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Written on Tennessee launches "flex ticket" pricing model:

"We think that having the ability to adjust our prices closer to the market value will help us sell more tickets and generate additional revenue and as importantly help us fill seats that have been empty at times over the last few seasons."

Let me go ahead and clear up the magical market forces driving your decreased ticket sales over the past decade. You hire losers to coach the football team, they lose, and then people don't show up.

I have never once in my life heard the following from a UT fan:

"You know, I'd love to go to the Georgia game, but the ticket prices are so arbitrary and really don't respond to fluctuations in the real market valuation of the individual nosebleed seats. I just can't bring myself to spend money on gas, hotel, food, concessions, and parking only to look down at my ticket and realize that I've ended up on the short end of a marginal market differential."

Also...UT students should NEVER pay for student seating. It's a travesty that we now require them to pay, however much. It's pathetic and the University should absolutely be ashamed of itself.

Written on John Adams: Phillip Fulmer needs to look in a mirror before assessing blame:

I agree with John that Fulmer was originally responsible for the problems surrounding our program, but five years after his firing, any problems that UT football is experiencing now are 100% laid at the feet of the administration (and by administration I mean the brain trust that makes up UT's board of trustees). Fulmer didn't cause the Kiffin fiasco and he didn't cause leadership to freak out when Kiffin jumped ship and desperately/insanely tie our program to Dooley...who never ever should have even been considered as a legit hire and who was a HORRIBLE leader (which John Adams seems to want to downplay).

Fulmer was a great coach that took us to the promised land. He hung on too long though because he loved UT. I can't really fault that. If he wants to remember history differently, well...he's earned it.

Written on No Vols-Kentucky game in Knoxville for first time since 1952 season:

in response to UkJarhead:

This is a shame. Big money is ruining college sports for me. I couldn't tell you who is in the other big conferences anymore except the SEC. Tradition is heading out the window. This is my favorite rivalry in sports. I've lived around the Knoxville area for many years and so enjoyed this game, except last year....What a shame.

Big money is the only thing pushing UT's administration to even try to be halfway decent at Men's basketball and where the "tradition" is that UT Men su*k at basketball, I'll take big money as a big motivator.

I will agree with you that it is a shame that this game can't be played this year. It seems like UT/UK basketball, in recent years, has become a great rivalry. You would think that "big money" would get its head out of its a** and try to make these games happen.

Written on Jacob Carter asked to lead group of receivers he's behind in Tennessee's depth chart:

For a player who has amassed an uninspiring 7 rushing touchdowns over his career and whose longest run in college football was 40 2010, maybe Neal should lay off the backtalk and recognize that his mediocrity would probably not be tolerated if there was another, better option at his position.

Written on John Adams: Western Kentucky would be worst loss for the Vols :

For everyone that's bashing Adams, two things: 1) He's correct and 2) He isn't now, nor has he ever been, paid to blow sunshine up your skirt for your personal satisfaction, so get real.

Petrino is dangerous because he has the one quality that any great coach has: he can do more with less. In a head to head match-up with relatively the same talent, Petrino would beat Jones seven times out of 10 games. Absolutely no doubt in my mind. He is one of the smartest game-scheming coaches in football (and one of the stupidest off-the field humans alive) and if you don't believe that, you're deluding yourself.

He is dangerous and Adams is right to point out that this is a trap game. If UT takes WKU for granted, they could be fighting for their lives by the fourth quarter. Remember that most of the guys on this team almost got taken to the woodshed by Troy last year.

T. R. O. Y.

And to everyone out there saying, "Yes Petrino is great, but it will take some time for him to get going," what do you think is happening with our squad? Petrino is putting in a new offensive system, but he also has James Mauro under center and that kid did really well in the No. 2 spot last year. Showed a great amount of composure and basically beat a Gus Malzahn headed Ark State squad by himself. Watch and see if Petrino doesn't turn him into a stud.

That said, I still think that UT wins this game, but it will come down to speed and a better-than-expected Defense (and by better-than-expected, I mean better than last year).

Written on Butch Jones says Day 3 of Tennessee's camp is 'step forward':

in response to exlineman:

Don't know if you guys have heard, but Jalen Hurd has bulked up 20 more pounds this summer. He was a stud and now will be able to use that weight to his advantage. I will be following him closely this season, as I live near Beech. He and Jalen Reeves Maybin both are two stud running backs. I hope Coach Jones uses Maybin some at tailback this year. He is a power runner like Hurd and both are hard to bring down. Go Big Orange.

Hurd is a beast already. I couldn't imagine how damaging he'll be with 20 extra pounds on him. Honestly, watching his high school tapes is like watching a man (a huge, fast man) play amongst boys. He reminds me a lot of Eddie George and I pray that UT keeps him at RB.

Freaking hell, why won't football start already? I can't stand hockey or baseball and after March Madness I kind of have to turn off the sports part of my brain until September. I feel like a kid sitting in class during the last week of school. I hate August!

Written on Defense looks to 'wreak havoc' with pass rush:

I actually believe Smith. UT's lack of skill players on Offense and last year's horrible defense (I told you Sunseri was overrated when he was hired) has pretty much destroyed expectations for what should be a decent defensive group. Don't get me wrong, they won't be world beaters by any stretch, but will probably be much more capable than last year's squad simply because they are moving to a system that suits them much better. I'm not sold on John Jancek at all(Dooley's 2011 squad hung 45 on his D and then Duke ran up 34 points on Cincy in the 2012 Belk Bowl), but at least he has coordinated a defense in the past and works well with Coach Jones. We'll see, but I wouldn't predict that Jancek remains long in the SEC. Defense is the life-blood of SEC success and I'm not sure if the guy is ready for prime-time. Of course, I'm not ready for prime-time, but nobody is paying me hundreds of thousands of dollars to coach UT's defense either, so it works out.

Will a moderately good defense make up for an inconsistent passing game and what is looking like a group of mediocre RBs? I think it will even out and UT will do better than 5-7. In fact, I think UT has the talent to go 7-5 even with the schedule that we have (go cream puffs!!)

Written on Daniel McCullers enters first practice with new weight of high expectations:

I cannot express how much I hope Daniel McCullers succeeds. In a world where sports stars don't miss the opportunity to run off at the mouth, McCullers is a freak of both size and maturity.

Good luck Daniel. The Vol Nation is pulling for you!

Written on Butch Jones goal is simple: Rebuild the Vols:

in response to GerryOP:

Really great post ... and I totally agree. How this "Jones-guy" has come in here and taken control is absolutely amazing! Whatever he's selling these kids the kids are buying. It looks like even the press-wienies are starting to pay attention.

I think that our footVols are going to surprise a lot of people this year. Let's see how '13 goes before we start worrying about '14 or '15. Coach Jones seems to have things under control.

Thanks for the great, honest, positive post.

Well...don't get too excited. I was one of the guys leading the criticism of Dooley. I don't believe in optimism or positive thinking for its own sake. If Jones goes 5-7 with the schedule and talent he's got, I'm not going to be optimistic at all. My metric is year to year improvement. That's something that Dooley never did and a whole lot of people, you included, didn't want to admit.

If Jones sucks, then he sucks and I'll be right back on these boards calling for him to be fired. If he's mediocre, then I'll say he's mediocre and call for him to be fired. He gets appreciation for winning on the recruiting trail and on gameday, not for sitting in the coach's seat (he gets a salary for that).

Written on Butch Jones goal is simple: Rebuild the Vols:

"Jones hasn’t won a game at Tennessee. The only contest he’s coached was internal."

I gotta disagree. Jones is winning on the recruiting trail and in the SEC (this is what Dooley was never able to do). Jones is beating out Bama, Florida, South Carolina, and Georgia for Recruits. If Jones does nothing else at UT, that is pretty amazing, especially considering how UT has been wandering in the wilderness for the last six years. He deserves credit for succeeding in the most competitive high school athletics recruiting market in the country.

I was critical of the guy when he was hired, but so far he's proven me and everyone else critical of his ability to recruit to be wrong. That deserves to be acknowledged and praised.

Of course, he still has to win on Saturdays in October, and that won't happen right away, but...I am an pretty cynical guy who is feeling quite optimistic right now. I still think that it's infinitely easier to fail in the SEC than succeed and I'm still leery of Jones's supposed "success" at Cincy, but I hope, I really really hope, that Coach continues to prove my initial assessment totally, 100% wrong.

So far, he is doing just that. Everyone is predicting that UT won't accomplish more than it did last season, but I think Jones will pull 7 wins and a bowl win. If he does that, then UT will be able to recruit lights out.

Go Vols!

Written on Mike Strange: Like moths to an SEC flame, the coaches come:

Bielema leaving Wisconsin for Arkansas has always made me scratch my head. Wisconsin is not a bad football school. Great atmosphere, passionate fans, and a supportive administration. Had Bielema jumped ship for LSU, Florida, UT, or UGA, I would totally understand...but Arkansas has got to be a hard place to recruit. Plus, you walk into the SEC West, which (now that Ole Miss has decided to actually play football) has to be the most competitive division of college football in America. In the Big10, who did he really have to compete against? Only Ohio State.

Franklin to Vandy makes sense. Malzahn to Auburn makes a lot of sense. Jones to UT makes sense. Bielema to Arkansas...doesn't make sense to me.

I guess that he wants to prove that he's the best and make a name for himself, but Arkansas isn't really going to be a springboard to Florida, UT, UGA, or Bama.

I don't know. I don't get it.

Written on Tennessee's season opener against Austin Peay on pay-per-view at 6 p.m.:

I love opening games against high profile teams, but I also get the strategic value of scheduling a cupcake. Still, there are cupcakes...and then there are extra frilly cupcakes with sprinkles and lace and a tiny, fake plastic, pink speech bubble saying: "Happy Birthday Princess." Austin Peay is the latter.

Want a cupcake but don't want to lose your reputation? Schedule Iowa State, Boston College, Maryland, or Arizona. At least then you get the value of going up against a major conference. Hell, except for Texas, Texas Tech, Oklahoma and a Russian roulette K-State most of the Big 12 is nothing but any of them. OMG...there are teams other than Louisville in the Big East?? Schedule Connecticut and let them have a 30% cut off the gate. They would love that. This Austin Peay opener phooey really gets under my skin, but it's the way of the world.

Just don't expect me to pay to view it.

Written on Govols247: Four-star juco WR Lauderdale coming to Tennessee:

Really excited to see this guy in action. Great pick up Coach Jones and I gotta say, congrats to coaches Azzanni and Thigpen. You guys are TEARING IT UP!!!

Written on Lenoir City's Jaylond Woods more recognizable since committing to Tennessee:

in response to allvol32:

No offense to Ohio State but I don't understand how a kid from TN who also apparently loves UT would have any interest in OSU...

This kid is trying to make a business decision because his goal is to play in the NFL. Where he plays college ball is extremely important. Urban Meyer and Ohio State have a known value. He knows that OSU will compete for championships. He knows that Meyers staff is going to be on point in regards to training and prep. He knows that if he excels that OSU will give him a massive stage on which to audition for the NFL. Unfortunately, he doesn't know that much about Coach Jones. And that's not a dig at Jones, but his staff is untested at the SEC level and he is an unknown commodity at this point. It's just the truth.

As the mob likes to say, "It's nothing personal, it's just business."

Written on Crystal ballin’ on football recruiting :

in response to volnbig11land:

cue the trolls.


I don't think you'll see a bunch of trolls with this class. If the predictions hold and we pick up Bates, Booth, and Hendrix, that will definitely keep us in the top 10 by the time the recruiting season is over AND deny Florida and Bama some players that they are targeting. I'm actually extremely impressed with CBJ's recruiting and I was a HUGE skeptic when he was hired (and will continue to be until he proves he can win on gameday).

IF he can win some games that he shouldn't this fall, we'll see this train keep on rolling, but, if he only wins 5 games...train wreck. All you have to do is look at Auburn to see how important coaching is in the SEC.

Written on 2014 power forward Philip Cofer commits to Vols :

in response to xanga:

meanwhile the rest of the SEC is recruiting top 5 classes

Yep...pretty much written off men's basketball at this point. I like Martin, as a person.

Written on Poll: Which first-year SEC football coach will win the most games next season?:

I can't believe this, but I gotta go with Jones on this one. Arkansas is a total fluster cuck, Auburn has absolutely no defense, no running game, and no O-line. Kentucky is Kentucky. Jones is going to have the best O-line in the SEC and possibly the country. An improved run game. Probably a modest passing game and I think that the Defense will not be horrible. I think we definitely beat Auburn. We have a shot at South Carolina with them being later in the season right at about the point where our team should be coming together and right around the point where a Spurrier team is falling apart. Maybe...just maybe...if Jones can out-game-day scheme Muschamp we might have a chance to hang with Florida (crazier things have happened...but probably not).

In all, UT is less of a project than any of the other three. 7 wins is definitely possible. If either a receiver or running back decides to catch fire early on...maybe we take out UF or USC. It's a long-shot, but I am much more optimistic than I was when Dooley was stinking up the place.

If Jones ends up with a top-10 recruiting class and a 7 win season...I'll consider that more than step in the right direction.

Here are my predictions:

Austin Peay: Win, but it's pathetic we play this game.

WKU: Win, but Petrino does more with less so Jones should watch out.
Oregon: Loss...too much talent; too fast on offense.

UF: Loss...unless a miracle happens, but this won't last if Jones keeps recruiting.

South Alabama: Win

Bama: Loss. F you Nick Saban! (I love you!)

UGA: Loss. I want to say upset win, but UGA is gonna be better than last year. Sad, but a loss.

USC: Win. Spurrier has been pathetic without the ready-made Florida recruiting pool. USC fans are kidding themselves that this guy is going to take them to the championship.

Mizzou: Win. Goodby Pinkel. Why is this an SEC team again?

Auburn: Win.

Vandy: Win.

UK: Loss...hahaha...just kidding. Kentucky is HORRIBLE. Win.

That's 8 wins if we upset USC. Totally doable with the kids we have on our roster. We shouldn't win any fewer than 7. Go Vols!

And yes...I ragged on Jones when he was first hired. I am willing to admit that I MIGHT be wrong about him. Still, his recruiting has given me a sense of optimism surrounding this program that I haven't felt since 2004.

Written on Source: Trae Golden's departure 'based on academics' and 'repeated plagiarism':

in response to VOLsince68:

It's a moot point now. He's gone and we need a PG.

Also, Landry was not going to cut it here anyway.


Then why did Martin offer him a scholarship. Either Martin is really, really stupid or this comment is really stupid. Can't be be both.

Written on UPDATED: Martin grants Yemi Makanjuola release from Tennessee to transfer:

I'm officially off the Martin bandwagon. He's getting paid too much to recruit Juco kids for nothing but their size. And if you're honest, you'll admit that Ndiaye is really only being recruited because he is big. Imagine if he were 6 foot 7, do you think he would have an offer with UT?

Personally, I quit caring about men's basketball when UT's administration decided to throw Pearl under the bus ( and totally wuss out before the NCAA. I wasn't excited by the Martin hire, but he had a better overall average record than Dooley, so I thought "What the hell? Give the guy a shot." Over the last two seasons though, he's been pretty disappointing. The team isn't getting better and he isn't upgrading or developing players.

Next season is going to be a train wreck. Disagree with me if you want. Say I'm not a Vols fan or whatever, but there's enough evidence surrounding Martin's time at UT that makes me feel like it's a pretty good bet that he isn't the guy for the job.

Its so much easier to fail in this business than succeed and Martin just doesn't have the "it" factor to succeed as a college basketball coach. Of course, neither do I, but nobody's paying me millions of dollars to lose in the SEC championship, fail to make the cut for the NCAA, or go out in the first round of the NIT.

Its a bit disturbing the amount of money UT Athletics wastes on mediocrity. Why not just admit that we can't pay enough to be successful, hire a coach for $500,000 a year and eat about four years of debt-management-crappy-athletics until we get our cash cow (football) back on track? Why keep overspending on mediocre coaches hoping to get lucky?

UT Athletics is like the desperate guy at the roulette table covered in sweat, his tie all messed up, who keeps mumbling "Just one more time. This time I'll hit. It's gotta hit," over and over.

UT needs to ride out Martin's contract, welcome any opportunity to negotiate a release and then hire one of Martin's support staff for a pittance. Pump any added revenues into debt or financing football.

Written on ESPN levels new set of allegations against already-embattled Auburn:

in response to dvols:

blah blah blah, ESPN is just a TV show

used to be a sporting news program....

So...reporting that a BCS college football champion cheated and manipulated its way through it's championship season isn't "sporting news"?

Written on Former UT running backs coach Jay Graham will make $275,000 at Florida State:

I love the revisionist history that some of the posters engage in whenever we have a coach leave. "We're better off without him." "The new coach (no matter who that person is) is an upgrade." "We don't want him if he doesn't want to be here."

A year ago, when Graham was hired, you guys who are criticizing him were crowing like roosters on a pile of dung:

"Oh Lawdy! Jay Graham is here to save the day! Derek Dooley done hired him a superstar and he's a REAL Vol for life. Ooooh child, we gonna be back!"

Now you're the same ones claiming that he's mediocre and that Gillespie, who has never developed a talent anywhere close to Marcus Latimore, is an upgrade.

Ya'll kill me. Monte Kiffin was better than Chief. Dooley was an upgrade over Kiffin. Sal Sunseri was the GREATEST DEFENSIVE COORDINATOR IN THE HISTORY OF COORDINATION. And most of you think that Butch Davis is one recruiting class away from winning the British Open and the BCS Championship simultaneously because "he wants to be here."

SummittsCourt, you've raised this to an art form:

"Sunseri, Graham, and Pittman... When Dooley has the time and the opportunity to do a thorough job he can hire the best coaches." -Jan. 13, 2012

"Jay Graham was a good hire because he is a great RB coach and recuiter, not because he is a former Vol player." -June 30, 2012

"Good, my only complaint is that [Graham] waited this long to leave. He wasn't all that as a recruiter anyway." -Feb 25, 2013

(I mean...c'mon. Even you have to admit that that is pretty amazing. It's like watching a mental train switch tracks because the light changed color.)

Why can't everyone just admit that Graham was a good coach? Gillespie is an unknown. We'll see what he can do, maybe he's better, but he is probably a downgrade at that position. No harm saying that. It's just reality. Try it, you might like it.

Written on Offseason could be time to evaluate Cuonzo Martin's contract:

If I were Hart and Martin's agent approached me asking for an extension, I would fire Martin on principle...but then, if I were Hart, I would be a robot sent back in time to destroy UT athletics.

Martin has barely earned his contract salary. I hope that the "source" is wrong on this, because if Martin does believe he's entitled to an extension or a raise, then he's not the guy I thought he was. Maybe that's why his kids can't finish close games..they expect to be rewarded simply for showing up.

Why the hell did I not go into coaching college athletics? I hate it that I have to actually produce results to keep my current job. It's hard. I would also like to be paid if I fail and have to be fired because I'm destroying my company. That would be great!

Written on Mike Strange: In many ways, things seem same after Cunozo Martin's second season :

Would a healthy Maymon have started for any other top 25 program in the country? Top 10? Is Martin getting the job done if he loses a single top 25 player (I think the answer to that one is definitely "yes") and then the entire season implodes?

It's basketball so I think Martin gets another two years, but I'm officially off the Cuonzo Martin bandwagon. I like the guy, but I just don't see UT advancing past a mediocre SEC team that occasionally pulls off the odd upset.

Hope I'm wrong.

Written on Season ends for Vols in NIT opener, 75-67:

in response to tennrich1:

Win, Lose, one...including you, me and the rest of the nation cares about the NIT...and thats coming from a huge college sports fan and Vol man....just dont care...watched about 5 minutes of it...NO WAY ON THIS EARTH THIS TEAM COULD MATCH THE GET UP THAT MERCER was that way from Sunday night until now...heck, we didnt stop talking about not going to the NCAA until sometime last night...Could they have won? sure...was the chance of losing greater than say 80%? Absolutely...SO DONT PUT MUCH STOCK IN AN NIT TOURNAMENT...lets act like adults and move on...

So...the adult thing is to NOT do your best because your butthurt and bitter?

That's strange, but then I never read the "Berenstain Bears and the Value of Quitting Because You Didn't Get Your Way."

I should definitely find that one for my kids...they keep trying soooo hard to be good at stuff. Losers....

Anyway, thanks for the life lesson!

P.s. I don't have kids, but if I did, I would definitely use the "Tennrich Teaching Kids How to Work Hard Only When They Think It's Important Method."

P.p.s. Also, do you realize that you contradicted yourself by saying that nobody cares about the NIT and then pointing out that Mercer cared about the NIT?

Written on Season ends for Vols in NIT opener, 75-67:

in response to GerryOP:

Amen brother. Let's look forward to next year. Nothing at stake tonight. Stokes had another double-double. Good job Jarnell! Trae had 20. Good job Trae! Hope the rest of you guys had a good time ... with no pressure.

So what if they were to win the NIT? Doubt if UT would find a big market for t-shirts bragging about "We're #69." Write tonight off to charity ... you made Mercer's day!

Hey guys, good job. For the 2nd year in a row you exceed most predictions. Thanks! Have a great summer and come back in September/October ready to go back to work. Thanks for all you have done for Dear Old UT!

Gerry...I really gotta hand it to you. Nobody celebrates mediocrity and failure like you do. And that's actually an impressive feat considering how many UT fans get excited when the team is able to get on the bus as a group.

"For the 2nd year in a row you exceed most predictions."

Who is making these pathetic, weak predictions? Oh..that's right, the "National Conference of Amateur GerryOP." This team LOST TO MERCER. I don't even know where Mercer is.

Your sunshine, rainbows, and unicorn farts are more befitting a pre-K girls soccer league than a nationally competitive collegiate program("Hey little ladies, the important thing is that you tried your best and that you made some new friends! Who wants ice cream?!")

Please be quiet while the rest of us lament the demise of our once proud and successful athletics. At this point complaining about how pathetic UT sports are is pretty much all we have. I would say "It can't get worse," but Dave "Who is Bill Battle?" Hart is still driving our broke athletics program into directly into the wilderness and desolation of Division II.

Bruce Pearl needs to come back. I don't care that the lied to the NCAA. The NCAA is a corrupt and hypocritical organization and the only thing I regret about Pearl lying is that he eventually told the truth. Think about this: If Pearl had continued to lie to the NCAA, then he would have been punished only for illegal contact with a recruit, but as soon as he was honest and admitted his "mistake" he was slapped with a 3 year show cause.

Written on Did Tennessee deserve to make the NCAA tournament?:

in response to SummittsCourt:

Only 3 SEC teams made the 68 team field. I call BS on that!

I guess the bogus selection committee doesn't want the SEC to dominate basketball like they do football and baseball.

Is there any real risk of that?

That's kind of like saying that I don't let my dog into the kitchen because I'm worried he'll perfectly cook a rack of lamb.

Written on Rejection Sunday: Vols left out of NCAA tournament, receive No. 2 seed in NIT:

Cuonzo Martin has 365 opportunities to fix UT men's basketball until we are back here again. Let's all sincerely hope that he does. He's a heck of a good person and I really hope that he's the great basketball coach we all want him to be.

And for everyone saying that Martin has done a good job considering "the hand he was dealt." I'm sorry, but that's the kind of excuse that someone making under $500,000 a year gets to make. We pay Martin millions to take what is available and win. If he can't do that, then he has to go. It's business.

Written on Reaction to Jalen Hurd's commitment on social media:

I've dogged Butch Jones in the past, but this is a huge get. Very impressive. Hope he proves me just as wrong on the field this fall.

Written on Butch Jones says Vols are on run of 'momentum':

in response to SummittsCourt:

Just come back and don't change your name when the Vols start winning again.

PS - you are an idiot!

I can't tell you how many times you and your Orange koolaide drinking buddies did the whole "come back when the Vols start winning" thing during Dooley's 3 years.

I am tempted to give Coach Jones the benefit of the doubt, but your history on coaching evaluations is so bad that now I'm starting to worry that the Vols are doomed to another three years of horrible to mediocre football.

P.s. Dooley said pretty much the same stuff when he started coaching and you drank it down and asked for more. Here you are again.

Written on Butch Jones says Vols are on run of 'momentum':

in response to gerwmor:

I am increasingly excited about where the program is going and where it can be in 3 years. The one thing, the only thing, I will give Kiffen is he seemed to understand UT tradition when he embraced Coach Majors. Obviously could not do that with Fulmer under the circumstances of his hiring. I am thrilled to hear that Coach Majors was at practice, was embraced by the former and current players, and that Coach Jones gets it, what it means to be UT. The Vol future can only thrive built on the tradition of the past. And CBJ does understand this basic truth. Damn it is good to be a Vol!

Johnny Majors endorsed Kiffin and Dooley. You could put an orange windbreaker on a goat and Majors would show up to see Coach Goats first practice. I'm not saying that Majors doesn't deserve respect, but we sure as hell know that him being at practice doesn't mean diddly squat when we face off against UF in September.

Tradition is great, but I prefer actually winning games. That's the funny thing about tradition, it's always in the past and we're always building it in the present, whether we want to or not. Right now UT has the tradition of being a pathetic SEC football team that has fallen behind our rivals in recruiting and wins in October. THAT is our tradition.

If Coach Jones discovers that the burning the maxims will magically lead to championships...then I say burn them. Let's make winning a tradition instead of the memory of winning. Let's not pretend that a lack of respect for tradition (rather than two horrible hires at head coach) has been UT's real problem these past four years. Let's actually acknowledge the fact that the head coach is the most important factor for winning in college football. And lets all take a deep breath and realize that while Jones is probably better than Dooley, he hasn't ever won a game against an SEC opponent and he's about to run into a level of competition that he has never encountered in his coaching career.

If Jones loses in the fall, it wont' be because he didn't pray hard enough at the alter of UT tradition, it will be because he's in over his head.

Written on Mike Strange: Bubble watch shines spotlight on Vols, SEC tournament:

in response to GreeneVol:

The conference comparisons can't be anymore than the out of conference match-ups which were a long time ago...I know, it's the only thing they have to go on. SEC must not have faired so well. But these jokers saying Ole Miss, Alabama and Tennessee all three not making the tournament? Leaving just Florida, Missouri and a badly-limping Kentucky in the field of sixty-however many teams? Really?

Surprised to hear Martin say 'the work is done'...I hope that is out of context from the way this article portrays it.

That's exactly what I was thinking. The only sure way for the Vols to go dancing is to win the SEC tournament. Martin should have these guys pushing all the way to the finish, not throwing up their hands and hoping for a lucky break.

I have to admit...coming from Martin...that's a pretty strange thing to say and a pretty non-Martin-ish sentiment to possess.

If UT wants to get into the NCAA on the bubble, a win over Bama would go a long way to securing that berth.

Written on David Climer: Tennessee Vols' Cuonzo Martin is the right coach at the right time:

Martin still needs to show up at the SEC tournament. The NCAA committee members will know to watch how the men play. The Vols men have historically been horrible at tournament play and a first round loss could see us playing in the NIT in no time. This group deserves better and I hope that they get it done. Two wins in the SEC tourney and I think we're in the big dance no problem.

Written on Tennessee head coach Holly Warlick reacts in frustration during the SEC Tournament game against Texa:

That picture of Coach Warlick pretty much sums up how I've felt about UT sports for years.

Written on More Tennessee spring football position-by-position by previews: Offensive, defensive lines:

I don't think that we've had an offensive line this absolutely loaded with talent since the late 1990s. It's one of those scenarios where a young QB could have a total breakout year and secure an NFL draft position for himself regardless of how he plays the year after (ala Jake Locker). Really, really hope that happens. I think our receiver corps will be fine, but our running game will be mediocre because we just don't have the backs big enough to hit that line and then break away. Hopefully the defense will start coming together.'s real shame that we have this O-line, but so much uncertainty surrounding the offense.

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For the past five-six years, many voices have clamored to throw out the coaches, ... whoever they were, at the time. Every such voice must have understood that, if you throw out the coaches, you get to keep the obligations. We cannot now clamor at the cost since we clamored for the actions. It could be argued that the UT Athletic department simply yielded to public pressure. Now, we pay the piper.

And yes, we will see the replay as long as we open these pages to read them.

It's important to remember that for those of us clamoring to throw out the coaches also made a parallel request...hire a coach better than the one we want thrown out.

It's the second half of that equation that UT seems to have the biggest problem with. At least with Butch Jones we have a coach with a winning record.

I don't think he'll win in the SEC, but UT seems to be making progress...slow...stupid...expensive progress.

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I think Fulmer received only 3 million. There was much more crying and gnashing of teeth over Fulmer's buyout than Dooley's.

I recall there were also tears because Fulmer wasn't "loyal" enough to return the money.


Ask yourself this question. Would you return millions of dollars that you were entitled to receive?

Of course not.

Here's the answer. Let the professional coaches finish what they start. They won't win 10 games every year, but they will every few years.

Use some common sense.

Carry on.

Fulmer's buyout was $6 million. He should have been fired, but he also shouldn't have been awarded a contract extension (including a $6 mil buyout) the year before he was fired based simply on the fact that he backed into an SEC championship appearance.

And if anyone was more upset with Fulmer's buyout than with Dooley's...they are idiots. At least Fulmer had the chops to command that kind of money. Dooley had NOTHING. He was a buffoon who won a few games in 2008 and then swindled Mike "Please Swindle Me" Hamilton into contract terms that were psychotic. Dooley had exactly zero other offers. UT was offering to pay double what was his then current salary. We were negotiating from a position of ultimate power, but since we were desperate we let Dooley dictate terms to us. Pathetic.

If I was Dooley, would I return that money? Hell no! It was owed to him via the terms of his contract. But then, if I was Hamilton, I also wouldn't have negotiated such a monumentally stupid buyout for a coach that didn't deserve it.

And no...coaches in this league don't get to ride out their contracts when they stink up the field. This is the SEC. This is 2013. This is reality. You either win or you go coach in the Big East...or you win in the Big East and the come work for UT.

And anyone who thinks that Dooley was ever going to win 10 games in the SEC wasn't paying attention. Sorry...I'm not going to win 10 games in the SEC and neither was Derek Dooley. Reality is a B.

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There is no Coach or Athlete walking the face of this earth that is worth over 1 million dollars a year and if 95% had to get another job they would make less than $30,000 a year. What a shame this whole matter has gotten too!

This is a really, really dumb post.

But're probably indicative of most UT fans. You have a 1950s mindset walking around trying to figure out why UT isn't competitive anymore.

College football is a business and until UT recognizes that, enjoy your mediocrity.

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Wow! What an insightful piece of gibberish, Jimmy Joe. We have no problem with Coach Martin. He is quality from top to bottom and has added a huge dose of badly-needed integrity to UTAD.

Maybe...but his kids don't win. Are we paying him over a million a year to be a pillar of integrity? Do people take their hard earned money, pay for a ticket, pay for parking, buy a soda and a hot dog, sit down in Thompson-Boling and say, "Man will you just look at the integrity walking on that sideline!"?

I like Martin as a person, but he needs to figure out how to win or find another job. In my mind, he deserves another year simply due to the flashes of brilliance we occasionally see out of his kids, but he ain't winning and that's his job.

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This is as BAD as I have ever seen UT. Its like we are sailing a BURNING ship. If Butch and CO. cant turn this around SOON, we wont be relevant for another 5-10 years.

We have a HUGE stadium, that fans dont PACK out anymore, with outstanding Facilities, and still, we change HC's every 2 or 3 years, Assistant Coaches change almost every year that make lateral moves in the coaching ranks. I would like to see how many coaches that we have gone through since Fulmer was let go, compared to other schools in the SEC. I would almost bet that we have made more changes than all other SEC schools COMBINED.

Just dont understand why with all the things that we can offer, that we are still loosing coaches, and suffering humiliating losses (VANDY),(Kentucky). Then we get made a fool of when we do go looking for new coaches. We get turned down, over and over. Then you hear stories of kids that can get into your Georgia, bama, Auburn, Lsu, that cant get into TN. So in return, we have to settle for kids that have lesser talent, and I know it should be about education first, but in this day and age its about Players, Championships, and MONEY. Which is one thing that we have lost ALOT of lately.

Just seems like a BAD DREAM, almost everyday.

We have an administration that is hostile to what it takes to be successful at the top levels of football. We have people in charge that are so terrified of the NCAA that they are constantly breathing down the necks of whatever coaching staff is occupying the front office. We have made a series of really, really bad hiring decisions (extending Fulmer's contract, Derek Dooley, Sal Sunseri, and now this Big East experiment). We aren't willing to pay top dollar because the past administration thought investing in luxury boxes was more important than improving the quality of the product on the field. And UT demonstrated with Bruce Pearl that it's more than happy to throw a successful and loved coach under the bus to save itself.

Finally, recruiting at UT is like storming the beach at Normandy equipped with nothing but a bow and a quiver of arrows. You have to go toe to toe against Saban, Muschamp, Richt, and now Franklin. Sure we have great facilities and early playing time, but that is NOT what the best high school players want. The best high school players see a college program as prep for the NFL. Right now, UT utterly sucks in that department (and if you think that Hunter and Patterson will change this are wrong).

In short, UT hasn't made the huge commitment it needs to attract the best coaches. We hired an incompetent in Hart and Jimmy Cheek appears committed to the destruction of UT athletics. We embarrassed a hall of fame coach with the way he was dismissed and then left a popular coach to be devoured by the NCAA when he needed our help. If I was a coach, I wouldn't see UT as an attractive employment opportunity either. I would see them as a lucrative employment contract and potentially a huge buyout.

That is why we are still losing coaches.

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BLAH..BLAH..BLAH..What is the big deal about losing a running back coach. No one is irreplaceable. C.B.J. will hire another one who can probably out coach AND out recruit J.G. If Graham doesn't want to be here then GOOD RIDDANCE!

I agree! No one is irreplaceable, least of all Butch Jones. In three years, we'll replace him with a real SEC coach.

Apparently the best coaching staff in the world just got a whole lot better, because we lost Jay Graham, right?

All you did during the Dooley era was bash people who spoke the truth and said, "This guy can't coach." Now people are speaking the truth again and guess you are again bashing the truth. I like how you think that everything Butch Jones does will be fantastic...just like how you thought everything that Dooley was doing was fantastic. Trust but ask not why, right?

Keep up the attitude though, I'm sure this time you'll be right. Just like you were right about Dooley. Just like you were right about Sunseri. Just like you were right that we'd be better off after Dooley's staff evacuated for lateral positions.

You know absolutely NOTHING about football, your record on this site alone proves it.

Coach Graham is a great coach and an even better recruiter. The idea that we can go out and get someone better is stupid. We'll end up with some C-USA or Big East flunk or Jones will make the same mistake that Dooley made and pretend that running backs don't matter in the SEC and have the TE coach take over.

But no matter...keep rah, rah, rah-ing if it makes you feel better.

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Wow scumbag, trolling this site at either 2:48 am or 3:48 depending if its eastern time. You should really get a life.

Why is it whenever anyone tells the truth on these boards, they get called a "troll"?

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Looks like these guys won't be getting medals in the VOLympics.


Written on Harrison Smith, Todd Kelly don't support NCAA changes that loosen barriers to recruits : horrible for these kids that people are competing to give them full ride scholarships and the opportunity to compete for a huge payday in the NFL or, at the very least, offer them a great education. That must be terrible! And to do so using social media, cell phones, and popularity...all things that high school students hate! Thank God I'm not a five star recruit. Choosing things is hard.

Boo freaking hoo Todd Kelly.

For the record, if anyone wants to legitimately offer to pay my full ride tuition, room and board, and tutoring for four years at...any...division 1 school, please let me know and you can blow up my cell phone and tell me how great I am for the next two years.

Also, my "I don't feel sorry for Derek Dooley" offer is still on the table. Anyone who wants to pay me a million dollars a year to fail at my job, I'll be more than willing to do that. Also, I'll agree to let you fire me for $5 mil. Oh and in exchange, everyone in TN can hate me. Deal?

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The NCAA is a joke. A strength coach conducts a workout within a week of exams and THAT is a violation?!?

OMG, what a detriment to the academic capabilities of those student athletes that participated in that workout! How were they ever able to study?!? Let's shut down the Rec Center...near exam time. Everyone knows that exercise is horrible for academics.

God, the NCAA is horrible.

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Bible study session? Guess they are all Christians or are expected to be.

Didn't you know that only Christians win football games in the SEC? God LOVES football but he hates it when agnostics, atheists, muslims, jews, hindus, buddhists, pagans, taoists, etc. play and win. Nothing bothers God more than multi-cultural football players.

At least, I think it's God that it bothers. Sometimes I wonder if its the redneck fans of UT that it bothers more, but they tell me that it's God, so that's probably true.

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Well, if we learned anything from Derek Dooley (orange dog, mountain climbing, VFL, etc.) building gimmicks always WORK with 18 to 20 year old kids.

I'm sure this will work well too.

Also, the Bible study class is a great idea. Great way to distinguish ourselves as not a backwoods, hillbilly high school with a huge stadium. Of course...that's just me believing that a person shouldn't be rewarded for choosing one religion over another.

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"Former Tennessee coach Derek Dooley referred to his first season as 'Year Zero.'

Although his assessment didn't catch on with the general populace..."

It certainly caught on with a bunch of idiots that post on here. I can remember them now. "Dooley just needs time." "Dooley did an amazing job at La Tech." "Dooley is a great guy." "Dooley will recruit the best players." "It isn't Dooley's's Kiffin's fault."

Same people who believed that Year Zero krap will be on these boards next spring saying, "It isn't Jones' fault. It's Dooley's fault," "Next year Jones will win 8 games," "Coach Jones is a hard worker," or (my personal favorite) "Coach Jones wanted to be here so he'll succeed."

UT fans don't want a real coach. They want a drinking buddy that will watch NASCAR with them on Sundays.

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Yeah, we should have hired Petrino, his class is ranked in the 70's somewhere. Maybe we could have stolen Tuberville, his class is full of 2-stars. Oh, I forgot Charlie Strong and even after their showing against Florida his class is ranked in the 60's. Yep, sure is doom and gloom time in Tennessee. These coaches are still living out of suitcases with families still out of town. Give it time to work.

Really? Petrino's WESTERN KENTUCKY recruiting class is evidence that he isn't cut out for the SEC?

Don't worry insightful Vols fan. You'll get your opportunity to compare coaches in September. Petrino is a master at exploiting other teams weaknesses while emphasizing whatever strengths his team has. He's a phooey human being, but it's stupid to argue that he isn't a good coach. Also, considering UT's fate is to recruiting Big East caliber three star players that the rest of the SEC elite ignore...maybe we should have gone after a coach who has a record succeeding with those types of players.

"But...Butch Jones HAS succeeded," you are probably thinking.

And you're right. So let me qualify my statement...has succeeded...IN THE SEC.

In three years, this University will be looking seriously at Bobby Petrino to replace Butch Jones. Book that.

It's Big East Football Time in Tennessee!!

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Geez, here we go again. Bestow your great wisdom upon us, brother. What should UT do? And don't forget to say, "sheeple" in your post.

I've never called people like you "sheeple." Delusional, ridiculous, ignorant, sure. Not sheeple. That's not even a word.

Here’s my wisdom:

Butch Jones wasn't UT's first candidate for a reason. One of those reasons is that in his three years at Cincy, he never beat a team ranked higher than #20 in the Coaches' Poll. He never built a team from scratch, rather he always slid into the spot vacated by his former coach who took a down team to the BCS in two years (I know what you're thinking...that's impossible because it took Johnny Majors 8 years at UT, but it actually happened). Further, Jones hired most of the same staff that never beat a team ranked above 20. That "best coaching staff" couldn't beat Toledo last season. That "best coaching staff" couldn't beat Dooley in 2011. That “best coaching staff” offered a whole mess of players that had committed to Cincy. Great.

Jones is an upgrade over Dooley, but he isn't a big enough upgrade to win in the SEC.

As for what I would do:

First: remove any oversight that J. Cheek has over the Ath. Department. Second: inform Dave Hart that his tenure at UT is tied to football’s success or failure. Third: hold tight. UT has been so incompetently managed for the last 10 years that we can't afford to fire Jones within the next 3 years. He won’t get any more money, especially if all he's going to do is give Big East Coaches raises and then get rid of position coaches like Sam Pittman (more so than Jay Graham, Pittman showed that he was cut out to coach in the SEC). Fourth, I would tell Hart that his job is to hire proven winners. When Martin gets fired after next season, UT goes out and hires a winner at B-ball. Finally, I would hold a press conference admitting that UT athletics has made serious mistakes in its hiring and budgeting over the last decade, but that all staff knows that the UT expects excellence and that anything less will result in a reevaluation of their contracts and apologize to fans for what has happened.

Would I have ever hired Butch Jones? Nope. I would've hired Petrino. The fan base would b**** and moan until Petrino started winning games (watch out for that Western Kentucky game next year). I would have written a HUGE buyout into his contract. What's he going to say? No...I'd rather gut it out at a small school like Western Kentucky? At the very least we would have a shot on gameday and no...I don't care about his history, but then my goal is winning. I don't care if UT fans' delicate Victorian sensibilities are coddled to. UT sports is a business and it should be run like one.

So, there's my wisdom. And please, keep up the criticism. I called Dooley out three years ago and I endured people like you telling me I had no idea what I was talking about, I just wanted an instant fix, or that I was a troll. Guess what...I was right. I'm right about Jones too. If he wins 8 games next year, I'll disappear off these boards. Are you willing to do the same if he loses 7?

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I also remember the Brooks, Nukesses and McDonalds, Boldens.....on and on.

yes...because UT has failed at developing 5 start players, we should automatically assume that that is because all five star players are prima donnas, rather than realize that we've had a succession of coaches unable to develop talent for a variety of reasons like the game passing the coach by (Fulmer), horrible coach (Kiffin), horrible coach (Dooley). Yes...lets go ahead and just assume that five stars (who seem to flourish at other programs strangely enough) are all horrible because UT can't seem to hire a coach that

My favorite part about this is that after this sub-par class, guys like you are extolling the virtues of these amazing three star kids and happy that we don't have any five stars because they always burn out. Had Jones signed Lawson or Bell you'd be on these boards crowing about how Jones has brought in the talent.