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Was expecting more (extremely) negative drivel from JA. Was actually surprised to find a small amount of informative news.

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"They simplified this defense for us guys to go out there and just play fast and play to the best of our ability.”

AKA we don't have enough brains or talent to run a defense with the slightest inkling of complexity.

Written on Vanderbilt plans to go from 'good to great':

Vanderbilt plans to go from 'good to great'

That was the same philosophy of the Chicago Cubs. Look what it got them.... lol. Vandy should join the MAC. At least they would have a shot at 3rd or 4th in the conference.

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Vandy beats us twice in 45 years and they hold on to last year like they perennial conference champions.. when you think of national and conference champions.. Vandy is the first team i think of... because they have never won either.

More like they're holding onto last year like it was the Super Bowl. Even a blind hog finds an apple every now and then. :)

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I would flip UT and Vandy but the rest of it is pretty spot on though. I think we are headed in the right direction. GBO!

Yep... that's the way I see it as well.

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I would be willing to bet my house and oldest child that Tennessee finishes ahead of Vandy.

Same here. I almost spit my tea out through my nose when I saw Vandy picked ahead of UT. Vandy WILL flop this year.

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What I found so "considerate" was people with G parking passes on the top level by the Tommy Bowl who would commandeer more than one spot and setup their own Alamo if you will. Yes ,I want them to enjoy the experience ,but your pass is for one spot only. They also will put seats at the front of the parking spot and have their vehicle sticking out farther. Imagine Barney Fife saying,"citizens arrest."

Not to be critical, but it was actually Gomer Pyle that tried to perform the "citizens' arrayest" on Barney. :)

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Winning solves a lot of issues doesn't it?

That's why I voted other!

Same here. Just gotta start winning.

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Congrats to Mychal Rivera. Thought he would have been a higher pick but I thought the same thing about Witten and look how he turned out. Guess Bray's wishing he'd stuck around for another year about now. Reminds me of a country song about hindsight.

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The biggest improvement for the defense is the new coordinator. With Sal gone at least they should be properly coached. Biggest problem with our D last year was Sunseri.

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Before y'all even start, it is totally uncalled for and classless to take shots at Fulmer. He did a hell of a lot more for our university than any of you trolls or haters. His performance started to suffer and for that he was fired. That's good enough for me. I'm very thankful to have had him as a coach, but I am also very happy with the direction of our program. Just lay off the insults to the guy who brought us the only championship in my lifetime. Just not called for and is seriously a bad look for our fan base. I bet that any of those coward that insult him would kiss his butt in person so just lay off. Congrats on the new job coach and I wish you well. That's the response of a logical fan with a bit of class

Bravo. Couldn't have said it better myself. Good to see Coach Fulmer giving back to the sport and his home state. This is a win-win situation for both parties. Thanks for helping ETSU, Coach!

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Damn! Didn't realize this was an Adams article or I wouldn't have read it. The usual "kick 'em when their down" Adams article. PLEASE fire this a-hole!

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Wasn't that renamed the Meyer Cup a few years back after the Gators had the long run of arrests?

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I think North will have a big impact, as well as Dobbs! If Bell wanted to come to TN, he would have come to TN, no matter what! Dooley was already gone, so stop with the excuses! please! So good luck at Michigan! Recruiting needs to stop making a spectacle out of the recruits on signing day! They glorify them like they are going to the NFL! This is rediculous! They are ruining these kids, swelling their heads, making them think they are really special! Why all the attention? It's crazy! They should be on their local TV stations, and that's it! not national TV! They get on tv, and play with all the hats, and do stupid stunts! All of this is not necessary! Just sign your papers, and go to school! There is no guarantee that you are going to be a star! A lot of them are playing against inferior competition anyway.

I couldn't agree more. The media has turned signing day into a circus filling these kids heads with so much bull that the 4 & 5 stars think they're entitled to a starting position and an automatic first round NFL pick. And, yes, a lot of them ARE playing against inferior competition in high school.

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Over $25,000 a week for the next 4 years for doing absolutely nothing- I could just puke.

If it would make you feel any better, factor in all the weeks he was on payroll as an active coach at UT and did nothing. Would bring the average down a bit. Still enough to make you at least nauseous. :)

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Still no official word of Dooley's hiring on the Cowboys' website as of today. As of Sunday 1/27 they were still interviewing candidates. So why the heck does KNS report that Dooley has been hired by Dallas. I'll believe it when I see an official release by the Cowboys. I appreciate what Dooley tried to do at UT but after reading about his arrogance and poor relations with high school coaches, I have a hard time wishing him success in his career. The man brought this situation on himself if the stories are, indeed, true. Would make him a perfect fit in Dallas, though.

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He goes from working for one slimeball to another... go figure.

Agreed! If it weren't for Jason Witten, the Cowboys would be my least favorite team. Just like they were ever since Jerrah Jones took ownership. I was very disappointed when Dallas drafted WItten but I pull for them in spite of their dumb @s$, wanna-be owner.

Written on John Adams among 3 selected for induction into Tennessee Sports Writers Hall of Fame :

I thought... "I can't be reading this correctly..." Hall of Shame, maybe, but definitely not the any kind of Hall of Fame for the great Vol Basher. Heck... even Florida and Bammer writers don't bash the Vols or stir up as much phooey for us as Adams does. What idiots pick these candidates for recognition?

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I don't know if Patterson is capable reading the riot act on his own. Maybe they could accompany it with graphic illustrations.

ROFLMAO!!!! Damn.. that was a good one.

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Hunter... gone. Patterson... most likely gone. Wish these guys would stay. Bray.... HOPEFULLY GONE! Bray's a cancer. He's a spoiled, punk kid that thinks he's light years better than he is. The 2013 Vols will be better off without him. Raise hell on me all you want but I call 'em like I see 'em. Bray is trouble and has proved that the last two years. He'll never be more than a backup or third-string NFL QB. Just like Tebow.

Written on John Adams: The right quarterback could speed up UT turnaround :

Had to stop reading as soon as I ran across the word Tebow. Admire the guy but figured it was just another Adams man crush article. Hope it was meaningful and enlightening, but, coming from Adams, I doubt it. probably just another slanderous article against UT. That's all the bassturd is good for.

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WE NAMED A STREET AFTER HIM DUDE!!!! His school needs him and he is staying at USC to work with UT's arch enemy... We are not good enough for him anymore.... Or we are not cool enough for him. Yeah I'm done. I followed his butt all over the country in 98. I was there at Syracuse and at Tempe... I did my part...dang We all have... I'm tired of giving these kids everything and then when they leave town forget who we are. He is on his own....there is a reason he is not Peyton....and this is one of them....yeah I'm done.

We NEED Tee Martin... really? We NEED Tee Martin about as much as Derek Dooley NEEDS an unemployment check. To have him would be fine but it's not like he's the greatest receivers coach in all of college football. I'm sure there are plenty of coaches out there that would be a better receivers coach than Martin. His role at UK was minor and Kiffin just wanted him at USC to recruit this area, not because he's some sort of phenom receivers coach.

Written on Tee Martin turns down Tennessee homecoming, will stay at Southern Cal :

"I made a commitment to my players at USC."
Translation: "I was offered more money to stay at USC after they found out I was interested int the UT job." Isn't this the same guy that whined around when Dooley didn't offer him a position on his staff? I guess to certain people, loyalty is all about dollar signs. Have fun riding the Lane Train to oblivion because Kiffin will never do $4!t at USC.

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Blame John all you like, but the press feeds off the fan base more than the other way around. I can't count how many times I've heard, "We deserve better than this." Really? Why?

Do other fans of other programs not donate money for their seats? Do they not spend outrageous prices for bottled water just like we do?

Not every team can win. Every game has one winner and one loser. For 17 years, Fulmer won 75 percent of the time, and other than a magical run when that percentage was 90, most UT fans were not satisfied. They said, "We deserve better."

Well, regardless of what you deserve, this is what you got. Whether you hired the wrong coaches or the wrong people to hire the coaches is up for debate. But I've listened to and watched UT games for 45 years and I've seen good times and bad. At no time did I think I was so special that "I deserved better." I pull for the players in orange no matter what. Because they are the ones who bleed, sweat and put their bodies (and lives really) at risk each time they take the field. They deserve better than the sorry fan base that feels a sense of entitlement for turning on the damn TV.

One of the most reasonable, intelligent posts I've ever read on GVX and I agree 100%. The glory days of the Fulmer era spoiled some fans to the point that they mistakenly think Tennessee is an all-time top 5 program. Well.... it ain't. 10-1 and 9-2 seasons are the exceptions, not the rule, and definitely not the benchmark that we should use to grade coaches. There are just too many variables involved.

Written on Tennessee to pay Jones $18.2 million over six years :

Take down the Craigslist ad. Someone FINALLY said "yes". If we do this again in three years, UT will be so screwed.

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When did the football team's secondary start playing football

They're hoping to next season but I wouldn't hold my breath.... lol!

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Love Cuonzo but looked like a Dooley coached team. Unwatchable. Can't shoot from the field or free throws. Pathetic play. Passing turnovers looked so bush league.

Was thinking the exact same thing. When I saw the score I was like... "what the hell.... did Dooley sneak in and coach this game?" Pathetic to hold a team to 37 points and still lose. Those hoping basketball would make them forget about the football team's woes may be in for a long season. Lucky to get 20 wins this year.

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Most of you where on here several years ago telling us how much Monte was an upgrade over the great Chief and how he would make us forget the Hall of Famer, blah blah blah. Now we want to attack attack attack!!!!!

I told everyone that Lane will be the only guy in history with a NFL Head Job, SEC Head Job and a Pac 10 Head Job before he was 40 and never be a head coach again.

I was right, as usual.

Ol' Monte had his day with the gimmick "don't give up he big play" defense but too many offensive coaches figured out how to exploit it. I'd take the Chief any day over Monte Kiffin... hell, I'd take Chavis as a head coach over Lane, Dooley and several of these other hacks our fans consider legitimate candidates for UT's head coaching vacancy (not all of the candidates but several of them). Monte just needs to retire. Would be surprised if many NFL organizations would want a 72 year old has been on their staff.

Written on Agent says Gruden never had interest in Vols' job, calls reports "fantasy":

Everyone's hoping Hart will hit a homerun with this hire (myself included). In reality, the best Hart will get is a slow curve with a 3-2 count. There are no big names to be had. Several of the potential wish-list coaches are good but there are no Sabans or Meyers out there to be had. Don't be too disappointed if we get an above average coach. Unless Hart pulls something out of his arse, whatever coach we get will be a 6 or 7 on a scale of 1-10. I just don't see any "sleepers" in this years crop of potential head coaching candidates and the whole Gruden thing was a fan pipedream. That guy wants to be in the NFL and I doubt would ever seriously consider a college job other than at an elite football school (and, no, UT isn't elite and never has been other than some of the Fulmer years in the late 90's and early 2000's). I love UT football but to think we've ever been a perennial elite football program is a bit far fetched.

Written on In an ironic twist, Lane Kiffin may even have SEC fans pulling for him on Saturday:

GO IRISH! I'd pull for ND no matter who is coaching USC West. That said... I wouldn't pull for a Kiffin coached team if they were playing the Taliban.

Written on Tennessee fires Derek Dooley:


Show some class people. Derek gave it his all and he didn't accomplish what he wanted. So what. That's life. He's a mature grown man and understands that results are what matter to a university, not all the other positive things. This isn't life or death and he'll move on to bigger and better things.

Amen! Dooley at least added class and integrity to the program. Too bad class doesn't win ballgames. I truly believe that he gave 110% every day and every game. He was just in over his head. When he gets more coaching experience, he may be a great coach. Who knows? I agree with the decision to let him go but there is no point in making personal attacks toward him nor saying that he didn't care about the program under his watch. Anyone that believes he didn't care his an idiot. He did the best he could and it just wasn't good enough. Also, some of you need to grow up and stop the name-calling like a bunch of 10 year olds. He's gone, you got your wish, now move on. These personal insults are just plain childish. Come on, Vols fans... act like you been there before. Let's hope our next coach can turn things around.

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(This comment was removed by the site staff.)

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Forget all the losers out there as potential coaches including Gruten and "Troubleville", oops Tuberville. Offer Peyton Manning the job now. That would solve everything. Manning does not have that much time left in the NFL witness the decisions of Indianapolis, does not need the money, absolutely a believer and promoter of UT as a school, would immediately solve the recruiting problem and could get us competive in two years. Let's go hire Manning.

Would be nice to get Peyton back to UT... very nice. Agree with your post in its entirety. I just don't see him leaving the NFL for at least another year or two. He wants another ring and is doing a good job in Denver. Maybe one day he comes back and coaches at UT but we need a GOOD coach now and I just don't see him retiring after this year to come to UT. Besides, their season runs into Dec. then playoffs into January. He wouldn't have to chance to recruit at all this year if the Broncos make the playoffs and very little time if they don't. I see Peyton being a future NFL wizard (head coach), not college. Hope I'm wrong, though.

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If they haven't decided after the final 30 seconds of the 4th quarter of the Mizzou game, they all deserve to be canned. Dooley just ain't cutting it.

Written on Memphis lands Austin Nichols' commitment:

If Duke offered him, the kid's crazy for not taking that. Just my opinion. Would like to see him at UT but Memphis over Duke???

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ok People here is how the off season schould play out, bowl or no bowl. fire Dooley hire David Cutcliff from Duke offer him the head coach positin, get Chavis back from LOSER STATE UNIVERISTY, Trooper Tayler for wide recivers, keep running back coach, and special teams coach!!! lets get Tennessee back to the POWER HOUSE STATUS like they were back in the 90's it has been to long that we have been down. After we fire Dooley YOU WON'T HAVE TENNESSEE TO KICK AROUND ANYMORE!!!

Cutcliffe is nearing the end of his coaching career. We need someone that isn't so close to drawing a social security check that will be around longer than 4-5 years. He's a good coach but I just don't see him coaching many more years. Agree with bringing Chavis back but a big hell no to Trooper Taylor. Just don't like his selfish attitude.

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(This comment was removed by the site staff.)

You shouldn't post things like this. Mr. Bray doesn't like bandwagon fans like you. :p

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If Dooley's won/loss record is grounds for dismissal then Adams' record of 1 good column out of 20 should be a no-brainer. Why KNS keeps this clown around, I'll never know. His journalism abilities mirror my 10 year old's ability to coach a college football team.

Written on John Chavis urges Tennessee's fans' support through rough patch :

in response to radiomafia#577548:

Wow after watching this from a few months back, I think we might have a shot at Gruden.

He certainly didn't dismiss the idea of ever coaching again. IF Dooley is let go, I think Gruden could get us back to where we want to be. Question is, does UT have the cash to make the offer one he couldn't refuse?

Still most of our fans would expect us to be contending for nat'l. championships within a year or two and that's not going to happen even if we were to hire Saban, Spurrier or Meyer. Rebuilding takes time and we have some of the most impatient, unrealistic fans that I've ever seen. Sorry but the truth hurts.

Written on John Adams: Vols playing at a level that could get their coaches fired :

I rarely agree with Adams and his smug, smartasstic comments but any sane person couldn't disagree with the bulk of this article. I despise Adams but he's right on this one. Just hope if Dooley's gone after this year that Adams will be going with him.

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I know the popular opinion on this weekend was not positive. I saw a different game I guess. I saw a defense that was spot on at the begining of the game. I saw a Tyler Bray who had fire in his eyes during the first series. With this week we begin South Carolina week and another giant foe no doubt looms in Columbia. The Orange men and I say men will take the field at Williams Brice as an underdog of about 6 points I predict. Tyler Bray will rise to the occasion and charcoal the yard birds with his sharp sword he carries strapped to his long side. Our defense is much to stout for the SC offense that is mistake prone. Steve Spurrier aka the Ole Ball Coach will be out of his league when CDD strolls onto the field without his crutches and inspires the Volunteer nation with his gritty toughness. The team will rally around CDD and pull off a win for the ages. A win that might bring home a goal post to K-town. Ole Rocky top will prevale and the rest of the season will be all Dubs with a momentum into next year that will be climaxed with the crystal ball being hoisted at the BCS National Championship. Go Big Orange, keep chopping the wood CDD and believe in each other and the mighty Volunteer nation!!!!! Wait till next year, we have a couple of red shirt freshman who will dominate the D line. Next year the trifecta will be complete: SEC East, SEC Championship, and the BCS National Championship!!!!!!! FACT!

You're either living in some alternate universe or you've completely lost your freakin' mind. I think your children should take your car keys before you really hurt someone.

Written on David Climer: Dooley and entire Vols program need crutches after loss to Tide:

in response to sjagold#565602:

Let me say it one more time. We don't have the players to compete with the elite teams. If you didn't see it last night then you must have been watching something else !


Written on Vols' slump could put Dooley's future in question:

"What I don't want is their morale to get down," Dooley said. "It's hard when you lose. It is. Don't get me wrong. It's not like we're going to have a lot of pep in our step, but that's our job as coaches, to get them ready to play."

That was the most glaring statement, to me, in the entire article. "...that's our job as coaches, to get them ready to play." Sorry, coach, but these guys were most definitely not ready to play and haven't been since the NC State game.

Written on After struggling against Alabama, Tennessee's Tyler Bray skips post-game interviews :

Bray spoke volumes by not showing up for interviews post game. You gotta suck it up and face the media even when you perform poorly. Lord knows when I screw up I don't get the option of not facing my superiors to answer their questions. Suck it up and be a man. Bray has tons of potential and lots of God-given talent... just needs to grow up and get it straight between the ears. Lack of mental toughness has a way of negating the potential.

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What are you talking about? The defense had nothing to do with Bray.
Dooley did not lose this game due to coaching. Neither did Bray lose this game.
We lost this game because Ga. had the better team and made the plays.Tennessee did not make the plays due to the level of talent.
I am not taking sides with Dooley,but there is still a lot of catching up to do in the recruiting end.
A loss is bad anytime especially when you play a great game like the Vols did today.

Neither did Bray lose this game. Seroiusly? Maybe not all by himself. The dropped TD by Patterson hurt bad... add the missed FG and XP and we would have won. But Bray.... poor, poor Bray... he tanked it in the end. He could be a great QB but he still lacks composure under pressure. If this kid had composure, it would have been a different game in the end. He choked, plain and simple. Running game looked much better overall. Defense was hot and cold. Looked great at times and at other times just plain terrible. Can't give up 50+ points and expect to win too many games. Coaching was there today. Execution was not. Can't blame this one on Dooley.

Written on Poll: What must happen for the Vols to beat Georgia?:

Hmmm... kept looking for the "hell must freeze over" option but couldn't find it. Oh well.. "G" was the next best option.

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in response to TylerBray4Heisman:

Vols 35, Dawgs 31.

You can't be serious.... can you?

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Why Believe?
I read a story last year about a Dad struggling with getting his son to like the Vols because all the kids at school picked on him for it. They would ask him things like, “Why do you like those losers?”, “The Vols have never even been good”, and “Why don’t you like Bama?” It was heartbreaking to read because being a die hard Vol, I can only imagine if my own blood didn’t want to cheer for the Big Orange. We as Vol fans have been burned many, many times in the recent years (See Florida, Kentucky, Wyoming, LSU, UNC ect), and it brings up a good question, why should we believe now? It would be easy to wait until the Vols are good again, hop back on the bandwagon and claim to be a loyal follower. It would be easy to watch the game in HD from the comfort of your couch rather than road trip to Knoxville and lose your voice supporting the team because they might lose. It would be easy to never wear orange on Friday’s, and not take the criticism it may receive. However it is the TRUE fan that supports their team through thick and thin, good and the bad, sickness and health. It’s the closest thing you can get to marriage without having to put a ring on it, although one would be nice. For me, it’s been that way my whole life, and it is not going to change anytime soon. That is why I am saying that tomorrow; the Vols are going to beat Florida. I could go on about analysis of the O line vs. the Front Seven, or the DB’s vs. the WRs, but I instead believe we are going to win, because this team believes they are going to win. It is true that pride comes before the fall, but you have to have confidence in the SEC to win. Our guys have it. They are going to this game ready to end the streak. Seven long years we have lost to the Gators, but streaks were made to be broken, just ask Kentucky. As Vol fans we have a responsibility to support our team whatever may happen. In fact, I am more worried about our crowd giving up when something goes wrong, more so than our players. That’s just how our fan base is at the moment. I doubt that everyone going to the game will read this, but I hope by some Angels in the Outfield type miracle that if the chips fall against us Saturday night, that we will rally around our team and galvanize them in their fight. This is by far, the biggest regular season game Tennessee has played in 10+ years. Tons of big name recruits are here to see if the Vols can perform. Gameday is ready to put the spotlight on whichever team can survive. We were even on the front page of ESPN this week, and if you don’t follow Vol sports closely, you should know that ESPN hates us. So that is a major step. It will be a defining game for this program, and I think we will all look back on it as a positive one. So, even though I am anxiously awaiting the kickoff under the cool autumn air in Neyland with 102, 000 fans screaming at the top of their lungs, I am confident that the Vols will be victorious at the end. Vols by 10 Go Big Orange

Great post. Couldn't agree more. A team that doesn't believe it can win is defeated before they take the field. Seems to be a new positive energy around our program now. It's not as simple as coaching or better players here and there. It's a culmination of many things but I think the main factor is confidence. These players have bought into what the coaches are trying to do, some bad apples have been removed from the basket and now believe they can compete with anyone. Will they win every game? Probably not but they will give 100% every game and make us proud of them win or lose.

UT 31
UF 20