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Nice article Mr. Strange.

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Palardy on all sec team at any level is a laugher. As I look back, I remember how many games the Colquitts kept us in with quality punting. Why do we always struggle with the kicking game? I mean we play these teams like WKU, Troy, Montana etc and their kicking game is flawless in comparison. I don't get it.

Sad thing is Darr and Palardy were the number 1 rated kicker and punter in the nation. Looks like stars can lie, or they were not coached up.

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+! Let's see: Gatorade player of the year. Got thrown to the wolves when what's his name got injured (hint: never won a major game except Cinci and NC State)Really never got developed under Doolittle. And some fans want to throw him under the bus?

I agree. I think he deserves a shot. Especially, seeing the other guys have not outright taken te reins from him.

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Would love for someone to give me some stats down here in fla. from the practice on sat.

I wish they had a web feed so we could watch it via the internet. I also live in Florida. It would be great to be a part of the festivities, even from a far.

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Palardy and Darr have to be two of the biggest disappointments in UT recruiting history. #1 my behind. Your a punter and kicker, how do you get hurt. Please recruit a capable kicker.

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What I think is lost is the fact we are not getting rid of our traditional style (Orange and White) uniforms. So we have a uniform that has a different color that the kids/recruits/student-athletes really like. I think it is revitalizing our football program with some positive energy. Gutsy move on the coaches part to listen to his players and not just the fan base. People are really going to gripe about a uniform we are going to wear once a year? Yeah, we have a lot of whiners in this world.

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Being set in your ways and not changing with the times really helped Coach Fulmer. Some change is good. If you want to recruit, you change with the young people.

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I remember an article about a kid from La. Tech that said Dooley would never acknowledge players he would pass in the hallway or where ever. Then the next coach comes in and they start winnning. Hope we follow that trend.

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We'll see who the cupcake game is when UT plays kensucky. Your pitiful team couldn't score but 17 points against the weakest defense UT ever fielded. and your team will be worse this year than last while UT is improving.

You had to take the bait! You just made this guy's day.

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I just want to see improvement. I was so frustrated last year hearing the defense state week after week after week that they were having communication issues. Bad coaching.

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I remember this guy named Tyler Bray that didn't do so well at QB during the O&W game. Slung the ball around pretty good during the season. Problem with Bray was he had no discipline and leadership abilities.

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So, play teams that can beat you every week while other teams can play an easy schedule and make the playoffs. HMMMM, seems smart to me. Besides, you're not always at the top of the heap. As we Vol fans can attest to.

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It goes to show you, you are guilty until proven innocent. Sounds like when I was in the military.

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Regardless to what is tweaked, people are going to gripe. That is the society we live in today. Everyone thinks their opinion matters.

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I think you have to change somewhat with the times. After all, we are trying to recruit teenagers to play for TN, not guys in their 50s. Don't go crazy but jazz it up a little.

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The uniforms are definitely ready for an upgrade. Just don't go overboard like Maryland did. Holy cow, those things are hideous.

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Instead of a patch above their name, what if they put their name inside the outline of the state? Just a thought

I think that is a great idea. It's not like the state is not long enough to put someone's name in it.

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You really shouldn't put UT in the same sentence with LSU, Florida, Bama or UGA.

UT belongs in the same sentence with Ark, Ole Miss, Kentucky and Vandy.

That is what I heard Bielema say in an interview that Wisconsin did not want to pay for assistant coaches. He wanted to go to a place that fully supported the football program.

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I just don't understand why Dooley couldn't recruit at TN? Kiffin could, Butch can, what was he doing besides laughing all the way to the bank. Coaches left. Players didn't improve. Like Dooley said, "You are what you record says your are." Loser!!!! He was obviously a better lawyer than Hamilton. Glad Hamilton is gone. He reminds me of the AD that let Jimmy Johnson go in Miami.

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With soccer at an all time high, I wonder why UT does not have a men's soccer team.

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1. Considering that you pay nothing for it as you may have to do so with pay sites such as Volquest, and pay newspaper sites such those in Memphis, Nashville & Jackson I would be happy.
2. If it is not worth reading why do you continue to do so and then b(tch and moan about it.
3. I believe the truth could possibly be that you are just not a happy person who appreciates that life is a gift and we should enjoy it while we have it. Maybe a short therapy session with Witch Doctor will make you feel better.

The B(tching does get old and it is always the same five people.

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CCM likes the 3 stars. Must be Missouri habits. Although, he has landed a couple 5 star players. I will be curious to see if he can develop players. He doesn't seem interested in the one and dones.

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I am still amazed at how poorly Dooley recuited. I guess his dry lawyer type humor did not work with High school kids. I really thought this was an area he would have excelled.

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The one thing I thought Dooley would be good at, recruiting, and apparently, he couldn't do that too well either.

Like many people, I wanted Dooley to work out for the sake of UT FB. In hindsight, I am trying to figure out what he did well except entertain the media with his analogies.

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Guess if we can't beat them, we will make them part of the UT family. Slow Sports news day when we are reading about Leak at UF on a UT website. Maybe we should have articles about the NBA and NHL playoffs.

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Didn't see this coming!

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Seems like CCM wants 4-year players. Ones he can develop, not like the one and dones. He has the resources to get top talent and he has pulled 5-star players. He certainly knows more about BB than I do.

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How embarrassing and difficult this must be for Serrano. I blame Hamilton for allowing the TN Men's sports to get in this bad of shape. Thanks Mike, we TN fans appreciate everything you did for the donors and not the fans.

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Happy for Dallas. Quality guy!

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Wasn't like it was a blowout. Now, they can focus on the next game and not the steak. I think this loss comes at a good time. Wake up call anyone?

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I want to see improvement each week. I was sick and tired of hearing the same excuses last year. Uh, we gotta communicate better. We had some BAD coaching last year. Sunseri was in over his head. All of Dooley's assistant coaches left for a reason.

I like where we are headed. Just keep getting better. Recruiting has already improved over Dooley. Which I thought was going to be one of Dooley's strenghts.

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Good to see the positive vibe coming back to UT. Seems like the players, coaches and fans are enjoying TN FB again. We'll see what the fall has to bring.

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CCM probably never had this situation at MO State. Not sure if he realizes he has the resources to attract top talent. I am sure he didn't have too many 5 star players at MO State.

One thing for sure, somebody is leaving the program. Don't understand his recruiting style. Guess I will wait and see. We need a PG and a scorer.

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Dang, you guys let one troll take over the message board.

I personally would like to talk about who we think will win, offense or defense. How about the format, will it be ones on ones? More to talk about than some digruntled person.

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I like to read the post to see what other fans think of our team. Unfortunately, more posters spend more time dogging JA than talking about the topic of the article.

I would have liked to have read more of people's opinions of our current QBs, including the ones coming in this summer. Oh well.

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It does make you wonder what Dooley was doing the last two years besides entertaining the media with his antics. Remember year 1 = year 0. What happened the last two years?

Listening to these coaches this spring; they act like they just inherited a lower level High school FB team. Seems like every quote is, “The players have great attitude but don't know how to play football.” Does make you wonder, how can we be so bad yet we beat Cincy.

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HMMMM, another successful TN woman's program. Maybe the men's side of the house could learn something?

Oh yeah, Jimmy Cheeks allowed Mike Hamilton to destroy the men's programs. But they got great skybox seats for the donors while he was here and payout millions of dollars for losing coaches. Yep, about sums that up.

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I feel we are trending in the right direction. These coaches teach, not preach. I believe we will see continuous improvement with this team going forward.

I often wonder, what was Dooley doing the last two years if we are this far off from being competitive. I will give him the first year as a wash.

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I really want to see the continued growth of our young team. Ms. Russell will be a welcome addition. I wish we had a Skylar Diggins type player that can take over a game.

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This team does not handle pressure very well. Simmons, when she is hot she is hot, unfortunatley when she is cold, she is stone cold.

Feel bad for Spani and Williams. They had a chance but the team showed its youth and inexperience.

The Lady Vols definitely have something to build on next year. Looks like UConn or ND will win another championship.

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More men's athletic mediocrity.

Written on Lady Vols must deal with 'head of the snake' against Sooners:

I really don't care about Oklahoma's injuries. We have had a few ourselves. I would have liked to read an article that has input on how TN WBB needs to attack OK. Not, how I should feel sorry for OK.

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It is not like Tyler does not have resources. He has to start somewhere like his mom did. Good luck Tyler.

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What we lacked is an AD that was committed to having a winning MBB program. If the Lady Vols can attract recruits, so should the TN MBB program.

We have the fan base, the arena and financial backing but no interest from the TN brass that wants TN MBB to succeed. Maybe Hart can change that...probably not.

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How many quality RBs did CJG recruit to TN? How many are on the books now that CRB is on staff?

I never could figure out why CJG could not get good RBs to sign at TN. Still can't figure it out. Looks like Dooley wasn't all that in recruiting either. Apparently, his coaching staff that bailed knew something.

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What the heck was Dooley's staff doing for the last three years? He obviously didn't recruit well. He didn't have the team in shape, physically or mentally. It sounds like our fundamentals are severely lacking. I don't get it. I am amazed you can be on the University of TN FB team and you don't know fundamentals.

We can only go upward. I am excited about these coaches. Apparently, the coaches that left Dooley understood how bad the program had become and apparently felt they did not have the skill to coach winning FB.

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It is what it is. The Vols need to recruit mo' better players and hire mo' better coaches for the staff, if they really want to do better. This bunch did the best they could; notice how much better Mercer did with way less resources. I like the coaches and players, but UTAD is spending a chuteload of money to get nada results. And that's the truth.

Exactly right!! With the resources TN has, there is no excuse for our performance. We get beaten by less talent and resources EVERY year.

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Now that was a surprise, being bounced from the NIT in the FIRST round by a mid-major team. HMMMM, guess the NCAA committee was right about TN MBB.

You could tell after the first 5 minutes we were not going to win the game. NO defense, NO offense, NO TN pride. How do you not have pride? I really don't get it. Guess I was raised in a different time in TN.

Do they still sell TN Pride sausage? Maybe we should feed that to the TN MBB team. I absolutely do not want to hear CCM say the word 'Toughness'. He clearly has not instilled toughness within his team.

I have an idea, instead of hiring friends, hire coaches to be your assistant coaches. It seems to work for the TN WBB team. Just a thought.

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Listening to Marlon Walls interview, he sounds very humbled. I liked the fact he stated these coaches are teachers. We had bad coaching last year for sure.

I like what I am seeing. But, I am so gun shy right now, I am afraid to get my hopes up.

Heck, even Walt is quiet these days. I guess if he doesn't have something negative to say he says nothing at all.