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Apparently others have had doubts about Jones. For instance, this USA Today story:

UT folks had to have known about this story. He, of course, led Cincinnati fans to believe he was going to stay in Cincinnati, because it was "all about the kids," says the article.

He did not tell them, apparently, that he was praying everyday that he would stay there.

Good thing he didn't. Hope Notre Dame or USC or Michigan, all of which he would be inclined to look at seriously, were to call him up.

Textbook sour your point is?

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So you're jumping off the boat? don't reach for the stern when we head to shore without you

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Yeah three candidates...four if you're really progressive....11 years will be here before you know it

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Mr Adams,
I have been reading this website for a few months now. From comments I have read from your previous articles I have gathered that you are not a very popular person with a majority of the reader's on this website. I have refrained from even creating an account until now because it is just a game of football and not worth getting worked up about. However, as an infantryman with deployments to Afganistan where I have had to engage the enemy (Taliban or Al Qaida) on multiple occasions I can assure you that those who have coached little league (which I have as well) would much rather coach than take on the Taliban in firefights for hours. To use such an example to make your point is not only dissrespectful but demeaning to my brothers in arms who while I write this letter are wishing they could be coaching a little league team.

Vol fans appreciate your service...keep doing your nation proud and stay safe...I'm sure your rational chastising has made our budding comic reconsider his new favorite have to consider his mindset...he giggles at old footage of Nazi Germany and has watched the Killing Fields a record 1130 times and keeps utilizing one liners from that comedic classic..
Khmer Rouge and SS zingers will fade and so will Taliban analogies...someday

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He got what he wanted...look at all the comments..he's laughing all the way to the comic book convention

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Ha! Well played. Although something tells me it likely went right over his head.

The rest of us enjoyed it

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As I recall, Andy Kelly was not highly recruited and he was a pretty good QB for the Vols. Wouldn't it be interesting if a hometown QB got a chance to play at Tennessee and led the Vols to an SEC East Title?

Parade All-American at punter..but also highly recruited at QB...that Rhea County team was a Red Bank team knew he could play..firsthand

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I like the energy and vibe of our new coach and look forward to a product on the field that we can judge...NONE OF US KNOW HOW THIS WILL TURN OUT!!!!...if it does work out then I will be cheering our team on with pep and vigor and negavols will be underground like frozen ants...if it doesn't I will be cheering our team hoping the next staff fixes this mess and the negavols will be swarming out of their mounds biting and demanding recognition Hart will either be hailed or reviled...but none of this happens TODAY!

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I think the Atlanta Falcons are going to pull it out

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You can't go wrong with a kid like this on your team.

Go Vols!

Bet you could go wrong...I love the underdog story as much as the next guy..but everyone posting on this subject doesn't have to answer for a wasted scholarship...if you want to argue Woody Quinn knock yourself out. CBJ has to evaluate talent and decide if if a prospect is worth the want the job?...fine put in the GA time build your resume as an assistant coach and coordinator. Get hired as a head coach at a lower tier school and have success...piggyback that up the chain until you get the Volunteers job..tick tock tick tock better get to it bUTch has about a decade and a half head start on you so you probably don't have the time to get that offer to Charlie High but you got the basic blueprint

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Sounds like a heartwarming underdog story...avoid like the plague

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Maybe he's in his 70's and mainlining Viagra.

Or maybe 'it' moved when he looked at her, and if you're in your 70's never skip a chance to pee or waste a boner.

Either way, let the old codger have some eye candy while he still has his sight.

This was funny much props!

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The hell does a QC coach do?

Coach DB's it says!

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We can not read to much into this year. but if next year he can not land a top 10 class then you might as well get used to .600 football. This is simply the nature of the SEC. I hope this works out for us.

So if you don't get a top 10 class by your second're doomed?...I don't know if that's one of the flexibility?...what about a nice American 12 ranking?

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Goodbye Mr. Bradley, you just opened another scholarship for some one else who WANTS to be at U.T. Maybe the player who gets that scholarship will have another star or two next to his name. G.B.O.!!!

YEAH!..what you just said!

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Well, you have to start wondering if it is a lot more talk than action. BJ says recruiting is the same everywhere - it's a matter of selling. I agree. But so far, it seems the sales pitch just isn't working as well as it should. You would think that at least a couple of these guys who are on the fence would land our way.

On the radio Erik Ainge reflecting on the get together between Coach Jones and former players referenced an exchange with a juco wavering on his commitment..."We'd like to win with you but we'll win without you...c'mon man we're Tennessee!"...I kinda like that attitude

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Remember 4 stars last year before he committed IF I were paranoid I'd suggest he gets that star back if he signs elsewhere...IF I were...BTW not suggesting Coach Butch change anything..this is his show and he needs to do things his way

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When you sell your soul and hire recruiting pick-me-ups and STILL LOSE...on the next Geraldo

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I spent a lot of time defending you this past year...just had a light bulb go up over my head highlighting my New Years resolution

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Some of you need a sense of humor, This aint half bad.

Ain't"half-good" neither

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Aside from Manning's sexual harrassment of a female student in the locker room he kept his nose clean at Tennessee. I wonder if that situation worked against him and in favor of Charles Woodson?

Mooning in a men's locker room=sexual assault? and they pay six figures so she can go heal?...gotta love America

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I don't believe that 500 K is going to wipe the man out he's been printing money since Oakland hired him...I'm sure he can cover any setbacks by suing Al Davis's estate for back's just the time spent with himself...gonna be rough

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Don't forget to take down Brad Wesley. I'm rooting for you Dalton.

Roadhouse reference?...I forgot the bad guy character's name..if so lol...that's not where I got my screen name from though nor the town in GA

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Not that it applies to me but there's a lot to be offended at in this one
..someone applying for Rob Parker's spot on First Take?

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It's a c... shoot when they're unproven in that role...we rolled a five with Sal...super athletes in the same scheme will help though

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I supported Dooley until I was convinced he had no grasp on the program...same with Fulmer (Wyoming game)...I'll do the same with Coach Jones...the most liberating aspect of a true fan is the realization that we know less than the people paid to make decisions...if it doesn't work...we're smart enough to withdraw support..
really?...YEAH!...c'mon in the water's fine...don't miss out on the fun because you want to be the first to say it's freezing....GOVOLS!!!

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Somebody's "Jonesing" for a wordplay on our new coach and any support for our new direction....let's just blow it all up before it even starts and rehire Fulmer and beg for forgiveness and fire Hart and hire Joan Cronan and run everything through our reigning poet laureate. Camp on twitter and wait for DD to poke his head out and finish that almost funny top ten list if you start getting the withdrawal shakes little buddy...everything's going to work out...I know I know that's not what you want if Tennessee gets this right it's back to the den with your Star Trek dvds and JFK conspiracy novels....if you pay a little extra nice girls on the phone will let you call them "Doolsluts"...praying for you little guy

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So we have to wait?....C'MON MAN!!!...first?

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Not ideal but this is the dead period for recruiting what needs to be done at this point can be accomplished via laptop...CBJ seems to feel the guy is worth the wait and with the most on the line I'll trust his judgment GOVOLS!!!!

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Wow. I was expecting at least one negative comment by now. What? Nobody is going to say he must not be any good because he's now going to be at his 5th school in 5 years?

We were waiting for you...the trash bins were nice and one wanted to be the first to stick their heads out!

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I do not care what Saugatuck thinks; I care what UT fans, players and opposing coaches & players think.

Rest assured opponents are not trembling in fear at the name “Butch Jones.” Jones could not beat Derrick Dooley. Lost to Dooley: Great qualifications be an SEC head coach. At UT??? Seiously???

Yet Hart, Cheek & the Board of Trustees hired him. Jones promises "the best staff in America," yet almost all are the crew that Dooley beat. That ain't even in the suburbs of "Best Staff."

$17,000,000 all told for this?????? Last year the Cincinnati paper quotes Jones as saying people would now know how much he wanted to be there. They now they know how much he wanted to. Does the earth move when the guy talks, or what?

"Best staff in America?” Pittman’s offensive line destroyed Jones’ defense. But Jones fires Pittman to hire the defensive coordinator whose team was beaten? Great management.
Surely Mr. Haslam did not build Pilot oil like this, or Anderson grow with executives like Cheek or Hart.

If Hart is an example of how well Southerners think, no wonder the Union won the Civil War. Certainly these Midwesterners got him---and got UT, too. The Power-T is now ridiculed from coast to coast.

Doug Dickey never held a search like this. Only Hamilton or Hart would be so inept.The "H" boys. "H Boys” sounds like a hillbilly band. Thinks like one, too.

For Hart to call Jim Tressel about the hire shows just how screwed up Hart is. But then Cheek hired Hart; what do you expect.

Very few AD’s in America are asking Bruce Pearl about potential head basketball coaches resumes. Same principle. Asking a cheater’s opinion is bad business. Tressel is still under a show cause order for cheating; the fact he says good things about Jones is NOT comforting. Frankly, it should be cause for concern.

Are there unknown clauses in Hart's contract for a huge payout, too? After all, Hamilton was paid off big to leave. Some wonder what lurks out there that may not be known, now that 25% of UT's annual $125,000,000 athletics budget is being paid to former employees; who could not cut it ethically or as coaches.

How does UT fix it?
Not on the basketball court; another Hamilton hire, who replaced Pearl, has a team that can not score 50 points in either of its last 2games.

Baseball? Delmonico, former college World Series coach fired. Hamilton's replacement comparable to Jones, took the program down. The replacement's replacement did so poorly, he apologized to the UT nation.

Swimming/diving? fired on a morals clause? Thanks, Hamilton.

Maybe Pat Summit’s reputation will save us, right? Uh…thanks, Hart.

Cheek is common to most of it. Hart is, too. So is Hamilton. Do Cheek and Hart have big termination money guarantees, too?

The kind of money Jones is being paid, he won’t need that, when it comes his turn.

Uhhh...Pittman wasn't coaching the line when Tennessee blasted the Bearcats..
I'm sure everything else is spot on though Chief!

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I support all coaches until they show no grasp of the program...a way of doing things, a focus/pride that shows on the sidelines. When Coach Fulmer filled in for Coach Majors you could see the extra pep and energy in Vol players...if you have the benefit of watching practice a great coach has that same imprint on drills and repetitions. We had that with Coach Majors and Fulmer once upon a time. I held out hope way too long that Dooley would show that but the players never bought in...I feel that this new guy will bring that quality and we'll see victory or loss each week in the efforts of the players GOVOLS!!!

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I remember his name being floated around last year and I said no's a good thing fans don't make football decisions...just watch some of his YouTube highlights and you see how his team buys into his coaching...that's the kind of general that gets the most out of his players and the type recruits eventually flock towards. After the first loss negavols will jam their fingers calling for everybody's head and suspension of football operations for ten years so the pain can stop..jam away fordsfup we got our coach and Hart got it right...maybe accidentally but remember Saban was a second choice to Rich Rodriguez

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(This comment was removed by the site staff.)

Clever boy!...dodged the question you did...if you name a candidate and Hart picks him no artful diatribes under this screen name or your seventeen orhers

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JA, in his efforts to type,
Came up with a few lines of tripe.
A column, useful only to swipe,
Regions, where all things are ripe.

H, Preparation! Cried the Vol Nation,
As they read this miserable piece.
Holy thunderation! Find a new destination!
John Adams, give us merciful release.

You have sarcasm

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If I am not mistaken Butch Davis was fired at N.C. If you check back further I think he was in trouble before he came to N.C. I couldn't believe it when they hired him.

No he actually was part of the cleanup at Miami and restocking of talent before he took the Browns gig...before he took the Canes on there was the infamous SI cover suggesting they drop their football program due to all of the improprieties...I'm not a fan of the guy but I think the UNC violations were a result of not keeping a rein on Blake and rogue academic advisors

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I'm 40! I'm a man!

"I'm a man...I'm 40"..don't mess up the "PLAYOFFS?..PLAYOFFS?" quote of college football

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There are only two or three active coaches who are not in the SEC, that could possibly compete with the SEC. They are, in no particular order, Stoops, Meyer, or Chip Kelly. If the new coach is not one of these three, we are doomed to bottom dweller status for quite a while.

Absolute declarative statements are debunked in football all the time...Texas A&M shouldn't have even flown to Tuscaloosa this chance...why even try..if Penn State doesn't hire a Penn State guy..doom passed Bill Snyder by...let him go Kansas State fans...the NFC will always beat the AFC in the Super Bowl and one team has Favre and the other has that doomed loser's the title to my house put everything on the Packers...andonandonandon

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"When Tennessee defeated Florida State in the national championship game, the Seminoles were down to their third-string quarterback, after losing two quarterbacks to injury."

Which didn't stop the bookies from making #2, 10-1 FSU a 3 point favorite over Tennessee-expanding to a 5 point favorite by kickoff. Which didn't stop the sportswhores (i.e. the press) from nearly unanimously picking FSU to beat UT. And it didn't stop that same press from turning into "Seminole Apologists" after the game.

Before the game, Marcus Outzen was called "indomitable" because he beat Florida. After the game, he just some poor helpless third string QB.

The sportswhores made much of Tennessee's "luck" and of their opponents' misfortunes-in essence, cheapening the achievement and spoiling the moment for UT.

One of the reasons it's so fun to talk about 1998 now is because I remember what the sportswhores said before the game and what they said after.


Amen to all stated points...there was an obnoxious dismissive attitude towards the undefeated Volunteer team...Peter Warrick was going to set records and Janikowski's leg was going to be tested from all the extra points he was going to kick. We had no chance against that D and their overall team speed was light years ahead...then the game started

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I've railed on the guy as much as anybody on record...but this season JA showed a new level of objectivity..replacing his attempt to replicate Skip in an earlier posters point I'll repeat..if we didn't see the John Adams byline there'd be a lot less flak toward this article...take a breath Big Orange faithful..maybe he's taking a step to humanity

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Yup, exactly what UT needs, a head coach with a 54% win ratio. How awesome is that! I guess its a bowl game every year though..

Yeah Saban's done...that NFL fail broke his spirit...especially since he wasn't a +.500 coach at the next level...there's a thing about declarative statements...we wouldn't have to play any pesky games if we just went by them.

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During the interview process Mr. Hart needs to focus on the candidate that instills a mentality in the program...that presence that great coaches like Parcells, Saban and Fulmer in his early years display..we as fans just want everything to be alright and not be adrift like Brooks in Shawshank Redemption..bright sunny imagery Vol fans...whether we get our dream guy Gruden or end up with Fedora or Jones, the mentality and focus of our program is what needs to be fixed Go Vols

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So why all those empty seats today. Looks like ther're about the same as fans in other losing programs. They get tired of watching the losses and stay home. Who can blame them?

80000 in a losing season against Kentucky?...I think the U would date you for that a winning season

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This season wore me my wife clocked SIX "This is a boring game...look no one's even at the game" I stubbornly watched here in ECSTATIC that my team was the SEC Game of the Week on channel 21...I'll get my excitement from the coaching search and signing day but Vol fans are there every step of the way...WE STEP UP!!! GO VOLS

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After the initial thud of a change in coaching comes the fun part...speculation and declarative statements...both pro and con on potential candidates. We like the confident "We got this" mentality unless it turns out not to be true. Whenever the next head coach is announced I only ask that he be allowed to unpack before creative plays on his name are unleashed

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Calling another grown man variations of his last name falls under entitled opinion? Given protection under our Constitution? I don't have the same freedom? To mock him and the feminine hygiene product that his ilk demand? Armed with this Intel Paul Revere would have been yelling "All is well!!! Back to bed with the lot of you!'

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Not every coach succeeds in a new role on their first try...see Patriots learn what does and doesn't work and how to delegate teaching a little more than you would at linebacker coach...this man knows the game and will always have a job somewhere...wish him luck

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Brooden....Deluden....Charlie Wrong...Charlie'll never be the same for our Negavol poet laureates....what ever will they do with their spare time in Mama's basement? I worry for them

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I don't believe JG is running the ship next fall but he's definitely out if you don't even have a conversation with the man..Mr. Hart kind of eliminated a ton of candidates with the previous HC experience caveat...eliminates Kirby Smart...but that saves a lot of computer/smartphone/television screens from food spatter when the announcement comes