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I didn't mean to yell.

WE GOT A COACH!! Martin will be fine this year and years to come. I too have missed Pearl's shenanigan's at times though.

I realize we have a coach and don't get me wrong, I will cheer for our Vols when the season arrives. But your last statement sort of tells how you truly feel. Nobody will ever be able to recreate the atmosphere and excitement Pearl brought. The Memphis game, Kansas game, several Florida games etc... It's a HUGE if but if it were to somehow work out, can you imagine the excitement?

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Hire back Bruce! TBA was a half full arena with black curtains to hide the empty seats before he got here. The program Urban Meyer ran at Florida is way more disgraceful than what Bruce did. Calipari's history of probation at multiple schools is way worse also. He lied about a BBQ and has owned up to it and as of yesterday our probation ends and on August 23, 2014 his will end. He paid his penalty, still loves the school and our fans still love him!

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He didn't beat Bama. It's a team sport. There is no doubt, really, that Murray is more deserving. He has delivered for three years. He's already UGA's every-record holder, and he'll be the SEC's all-time leading passer about 3 games into the season. He'll finish the season with about 3,000 more yards than the next guy in line for that honor.

Just because Manziel won the Heisman doesn't make him the best quarterback. It just means a bunch of reporters voted him the best all-around player. I also think him being a freshman weighed into that a lot, because they wanted to do something nobody had ever done - award the Heisman to a freshman.

While you make some good points, Manziel beat Bama at Bama and Murray botched the SEC championship game when the pressure was on. Manziel completed 77% of his passes against Bama and Murray 54%. Manziel rushed for 94 yards also. It may be a team sport, but Manziel won the Heisman in large part to what he did against Bama. Murray has some great career stats but what has he won? Either way it just struck me as odd like the coaches were over-thinking it or letting their disdain towards Manziel botch their opinion.

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So the reigning heisman winner is second team All SEC and the guy that beat him out is not Alabama's QB? I'm as sick of his antics as everyone else but he was the only QB to beat Bama last year and he did it at their stadium?

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I liked the black jerseys when we beat the snot out of USCjr and these are even better. If the players like them for one game a year then by all means do it. If we beat Oregon wearing these then take them to Gainesville! The helmet looks out of place IMO and would look better in the Smokey color also. I like the new Home Uniforms also. The white away uniforms are a little cheesy but if we win they will grow on me too!

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We could easily get back in the top 5 after August 23, 2014!

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I at least like the option of letting people buy it as opposed to it not being available at all. It's on pay-per-view because no network picked it up and that's the only remaining option. I'd pay to see any Tennessee game if I were not able to attend for some reason and I suspect our fan base will do the same.

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People need to separate their hate for a school and this horrible crime. It says more about the individuals involved than Vandy. Any grown men that gang rape an unconscious girl are very sick, twisted people and deserve to rot in jail. As for the witnesses listed, if they saw this happen and didn't stop it, they need a wake up call too.
Of course if rappers are celebrating rape and violence against women in their "music" and lots people are listening to it, it makes you wonder. I'm not blaming the music but why would people even buy music these days that celebrate this type of activity? Were they just acting out what they heard in a Rick Ross song? Did they think it was cool? Did they even have a moment of clarity while it was going on and think they may be doing something wrong? Kobe did it and he is still an idol? Ben Roethlisberger did it twice and he is still a hero in Pittsburg? Unfortunately, our society is becoming less sensitive when these things happen.

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No telling how this could go? At Ohio State, the tattoo parlor turned out being bad news for the University. However, Alabama is the biggest repeat offender in NCAA history and they got away with their players getting hooked up with suits? Depends on their mood that particular day I guess

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Tennessee and all other major college teams should play 4 tough out of conference games.

It's why I hope the 5 big conferences break away as is being discussed. Then everyone would have to schedule only within those 5 conferences and the OOC matchups nationwide each week would be must see TV.
Even before that happens, it's getting ridiculous that they ask us to pay for the OOC games they have this year. I'll go but I don't blame any out of town fans for sitting those out.

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At this point, we can not risk an almost sure hit to our future APR.

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Tennessee has a checkered past for cheating and firing Fulmer. So I would vote for having orange/white checkered uniforms to match the corrupt UT Football program.

Just Saying

During the past 30 years, Alabama has been on probation more years than not. They have vacated wins because of the cheating multiple times. Bear Bryant was the dirtiest coach in NCAA history and got caught cheating many many times. Just Saying....

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Johnny Major wore the orange pants too.

True, Dooley only copied the look from Majors. I will still wear mine which I had when Dooley was simply a bad lawyer in Atlanta.

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The Checkerboard numbers look cheap and silly! The rest of the changes look good to me. I think if they just put the normal orange numbers on the away uniform it would look good.

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And the cops are for there what reason? To make sure a group of well healed adults are having fun? Handing out parking citations? Homeland Defense??.. Why do the blasted cops have to be involved in aspect of life. How bout having NO COPS and just hand the pistols and Tazers out to us Vol Fans? (Archie Bunker, 1968)

Sorry, I didn't fully explain. The cops or even just security to look over the tailgating areas overnight to discourage overserved students or other deviant types from stealing or destroying the area. I was only talking about having the area watched overnight after setting up on Friday night. I agree, once it's Saturday morning get out and let everyone have fun as always.

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I always thought they should take a Que from Ole Miss and create a "Grove" type atmosphere around the stadium. Alabama has a similar area(The Quad I think). Circle Park and the grass areas around Humanities should be allowed to set up tents the night before. First come basis and pack them in tight. They could easily have some Campus police look over the area like Ole Miss does.

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The irony of all of this is that 2 Florida grads made up the Fulmer Cup because of UT players run ins with the law. Then after, UF sets records for arrests during Urban's tenure and now more and more keeps coming out during this investigation. Talk about the ultimate "Don't throw stones" coming back to bite a program! Couldn't happen to a more deserving fan base and coach IMO!

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No throwing stones here. We have had more than our fair share of run ins with the law. Same with Alabama, Georgia, Auburn etc... The difference is that when our players are arrested, the police are allowed to do their job. It appears that Urban had a deal with the police to drop charges against his players so they don't miss the big games. He had over 30 arrests during his tenure but now it could be double that. How many never made the news or were dropped? That may be a really big problem if people keep investigating his time there.

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Should have chosen to go to Florida. You can assault a bouncer or steal your GFs car from an impound lot etc... and never miss a game there.

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I agree that winning cures a lot, however, in the 70s, 80s and 90s students went to the home games regardless. These days there are more kids that like to sit inside and play video games, surf the internet, or text each other.

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Nilo Sylvan was charged with rape and dismissed from the team by Phil Fulmer after John Adams screamed bloody murder about his lack of discipline. It was later discovered that the girl was lying and Nilo had not touched her. Too, late Nilo lost his senior season and any chance at a pro career.

Nilo was one of the best punt returners in UT history and would have definitely gotten a shot in the NFL. After the Nilo incident, I always reserve judgement until all the facts come out. The Duke situation only reinforced that for me. Rape is among the most heinous crimes but false rape accusations also cause irreversible damage. Best just to let all the facts come out instead of speculating either way. No reason to "John Adams" the situation at this point.

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Last month in Vegas, I put $20 on the Vols to win the NC at 500-1. If they win, I get a free trip to the game with primo seats. I don't think we do it but I think we could be much improved by just switching back to the 4-3. Wilcox's last D would have been good enough for us to win 9 games last year and be ranked preseason in the top 25 this year. Unfortunately we ran Sal's 3-4 half the time and them tried to switch to the 4-3 midway between games. Everyone was confused including the players!

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This doesn't happen anymore because of the internet. Too much info out there and everyone has access to it, especially the pros. I heard this directly from a friend of mine who used to work for the Las Vegas Sports Consultants. They minimize risk and take a sure 10%. It's all about the juice these days, especially since all these casinos are publicly traded companies who think profit and profit only. But hey keep believing in conspiracy theories and see where that gets you. The problem with sports fans is that they bet with their hearts and that's what makes lines look "out of whack" to them. You see a line that you think is "bait" and there is also someone who see's it the other way.

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I can tell you very little goes on. The Nevada Gaming commission watches every play with high scrutiny. Thats why you can only Sports gamble in the state of nevada in the US. People say "vegas fixed a game' when in reality vegas depends on games not being fixed. They have the 10% juice so they don't need a fix. They need everyone to believe games are not fixed. If you are caught doing so the powers to be will bring down the roof on you and make an example of you. Much like card counting.

Couldn't agree more! I always laugh at people who say "Vegas is setting you up to take one side or another" or "Vegas was on the right side of that one". Vegas is into making people gamble and not gambling themselves. They want even money on both sides and try to lay off lopsided money and adjust lines to achieve this. They want the 10% guarantee from the juice and it doesn't even make sense to think that they would risk a sure thing and try to get on one side or the other. Yet I hear people say or insinuate the opposite all the time like they know something everyone else doesn't.

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As the SEC continues to expand their footprint, they need a centrally located destination for their tournaments. Atlanta makes the most sense because it's easy to get to by drive or flight. It works for football. I agree the Dome is a little ridiculous for bball. Philips Arena would be a much better venue but it will never happen as long as the State owns the Dome and the Spirit own Phillips.

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This game and our whole season will revolve around how quickly we can forget everything we learned about playing the 3-4 defense last year.

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I remember him as much for his kickoffs as his punting and he was really good at both. He used to put almost every kickoff into the endzone and most of the time through it. I have said to myself many many times since "Why can't we get a kicker that can just kick it through the endzone for a touchback every time like Joey Chapman used to.

Gone way too soon! Thanks for the memories and RIP!

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(This comment was removed by the site staff.)

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Have a good friend that lives in Orange County. He says most of the Alumni have turned on him and this will likely be his last year. Said some of the local Sports Talk shows actually beg people to call in and defend him as USC's coach. It's become a big joke.
On the other hand, he did well for himself. He was fired by the Raiders then we paid him over 2 Million to have a bad year here and then USC paid him 5 years and 20 Million to go there and be a bad coach. Hard to figure how he did it, but hey he sure looks smart from a financial standpoint.

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You win by running the ball in this league! Sure our WRs will take a step back. They are young! Our OL and RB are very experienced though and that's what will make or break us. I'm not sure I agree with people blaming last years WRs and QB in big games. IMO, if we could have run the ball in short yardage situations we would have been better off. Getting into shootouts like we did with Georgia, Troy, South Carolina and Missouri is a recipe for disaster in this league. Our offense put up near record numbers last year yet our defense couldn't stop anyone and we couldn't convert in short yardage to keep the chains moving. Even when Bama had Julio Jones, they relied on a strong running game to set up the pass.

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Wish I made $300 grand at 33.

True and also I would laugh all the way to the bank when idiots came on message boards trying to tell me how to make financial decisions about my future. Saying he's not a VFL because he went to another school for either more money or a better title which will lead to more money is so stupid. Good luck Jay! Make us proud and good luck Coach G, I like the direction so far!

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Folks, I hate to disappoint you, but Bruce Pearl is not coming back as UT coach, ever. Get past it. He'll coach again at a big school, but not here. I like Pearl. He ran great inbounds plays. Once Loften left (a Buzz signee), Pearl's offense was no more consistent than what we see today, and Bruce couldn't get into Hopson's head (at least in a good way). Best of luck to Bruce once he can coach again.

I disagree if you are trying to somehow downplay his coaching skills. His record speaks for itself and he took Tennessee to the next level as a program. However, I agree that he will never come back here. You have to stretch the rules and dare I say it "cheat" in major college basketball to compete. Everyone knows this. He would never be able to do this here because he would be watched so intensely by the NCAA. I wish Coach Pearl the best!

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This is just as backwards of logic as Politicians saying paying higher taxes is the patriotic thing to do. Give me a break! In the real world, people want to make and keep as much money as they can and who can blame them.

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No ill will toward these coaches. That's how the system works these days. I just wonder how long CFB assistant's and HC salaries can continue to rise. Seems like they have really exploded in the last 5 years or so. You would think they have to level out soon with overall attendance on the decline the last couple of years.

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I'm sure these decisions don't come easy. Everyone calling him a traitor etc.. has no idea what lead him to make this decision. Take the Tennessee part out of it. Jay left a very stable program to join the most unstable program in the country. His new program was on their 3rd coach in 5 years and now are on their 4th coach in 6 years. Shut up about he should have done this or is a traitor or whatever. He made the decision that he thought was best for his family and good for him. We live in a free country where this is possible. I'm sure he is comfortable with his raise and new title. Hopefully he makes us proud and continues to climb the coaching ladder. If we wanted to keep him we should have paid him a lot more and given him the recruiting coordinator title.

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Good luck Jay! Thanks for your time here as both a player and coach!

I will never judge a man for doing what he thinks is better for his career and family. From the outside, Florida State looks like a much more attractive job than Tennessee. Only winning can change that. If they paid him more money then good for him. I HATE when people insinuate that coaches should choose some sort of loyalty over bettering themselves and their family. All this VFL talk etc... If we wanted him to stay, we could have offered him more money until he said yes. If we wanted Tee we could have done the same. We have to pay a lot more than our competition to get or retain great coaches because of our record and coaching changes the last few years. That's the reality!

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Dooley was all talk when it came to "cleaning up the program" He didnt do anything different than any other coach at UT. He recruited kids that had been in trouble. He recruited kids that couldnt make it academically He let star players run the show and gave them more chances. That was one thing that got to me with the "Dooley can do no wrong" crowd. They tried to make Dooley out to be some big Disciplinarian when the facts dont show it.

I understand he didn't take care of all problems but I do like the VFL program. Most would think that Saban runs a tight ship and is a disciplinarian also until last week. Hey no one can clean up everything. I did however feel our program was less rogue under Dooley than under Kiffin or the last few Fulmer years. The Pilot incident, Guns, Drug Dealing etc.. was far less prevalent or tolerated under Dooley in my view. I wasn't saying "Dooley can do no wrong" just saying he made me more proud of our team off the field after implementing the VFL program. And I was saying we don't need criminals to transfer here.

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Agree! One thing that Dooley actually did well was cleaning up the embarrassment the football team had caused us off the field in the previous couple of years. After the armed robbery incident at Pilot, I am for telling anyone involved in a gun crime to take a hike. Dooley did a good job of creating the VFL program and I expect Butch Jones to carry on that and make us proud of our team both on and off the field. If we have to take criminals to win, it's not worth it!

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Even if Saban does kick them out, sadly someone will give them a second chance whether they deserve it or not. We will probably be begging a couple of them to transfer here after a year in JUCO. Right now a lot of people are wanting Dyer or Crowell here and they both committed felonies

We kick off Aaron Douglas and he would have played against us at Alabama if not for his unfortunate death. Florida kicks out Cam Newton and he wins a NC for Auburn. We kick out Cam Clear and he is now at Texas A&M. The list goes on and on and on and on.....

What are coaches to do? They is a lot of pressure to win and if a player has talent, he will get a chance somewhere else, maybe even your rival.

The NCAA needs to take the decision out of the coaches hands. Any Felony and a player loses the right to play in the NCAA again. If he wants to pursue the NFL find another route, maybe Canada or something. No second chances for felonies and limited second chances for lesser crimes. Put some teeth behind committing crimes because obviously just the threat of getting arrested isn't enough anymore for some of these players.

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Saban had a lot to clean up when he got to Tuscaloosa. They had a player commit an armed robbery on campus, another player selling crack at the athletic facility and yet another player that was runnning a dog fighting website. Although I hate Bama as a team and consider them our biggest rival, I always thought Saban ran a lot cleaner program than his predecessors. Just goes to show you that we all recruit from the same cesspool, and although most of the players are good people with values, every team has their scumbags that embarrass a program and it's fans. No matter what University, these kids need to realize that they are taking someone elses donation to fund their scholarship. An Alumni took their hard earned money and funded their school's athletic fund so that they can attend school for free and play football while getting an education. It's a privilege, not an entitlement. This younger generation needs to learn this lesson ASAP! Sad thing about this is that if players like this don't get to the NFL, they either move back into their parents basement without a job or go on welfare and start sponging off taxpayers.

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Good effort by the students involved but time to let it rest. Our facilities, coaches and tradition will say more to a recruit than having his name painted on a rock. Again, I applaud the effort but I doubt this makes much of a difference one way or the other. It's Friday night, use your new found time to go find a date or something.

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Dooley's first class was ranked in the top 10. Our current class is not.

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Lots of nice comments about his dad on here. Lots of nice people pulling for the underdog story. I trust the coaches evaluation. Not only our coaches but all the other big college coaches that have passed. All are coming to the same conclusion. That is not to say that he can't go somewhere small and if he proves himself there, then he can transfer to a bigger school.

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while this vol team can be painful to watch at times i believe the Oneil years at U T were the most painful of all. if i remember correctly it was a challenge for U T to get the ball past half court in those days , literally .

No Question. TB Arena was empty. The team played some of the best defense ever but we couldn't score. I still remember ONeill kicking the Revco sign beside the bench several times a game and the building was so empty everyone there would be kind of startled. "What was that loud sound?" "Oh it's just our crazy alcoholic coach kicking the Revco sign".

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You might want to read up before you post something like that in the future. Azusa Pacific is a christian College, your right about one thing though, he is making a lifestyle decision.

Agree and great post! I read that the kid was into Fellowship of Christian Athletes or something similar. Said he felt more comfortable in Azusa Pacific's environment. Good luck and who can blame him. His decision appears to be about more than just football!

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Sounds like jealousy to me? Maybe more from you than the angle you are trying to play with your daughter. Athletes get girls that are out of their league all the time. I hate Bama more than any other team but to believe that the starting QB and 2 time defending national champion is dating Miss Alabama is not that far of a reach for me.
Also, those on here saying that she isn't hot are just jealous. I love when models are discussed and people say well she is too skinny or I don't think she is all that. That's because you couldn't have her in a million years. She is smoking hot along with all the other contestants from the Miss America pageant.
I thought the comments by Musberger were fine. She didn't have a problem with them either. The game was out of hand and he was making a joke about how kids should start trying to be a QB in Alabama because they are winning championships and dating models. Hate on Bama because they have a history of cheating and their fans are delusional and they are our biggest rival. But why hate on their QB for winning 2 in a row and dating a model? Again, comes off more like jealousy to me

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Really enjoyed this beatdown! The rudest and most arrogant fan base got what they deserved! I don't know if it's because they are a bunch of classless transplanted Yankees or what but I will never cheer for those SOBs. I thought their players were an embarrassment also when they got behind and started acting like a bunch of thugs with all the penalties etc... Of course teams usually take on the personality of their coach.

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I don't have any objection to playing them in football. If we are gong to schedule cream puffs every year anyway, we might as well keep that money in the state. I'd rather add another SEC game to the schedule every year rather than playing the 3 "money grab" games we played this year. But one of those games might as well be Memphis or UTC or MTSU rather than paying Louisiana Monroe or Tulsa or Akron etc... Keep some of that money in the state!

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It will always be Memphis State!

Or Tiger High if they keep acting like this!