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Hoping he heads our way. Having a kid here may help him move this way. If he chooses to stay at USC I wish him all the luck. I know trooper Taylor has a NCAA cloud over his head right now but trooper would be another good ad.

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This hire has the potential to be a major upgrade to the program. Right now it is all about getting the right coaching staff put together. The better the coaching staff the easier recruiting will be.
Coach Jones did a great job with the press conference. Right now Vol fans just need to get behind coach Jones and give him a shot before making any type of judgement on him. If after 2 years you don't see major improvement then you can start saying what you want. Face the fact we are 3 or 4 years away from competing for the SEC championship. Being honest it's going to take at least 3 years to get his recruits in here. He is getting a late start on recruiting here. Not sure if he will go after anyone he was already recruiting or not. Lets just let it all unfold and see what the man can do.

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I think he will end up being a good hire. I am really looking forward to what new coaches he brings in and what old coaches he sends packing. In his statement he mentioned recruiting being a huge factor and winning the state was another. We know the current staff is not winning the state so that makes me think that he will get rid of a lot of coaches.

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Wow. Just went to look up Butch Jones record. Wikipedia lists him as head coach of Tennessee. Am I missing something here. Heard fans say strong was listed on Wikipedia the other day as our coach. Just Wikipedia just take latest Rumour and put it out there.

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I'm hoping its not Butch Jones. Just doesnt seem like a good hire to me. Like many I say stick with interim coach until we can land a big name. May be some nfl guys willing to head this way in a few weeks.

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Reading comments from some posters is like watching the comedy channel on mute. Just makes no sense.

Not sure where some of you came up with we offered Strong 3.5 million. We don't know for sure that Hart has actually made anyone an offer. We just know he is interviewing coaches. He may be narrowing his search and finding out who is the best fit. We may get a coach tomorrow or it could be next week or later. We rushed it with Dooley and it was a mistake. No coach is going to make every fan happy. Lets just wait this out.

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Like many Vol fans I am checking ESPN and the site very often to find out if an official hire has been made.

Truth is we dont know who all Hart has actually talked to and if an offer was ever on the plate.

I agree with a lot of posters that we have some pretty fickle fans. I continue to have my season tickets and I continue to donate to the school because I know that at some point we will make the right hire and we will be relevant again.

So what, the coach may not have the last name some fans want. It is all proven on the field. Part of me knew Dooley was a bad hire from the beginning but I gave the man a chance. I have said it before and will say it again, it was time for Fulmer to step down when he did but after the last few years I would gladly take him back (if he brought in the right coaching staff).

Many fans say Fulmer is not coaching anywhere for a reason, some believe that reason is no one wants him and others believe because he is waiting to get his job back in knoxville. Face it the man doesnt really need the money. I believe he still loves UT.

As much as I think Petrino would be a bad hire I would still give my support to the team. I do believe that Petrino would win a lot of games here.

We can all keep guessing and arguing over who the next coach is going to be, but until it is announced it means nothing.

From one Vol fan to the rest of Vol nation, whoever we bring in give them your full support. See how they recruit this year and next year. See who they bring in as assistant coaches. See what product they put on the field. Give them at least 2 years to right the ship. If after 2 years we are still in the same boat then start saying we made a bad hire.

You didnt have to go to UT or graduate from UT to be a vol fan (as some fans on this site seem to think). Put on your orange, throw the flags on the car and go to the games.

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I wonder if UT will ever bring Fulmer back in some capacity. I agree it was time for him to step away from the program when he was let go. I also believe that if he would have fired Clawson mid season then Fulmer would still be at UT.

Great man, a true Volunteer for life.

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Tressel - show clause and no bowl game would be rough and I'm sure the powers that be don't want that to happen.

Petrino - with past mistakes maybe he has wised up, but again I don't think the powers that be want him.

Not sure at this point what we are left with. Seems like every time a fan mentions a name there are many people who say that it is not a good fit. Some of the names on the fans list are obvious pipe dreams but if we don't shoot for the stars what are we really doing.

As a fan all I can do is hope that the powers that be make a wise choice this time. We can't afford to just settle for anyone willing to take the job.

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Wonder how much it would cost to steal sumlim? Just saying a big offer wouldn't hurt. Worst he could say is no. He did what no one else in the SEC did this year in beating bama. He is only going to get better as time goes on.

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Great post. The speculations are a big problem. If Hart is talking to someone and trying to keep it secret, it will be posted on here simply by speculation. I guess they figure if they name every coach in the country they will eventually be able to say you heard it hear first.

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Out of the list of names in the articles list. Didn't say he was our best choice

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Gundy is not the answer for the Vols. out of that list Charlie Strong is the best candidate. 7-5 record this year wouldn't keep vol fans happy. The 3 million to buy his contract out doesnt fit the Vol budget at all.

At some point the reporters need to back off and wait for the official announcement. They have proved their sources don't know any more than the fans know.

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Charlie Strong would be a good fit. Yes Gruden would get some great recruits just from his name but the real question is can he coach and win in the SEC?

Like all fans I am waiting for the official statement of who the next head coach is going to be. Whoever it is will get my full support. I can't imagine us hiring another flop. My worry is hiring another kiffen type. Kiffen got fans excited. Recruited well. Looked like was going to turn the program around and then bolted for USC. I don't think the program can handle that again in the near future

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Agree that article says Gruden or bust. The rumors I have heard say press conference set for Thursday at 2pm. I can only hope it's to announce we made a hire.

If its Gruden I hope he surrounds himself with experienced recruiters. I don't doubt grudens name will bring in big time recruits, but he will need to be taught how to go into a recruits living room in this day and age.

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in response to mdvol:

Not sure if this article has been posted. Not only did Dooley have a terrible record, the high school coaches were clearly not impressed either....

I read that article the other day. I was shocked when I read it. Even if a highschool in Tennessee has never produced a recruit the coaching staff at UT should be their best friends. Eventually that school will have a stud come through. I hate seeing kids from our area go to other schools and turn out great. The QB from wisconsin came from East Tennessee. He has had some knee problems but watching him play is a blast.

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I will be happy when we get a story of who UT actually hired instead of all the possibilities. Many names on the lists look good. I would hope whoever we hire has at least recruited in the SEC before. I also hope that either the new head coach has a good defensive mind or plans on hiring someone that does.

I know many dont want Petrino due to his past but the more I think about the more I accept the fact that the man can coach. Like many have said put an ethics clause in his contract.

Whoever we get I hope we are smart with the contracts.

Bonus for SEC Championship. Bonus for 10 win season. Bonus for BCS bowl games.

No big buy out. Contract should be for 4 years. If they win 10 games then contact gets extended. Should be if fail to win x amount of sec schedule contract buyout gos way down.

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Stupid Article, Tennessee has the edge in almost every catagory or its even but you pick KY by 1. Someone wasnt great at math.

On a side note, I try and admit when I am wrong. I have been pushing to get Trooper Taylor back on the sidelines but read today that he is now in trouble with the NCAA and Auburn has stopped letting him go out and recruit until investigation is completed.

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Worley has 1 more thing to look at. Who is going to coach defense. The reason Worley didnt get much playing time this year is because we could not put a game in the bag early to get him in at the start of the 4th quarter. Bray had crazy numbers because Bray played the entire game because our defense gave up too many points.

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I don't see hunter or Patterson as first round picks this year. Patterson is the most exciting player I have seen in a long time but only when he has the ball. He continues to run the wrong routes. Hunter still needs work and many times is afraid to put his body on the line to make some catches.

Bray could possibly go late in the first round but his maturity level will get him stuck on the practice squad.

All 3 need another year in the weight room and training to learn how to win. None have part of winning big games. They need to announce the next coaching staff before players decide on going to the nfl. This gives them their best chance.

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To bring up something no one else has brought up. This one is about character. When Fulmer was fired he showed his class, his character and the love for the vols by presenting the school with a 1 million dollar donation. If Dooley will do the same he will regain my respect. For someone getting paid 5 million not to coach what is 1 million. Just something to ponder.

No I'm not saying Fulmer should get his job back for that donation but I do think it showed he loves this school.

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No where does it say he was offered the job. Reporters trying to get ahead of the game. My guess they have called several people asking if they are interested in the job. Any smart coach would tell the press they are happy where they are.

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That list will get longer. I think there are more candidates out there. We really need an sec coach. Wouldn't hurt to offer Myers or Steve spurrier. Sure they may turn us down but never hurts to ask.

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Good luck to Dooley in his future. It was past time for him to go. Like many I believe he had the best intentions but just was not sec caliber. The next coach needs to be a proven winner and a proven recruiter. Whoever they hire I hope the fan base will stand behind them.

Hart may be playing it close to the best but I have to think the search started some time ago. Looking forward to the official announcement of the new head coach. I think it will be at least after the Kentucky game before its official and possibly after the bowl games (if we hire a coach from another school that is)

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in response to gohawks1:

Wondering if the speed gun that detected the speed of his passes before the game went to his head. He thought he had to through the fast ball on every down.

I hadn't thought of that. Good point. They were pushing that radar pretty hard and this is the first game I have seen that so it could have something to do with it.

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When will coaching get the grade it actually deserves. Game after game the coaches make poor choices.

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We keep hearing grudens name but here is a question to consider. When was the last time Gruden sat in a recruits living room? My thought is hire someone that has been out recruiting this year. If its a big name that's a plus and they will call those recruits to flip to Tennessee.

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How many times can you hit rock bottom in 1 season? Just when you think we are at rock bottom there is another game. Can't wait for the report card. If not multiple F's I will be shocked

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Serious question the my fellow vol fans and donors. If Hart does not fire Dooley this year will you keep your season tickets next year.

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How many football games have you watched in your life when the announcer referred to the head coach as the attorney. I can only think of once and that was tonight.

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Dooley is officially an idiot. Why pull bray to put Worley in.

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Why is Patterson all of a sudden show boating on td's. before he just ran it in and handed ball to ref. last 2 games have gotten the flag. I still like the guy but gotta play smarter

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was blacked out in Johnson City area as well. Finally came on. Very odd in deed.

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One major problem we have this year is that we dont get our 2nd and 3rd string enough to start building them for next year. The reason we dont get them in is because we cant build up enough of lead to seal a game early. There were games this year we should have blown out our opponent and got our starters (on offense) off the field so that the younger guys could start getting actual game time. This holds especially true at QB. The defensive side of the ball is why we havent been able to do that. We could score 60 and still lose a game and that is really scary.

I am proud of the offensive team UT has produced this year. Big improvement over last year. I do think to keep the defense off the field we are going to have to run the ball a lot more today than we have all season.

Written on Vanderbilt, Tennessee rivalry may rest on QB Tyler Bray's arm:

Brays arm might play a big part but I think this one is won or lost on the ground game.

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We don't need a coach for a few years. We need a coach that will spend the next 20 years here. We need a proven coach. Without knowing how much Dooley actually does with offense I think that side of the game is fine.

Keep in mind whoever they hire has the choice to keep coaches or let coaches go.

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Just watched the Dooley show. I expected him to take some of the blame but instead he blamed the players. Then he makes statement can still end up with a good season and a bowl game.

Not sure where he sees can still end up with good season. I'm not even confident will get a bowl game.

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First want to say Happy Veterans Day, thanks to all that are serving or currently served. Many of us were standing yesterday when our branch was called upon. Always great to see so many veterans at the games.

Second, I dont think Hart is going to make a move until after the Kentucky game. I am sure that he has already made up his mind but I believe he doesnt want to crush the players any more than they have already been crushed.

Except for making many fans happy I dont think you gain anything by firing a coach during the season. Most of the coaches you want to talk to about replacing the coaches now are currently coaching somewhere else and may not even want to talk about coaching somewhere else until their season is over.

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Anyone that believes Dooley will resign this weekend is way off their rocker. Sure it would be the respectable thing to do, as it would be for Sal to resign.

Several things scare me in all this mess. One thing is we need to leave Petrino off the table. Just not what we need at UT. Reputations follow you for life, very hard to change that fact. I am also worried that Hart will try and move someone from within the program up to head coach and I dont think we have a head coach in the making on this coaching staff.

Dooley gets a 5 million dollar buyout because the powers that be gave him an extention.

Another thing that worries me is if we bring in a big name coach too many fans are going to expect immediate results. I believe a good coach takes us to 8-5 or 9-4 next year but that wont be enough for some of our fans.

The next head coach needs to have ties to knoxville so that when another job opens up we dont have to worry about our coach bailing on us like Kiffin. Say what you want but had Kiffin still been here we would not be as bad as we are right now.

As far as recruits reading this page, I see that two ways: 1. some will get turned off by the negativity around the program. 2. Some will see that the fan base wants this to be a winning program, actually the fan base demands this to be a winning a program and they will see that they have the ability to help this program. Great players strive to be the best, thats what makes them great players.

Something I would like to see the Vols try next saturday on offense. Give the reins to Bray, give him the offense 100%. Let us see where Bray really is. I watch him on some of the play calls and can tell he does not agree, I watched him slam the ball down when Dooley decided to run out the clock. If we do let Bray have control and we win great, if we lose what did we really lose?

I honestly feel that this year Vanderbilt will have our number and they will come out tasting blood in the water. The Kentucky game will be our only win in the SEC this year.

Still hearing Rumours that Fulmer is taking over Kentucky, very curious what the fans that think Fulmer has let the game pass him up will be saying if Fulmer turns Kentucky program around. The man can recruit.

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in response to ACWLY:

Just asking... do any of you have a realistic clue who our next coach might be? I know a lot of you keep up with this pretty close, I don't have any idea but would really like to know who the candidates might be.

Hard to tell who candidates are. All I can hope for is a proven winner.

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Don't expect an announcement this week. Hart will wait till the end of the season to clean house. I have thought for a few weeks Hart has been making phone calls but to be honest if he is making phone calls he has done the best job in AD history of keeping it under wraps

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Hart isn't going to make it official until the season is over. I don't see it improving the season by firing Dooley right now. The players all know there will be a coaching change and I believe they deserve that coaching change.

Lots of coaches would enjoy the opportunity to coach here. I don't thing Gruden is coming though. Maybe Strong. I have heard a couple people bring up hiring Fulmer. Not sure Fulmer is the best but he is head and shoulders above Dooley. If no one else takes it then Fulmer is a thought. But from what I have heard Fulmer is taking over Kentucky.

Written on Report card :

No way coaching gets a C. Honestly it's time to give the coaches the grade they deserve and that's a D- I would say F but the fake field goal was pretty nice.

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in response to JDX47:

Spoken like a true Commodore fan. If you set the bar low enough, we can all jump over it. Let's cheer for our SEC team with its 4 - 16 SEC record...maybe we can go 4 and forever!

JDX47 - member since Oct 25, 2012. 76 posts in a very few days, all negative towards the program. That's not even hard math to figure out you are no Vol Fan.

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in response to underthehill:

I am one of many who have the opinion Hart hired Sunseri and gave him complete authority to run the defense..that opinion was formed due to Dooley stating repeatedly he had nothing to do with the defense..have you ever known a head football coach at any level make this statement..when the question was getting enormous attention on talk shows and among fans..all of a sudden Dooley gets to take over the appears to me that Hart over stepped his boundaries if this is what happened...I agree with the TV sports show host who said we will probably never know the truth on this..
I think UT will beat Mizzu so I must think the defense is going to play better...we'll see..

You may be right that it was a Hart hire. Not sure if we will ever know. The one thing that bothers me about Hart is that he has yet to really come out and make any comment at all about football.

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in response to JDX47:

Spoken like a true Commodore fan. If you set the bar low enough, we can all jump over it. Let's cheer for our SEC team with its 4 - 16 SEC record...maybe we can go 4 and forever!

Spoken like a bandwagon fan. No where in my post did I say they have done well. I didn't even mention the record. I donate a pretty good amount of money to UT and like many I'm not at all happy about this season but that does not change the fact that I'm a Vol fan.

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assumption is the mother of all mess ups. Too many fans assume to many things. There are fans that assume Hart hired Sal, Fans that Assume Gruden is taking the job, heck there are even fans that still assume we will win the national championship next year.

It is great to cheer for your team no matter what but you have to have realistic goals. Could we possibly win the SEC east next year? Yes we could possibly win the East next year. Can we go 10 and 2 in regular season next year? Sure. Can we go 14-0 next season? Not likely.

So fans, show up at the game saturday, have your orange on and cheer for the team we have on the field right now. I dont care which player it is, the fans can get them fired up.

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Honestly I think we have to stay with the faster tempo on offense. Slowing the offense side down may give the defense a few extra seconds or even minutes to rest but it does not change the fact the players on defense still lack the talent and depth to compete. The defensive coaches still would lack the ability to come up with a game plan that gets our offense back on the field quickly.

Imagine a very good defense playing with our fast temp offense. If you get the opposing team off the field in 3 and out and bring back out the fast tempo offense very good things can happen. Look at Oregon, has worked for them for a very long time.

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in response to govols0463:

If you think Tyler Bray is playing for your cheers, you are high. He's playing for commas in his NFL paycheck. He could give a dam* if any of us show up. I promise.

Last time I checked Bray was not the only player on the field. Say what you want about him but without him at QB yesterday we lose that game. Bray may be trying to decide if he is ready for the pros. He may know he needs another year in college and he could be struggling to make that choice when he knows the coaching staff may not be able to hone his skills.

I believe players in general feed off the crowd and Saturday there was no crowd.

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The players have the same problems these boards have. The fans on this board spend as much time talking phooey about other fans as they do about football. One fan makes a post with his comment and then 10 fans attack that fan for his beliefs. Crazy right.

Watch the players, they have the same issue. One player tries to tell another player what they need to do and it causes an argument. They look to the sideline hoping their coach has an answer but he is clueless.

Fans on this page ask KNS to remove a post and they are clueless.

The real problems point back to teaching. Our players have not been taught how to play at this level. They are trying to figure things out on their own and their teachers are misleading them.

Too many fans have not been taught to be a great fans. The first thing a fan has to realize is that these are still kids on the field. If you want to be upset with the a product on the field, be upset with the coaches first and foremost. I can promise you that the players are giving their all for Tennessee 99% of the time.

As a fan you dont even have to like a single coach on the sidelines but you still need to cheer for those young men on the field. They play for your cheers. As bad as our defense is I saw them constantly asking for our cheers.

One thing the players saw saturday was that much of the fan base has given up on them. These young guys dont see the half full stadium and thing oh the fans our protesting our coaches. They look up and say man, our fans have given up on us.

I was in my seat and I looked around the stadium. They can announce there were 84,000 all they want. I would be shocked if there was actually 54,000 at the game.

I agree the coaches should be ashamed of what they are are doing to these defensive players but at the same time I will say many fans should be just as ashamed.