before someone decides we need to put a 9th conference game in there?

UF on the other hand gets Alabama, UT, and LSU in consecutive weeks. I like it a bunch.

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There has to be a story there. Wonder why it hasn't been written.

GVX is too interested in bashing Fulmer and feeding the trollz to do real journalism.

Fulmer owns the good and bad on the field. Was he right about UT's leadership vacuum? Absolutely. But as a first ballot, HOF coach, whose record is secure, the best thing he could have done was to keep his mouth shut. By speaking out, he re-opens his own record to scrutiny. (Ironically, just like Majors did for so long in the perennial, "Majors Still Bitter" articles.)

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Looks like someone must have received the final installment of his buyout money...

The original story runs on GVX. Predictable. The rundown of Fulmer though is 100% GVX original. Predictable. KnoxNewzPravda; "We're too lazy to actually report the news, but we can sure sit back and snark on it while we wrap ourselves in Big Orange." What a joke of a newzpaper.

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“I don’t think this is a good way of doing business," Hayes said.

Presumably then, Hayes would not welcome Alabama to recruit at Dillon. After all, they have become comfortable with the whole "greyshirting" thing of forcing someone to take a "medical" (wink) redshirt and sit a year for the good of the program. Or LSU who oversigned and then had to push out a kid who really wanted to be a Tiger in favor of a more talented player at his position who committed late to LSU. I'm sure that other programs at various times have had to say no to a recruit for one reason or another and do so in a way that didn't sit well.

Recruiting is a big sausage factory. It is what t is.

Best of luck to Jabo.

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Looks like someone read the recruiting news while they away.

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In addition to the obvious with the photo...check out the classy text he included with it.
"Me and my ni***** we Ballin!"

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Parole Tide!

Harvey UPdyke, Brian DOWNing, Logan Young (Albert Means), Tom Al-Betar, the Deeroids, and then these guys. That's not a flaw, it's a FEATURE with the Tuscaloosa Tornadoes.

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No argument from me on Majors. Imagine what UT could have accomplished had Fulmer been promoted 3-4 years earlier.

Just using some sarc to note Strange's rise in Adamz absence and draw parallels.

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Took the words right out of my mouth. Tennessee for many years was one of the few teams to always play the really good non-conference schedule. As tough as all conference games are now plus playing 8 of them and soon probably 9 its just not worth it if other teams in league don't follow suit. GBO

+1. And when UT was scheduling folks like UCLA, Miami, and Notre Dame, was there some great call for the rest of the SEC to follow suit? No. Those were the days when UT would take on and defeat national powers as well as SEC rivals, win an SEC title once in a while and then hear the sportswhores moan, "The SEC is really down this year."

It only seems to be good for the conference when someone else is winning championships.

Mike Strange must have been helping Adamz "rehab the knee". I presume he forgot about the home/home with Oklahoma that's coming up on UT's schedule.

Maybe Strange is about to pull a Fulmer on Adamz, connect with powerful, shadowy forces at KNS who will promote him and push Adamz out. Then Adamz and Majors can get together every August and be bitter together.

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Turkey injectors, cliff jumpers, can't say "Tennessee", Vanderbilt coaches all.

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Good move by Florida. Did Tennessee remove anyting associated with Leonard Little or Dwayne Goodrich for their criminally negligent homicides? Just curious.

No. UT did not pretend that they could erase or change history by turning them into "unpersons" as Florida is doing now.

UF's attempts at whitewashing are futile and therefore laughable. Do you not think that others will remind the world of what Florida wants them to forget? Just curious.

Keep rehabbing the knee, Adamz.

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Maybe they could replace it with a John Adamz plaque?

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If he was still a Gator he would have to sit out the first two games of the season.

Well, I was going to lay down some snark on this, but after reading your comment, that's it. Game over.


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you got a shout out! that's awesome! :)

but, on topic, yeah, i think that the pink tutus would be "a bit much". UT has always been orange and white (and black). if it ain't broke...

(i really wish that they'd fill in the ENTIRE end zone with the checkerboard, even to the goal line and back of the end zone, and sideline, like in years past. i forgot what year they changed that...)

go vols.


1994. When they replaced the old turf with natural grass.

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Now we just have to get there. Go Vols.

Hey Strange, do you have any updates on John Adams? New awards from media cronies. Anything? We're waiting.

Here's hoping for a looooooooooooong recovery.

Oh wait, this just in, Adamz won an award for Courage In Kneehab from the Trollz Local 182.

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When Tennessee was winning, the sportswhores common lament was how the conference was "down" and how it was "bad" for the conference. (Strange that we never heard this when Florida was winning in the 1990s.) In this manner, they continually placed an asterisk beside Tennessee successes.

When Alabama is winning though, that same crowd will tell us how the whole conference is "strong" and how "goood" it is for the conference. In this manner, Tennessee's misfortunes receive giddy exclamation points from the press.

I look forward to UT getting back on top of this and making the press moan about how weak the conference is.

Written on Butch Jones doing ESPN interview 'carwash' on Tuesday:

ESPN got almost everything they wanted out of the SEC media days.

They got Johnny Football and competing storylines on why he was sent home from the Manning camp, the perpetual Alabama worship that happens in Vacuumtown, Les Miles doesn't want to play UF every single year, schools from states that start with the letter "M", Franklin and the Vandy 4, Muschamp taking aim at Meyer, Bielema and Malzahn's disagreement, Steve Stipend at SC, and Stoops (not Bob) at Kentucky.

What they didn't get is a headline from Tennessee's head coach that puts him into that same bag of cats with the rest of his peers and reinforces their "pinata" meme around Tennessee.

I'm of the opinion that the less access ESPN has to UT, the less that UT talks with ESPN, the better it will be for UT. I think that Butch Jones will do just fine though.

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in response to DwayneElizondoMountainDewHerbertCamacho:

Bielema leaving Wisconsin for Arkansas has always made me scratch my head. Wisconsin is not a bad football school. Great atmosphere, passionate fans, and a supportive administration. Had Bielema jumped ship for LSU, Florida, UT, or UGA, I would totally understand...but Arkansas has got to be a hard place to recruit. Plus, you walk into the SEC West, which (now that Ole Miss has decided to actually play football) has to be the most competitive division of college football in America. In the Big10, who did he really have to compete against? Only Ohio State.

Franklin to Vandy makes sense. Malzahn to Auburn makes a lot of sense. Jones to UT makes sense. Bielema to Arkansas...doesn't make sense to me.

I guess that he wants to prove that he's the best and make a name for himself, but Arkansas isn't really going to be a springboard to Florida, UT, UGA, or Bama.

I don't know. I don't get it.

Arkansas has Tyson Chicken and Wal-Mart-a couple of monster corporations. They also have Jerry Jones as an alumni.

The required resources seem to be there for some really great stuff to happen at Arky. Petrino started to unlock some of that before he fell off the bike.

Arkansas did what I wished UT would have done in 2010. Hire an interim coach, take your time, target your man, and close the deal. Was the 2012 season dismal for Arkansas? Yes. (I know stuff's bad...) Would it have been any better had they made a rush hire? Probably not.

...but I got this guy...
When Bielema was hired though, you could have heard a pin drop. It was an eye-opener in Arkansas and nationally. At that point, the administration and AD could look people in the eye and tell them, "THIS is why we waited."

I hope things get crowded in the SEC West.

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Whatever his suspension, I'm sure it will all be cleared up before UF plays UT-just like every other suspension that ever comes down the pike for a Gator.

Written on SEC coaches weigh talent vs. potential for trouble:

And in the never ending saga of, "Tennessee is falling behind", I notice there is no mention of Tennessee in this article. smirk.

Written on SEC coaches weigh talent vs. potential for trouble:

Translation: Aaron Hernandez, bad. Let's paint EVERY team in the league the same two-tone shade of Hernandez and Vandy4 and shame them all.

There was nothing to see at UF when Meyer was there and we the press ignored every misdeed so that we could screech, "TEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEBOOOOOOOOOOOWWWWWWWWWWWW" like little girls at a Justin Bieber concert.

Pay no attention to the fact that we the press missed the Sandusky molocaust in Happy Valley until the week AFTER Joe Pa hit his magic dinger.


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One Bammer compared Coach Nixon Saban to Hitler as a compliment.

Yeah, that whole Updyke and Downing thing is just a fluke . . .

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in response to SummittsCourt:

I agree with most of what you say, but the days of being an annual doormat will be back soon for vandy. Once a more popular Big 10 team comes calling franky boy will be gone and the commodes will be back to losing 10 games a year.

It took SC 120 years before they could be considered a powerhouse team. Every once and a while they would win 8 games and make a bowl, but Vandy and franky boy are not the next SC.

Can't make any predictions on 2013, it will just be rough for UT. After 2013 though, it ultimately does not matter if Franky stays or goes. UT is still UT. Vandie is still Vandie. That ain't changing.

As for SC, even Stevie boy hasn't won them an SEC Championship. When he goes, SC will likely return to being SC.

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It's my fault, 115-120%!

Why not 125%, Rip Van Manziel?

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Has it really been ten years since Mike Slive said SEC Media Days would be moved out of Hoover Alabama, after some trashy Alabama fans harassed Phil Fulmer at the event? We are still waiting, Mr. Slive.


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Q: What do you call a Vandy fan inside the Georgia Dome?

A: Lost

Q: What do you call a Turkey Injector Nozzle?

A: Head Coach at Vanderbilt.

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Strange must be trying to fill in for John Adamz bringing up the Dooley quote. I can see Adamz now, recovering his knee telling Strange in a weakened voice, "Feed my trollz." Strange-ever dutiful kicks it off with a quote from a former UT head coach. Bang! Troll mix.

While UT doesn't have to worry about Dooley anymore, KnoxNewzPravda is determined that they will always use Derek Dooley to kick UT around.

Enjoy the recovery, JA. Strange will do just fine feeding your trollz. But watch out, he may align with powerful, shady interests and replace you just like Fulmer did to Majors. Then you and ol' Johnny can reminisce and be bitter together.

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Volunteers need to pour a strong one and brace themselves. It feels like 2010. Again. An unprecedented third consecutive losing season is not out of the question.

UT breaks in a new QB, new WRs, and still have no real threat in the backfield (that we know of). They return one of the worst defenses in UT history. And both sides of the ball must learn a new system. On the schedule? Oregon and Florida on consecutive weeks. Alabama and South Carolina. And Gus Malzahn at Auburn who has given numerous coaches fits through the years. 7-5 would be a fantastic accomplishment, imho.

Don't get me wrong, I will never stop pulling for UT. But realistically, this will not be a great year for UT.

I think this season is more about next season, if that makes sense. How does the team respond to Jones? How much effort do they produce? Are there signs of improvement? If this team can do these things, then I think it will only help Jones to impress a few other recruits (like perhaps some stud linemen), fill out some glaring needs, and set the stage for an 8-10 win campaign in 2014 that puts UT back onto the map.

Jones is sweeping up the mess from the Lindsay Lohan of coaches and the Derek Zoolander of coaches. It's unreasonable to expect big wins in 2013, but effort is an absolute must.

Written on David Climer: Hot seat never cools for most SEC coaches:

"Hot seat never cools for most SEC coaches"

As opposed to sportswriters who, once hired are never fired for any reason. A perpetually cool chair with no pressure.

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in response to Rockytop_Engineer:

Have lived many places across the US since leaving the Hill in '72 and have read many sports sections. JA is remarkable only in that KNS has kept him on the payroll a long time. Compare the John Adams legacy to the legacy of John Ward. You can't!

Kind of what I was thinking. Mere longevity on the payroll.

Go John AdamZ. And take Bob Kesling with you!

Written on Mike Strange: For John Adams, a Hall of Fame sportswriting career started early:

Many of us stumbled around for a while before we found our calling in life.

As a schoolboy of 12 in Clinton, La., John wrote an essay vowing to become a sportswriter when he grew up.

Translation: The JA has had a lifelong dream of being a complete nozzle.

Congratulations. You may now hoist the "Mission Accomplished" banner.

Written on Mike Strange: For John Adams, a Hall of Fame sportswriting career started early:

So the JA has injured an elbow, fell down stairs, and is recovering from a knee replacement now.


Count on Journ-o-lists to circle the wagons and congratulate each other.

Written on Mike Strange: For John Adams, a Hall of Fame sportswriting career started early:

"A couple of years ago, he fell down steps at The Swamp..."

Push harder next time, guys.

Written on Former Florida, New England star Aaron Hernandez painted as gunman by documents:

Hernandez was the trigger man!?



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in response to MetroplexMojo:

In the NCAA Universe....

Going $3 over per diem = violation

Failing multiple drug tests, questioned in 2 shootings, busting out an eardrum and underage drinking = No Violation

Similar to the old tree falling in the forest question:

If no one presses charges then there must be nothing to see. Right? ;)

Written on UT releases self-reported minor NCAA rules violations:

I'm actually glad to see stuff like this.


Self-reporting is what UT used to do often. Someone correct me if I'm wrong here, but if you self-report, then the NCAA can't include it later when they begin a witch hunt investigation on your campus.

If UT is self-reporting down to the minutae, then perhaps they're getting everything else right.

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in response to LiveFaith:

Ironic. Just watched this on YouTube last night.

If "ifs and buts" ... ? Nobody will ever know, but why not say "How bad would we have stomped them if Jamal Lewis had not been hurt requiring us to play 2 freshmen RBs"?

Fulmer didn't do the play calling. Sanders did. Fulmer may have vetoed to interjected some. Announcers said coaches told them they were sending Tee to the line with a run & pass play on every down, for the first time that season.

Not impressed? Did you really pay attention to who we played that night? That was BY FAR the most dominant defense in college football in 1998. FSU played a bit lesser schedule, but their defense was stacked and ranked 1 or 2 nationally in all important categories. Cheese Henry called it the best D we played all year.
Our coaches schemed and our offense executed a victory by putting up 16 points to go with the Ds 7.

Since were all into ifs and buts, what @ the fact that Peerless let a bomb bounce off his chest for a lost TD (thats -7 pts), Henry laid one on the ground inside the FSU 30 (that's -3 we'll say), Henry laid another one on the ground inside the FSU 10 on 1st down iirc (that's -7 more), star Jeff Hall missed a chip shot 35yd FG (-3 more), and Hall had an XP blocked (-1). Those NON-scheming errors were all justifed "correct" calls by the OC / HC. Yet the player error cost us 21 points. 21 more. How does 44-16 sound?

For a cherry on top add to all this the fact that Fulmer bucked all conventional wisdom and "TOOK POINTS OFF THE BOARD" when he traded an early Hall FG (roughed) for a shot at a TD. A TD coaches schemed us quickly to.

Too conservative? How about if/but FSU pick-sixes us after Fulmer takes the points off, gets the early mo, then wins the game 23-16 the other way. Would you be part of the herd that called him Foolmore for the dumbest decision in UT history for "taking away the points"? That aint "too conservative", that was confidence to take away 3 points against the best D in 1998, because you believe you can add four more to it. And he did it! Kahunas the size of coconuts in the NC game!

Is was a absolutely PERFECT game plan. We won and went undefeated! Would say the same if it had been a 3-2 victory.


I had my best case, all bounces for UT, final score figured as 41-9. Watch the replay of Marcus Outzen's TD. I maintain from that moment until now that his knee hit the ground before the ball broke the plane and should not have been a TD. -7 for FSU. In any case, the national champion was clad in Big Orange.

Footnote: Oklahoma beat FSU by a 13-2 margin to win the 2000 BCS Championship.

I have to disagree re: Jamal Lewis. When Jamal went down, the Travis duo stepped up and reinforced the 1998 squad's theme of "no superstars." UT didn't get worse with Jamal injured, they got better with the Travis duo on the field. Until then, the running game was all-Jamal. From then on, UT had an awesome 1-2 punch in the backfield that had not been seen since the great Stewart/Hayden tandem. They were precisely the right weapon at precisely the right time. If Jamal stays healthy, UT does not win out and does not bring home the crystal football, imho.

Postscript: What happened in 1999 when Jamal was healthy? UT went right back to Jamal being the lone weapon in the backfield while the Travises were pushed to the background. And we all know how well that worked out.

What if UT had found a way to effectively use all 3 of those backs in 1999? Can you say, "Repeat BCS Champions, Three-peat SEC Champions, and 26 game win streak?"

Written on Fulmer, Bowden, players to relive Vols' Fiesta Bowl win over Florida State:

FSU's 3rd string QB!?

The press told us about how Marcus Outzen was "indomitable." Why? Wait for it... Because he led FSU to a victory over UF at the end of the 1998 season.

In the run up to that game, the press made absolutely no excuses for FSU's QB situation. None. Most of them picked FSU to win that game. It was only AFTER the game that they turned into what I call, "Seminole Apologists" and began pouring out excuses and apologies for the Seminoles rather than credit for UT.

Written on Before arrest, Aaron Hernandez had brushes with violence at Florida:

in response to cheetah-vol:

Do you always have to go back years to find former VOLS who had legal trouble to defend your precious Hernandez?

Here's an article from May of this year that might help you to stay in the here-and-now on the topic of FU's problems:

Troll 101: Change the subject.
Example: SQUIRREL!!!!!!!!

Any quesstions?

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in response to MetroplexMojo:

Crank/Fear/Lemme/bUTch Please (I'm too lazy to respond to everyone so here's my global response to you 4),

Hernandez had not played a down when he got in that fight. I don't think UF would be dumb enough to pay off the victim for a kid that hasn't played yet. If UF did that, they would have covered up a police investigation (Penn State) and used university funds to pay off the victim and providing a benefit to a player (SMU). I'm sure the university used whatever persuasive force it could on the police department to minimize the impact. It wouldn't shock me if a booster worked things out with the victim (a NCAA violation but now out of statute). However, I see no way in which the university paid him off unless the bar was on campus or was hosting a university event at the time. I don't think Foley is that stupid.

Right. You never do stuff like this on company letterhead. You let a booster handle it. Like a Harvey UPdyke or a Brian DOWNing or a Logan Young (Albert Means) or a Tom Albetar (T-Town Men's Wear).

And those in charge, those who should know, they maintain ignorance of specifics and thus, plausible deniability. If anything becomes public, you send a letter and "disassociate" the booster to maintain the illusion of integrity of the enterprise.

Written on Before arrest, Aaron Hernandez had brushes with violence at Florida:

in response to 8inarow:

Unlike Vols fans who still back multiple players who have driven over people in DUI Homicide cases, I will not support Hernandez if he is in fact guilty of these crimes.

But until a jury convicts him, you're behind the AH 100%. Glad we got that settled.

Now go back to looking for "the real killers", OJ.

Written on Before arrest, Aaron Hernandez had brushes with violence at Florida:

in response to MetroplexMojo:

Have a hard time believing this is true. While Hernandez was a great player, the type of situation described would get Florida the death penalty if they paid off the victim. Hernandez wouldn't have been worth that type of risk.

Except that the NCQAA (also known as the Boneless Chicken Ranch of Far Side fame) will never hand out the death penalty to anybody again.

Look, if Miami didn't get it in the 1990s, if Alabama didn't get it for their repeated violations in the early-mid 2000s, then nobody is.

What will happen is that new sanctions will be announced against anyone who points out any unpleasant truth about any current, former, or future coach, player, trainer, or student at UF. Mike Slive will lead the way.

Written on Before arrest, Aaron Hernandez had brushes with violence at Florida:

in response to MetroplexMojo:

I typed this on an another article but this explains Meyer's character.

When faced with the adversity after realizing Saban and Bama had passed the Gators after waxing them in 2009, this is what he did.

- Cried and moped
- Faked a heart attack
- Quit
- Lied to his family
- Came back
- Let the talented inmates run the asylum
- Quit again after he realized where UF was with no Tebow
- Went to a school in an inferior conference with loaded roster
- Got all the SEC teams off future schedules

...and will do it all again at THE Ohio State University where President Gordon Gee is his employee.

Oh, and who can forget the whole "swine flu" excuse after the win over Tennessee in 2009!

You can't spell FLU without UF.

Written on Before arrest, Aaron Hernandez had brushes with violence at Florida:

So . . . . .

. . . if Tearbow intervened in the verbal dispute that escalated into a sucker punch from the A.H. (well, those are his initials), then that places Tearbow at the bar when this event happened.

Strange that Tearbow's personal righteousness didn't actually prevent the AH sucker punch, much less head off the whole under age drinking thing. I'm sure he was maintaining himself pure by drinking milk while out at the bar.